TMBWM – Chapter 2

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His sister-in-law

As the car drove all the way to the police station, the driver was still in a state of shock.
“Open the door.” Gu Xueyi said.
The original owner would always order people around in the Yan household and the driver did not think anything was wrong. He got out of the car and opened the door for her.

Gu Xueyi glanced at him and she remembered him from this body’s memories. Seeing Gu Xueyi stepping out of the car with a pair of beautiful crystal slippers on her feet, the driver could not help but ask: “Are you really going to pick up the fourth young master?”
“Yes.” She looked at the driver’s embarrassed face.
Why was everyone so surprised? Was the fourth young master a demon? Then he should be even more scolded. She clenched the “whip” in her hand.

This kind of thing, causing trouble to the family… It was not that big of a deal but if he were to implicate his whole family and cause its destruction, it would be terrible. Gu Xueyi became even more determined and strode into the police station.

The driver looked at her back and sighed. He had to stay behind and if it really did not work… he could always give a call to the second young master.
But today was really strange. How was the madam planning to take care of the fourth young master? Even President Yan did not pay attention to him.

“Fourth young… Where is Yan Wenbo?” Gu Xueyi stepped in and asked directly.
The Yan family was so famous everyone knew about them. Of course, the name of the fourth master was also very well-known. The little policewoman at the door was stunned for only a second before reacting and saying: “Inside, follow me.”
“Are you… Mrs Yan?”
Before the original body got married, she had frequently appeared in various gossip magazines. After her marriage and because of the low key behavior of the Yan family, she had kept a low profile and had been in front of cameras less often.

The policewoman’s impression of Mrs Yan was of raised eyebrows and big red lips printed on {Gossip Weekly} a few years ago. For a moment, she did not recognize the woman in front of her. Didn’t a woman after marriage usually became less glamorous? Then how come Mrs Yan was like a different, much better looking person? Perhaps marrying a wealthy bigshot like President Yan was the reason.
The policewoman suppressed the confusion in her heart and pushed open the glass door in front of her.
“He is inside. Young master Yan… he does not look very good right now.”
Gu Xueyi nodded: “Thank you.”
The policewoman was a little flattered. Mrs Yan really seemed like a whole different person.

Gu Xueyi noticed her fourth young master. In the small room, there was only one teenager sitting, leaning against the wall. He was slender and wore weird clothes that belonged to this world. It was called a “shirt” and the neckline was torn, revealing his powerful chest.
When the boy heard footsteps, he turned his head.
“Gu… Gu Xueyi?” The young man narrowed his eyes and could not believe it.
“Yan Wenbo?” Gu Xueyi looked at him more carefully. He should be about twenty years old, with blood stained white straps on his head. Under them, there were sharp eyebrows, the bridge of his nose was straight and his appearance was quite outstanding yet a bit ordinary. The boy was frowning and his eyes were full of impatience and irritability. If he had long hair and longer clothes, he would have looked like a young swordsman from her world.
“What are you doing here?” Yan Wenbo asked unhappily.
“The police station called me.”
The corner of Yan Wenbo’s mouth twitched, showing a cold and disdainful expression: “Then my elder brother’s secretary should have handled it. How does it concern you?”
“I am your sister-in-law.” Gu Xueyi’s tone was calm and emotionless, as she was just stating a fact.
When Yan Wenbo heard her, he was about to sneer. But when he raised his head, he faced Gu Xueyi’s indifferent gaze. 

She had removed the heavy makeup she usually wore to overwhelm others but she had not removed it perfectly. There was still a little bit of black mascara and red eye shadow in the corner of her eyes… Or it might not have been eye-shadow but it had been rubbed red. There was also a small lipstick mark on her lips… It did not look messy, on the contrary, she looked clean and pretty. Like a crying beauty.
Her usual fierce and disgusted expression was gone and she was not yelling “I am your elder brother’s wife! You have to listen to me!” anymore. She just looked at him coldly, like they were strangers.
Yan Wenbo unconsciously squeezed his fingertips, a weird feeling blossoming in his heart. 

Gu Xueyi grabbed and sat down: “Let’s talk, what happened.”
Yan Wenbo suppressed the strange feeling and sneered: “Do you think I will tell you?”
Gu Xueyi moved her hand and the belt tucked on the ground with a crisp sound.
Gu Xueyi: “I think you will.”
Yan Wenbo trembled. Even his chest felt like he was suffocating. Was Gu Xueyi crazy? She… Was she going to hit him?
“What are you doing? What are you doing, this is the police station!”

