TMBWM – Chapter 1.2

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Madam! (2)

The other party was anxious and naturally, Gu Xueyi would not accommodate her. She turned a deaf ear to the sounds outside the room and raised her head to look at her surroundings.

This was a rather shabby place, with a strange bed, strange lights and strange windows… Everything looked unfamiliar and cheap. The bed was behind her and on the wall in front of her was a large mercury mirror. This family was odd… didn’t they know the mirror should not face the bed?

Gu Xueyi approached it and looked at her reflection. She was wearing a light green silk dress that was held on her shoulders by two thin straps. Her neck was slender and the collarbone beautiful, the skirt was knee length and her legs underneath were straight.
The woman in the mirror looked similar to her but her eyes and eyebrows were blurred by the weird makeup; she looked several years older, fierce and somehow vulgar.

Following her body’s memories, she found the “bathroom” and fumbled to find paper towels. She turned on the faucet with difficulty, stretched out her fingers and tentatively felt the water.
It was warm. This world really was strange; the servants were unruly and the furniture and ornaments were not aesthetically pleasing but the tricks were interesting and advantageous. 

Gu Xueyi dipped the paper towel in warm water and started wiping off the makeup on her face. This makeup was very difficult to get rid of but Gu Xueyi was not in a hurry and she slowly cleaned her face little by little while assimilating the memories of the original body.

On the other side, Jiang Meng was waiting frantically. Why was Gu Xueyi so calm today?
Jiang Meng bit her lip and frowned. She used all of her acting skills, clutched her lower abdomen and hissed: “My stomach… it hurts…”
“Mrs Yan! Miss Jiang’s stomach is hurting!” Wang Yue was panicking and shouting while holding Jiang Meng. “Someone call the family doctor!”
“Madam! It’s not good! Madam, please come out!”

Back inside, Gu Xueyi found something called “makeup remover” and finally wiped off most of it. The eyebrows underneath were revealed.

At the same time, a loud noise suddenly sounded in the bedroom. It was in a language she did not understand and it vaguely sounded like music…
Gu Xueyi left the bathroom and found the small square the sound came from. Her memories told her this was a “cellphone”. Rummaging through all of the information, she answered the phone uncertainly.

There was a careful voice of a man on the other end: “Hello? Is this Mrs Yan? The fourth young master Yan is currently at the police station. He had a fight with the third young master Jiang. Could you come and pick him up?”
Fourth young master Yan?
It should be the younger brother of this body’s husband, Mr Yanchao.
Fighting with the third young master Jiang? At the police station? Police station?

Gu Xueyi quickly found the definition of the police station in the memories. It seemed to be similar to the yamen. The young master of a big family had actually been fighting and had to be picked up by the mistress at the yamen? It was ridiculous and very embarrassing! 
Gu Xueyi’s face sank. She looked around the room and as she picked up an item, her gaze stopped on a picture. It was called a “photo”. 
It was the portrait of a tall and very handsome man. He was wearing black clothes, had short hair and a faint smile on his face but his eyes looked indifferent. The black looked distinguished, the short hair was stern and the whole person looked wealthy. Through the “photo” alone, one could feel his oppressing aura and Gu Xueyi immediately noticed this man had been stained by blood. He might have looked gentle but was actually hiding something even more frightening than the usual fierceness.
Was that Yanchao? How could such a man would easily agree to marry the original body? He did not seem to be the type to be coerced by others. Anyway, it was but a trifling matter and Gu Xueyi ruthlessly backhanded the picture.

Half a minute later, she opened the door.
Wang Yue, who was still shouting, and Jiang Meng, who was giving her best performance, were stunned. Gu Xueyi was wearing pajamas and had casually wrapped a red windbreaker around her. Her long black hair was scattered on her shoulders, her eyes were cold and sharp and she looked both beautiful and overwhelming. Instantly, Wang Yue and Jiang Meng felt like they were circus clowns performing hard but not being rewarded with a single coin. 
Wang Yue stuttered: “Madam, Madam, you are out, you are finally out… Miss Jiang, she…”

Jiang Meng immediately narrowed her eyes and leaned on Wang Yue’s shoulder. She looked at Gu Xueyi: “Mrs Yan, please don’t be arrogant. I do not want to take your position as wife, I just want to talk to you. Let’s talk about this child…”
Gu Xueyi lightly swept her gaze on her without saying a word. Jiang Mend felt embarrassed as she looked at her from head to toe, like she was observing goods.
Was she crazy? Why did she feel this way?
Jiang Meng gritted her teeth but Gu Xueyi ignored her and strode downstairs. Both Wang Yue and Jiang Meng were dumfounded. Hadn’t Gu Xueyi come out to see her?
Wang Yue quickly let go of Jiang Meng’s hand and instinctively tried to stop Gu Xueyi: “Madam, don’t go…”

Jiang Meng was suddenly thrown away; she almost fell to the ground and cried in surprise. Wang Yue turned back to help her in a hurry.
“Madam, where are you going?”
Gu Xueyi paused and said: “I am going to pick up the fourth young master.”
Fourth young master?
Wang Yue was confused for a moment before she realized Gu Xueyi was talking about the fourth young master Yan Wenbo.
“Pick up the fourth young master?” Wang Yue was getting even more confused. The Yan family and Gu Xueyi never dealt with each other, especially Yan Wenbo who was young and rebellious. No matter what had happened to the fourth young master, Gu Xueyi would never pick him up!
Gu Xueyi did not wait for Wang Yue to make sense of it. She shook the item in her hand: “Well, to scold anyway.”
Wang Yue clearly saw Gu Xueyi was holding a Gucci belt thicker than a finger.
Wang Yue: ???
Jiang Meng: ???
Was she going to beat the fourth young master? Did she dare?
Crazy, she was really crazy!

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