TMBWM – Chapter 3.2

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Stop hitting! (2)

Gu Xueyi stopped. Looking at Jiang Jing that was bowing and hugging his head on the ground, the corner of Yan Wenbo’s mouth twitched. He had never seen him like this.

“Apologize.” Gu Xueyi lowered her head and slowly rolled up the belt in her hand. The belt was brown and black and with her slender white fingers, when put together, her hands looked even more beautiful. Jiang Jing raised his head. When he saw them, he was dazzled for a second before recovering his usual cold expression.
“I… what am I sorry for?”
Gu Xueyi paused. Jiang Jing quickly added: “No, no, I will apologize it’s just… I have no experience apologizing! Could you… remind me?”
Gu Xueyi was not angry and calmly said: “Think about what you said today.”
Jiang Jing thought fast: “I’m sorry, I should not have offended Mrs Yan today. No, I should never offend Mrs Yan. I mocked you but it was not sincere. Really, you have to believe me.”
He then asked in a small voice: “Was it good?”

Yan Wenbo’s face was still dark but he felt better in his heart. He really had not expected Jiang Jing would be so overwhelmed by the whip. At the same moment, Gu Xueyi turned to look at him and his heart jumped once more. What else did she want to do?
Gu Xueyi pointed a finger at Yan Wenbo and asked Jiang Jing: “What about him?”
Jiang Jing was dumbfounded: “What? Do I also have to apologize to him?”
“You hit him.”
“You hit me too!”
Gu Xueyi’s fingers pressed lightly on the belt.
“Of course I have to apologize! I was just being polite and apologizing to Mrs Yan first.” Jiang Jing looked at Yan Wenbo and forced a stiff smile. 
“Fourth master Yan, I am sorry. I should not have fought with you and I should not provoke the Yan family in the future.”
Yan Wenbo did not care about it at all. Even if Jiang Jing apologized, it was not sincere. But he was looking at Gu Xueyi again. She had asked Jiang Jing to apologize to him and he felt a bit conflicted for a moment.

“Can I go now?” Jiang Jing asked with a grin.
It was no wonder people would say Gu Xueyi was a savage! If you asked him, she really was, she really was savage! He would not have been surprised if she had killed him and buried him in the basement.
“Go.” Gu Xueyi did not even look at him and Jiang Jing felt a little uncomfortable. Was the madam of the Yan so above him? She had just beaten him but would not even look straight at him? Jiang Jing pursed his lips and limped downstairs. He should not dare look for any comfort in the Yan household.

Back downstairs, even if the soundproofing of the villa was excellent, the door had been wide open and everybody had heard the crisp sounds of the belt.
Jiang Meng’s face had turned pale and she was instinctively touching her lower abdomen. She kept thinking Gu Xueyi was going to clean her up very soon.
No! She must have been killing the chicken to warn the monkey1! She was just trying to scare her!
But… But would she dare hit the fourth young master? Yes, she had even beaten the third master Jiang. As she stared at Jiang Jing, the panic in Jiang Meng’s heart slowly spread.
“Is third master Jiang alright?” Although he had ridiculed her earlier, she greeted him somewhat eagerly.
Jiang Jing’s posture was a bit awkward and he straightened his back while gritting his teeth: “I’m fine, I’m fine.”
Jiang Meng frowned: “Mrs Yan is too rude to…”
“Not at all, Mrs Yan is very polite.”
Jiang Meng: “…”
Jiang Jing did not bother to talk to this random person longer and hurried out of the Yan villa.

Upstairs, the atmosphere was a bit awkward. Yan Wenbo had never thought he would stay in the same room as Gu Xueyi for such a long time. Gu Xueyi used to always scream and no one could live with her peacefully.
But today…
Yan Wenbo looked at her face again. Had she beaten Jiang Jing to defend him? Probably not, that was ridiculous. That was simply impossible!

Just as Yan Wenbo’s thoughts were all over the place, Gu Xueyi stretched out her belt and raised her hand.
The belt flew towards Yan Wenbo’s body.
Fuck! It hurt so fucking much!
Yan Wenbo finally understood what Jiang Jing had felt just now and why he had been subdued so easily… He gritted his teeth and said bitterly:
“Gu Xueyi! What are you doing!?”
“I beat him because he bullied you and did not respect the Yan family. I beat you because you chose to fight in such an inferior way to solve your troubles and did not care about the Yan family’s honor.” She paused. “Had you won, it would be different but you lost.”
Yan Wenbo’s face started to burn.

Gu Xueyi wanted to say that her Sheng family did not have a son like him that would lose in a fight. But when the words came to her lips, she suddenly remembered that she was no longer the mistress of the Sheng family. She frowned and raised her hand again.
“You are disobedient and have no respect for your elders.”
Yan Wenbo bit his lips so hard he did not cry out. He stared at Gu Xueyi a little angry and disgusted but not as much as before. Not only his heart was very conflicted, his mind was also messed up.

Gu Xueyi stopped and instead of rolling her belt this time, she threw it aside. Yan Wenbo loosened his clenched jaw. As he was enduring the pain, his voice was small: “Are you not going to hit me anymore?”
With the little resentment and his low voice, he sounded like a spoiled child. Yan Wenbo immediately regretted opening his mouth.
Gu Xueyi did not notice his reaction and said: “No more. Hitting an outsider requires a heavy whip to deter them. Hitting your own family is different.”
People from her own family?
Yan Wenbo was stunned. He opened his mouth, closed it, opened it again. In the end, he did not say that she was not from the Yan family.

Gu Xueyi walked forward slowly, lowered her head and called downstairs: “Doctor.”
The family doctor had not left yet. He picked up the medicine kit and ran upstairs quickly.
Gu Xueyi turned around and leaned on the railing behind her. She pounded at Yan Wenbo’s forehead: “Here. Along with the wounds on his body.”
She still looked indifferent and her appearance was surprisingly beautiful. The red windbreaker on her body was like fire that firmly imprinted in other people’s eyes.
Yan Wenbo lowered his head. More complex emotions surged from the bottom of his heart; in the middle of all the bitterness, there was some warmth barely noticeable.

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Idiom, to punish an individual as an example to others

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