GTKAWF – Chapter 4

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I don’t need to be a star but I have to be someone 

There was a light mint scent in the car. Huo Xi frowned and quietly said: “I will give it to you in a few days.”
Sheng Qiao: “Every concert!”
Huo Xi: “… Can you get off?”
Sheng Qiao pushed the car door open and got out.

The car slowly left the garage and she stood there, waving like a lucky cat, until it had completely disappeared. Once she could not see the yellow coupe anymore, she got in the elevator with satisfaction. But as soon as she entered the cold and empty room, her excitation faded. She really had not adapted to her new body yet.

After thinking about it for a while, she began to dig through the boxes to find the original Sheng Qiao’s passport, bank card and other important documents. She looked at them one by one and couldn’t help but be very surprised.
No car, no house, no investment. Even her two room apartment was rented.
Shen Qiao went to check the balance on her account and her eyes almost fell off. Fifty thousands! She used to have ten times more as Qiao Qiao! This little star actually had so little savings? She would not be so poor if she played in more dramas and participated in more variety shows, would she? But Sheng Qiao’s popularity was not low. Even if she wasn’t super famous, she had many jobs. Why was she so miserable? Where did the money go?

Sheng Qiao was full of doubts. She was looking at all the information she had on hand until her gaze was caught by a contract: Xingyao Media Co., Ltd. Artist signing cooperation letter. Sheng Qiao took it and began to look through it.
Article by article, page by page, until her hands were shaking too much to hold the document. After a long time, she slammed it on the floor and cursed.

The contract signed by the original Sheng Qiao with Xingyao Media turned out to be a wage payment system. The contract expressly stipulated that Xingyao Media would pay Sheng Qiao a monthly salary of 20,000 yuan. In addition, Sheng Qiao was not able to enjoy any benefits and all the income from her various jobs would belong to Xingyao Media.
In other words, outside of the 20,000 yuan, everything she made from advertising or filming went to her agency and she could not get a cent. If she wanted to terminate the contract early, she had to pay a fee of three times the income she had earned the year before.
Was the original Sheng Qiao a fool? Who else would have signed a contract like this! And she had signed for twenty years??
At this instant, only one thing came to her mind: LOL. Damn it, Sheng Qiao!

After a moment, her phone rang. Sheng Qiao looked at the ID, it was Gao Meiling. She gritted her teeth and answered. She could hear the arrogance on the other hand.
“Did you calm down? Are you ready to talk?”

An hour later, Gao Meiling knocked on Sheng Qiao’s door. She had found this place when Sheng Qiao had just signed and had paid half a year worth of rent in exchange for Sheng Qiao’s gratitude. At that time, Sheng Qiao had thought Gao Meiling was her savior and would almost have sacrificed anything for her.

Gao Meiling had controlled Sheng Qiao for so many years she had become accustomed to see her lower her head and do everything she said. When Sheng Qiao had stood up to her today, Gao Meiling had only thought that was due to the pressure she had put on her lately which had caused her artist to flip.
When she would finally calm down, she would come crying.

But when the door opened, Gao Meiling saw the woman standing straight, smiling and her eyes calm, as she wasn’t afraid. Gao Meiling was stunned and Sheng Qiao laughed.
“Sister Gao, come in.”

Two cups of freshly brewed tea were waiting on the coffee table. Sheng Qiao sat down on one side of the couch and gestured to Gao Meiling.
“Sister Gao, please have a seat.”
Sheng Qiao’s overbearing attitude was too strange. Gao Meiling tried to suppress her discomfort and tried to take back the advantage.
“Xiao Qiao, have you been short on money recently?”
Sheng Qiao looked at her with a smile but did not answer. Gao Meiling took out a bulging envelope from her bag and handed it over.
“Here, this is for you, you can use that.”
Sheng Qiao took it, opened it and glanced at the money inside.
“Twenty thousands?” she threw the envelope on the table. “Sister Gao, is it your way of begging me?”
Gao Meiling frowned.
“Xiao Qiao, what do you mean by this?”
Sheng Qiao patted the contract next to her.
“I suddenly woke up. Sister Gao, this contract is not very fair. Everyone knows how much money I make for the company every year. 20,000 yuan a month, isn’t it bullying?
Gao Meiling stared at her for a bit and then smiled with contempt.
“Xiao Qiao, you were not forced to sign this contract.” She leaned forward. “You begged me for it.”
Sheng Qiao was stunned. Gao Meiling was still smiling.
“Now you talk about bullying, but isn’t it a bit late?”

Sheng Qiao was trying not to panic. She did not inherit the memories of the original Sheng Qiao and she could not figure out why this very unfair contract had been signed.
“I was young and ignorant and I was fooled. I can only admit it. But Sister Gao, if I were to divulge this contract to the public, what do you think everybody’s opinion would be?” 
Seeing Gao Meiling’s face sank, she gave her a lovely smile.
“Who would dare to sign with Xingyao Media and become your artist in the future? I am so miserable and I am exhausted. I will be forced to death by the agency and by then, which drama or show would ask for me?”
“Sheng Qiao!”
She sighed sadly: “Why should I bother if I am only losing.”
Gao Meiling sneered: “Sheng Qiao, do you think you could stay in the business if you did this?”
Sheng Qiao shrugged: “It’s not that big of a deal, I don’t need to be a star. The world is so big, why should I starve to death?”

Sheng Qiao was still smiling and Gao Meiling was staring at her. The two faced each other for a long time and Gao Meiling suddenly smirked.
The smile looked too vicious, crawling like a snake and making people shiver. Sheng Qiao frowned.
Gao Meiling took out her phone, looked through it and shoved the screen in front of Sheng Qiao.
“Xiao Qiao. Even if you don’t want to, you still have to do it, don’t you?”
Seeing the picture on the phone clearly, Sheng Qiao’s eyes grew big. On the screen was a naked photo of her.

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