“Third young master, don’t make trouble…”
Suddenly, there was noise outside the glass door and it was slammed open. A young man about the same age as Yan Wenbo walked in and said with sarcasm: “What’s the matter Yan Wenbo? You cannot beat me so you have to call your family? What can your brother even do? Who doesn’t know he is missing? You don’t even know if he is dead or alive!”
Yan Wenbo got up from his chair: “Jiang Jing! Do you want to die?”
“Let’s go, let’s go if you have the ability to hit me! You…” Jiang Jing held his neck high, with an arrogant smile on his face.
“Crack.” There was another crisp sound and the belt flew across the room and pulled at Jiang Jing’s feet. He screamed in surprise and instinctively took a step back.
“Who? What?!”
The arrogant expression faded quickly and his face turned pale. He looked at Gu Xueyi in shock. The feeling in Yan Wenbo’s heart suddenly felt less annoying.
“Who are you?” Jiang Jing grasped the door frame, ashamed, and stared at Gu Xueyi with an ugly expression. The woman in front of him somehow felt familiar but he could not figure out why.
“Gu Xueyi. His sister-in-law.”
Yan Wenbo bit his lip but did not refute it this time.

Jiang Jing was stunned and said in a startled voice: “You are … Gu Xueyi? Yan Wenbo, your sister-in-law turned out to be so good-looking! But she has such a bad temper, no wonder your elder brother doesn’t like her!”
Gu Xueyi opened her eyes slowly, her long and curled eyelashes leaving a little shadow behind. Her eyes were sharp but not cold or angry and looked very seductive. Jiang Jing suddenly went quiet and stared at her.
“Let’s leave first.” 
Jiang Jing was still silent and Yan Wenbo did not say anything either. He raised his head and glanced at Jiang Jing with hatred and he stared back, unafraid.

Under the guidance of the little policewoman, Gu Xueyi went through all the procedures. Watching her, Jiang Jing could not stop himself and said: “Mr Yan has disappeared and you cannot even send a secretary? Mrs Yan comes personally? My father uses assistants to run errands!”
Gu Xueyi turned her head to look at him, her voice neither slow nor hurried: “So? Does your family not care about you enough to come? Why are you so proud of it?”
Jiang Jing’s expression froze and a cheerful smile appeared on Yan Wenbo’s face, who had just walked out. How come he wasn’t aware Gu Xueyi could be so terrifying? And Jiang Jing was still young, even if he tried to refute her, after opening his mouth he could not mutter a single word for a long time.

After completing the formalities, Gu Xueyi strode ahead.
“Keep up.”
Yan Wenbo was usually ashamed of Gu Xueyi’s screaming but he could not just sit on the ground and refuse to go. He held his breath and followed obediently.

Once out of the police station, Yan Wenbo immediately headed the other way.
“Where are you going?” Gu Xueyi stopped him.
“You don’t need to worry about it.”
Gu Xueyi turned her head and looked at Jiang Jing: “Please come to the Yan mansion, third young master Jiang.”
Jiang Jing had not expected she would invite him. He licked his lips, not daring to refuse and nodded: “Okay, let’s go!”
When Yan Wenbo heard it, he got really angry. Why did Gu Xueyi invite Jian Jing? Jiang Jing had just fought with him! Did she invite him to comfort him? Was she that afraid of the Jiang family? No way! He could not let Gu Xueyi let the Yan family lose face.

Yan Wenbo recognized the car parked by the side of the road and quickly walked over. He opened the passenger door and got in.
Seeing his expression, the driver shouted: “Fourth young master!”
It was over. The madam and the young master must have been arguing just now.
Gu Xueyi and Jiang Jing got in the car just after. Yan Wenbo heard the sound of the doors closing and turned his head. He finally took the time to notice Gu Xueyi was still wearing a nightgown, showing her slender neck and white collarbone. She was only wrapped in a windbreaker which showed her thin waist and graceful posture. Yan Wenbo’s eyelids twitched and he did not dare to look anymore.
Yan Wenbo: “Stop.”
The driver quickly stepped on the brakes and asked with caution: “Fourth young master? What’s wrong?”
Yan Wenbo got out of the car. He walked to the back and opened Gu Xueyi’s door.
“Sit in the front.”
Gu Xueyi raised her head to look at him but did not move. Yan Wenbo was a little afraid to look at her directly. He wanted to tell her to hurry but as the words were going to come out, he swallowed them back and reluctantly said from between his teeth: “Sister-in-law, please sit in the front.”
She was dressed like this and sat next to Jiang Jing, this was so wrong! How could Jiang Jing see this? Who was he?!

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