IHFDATN – Chapter 2.1

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Chapter 2.1

Jiang Mian pushed Han Xu’s phone back with a complicated face.
“Dad, don’t worry. I walked through the gates of Hell this time, I have already figured it out clearly.” After calling her father ‘dad’ a few times, Jiang Mian was able to say it more easily.
She had an apologetic expression on her face as she continued: “I was obsessed with Gu Qiwen before, I was stupid. The pain isn’t worth it, and as far as his identity goes, he doesn’t even deserve to touch my shoes.”
Now that she had transmigrated into this supporting female character, she obviously couldn’t follow the original plot. Fortunately, she had reincarnated in time; nothing had really begun yet and her dads were still alive. As for the original leads, they could do whatever they wanted as long as they did not provoke her.

Han Xu was stunned. He knew how much his daughter liked Gu Qiwen, but the boy was so proud he dared to look down on her. It was the reason Han Xu really hated him. So when Jiang Mian had asked him to pressure Gu Qiwen to go out with her, Han Xu had immediately refused. He simply hadn’t expected his daughter would try to kill herself.

He had asked his bodyguards to bring Gu Qiwen over in order to surprise Jiang Mian when she woke up. But after leaving for only a few minutes, he had heard Gu Qiwen’s vicious comments towards Jiang Mian as soon as he returned and had exploded. He hadn’t scolded Jiang Mian since she was young and this poor boy from nowhere dared to insult his precious daughter. He wanted to kill him.
At first, he was a little worried that his daughter would be mad he had the bodyguards hit Gu Qiwen, but hearing Jiang Mian’s words and seeing her pale face, he couldn’t stop himself. If it wasn’t for this Gu boy, would his daughter suffer? He had to punish him somehow.
“I wronged my baby girl.” Han Xu said, “But if that’s what you think, Dad is happy. You must remember that you are my little princess and no one should be allowed to hurt you. If someone dares to bully you again, Dad will never let them go.”
Jiang Mian nodded obediently and Han Xu added: “You must be hungry, what do you want to eat? Dad can ask the chef to send it over.”

Now that he mentioned it, Jiang Mian was indeed very hungry. She frowned slightly. In her former world, once one’s cultivation reached the Foundation Establishment stage, there was no need for mortal food anymore. She had only been hungry as a carp spirit and when she thought about it, she had missed it. She was going to ask for two dishes the original Jiang Mian used to like when a voice interrupted.
A gush of wind rushed into the ward and Jiang Mian raised her head. A man with curly hair and yellow robes was standing in front of her, a beard hiding most of his face.
Jiang Mian’s eyes lit up as she felt the Qi in him. This person wasn’t a cultivator but he was most likely a Daoshi1. The Qi she could sense gave her a cold feeling, which somehow made her a little curious.
“What’s wrong with my baby girl, let me see!”
When the yellow figure saw the white gauze on Jiang Mian’s wrist, he held up her hand and gasped.
“How did this happen?”

This sentence helped Jiang Mian confirm the identity of the newcomer. His name was Zuo Xingping, a disciple of a genuine Heavenly Master and the second of the four fathers. But while his powers might have been real, his fate was simply too bad and he wasn’t able to make any money. Zuo Xingping was a very poor Taoist master which would sometimes set up a fortune telling stall in the street.
In the original Jiang Mian’s mind, she had always seen this father of hers as a fraud, a quack proficient in all kinds of tricks, and she had been ashamed of him. Every time she would see Zuo Xingping, she would speak coldly and would have a terrible attitude. But as mean as she was, it would still not prevent Zuo Xingping from loving her. He treated his daughter like the apple of his eyes and would always try his best to make her happy.

Before Jiang Mian could speak, Han Xu had already started shouting while trying to tear Zuo Xingping away from her.
“Charlatan, quickly let go of Mianmian, don’t touch her wound!”
Zuo Xingping put down Jiang Mian’s hand and yelled back at Han Xu. “What the hell is going on with Mianmian? Why didn’t you tell me something bad happened?”
Han Xu asked Jiang Mian if her wrist was hurting and said to Zuo Xingping without looking at him: “Why should I inform you?”
Zuo Xing calmly replied: “Mianmian is also my daughter, if I hadn’t foreseen the disaster, would you have even told me?”
Han Xu didn’t want the other to know; the baby girl belonged to him and to him only.
“If you can see it, why should I tell you?”
Zuo Xingping: “…”
Sometimes, Zuo Xingping really wanted to give Han Xu a piece of his mind.

While they were talking, Jiang Mian was trying to go through the plot of the book. In the novel, when Zuo Xingping had come to the hospital, the original Jiang Mian had already been in pain because of her torn wound. When she had seen her annoying father, she had gotten angry and had driven Zuo Xingping away. In a daze, Zuo Xingping had almost been in a car accident after leaving.

Zuo Xingping cautiously looked at the expressionless Jiang Mian. He had been so scared he had forgotten his daughter did not like when he touched her.
“Which bastard hurt you? Tell me, I will avenge you!”
Remembering the plot, Jiang Mian couldn’t help but sigh in her heart and quickly replied.
“I hurt myself.”
Zuo Xingping: “???”
Zuo Xingping was really surprised. His daughter seemed to have a completely different attitude than usual towards him. Han Xu frowned; he knew it well that Jiang Mian did not like Zuo Xingping. Every time she would see him, she would always be mean. And now… Han Xu felt a little sour.
“I’m fine now, dads, don’t worry.”

Jiang Mian pointed at Zuo Xingping’s beard. At first glance, it looked real but after staring at it for a while, it was obviously fake.
“It’s going to fall.”

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