GTKAWF – Chapter 5.1

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Sheng Qiao’s fingers trembled. She raised her head abruptly and looked fiercely at her agent.
Gao Meiling was still smiling. She took back her phone and leaned back.
“Don’t look at me like that. If I had not spent three millions to rescue you from loan sharks, these photos would already have been uploaded on the Internet. If you want to blame someone, you can only blame your gambling father.”
Sheng Qiao gritted her teeth and tried to stay calm.
Gao Meiling continued: “Yes, this contract is not fair but if it weren’t for this contract, your handicaped mother would have joined your father to the grave. Twenty thousand yuan, is it really too little? No it isn’t, just look at our current society. How many people exhaust themselves every month and are still unable to learn that much?”
She took a sip of her tea and sighed.
“I gave you a stable and high paying job, got rid of your nightmare and the shadow of your past. Xiao Qiao, you should thank me instead. You try to compare yourself to other celebrities in the business, but really, what do you have? You have no background, no education and you don’t even have an IQ. You’re just an hypocritical cute and silly princess. Apart from your face, you have nothing.”
Sheng Qiao slumped on her couch, shaking.

After finished speaking, Gao Meiling emptied her teacup and threw the cash envelope at her again.
“So, keep on listening to Sister Gao like in the past. Be obedient and don’t think about running away. If you are that unhappy so be it. You will have a salary increase next month. You will get 30,000 yuan, that’s very good.”
Sheng Qiao clenched her fists, staring at the envelope. Gao Meiling waved at her, took her purse and walked to the door. Thinking of something, she turned around and said:
“By the way, you won’t have to join the set until tomorrow. Isn’t Sister Gao being good to you today? You can rest this afternoon and think about where you stand. I will let Fang Bai pick you up tomorrow morning.”
The smile in her eyes faded and she became the all domineering Gao Meiling again.
“Sheng Qiao, disobedient children do not end well.”
The door slammed shut.

It was only when the room was quiet again that Sheng Qiao started hypervilenting. For a long time, she just closed her eyes and held her head.
“Qiao Qiao, it’s going to be alright. Breathe, just breathe and let’s find a solution. You need to calm down, everything is okay.”

She opened her eyes and picked up her phone she had left on the side. She stopped the recording, saved it and sent it to several mailboxes. After doing all of this, she walked to the water dispenser and drank five more glasses of water. She stood still for a while and walked to her dressing.
The floor to ceiling mirror reflected her pale self. Her long hair was slightly curled on her chest and she stared at this face that she used to hate. She then lowered her head and deeply bowed three times.
“Sheng Qiao, I am sorry.”
For all the times she had attacked her without knowing the truth. For the harm she had caused her for typing on her keyboard irresponsibly. For all the hostile never ending slander that went rampant on the Internet.
She did not know why the original Sheng Qiao was gone but it might have been because of all the malice brought to her by this world. And she had been one of her murderers. She would now make her mission to solve all of her troubles and let the light shine on her dark life.

She turned and went to make a call. It rang for a long time before someone answered. She took a deep breath.
“Qiao Yu, I would like to see you.”
The man on the other end was confused: “For what reason?”
Sheng Qiao: “I have some legal issues I would like to consult you with. I would like to meet you soon.”
Qiao Yu: “I’m sorry, I have too many cases at the moment and my schedule is tight. However I can recommend some of my colleagues to…”
Sheng Qiao: “No! I can only talk to you! Qiao Yu, I really, really need your help. I don’t trust anyone but you.”
There was a moment of silence and Qiao Yu finally said hopelessly: “Well, let’s meet at 8 pm at…”
“At Xifeng Shui Pavilion! I will wait for you in the Shoufeng room.” (TL: I spent like an hour trying to translate their name and gave up)

Xifeng Shui Pavilion was near the Qiao household. It was a fancy tea house that her family used to visit and it was very discreet.
Qiao Yu glanced at his phone: “Alright. I will see you tonight.”
Sheng Qiao hung up, relieved.

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