IHFDATN – Chapter 2.2

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Chapter 2.2

After Jiang Mian stopped talking, she quickly lowered her head to hide the joy that suddenly flashed deep in her eyes. The Qi that she had felt at first had disappeared too fast but she could now sense it around her again. Although it was quite faint and pitiful and couldn’t compare to the Qi from her past world, as long as there was some, she could cultivate. She might never reach the status of Immortal but she could at least strengthen her body and have the ability to protect herself in this ordinary world.

Lost in her thoughts, she did not notice the shock on her two fathers’s faces. Han Xu was quite alright, Jiang Mian had already called him ‘dad’, but Zuo Xingping wasn’t.
Since Jiang Mian started rebelling, she had only called her fathers by their names. Especially Zuo Xingping; she had not called him ‘dad’ for more than a decade and suddenly hearing Jiang Mian say it, his face went through a multitude of expressions in an instant: shock, disbelief and excitement.

When Jiang Mian finally emerged from her own mind, her Taoist father was pinching his arm and staring at her with an astonished look.
“Mianmian, you… you… What did you just call me?”
Jiang Mian noticed her father’s eyes were a little red. She wasn’t used to such a scene; she turned her head and said to Han Xu: “I’m hungry.”
“What do you want to eat? I’ll go buy it!” Zuo Xingping was so excited. Jiang Mian actually called him ‘dad’! He wanted to jump around; this was way better than when he would catch evil spirits.
“Go away.” Han Xu frowned. “Are you going to buy stall food for Mianmian? Do you want her to be sick?”
Zuo Xingping stopped moving and he looked at Jiang Mian guiltily.
Jiang Mian: “?”

A moment later, she picked out a memory from the original Jiang Mian. Last year, the four fathers had celebrated her birthday with her. Because she had said she liked fried meatballs in the past, Zuo Xingping had brought her some.
Because it was her birthday and she did not want to be disappointed, the original Jiang Mian had eaten two of them and had a stomachache all night. The next day, Zuo Xingping had found the leftover meatballs smashed everywhere. At this time, her dislike for her Taoist father had reached its peak.
Jiang Mian: “…”
Not to condone the original Jiang Mian’s domineering behavior, but those four fathers of hers really doted on her without limits, letting her develop her self centered personality. In her heart, she was the sun and if a problem were to arise, her fathers would fix it somehow. And as the saying went, behind every bear cub was a pair of bears; and the original Jiang Mian had four of them. (TL: 每一个熊孩子背后都有一对熊父母 – I translated it more or less literally as I don’t know my English idioms well)

“I want to drink freshly made soy milk.” Jiang Mian told the Taoist father and to the tyrant father she said: “I want to eat crystal fish balls.” (TL: she says 晶鱼丸 and I have no idea what those are)
Han Xu said, “The food outside isn’t clean. Dad will have it cooked right away.”
“I will do it! It will absolutely be clean!” Zuo Xingping retorted while rushing out to go. “Mianmian, you just wait, I will bring it soon!”

Remembering the original plot and the car accident that had almost happened, Jiang Mian called out to him before he could disappear.
“Dad, be careful, pay attention to cars.”
Not to be outdone, Han Xu made a phone call and ordered the food; let the hospital prepare the soy milk and the fish balls, could Zuo Xingping be as fast?


Jiang Mian used imported medicine and in less than a week, the wound on her wrist had mostly healed, leaving only a small red scar which would most likely disappear after a few more days.

She had checked the spiritual roots of her new body during this time. Fortunately, the five spiritual roots could be cultivated but the spiritual energy in the air was just too thin and her body was too weak. After a week, she couldn’t even absorb any, let alone draw arrays or refine alchemy. Thinking of her past world, it was a bit disappointing, but Jiang Mian comforted herself; being reborn again was a great blessing.

Jiang Mian left the hospital quietly before Han Xu took out his private jet to take her to school.
Walking by a shopping mall, the people around her all had their heads up, looking at an advertisement playing on a huge screen. The man in the advertisement was wearing a haute couture suit, his facial features were perfect and his eyes were deep and gentle as he said an English slogan. The voice was low, magnetic and sexy, which made people all bothered.
“Qin Jingrun, please have my babies!” A girl screamed in the distance.
“So handsome, ah!” Someone passing near Jiang Mian praised. “His wife would be so lucky.”
“What about his daughter?” Jiang Mian spontaneously replied.
When the girl heard it, she turned around and said: “Our perfect Brother Qin can have a wife, but he cannot have a daughter!”
“… Why?” Jiang Mian was genuinely wondering.
The girl solemnly answered: “Because if he had a daughter, all his love would go to her. What would happen to us all fans?”
Jiang Mian touched her nose and glanced at the man on the big screen with a smile. The original Jiang Mian had a father so handsome he could ruin nations but had to fall in love with Gu Qiwen at first sight. Why? Because he was the male protagonist? Could have the author been even more biased?!

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