TMBWM – Chapter 3.1

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Stop hitting! (1)

Gu Xueyi got out and moved to the passenger seat without thinking much of it.
They were already at this age but were still very childish. Thinking back to her Sheng family, at this age, children followed their fathers and uncles to the battlefield. Fortunately, children were easier to handle and it was not too late to put them back on the right path.

Jiang Jing snorted: “Yan Wenbo, what are you doing?”
“Keep talking and believe me, I will put your head under the wheel.” Yan Wenbo replied with a cold expression.
The two started arguing again but they did not fight in the car which quickly drove back to the Yan household.

Back to the villa, a doctor had come to see Jiang Meng and Wang Yue had realized something did not seem right. Had Miss Jiang been acting all along? This method… was even more powerful than Gu Xueyi! If she were to be added to the Yan family, wouldn’t it cause even more trouble?

Wang Yue handed a cup of coffee to Jiang Meng. Jiang Meng lifted her head and said softly: “I am pregnant, how can I drink coffee?”
Wang Yue was about to reply when she heard the car coming back. Soon after, Gu Xueyi and Yan Wenbo entered the villa, followed by Jiang Jing.

Jiang Meng was taken aback. Had Gu Xueyi really brought the fourth young master back? She stood up quickly.
Yan Wenbo noticed her and turned his head to ask in a cold voice: “Who is she?”
“Fourth master, I am Jiang Meng.”
Jiang Jing interrupted her: “Oh, I’ve seen you on TV. Didn’t you play in a dumb TV show a few years ago? It was pretty popular. And that underwear commercial was pretty good.”
Jiang Meng’s expression froze. Why did she feel like the young master Jiang was instead calling her dumb?
“Can just anyone enter the door of the Yan Household?” Yan Wenbo had been in a terrible mood today and immediately insulted her.
Jiang Meng’s expression became even stiffer. She carefully recalled that she had not offended the fourth young master of the Yan family in the past. Not only had she not offended him, she had never even met him!
“Fourth master, I am here…”
“Go upstairs.” Gu Xueyi ignored her.

Jiang Jing immediately complied and stepped on the stairs first. He had never met a woman like Gu Xueyi before and she was very different from the rumors. Jiang Jing was really curious about what Mrs Yan was planning to do. Apologize for Yan Wenbo? Vent for him? It should be fun!
Upon seeing this, Yan Wenbo followed him and strode upstairs with a straight face. He couldn’t let Gu Xueyi do anything!

Gu Xueyi walked behind him and went upstairs slowly. Wang Yue was shocked again, was the madam really going to scold the fourth master? Wait, why had they both listened to her all of sudden? Why had they gone upstairs?

Jiang Jing reached the second floor. There was a living room there but before he even stepped in it, Gu Xueyi drew her whip at his feet, blocking his way.
Gu Xueyi was born from a general household. Since childhood, she had followed her father to learn archery, kung fu and to hold a whip.
Because women had limited strength, they learned less about archery as they grew up but their abilities with the whip would get better and better. She could slam through the air and just having it passing close to someone was enough to make them feel the strength contained in it.

Like this, even if Jiang Jing had been prepared, he was still shocked and jumped back two steps. His face turned pale again. It turned out she was really going to vent for Yan Wenbo!
“Since the family of third master Jiang does not seem to care, I will teach you the rules and how to be polite today.” Gu Xueyi still looked indifferent but she swung the belt again.
It hit Jiang Jing’s back this time and he cried out in pain. In an instant, he felt like he was split apart by the whip. He tried to hide in a hurry and yelled: “Are you mad? How dare you hit me?”
Yan Wenbo was also startled and quickly took two steps back. This was… Was it why Gu Xueyi wanted to take them out of the police station first? In order to beat them?

Jiang Jing was the youngest member of his family. He was not as capable as his first few brothers and his family ignored him a lot. He was rarely disciplined and because he had learned from an uncle in the army, he had been invincible in his circle since of friends childhood. Today was the first time he was ever beaten.
And for his first time… it hurt, it really hurt! Jiang Jing tried to dodge the whip with desperation only to realize he could not avoid it. He gritted his teeth and gave up, today, he was going to hit a woman!
But Gu Xueyi did not leave Jiang Jing the time to fight back at all. His punches and kicks were really not enough for her to be bothered by it and she had more than enough time to take care of him.

The more Yan Wenbo watched, the faster his eyelids twitched. He watched Jiang Jing trying to helplessly avoid the belt again and again… just looking at him made Yan Wenbo feel pain. He had never known that Gu Xueyi was so amazing!

“Okay, okay, fuck! Stop, it hurts! I have to go to the hospital…!”
“Mrs Yan!”
“Gu… Sister Gu, Sister Gu!”
“No, sister-in-law, can I call you sister-in-law too?”
“If you hit me again, I will…”
“Tell your parents?” Gu Xueyi finally said.
Jiang Jing swallowed back his words. If he did, would he still keep his face? Not only had he just been beaten, he found it very embarrassing.
“I will apologize! Can I apologize?” Jiang Jing gritted his teeth.
As a real man, he could bow and submit or could stand tall but he could not get beaten to death in the Yan household! He really had not expected this kind of pain when the belt had hit him. His skin was scorched and if she had used a whip, he would most likely have been bleeding. That was a torture from the Qing Dynasty! It wasn’t that he was weak!

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