IHFDATN – Chapter 3.1

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Chapter 3.1

Jiang Mian had been wandering in the streets for a while when her two fathers finally noticed she had left the hospital. After a series of phone calls, Jiang Mian hung up and sent them a text each: I have gone back to school, don’t worry. Don’t come get me or I will get angry.
The tone was much softer but the last part of the message had been added to imitate the original Jiang Mian. Otherwise her fathers would have started looking for her everywhere; one would have his jet fly all over in the sky while the other one would probably magically track her.

According to the original Jiang Mian’s memory, before she started acting out, she would live three months with each dad and would go to one of Han Xu’s mansions to hold an end of the year party. Once she had started rebelling, she hadn’t wanted to stay with any of them nor have them control her life; she had asked to live by herself and had gone on a hunger strike until they accepted.
Her fathers had no choice but to agree and had bought her a high end apartment in the city center and had hired a nanny to take care of her.

After she had graduated from high school, Han Xu had tried to send her to study abroad but had been rejected. The original Jiang Mian, who liked to be the center of attention and being surrounded by a crowd, decided to apply to acting school where she had fallen in love with Gu Qiwen on the first day.
Jiang Mian: “…”
What a ridiculous twist of fate!


Jiang Mian called a taxi to drive her to her residence and got in the back seat. She noticed the driver kept looking at her in the rear view mirror.
Jiang Mian: “???”
The driver that had been trying to discreetly sneak a glance at her was caught and said a bit guilty: “You’re so beautiful.”
Jiang Mian raised her eyebrows lightly.
“Thank you.”

In her first life, she hadn’t been able to take human form. In the second, she had only been focused on training and ascending. She would go practice occasionally but she had been too intimidating for people to ever praise her.
Now, she had four excellent fathers. Even in the cultivation world, her appearance would be first-rate and Jiang Mian was very satisfied with it.

Forty minutes later, the taxi arrived at Jiang Mian’s residence. The driver looked at the imposing gates of the community; this area seemed way too expensive for ordinary people. The driver stared at Jiang Mian again; she was not only young and beautiful but could also afford to live in such a luxurious neighborhood.
Jiang Mian caught the driver’s eyes when she paid him. Although she did not quite understand what he was thinking about, he gave her a weird feeling and her gaze slightly darkened. It wasn’t much and she did not take it to heart but the driver was embarrassed and quickly drove away.

With the help of the original Jiang Mian’s memories, she found her apartment and opened the door.
Seeing a cat, Jiang Mian jumped in fright. Although it had been a long time since she had been a carp spirit, she couldn’t help but be scared. Unfortunately, the fat cat thought she wanted to play with him and ran toward her.
Jiang Mian: “…”
Terrified, she had no choice but to pick up the cat by the back of the neck to put him in his basket.

She had not made two steps that her bedroom’s door suddenly opened and a girl came out. When she saw Jiang Mian, she was stunned and could barely hide the panic in her eyes. She quickly reacted and laughed.
“Mianmian, you’re back! But why are you carrying Xiao Mi like this, he must be uncomfortable.” (TL: I kept his name in chinese 小咪)
She ran over and grabbed the cat from Jiang Mian. She started to pet him and talked to him with a coaxing voice: “Don’t be afraid, your mom didn’t mean to carry you like this, she must be in a bad mood.”
These words might have sounded innocent to anyone else, but to Jiang Mian it clearly meant her temper would make her abuse cats. Jiang Mian looked at the person in front of her; she had a pure appearance, with long hair and fair skin and was wearing a yellow skirt and a lot of perfume. Both the skirt and the expensive fragrance belonged to the original Jiang Mian.
“Mianmian, why are you looking at me like that? It’s me, your best friend Feifei!”
As soon as Jiang Mian had seen her, she had been staring at her with a weird look. It somehow made her break in a cold sweat, what was wrong with this idiot today?
“Oh, Lin Feifei.”

Jiang Mian remembered there were a lot of scenes with Lin Feifei in the original novel. She was this kind of character that would follow the original Jiang Mian around and be indispensable to her doom.
When the original Jiang Mian had fallen in love with Gu Qiwen, she had not known he already had Guan Xi in his heart. It was Lin Feifei that had told her about her existence.
Lin Feifei and Jiang Mian were from the same high school. One day, on her way back from school, Jiang Mian had been harassed by a few delinquents and Lin Feifei had rushed to rescue her. Since then, they had been best friends.

If the original Jiang Mian was willful and arrogant, she was very generous to her friends. She would lend money to Lin Feifei and give her many designer items. Just like that, Lin Feifei had obtained tons of things from her over the years.
Even this apartment. Lin Feifei would keep complaining about the school’s dormitory and the original Jiang Mian would let her come and go as she pleased.
She usually slept in the guest bedroom but because Aunt Liu had told her Jiang Mian was traveling, she had moved in comfortably in the master’s. She would wear her clothes, use her skin care products and touch everything. But unexpectedly, Jiang Mian had come back earlier and caught her by surprise.
Jiang Mian looked at her with a cold smile.

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