IHFDATN – Chapter 1.2

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Chapter 1.2

When she woke up again, everything was white. Jiang Mian moved her hand and a cold voice said: “Stop pretending you’re asleep. You don’t have to waste your time, no matter how rich your family is, I will never accept you. I feel sick just looking at you. If you still have some dignity as a woman, stop pestering me in the future.” The voice continued, “I am not an object or a toy for you to play with.”
Jiang Mian: “???” 
“Acting like you don’t know me, is this a new trick?” The voice was full of hatred. “Unfortunately for you, your acting skills are simply too bad and disgusting.”

Jiang Mian finally saw the person who was speaking. Her second world had been full of beauties and he could have been one of them. But compared to her handsome tyrant father, he was pretty ordinary.
Except for Gu Qiwen, the male lead, no one would have dared to talk to her so viciously. In the original novel, Gu Qiwen’s mouth was venomous. 

And according to the plot, after his daughter had tried to kill herself, the tyrant father had his bodyguards bring Gu Qiwen from school. Then the male lead had ridiculed the original Jiang Mian and was heard by the tyrant father. Furious, he had his bodyguards beat Gu Qiwen, which resulted in the original Jiang Mian trying to stop it and tearing her wound in the process, leaving a scar in the end.
Jiang Mian blinked: “Do you know what happened to the last person who dared to talk to me like that?”
Gu Qiwen’s eyes were full of disgust. “What can you do outside of relying on your family and money?” 
Jiang Mian: “…”

It had been a long time since anyone had been that rude to her. In her last life, because of her high level of cultivation, everybody respected her. And while her temperament might have been mild, it did not feel right to not fight back when he was insulting her. As for the current status of the plot, the original Jiang Mian had not crossed the line yet. These words of Gu Qiwen sounded too vicious.

“Who are you to talk to my daughter like that?”
A chilling voice came from the door. Han Xu stood there, two tall and strong-looking bodyguards behind him, and he was looking at Gu Qiwen as if he was already dead.
Gu Qiwen smirked disdainfully and said coldly: “Am I wrong?” 

Han Xu was shocked and looked at Jiang Mian. Since her rebellious phase started, she had become more and more domineering and had only called her fathers by their full names. It had been a long time since Jiang Mian had called him ‘dad’ and Han Xu couldn’t wait to show off to the other three guys.
“It hurts so much.” Jiang Mian said with red eyes and a sad expression, her uninjured hand covering her heart. 
Jiang Mian had just transmigrated and in order to not be found out, she had to be cautious. It wasn’t that her acting was that good but it was way better than the original Jiang Mian who had been admitted to acting school.

Sure enough, seeing his baby’s eyes full of grievances, Han Xu’s brief joy of being called ‘dad’ disappeared. He gestured to his bodyguards and said:
“Just don’t disable him.”
They walked towards Gu Qiwen and started to hit him. Gu Qiwen had learned some boxing skills but compared to professional bodyguards, he could not do much.
“Dad, I’m afraid.” Jiang Mian shrank under the covers, shivering. 
“Mianmian doesn’t have to be afraid.” Han Xu patted Jiang Mian’s back through the covers, and ordered without looking back: “Carry him outside.” 

Immediately, the room became quieter and Gu Qiwen’s shouts could be heard from the corridor. Han Xu already had Jiang Mian transferred to his own private hospital, and no one was going to make any comments about the big boss’s bodyguards beating someone up in the hallway.
Han Xu asked Jiang Mian nervously: “Tell Dad what’s wrong.” 
Jiang Mian: “It already doesn’t hurt as much.” 
Han Xu hesitated and then added: “This Gu kid is not a good guy, Mianmian. If he already hurt you like this, he will hurt you even more in the future. Listen to your dad, if you really want to fall in love, Dad will find you a gentle and considerate man, okay?” 
“Look,” Han Xu took out his phone and clicked on some photos “These are male dancers from Heaven and Earth. Look, the one you like, dad will give him to you.” 
Jiang Mian: “…” 
Jiang Mian: “…” 
Jiang Mian: “…… ……” 
It was the first time she heard of a father that raised male pets for his daughter.

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