GTKAWF – Chapter 5.2

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Become the president of your own fan club (2)

After sitting on the couch for a while, she took her phone again and looked through the contacts until she found the one called “Mom” and dialed the number.
The woman answered quickly and the happy voice said: “Qiao Qiao.”
Sheng Qiao’s tears started to fall. Was it the memories of this body? She sniffed.
“Mom, how are you doing?”
“I’m okay, I’m okay, you don’t have to worry about me! The weather turned cold recently so more people came to buy insoles. Business is very good! Qiao Qiao, you should stop giving me money, I have enough. You should buy yourself something nice to wear instead. And I’ve just seen you on TV, you have lost weight! Don’t starve yourself!”
“Mom, we filmed that last year.”
The woman on the phone kept nagging, just like every mother in the world that cared about her daughter. After hanging up, Sheng Qiao thought she would have to find some time to visit her.

She kept looking through the contacts and saw several familiar names from the entertainment circle. But really, the original Sheng Qiao seemed to have no friend and she must have always been alone.

Sheng Qiao logged on her certified Weibo. The latest post was a selfie from a month ago, either half-heartedly commented by her fans or blackened. There was a lot of foul language and she sighed deeply. After thinking about it, she posted something:

—— Xiao Qiao, work hard to become stronger. ——

Soon, people started to comment:
[Are you back? Xiao Qiao is a sneaky little thief.]
[Even the heat from Honor of Kings has faded, it’s hopeless.]
[Do you even have any strength?]

Sheng Qiao signed out of the account and looked for her own support group. Except for the {Sheng Qiao Official Fan Club}, there were very few other sites and blogs. She clicked on {Sheng Qiao Online} and only saw a single digit. The official blog was somewhat better but for someone of Sheng Qiao’s standing, it was pretty pathetic.

Sheng Qiao called Fang Bai: “Xiao Bai, who takes care of my official blog? I want to talk to the president of the fan club.”
Fang Bai: “It’s me.”
Sheng Qiao was speechless. After a while, she said:
“Then please send me all the account information. I will do it in the future, you don’t need to worry about it anymore.”
Fang Bai: “???”
She wanted to be the president of her own fan club?

It did not take long for Sheng Qiao to receive what she had asked for. After logging in, she forwarded the post she had just made on her personal Weibo account and added:

—— Time will prove everything and we will wait for you to grow up ——

She went back to her bedroom and turned the computer on to download various drawing softwares and started making something. Once done, she shared it with the official fan page with a text:

—— In order to support Sheng Qiao’s growth, the managing group of the official fan club is recruiting. Please read the picture carefully for more information. ——

She wanted to recruit true fans and start from scratch; she would improve traffic little by little. She created brand new accounts on various social platforms she named {Xiao Qiao works  hard to become stronger} and waited.
People from the official fan club soon applied and she started chatting with them one on one. As a former hater of the original Sheng Qiao, her knowledge was someone comparable to a genuine fan. As her conversations went, she caught many of Huo Xi’s fans: those, she really needed to avoid.

After a busy afternoon, only nine people had passed the assessment to join the new managing team. It was truly sad…
But it was also better than nothing. Sheng Qiao cheered and sent a message to her group:

Hello everyone, I am the new official president of Qiao Qiao’s fan club. 

Starting today, I will work hard with everyone to help Qiao Qiao get better and stronger. All the official accounts have been recovered and will be assigned to everyone in a while. All of you are genuine fans who have been strictly selected by me. I believe everyone here genuinely likes Qiao Qiao so let’s make a new start and work hard together!

Because every member was genuine, they all felt very motivated when they saw the message and all responded. The other official accounts Sheng Qiao had taken back were then arranged according to people’s schedule and age.
Seeing those nine people praising her efficiency and plan, Sheng Qiao could not help but sigh. After so many years of fandom and chasing stars, it had finally come in handy!

The sky was already dark when she finished with her new support group. Sheng Qiao took her purse and went to see Qiao Yu. 


There was traffic on the road and Qiao Yu arrived half an hour late. When he finally hurried to Xifeng Shui Pavilion, the waiter led him to the Shoufeng room. Entering, he saw someone sitting cross legged, holding a teapot.
There was a large landscape screen behind her and with her long white dress and her hair tied to her chest, she looked like she was part of it.
“I’m sorry, there was traffic.”
Qiao Yu approached and politely stretched out his hand. The person on the bamboo mat looked up and a familiar face was revealed.
Qiao Yu blurted out: “Sheng Qiao? Why are you here?”
Seeing her brother, who no longer recognized his own sister, in front of her, Sheng Qiao felt sad but kept smiling: “How can I not be? Have a sit please.”
Qiao Yu sat down carefully. He had remembered Sheng Qiao going crazy at his door the other night; he had not been able to figure out why this celebrity had appeared and said all of those strange things. He really had not expected he would see her today.
Qiao Yu looked at her with vigilance and asked: 
“So, Sheng Qiao, what do you want with me?”

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