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  • I Dumped the Male Lead Before the Apocalypse
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  • RB80’s: VMRHCD 18
    PREV || TOC || NEXT Chapter 18- I will cook tonight Why did he listen to Jiang Ran so well? He hasn’t even asked Jiang Ran why she bought these things yet! How much did it cost to buy these things? “What are you staring at? Hurry up and move!” Seeing Pei Yang standing there dumbfounded, Jiang Ran […]
  • ECM 69.1
    editor: sushi~ TL: m(_ _)m I really am sorry, it seems that I mixed up the chapters and I forgot to upload the first half of chapter 69…_| ̄|●(ಥ﹏ಥ) PREV || TOC || NEXT Chapter 69.1 Though Cen Feng’s rise to popularity was unexpected by the program team, it was understandable. After all, his face and temperament in the entertainment […]
  • Unspeakable 33
    PREV || TOC || NEXT Chapter 33 After dealing with a mess, Tang Xiu returned to Shen Kanyu’s ward and saw Gu Yansheng sitting on the bench in the corridor in a daze. He walked over and patted him on the shoulder. Gu Yansheng raised his head and smiled reluctantly at him. Tang Xiu sat down […]
  • PWVUC 16
    PREV | TOC | NEXT Chapter 16 “She was invited by me.” Mo Yifan, dressed in black, touched the wheelchair with his fingertips and slowly came in through the door, stopping beside Tang Xinyu. Mo Lanqing was surprised and suspicious at the same time, his tone was displeased. “Little Uncle, why didn’t you ask me in advance when […]
  • IWAWP 201
    PREV || TOC || NEXT Chapter 201 “Director Fu, how do you know brother Jiang?” Between filming, Zeng Xingke ran to Fu Zhen’s side and asked him curiously. “Didn’t I already mention it?” Fu Zhen glanced at Zeng Xingke and felt that although he had mentioned this matter once in an interview not everyone had seen the interview. […]
  • IRBB90’S 16
    PREV | TOC | NEXT Chapter 16 This dream has saddened Su Weiwei like rubbing salt on her wound. She was so poor, but Liang Heming was earning a lot of money outside, eating and drinking well. She was just not sure if the female lead at this time was already reborn and was already hugging his thigh. […]
  • BRFCC 71
    PREV || TOC || NEXT Chapter 71 Even had an ambiguous smile on the corner of his mouth the whole time he stayed for dinner. Jian Ruixi could understand this ambiguous smile plastered on his face the whole time if what he saw was a “restricted level” of her and her husband, but Jian Ruixi knew that the […]
  • TMBAM 32
    PREV || TOC || NEXT Chapter 32 The man with the microphone jumped down from the stage. He smiled and said. “Ms. 399, isn’t your request the same as saying to Alladin’s magic lamp, my first wish I to have three more wishes?” As the man slowly approached Gu Xueyi, the rest of the people hurriedly parted ways. […]