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Translator: Dorkzilla

Editor: Kyoun15

Jiang Meng’s plan (2)

Gu Xueyi finally finished the book in front of her. Although she was not familiar with this type of writing, with the help of her body’s memories, it had not been difficult to read.

The instant she closed the book, it disappeared into thin air. Gone? Gu Xueyi frowned but did not feel any panic. She had come back to life, it was already extraordinary in itself.

Gu Xueyi picked up the cup and took a sip of water to relieve the dryness of her lips and tongue. The water in the cup was long cold but she did not care. She cared more about what she had just learned from this book just now!

The heroine of this novel was named Yu Xiaoxiao and the hero’s name was Yanchao. Yes, the male lead’s name was exactly the same as her body’s husband. And in this book, the male lead had a stalkerish, vicious ex-wife called Gu Xueyi.

Her name.

After the male lead had disappeared, he had encountered the female lead Yu Xiaoxiao. Yu Xiaoxiao was simple, cute and a bit awkward which the male lead and other supporting characters had found very charming.

The male lead had been initially unimpressed by her but had slowly fallen for her in the later stage. When he had gone back home, he had brought back Yu Xiaoxiao with him and had shocked everyone.

In the novel, Gu Xueyi, who had not been happy with the divorce, played the role of a vicious supporting character and began to frequently trouble the heroine. In the end, everyone had been disgusted by her and all the supporting male characters had joined hands to destroy her. Only at the third book did it all happened by then.

So it turned out she had been reborn in a novel! And she was still destined to die early! Gu Xueyi was a little surprised and could not help but wonder at the marvel of this world. So it turned out that the human soul could enter a book and this book was a world itself. But while it might be her destiny, she did not want to be a stepping stone for other people’s love.

Gu Xueyi was lost in her thoughts for a while and decided to read more books to master the common sense of this world as soon as possible… It did not matter to her whether her husband wanted to divorce her in the future, but what Gu Xueyi wanted, was to be able to live a wonderful and exciting life.

Gu Xueyi stayed in her bedroom for several days. The maid of the Yan household did not dare to disturb her and three meals were delivered to her door everyday. She would also come clean the room and take her clothes away to wash. And in the blink of an eye, it was five days later.

The injury on Yan Wenbo’s forehead had almost healed and he had taken off the straps; only a pale white mark remained there.

When he came downstairs, he saw the maid holding a tray.

“Gu… Gu Xueyi has not come out yet?”

“Yes, Madam is still resting.”

Rest? Who needed that much rest?

Yan Wenbo frowned.

It could not be because she had seen Jiang Meng and had hid herself away to cry, right?

No, Yan Wenbo did not think it was the case. The past Gu Xueyi did not cry, the Gu Xueyi from today probably did not even know how. If she had been angry with Jiang Meng, she would probably have gone to cut her into eight pieces rather than feeling sorry for herself.

As he was thinking about it, the phone rang in the living room and the maid picked it up quickly. Soon, her face turned pale and she carefully held the receiver to hand it to Yan Wenbo.

“Fourth master, it is Mr Jiang.”

“Which Mr Jiang?”

“Jiang Jing’s second brother.”

Did Jiang Jing really notified his family?

Yan Wenbo answered the phone with a dark expression.


“Fourth master Yan?” A cold voice came from the other end.

“Could the fourth master Yan give the phone to Mrs Yan?”

Yan Wenbo clenched the receiver tightly. He was the one unable to hold his anger and quarreled with Jiang Jing, which had caused all this trouble. Why would he ask Gu Xueyi to clean up his own mess? His pride did not allow it.

Yan Wenbo gripped the receiver even tighter and controlled his anger before saying.

“Why is Mr Jiang looking for her? If it is about Jiang Jing, Mr Jiang can just ask me.”

Jiang Er was merciless: “You are not in charge.”

“Jiang Jing dared to insult the Yan family so I fought with him. Was he crippled? Are you in the ICU? Is Mr Jiang that eager to come see us and take out his anger?” Yan Wenbo started to taunt him and arouse his anger.

“Fourth master Yan!” Jiang Er shouted.

Gu Xueyi had just walked downstairs and had been listening to the entire conversation. Yan Wenbo was still too young and had no ability to handle these kinds of troubles. Without even thinking more of it, she held out her hand: “Give me the phone.”

When Yan Wenbo heard the female voice behind him, his expression instantly stiffened, he turned around and wondered.

What could Gu Xueyi do?

She might be able to beat Jiang Jing… but Jiang Er was different. She might get scared. Yes, she would be scared and if she was afraid, she would make the Yan family lose face. He just did not want her to make the Yan family lose face!

“Fourth master Yan.” Jiang Er’s voice came from the other end again but Yan Wenbo stood motionless. He looked like he had become a statue.

Seeing he was so still, Gu Xueyi did not wait anymore and reached out to grab the phone from him. Yan Wenbo was caught off guard and failed to keep it away. On the contrary, when Gu Xueyi’s smooth and warm fingers touched his hand, he felt his whole body stiffened.


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TL note: “Jiang Er” is not a mistake. It’s actually his surname as it will be explained in chapter 4. So basically, he is both Second master Jiang and just Jiang Two, hence why I kept Jiang Er.


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