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  • I Dumped the Male Lead Before the Apocalypse
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  • ECM 85
    PREV || TOC || NEXT Chapter 85 After chasing Cen Feng and entering the pit, kite powder experienced the biggest and fiercest abuse in history. This abuse has made them cry every day, this also hurt them both physically and mentally, but also made their loyalty even stronger. Once the mom powder attribute was firm, it was basically impossible […]
  • IWAWP 203
    PREV || TOC || NEXT Chapter 203 Wang Tong: “Boss, have you considered buying a crane machine?” Jiang Hengshu looked back at Wang Tong and asked curiously. “And why do I need to buy this?” Wang Tong said to Jiang Hengshu. “Your skills are so poor, later when you and sister-in-law went out to play and you can’t […]
  • TFSVGD 78.1
    PREV || TOC || NEXT Chapter 78 part 1 Fortunately, Chen Fang didn’t know that he had been forced to be a father by Jiang Liangchan, so he unknowingly protected Jiang Liangchan to prevent her from falling and didn’t flick her forehead for those idiotic thoughts. On the galloping horse, “father and daughter” each have their own thoughts, and […]
  • TMBAM 34
    PREV || TOC || NEXT Chapter 34 “Yan Wenhong?” “Yes.” Gu Xueyi nodded and asked, “have you eaten?” Yan Wenhong was stunned and shook his head, “Not yet.” Gu Xueyi only then quickened her pace and in a blink of an eye, she walked in front of Yan Wenhong. She asked, “what would you like to eat?” Yan […]
  • PWVUC 17
    PREV | TOC | NEXT Chapter 17 Mo Yifan’s gaze is firmly enveloped in Tang Xinyu, like an invisible glass cover covering Tang Xinyu and not allowing any external objects to stain and tarnish her. If Mo Lanqing still had a glimmer of hope before Mo Yifan appeared then at this moment, Mo Lanqing was completely desperate. Mo […]
  • IWAWP 202
    PREV || TOC || NEXT Chapter 202 Perhaps because of guilt, after Tang Wanwan came out of that black hospital, Qin Zhao no longer mention divorcing her and hired many people to take care of her, but this has no meaning for Tang Wanwan, she lost a kidney and a child, and Qin Zhao didn’t even give her […]
  • TB:IRRCUMS 53.2
    PREV || TOC || NEXT Chapter 53.2 Li Yun’s eyes darkened. But after a deep breath, the expression soon turned to disgust. “You’re usually at home, dressed like this?” He suppressed his anger, but his voice was already low and hoarse, flooded with cold air. “Ye Xun is a boy, and I am a stranger of the opposite sex. […]
  • Unspeakable 34
    TL: sorry I’m late but here it is, ready the tissue!! PREV || TOC || NEXT Chapter 34 Shen Kanyu’s reaction to Gu Yansheng’s kiss was almost intense. He wasn’t as quiet as a puppet as before and let Gu Yansheng hold him. He first trembled violently in his arms, as if to shatter his skinny […]