TMBWM – Chapter 4.1

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Jiang Meng’s plan (1)

After the family doctor treated his wounds, Yan Wenbo raised his head again and noticed Gu Xueyi was no longer there. Yan Wenbo frowned and after hesitation, he called the maid and asked: “The one downstairs… is called Jiang Meng?”
“The one from the news that went to the hotel with my brother?”
Yan Wenbo’s face sank and he coldly added: “My elder brother had been missing for half a month and the scandal happened three months ago. Why is she only coming here now?”
The maid did not know what to say and she looked at Yan Wenbo in a daze. The young man stood up and walked downstairs.
Did they really think they could take advantage of the Yan family now that his elder brother was missing? What kind of trash would come to their door to make a scene?

But he hadn’t expected that when he reached the living room, Jiang Meng was nowhere to be seen. Yan Wenbo frowned and asked: “Where is she?”
“She left a few minutes ago. Said she was uncomfortable and had to go to the hospital.”
Yan Wenbo’s brows did not loosen and he turned around to glance at the direction of the stairs. Gu Xueyi’s room was on the third floor.
“Gu… Where is Gu Xueyi?” Yan Wenbo asked again.
He had always called her by her name but today, he felt something wrong in his heart when he said it. But calling her “sister-in-law” was out of the question. 
The maid did not notice the stiffness in the fourth young master’s voice and replied: “The madam went back to her room first and asked us not to disturb her.”
Not that anybody would dare. Who wanted to be beaten? No one.

Yan Wenbo did not say anything anymore and lowered his head before raising his hand to press on the wound on his forehead. The wound was not very deep and had been made by broken glass. When he pressed on it, it hurt a little and the hot feeling of the medicine was mixed with it…

Gu Xueyi had returned to the room. Everything in this world was weird but it was not too complicated to understand and it at least showed that she would be able to live well here. And while she was longing for her own time and dynasty, Gu Xueyi had never been the type to hesitate, indulge herself or dwell on the past.
When she had died, she had just been appointed Lady of First Rank and both the Sheng family and the Gu family were at their strongest time. The King was wise and the dynasty strong; her family and her country, she did not need to worry about them.

Thinking about this, Gu Xueyi returned to the table and sat down before opening the book “The pampered sweetheart wife of the President”. To understand the customs of this new place, she should read books and would start with this one.


Jiang Meng got back to the car and felt breathless. Gu Xueyi was really terrible! She had actually hit them! If by any chance she had been beaten by her too, the child in her stomach would have not survived. It would have been a waste of her previous efforts!
“Miss Jiang, where are we going now?” the driver asked. “To the hospital?”
“Go… Go to the hospital.” Jiang Meng had been pretending at first but after hearing the sound of the belt, she had felt an indescribable panic. She had felt like she was going to strike a stone with an egg1.
Now she really felt uncomfortable and her back was all sweaty; she really had to go to the hospital.
The driver nodded and stepped on the accelerator.

After Jiang Meng calmed down, she took out her phone from her bag and entered a number she had memorized before dialing, hanging up and dialing again. She waited about a minute before it was picked up.
“Didn’t I tell you to call me less recently?”A tired male voice came from the other end.
“Things… did not go well.” Jiang Meng said in a shaky voice. She felt wronged in her heart but in front of this man, it was not easy for her to complain.
“Didn’t go well? You can’t even coax a brainless Gu Xueyi?”
Jiang Meng felt even more wronged. Who could have known that Gu Xueyi had no common sense at all!
“The Jian family is coming back from Haishi.” The man said solemnly.
Jiang Meng was a little flustered: “Why so fast?”
“Yanchao has been missing for so long now. Jian Changming is his friend, of course he has to come back to check the situation.” The voice sounded more and more irritable: “Jian Rui will definitely come back to Beijing with him.”

Jian Rui, the wife of Dajin Entertainment’s chairman, came from the prestigious Jian family.
The Jian family had a close relationship with the government and the current head of the family, Jian Changming, was particularly fierce and Jian Rui was his most believed niece.
Cao Jiaye, the chairman of Dajin Entertainment, was a well known tycoon in the industry. But in front of the Jian family, he was barely anything.

Cao Jiaye had many lovers, mostly actresses and female models from the circle, and none of them had escaped Jian Rui’s “deadly blow”.
Jiang Meng was terribly afraid of her. Because she was also one of Cao Jiaye’s lovers and a month ago, she had gotten pregnant with his child.
If she could not keep this child, she would be like all of Cao Jiaye’s lovers. She wouldn’t be able to work anymore and would end up in a desperate situation.
If she managed to keep the child… Cao Jiaye would find ways to give her money to raise the kid. It was obviously easier than making it in the entertainment circle! And if she was lucky enough and survived Jian Rui’s death, she would even be able to become the genuine Mrs Cao.

Reaching for the Yan family had come to her in a flash of inspiration after learning of Yanchao’s disappearance from Cao Jiaye.
Three months ago, she had gone to the hotel to participate in an event and had happened to leave it just after President Yan. The paparazzi had then known she was the lover of a big guy and had been trying to get proof for a long time in vain. She had not expected they would start thinking Yanchao was her secret lover. But now, this random and fake scandal had become her best cover. As long as she was known as Yanchao’s mistress, even if Jian Rui had her suspicions, she would not act on because of the friendship between the two families.

Jiang Meng licked her dry lips: “… What if nothing happened? If Yanchao comes back alive…”
Then it would even be worse than offending Jian Rui!
“Yanchao is missing in Africa where the Ebola epidemic is erupting. He cannot come back alive.” Cao Jiaye said decisively on the phone.
Cao Jiaye was a little impatient with this conversation: “That was your idea. Now you regret it? If you regret it, leave and go kill the child.”
“No, no, I don’t regret it. It’s just that… something is wrong with Gu Xueyi.”
“What can be wrong with her? Is she too angry? It’s best for us if she is crazy. The more crazy she is, the more real it looks and Jian Rui won’t have doubts anymore.”
“She is crazy but… this time she is not smashing antiques all over the place or threatening. She beats people…”
“What am I supposed to do?” Cao Jiaye sneered. “The Yan family wants to keep their honor and it looks like Yanchao won’t be able to come back. If you tell them you are pregnant with his child, the Yan family will definitely protect you. After all, this is “Yanchao’s only blood”. How can she dare to beat you? What are you afraid of?”
“But Yan Wenbo could not even stop her.”
“Where were the Yan family bodyguards?”
“Not only did she hit Yan Wenbo, but she also beat Jiang Jing and the bodyguards could not stop her! I am afraid… Do you know what she uses to beat people? Her belt is thicker than my fingers! If she hits me, your son… your son will be gone. Don’t you feel bad about it?” Jiang Meng was afraid but she was mostly acting the part of being scared and wronged and started crying in the low voice.
Jiang Meng was good at playing the delicate and pitiful part.
Cao Jiaye eased his tone and said: “Why are you crying? This is not a big deal. She hit Jiang Jing, didn’t she? Okay, then I will tell the Jiang family about this. When the Jiang family comes to confront  her, she won’t have time to beat you.”
Jiang Meng choked and softly said a few more words to flatter Cao Jiaye before they hung up the phone.

When she put away her phone, Jiang Meng erased her crying expression immediately. She gave the driver a look and he immediately nodded in knowledge: “Miss Jiang, don’t worry. I am Mr Cao’s person, I will definitely not talk.”
Jiang Meng let out a sigh of relief. She could not lose this battle! What other women could not do, she would.

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