IHFDATN- Chapter 1.1

Kyoun15: this is Dorkzilla’s Translation. I decided to post it in my page because I receive some emails that they can’t access the site…

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Chapter 1.1

“Mianmian!” A voice rang in Jiang Mian’s ear. She wanted to open her eyes to see where the frightened voice came from, but her eyelids were too heavy and her dizziness didn’t let her gather her thoughts.
She felt someone pick her up and heard the same voice shout angrily above her head: “Get the helicopter over immediately!”
“Mr. Han, this is the city and the helicopter can’t get through.”
The voice roared: “Send Mianmian to the hospital as quickly as possible!”
“Mianmian, don’t sleep, Dad is here, open your eyes and see Dad.” Jiang Mian was still in a daze as Han Xu hugged her tightly.


At this moment, a sharp pain came from her wrist. The pain gradually cleared her chaotic thoughts. She slowly opened her eyes and faced a handsome face.
“Mianmian.” Han Xu was briefly overjoyed, cautiously holding Jiang Mian in the back seat, urging the driver.
“I want to be at the nearest hospital in five minutes.”
“Yes, sir.” The driver stepped on the accelerator and the car flew out.

“Mianmian, look at me, look at Dad.” Han Xu saw Jiang Mian’s empty gaze and the expression on his face became even more ugly. He was holding Jiang Mian’s left wrist with one hand, the white silk wrapped around it overflowing with a shocking red.
Jiang Mian followed his gaze to her left wrist, and blinked after a while. Han Xu covered Jiang Mian’s eyes with his other hand.
“Don’t look, we’ll be at the hospital soon, everything will be okay.”
He stayed silent a moment and he added: “I didn’t know you liked this Gu boy so much. Yes, as long as you get better, Dad will promise you anything.”

Jiang Mian stared at the man in front of her. He was about forty years old, maybe less. He had a wealthy appearance and was wearing a neat suit and a clean white shirt. A little bit of blood was ruining the look.

Suddenly, Jiang Mian received a large amount of information sent to her through time and space and couldn’t help closing her eyes. When she opened them again, the dull gaze replaced many thoughts, and she couldn’t help but be shocked.
Her broken soul had reincarnated into a novel!

Jiang Mian was a carp spirit in her first life. Her ultimate goal was to cultivate and take human form. But as she was about to succeed, the water tank she lived in broke and she died unable to breath.
After waking up, she found that she had crossed into another world, a world of cultivating immortals. She was so happy to be human and became a genius in her sect. Her new goal was to become an Immortal and worked hard to cultivate.
However, just as she finally reached the Celestial realm and was about to ascend to the Immortal realm, the shield that separated them from the Demon realm broke and powerful demons attacked. In order to protect the sect, she fought and as her spiritual power got completely drained, she died.
When she opened her eyes again, she was here.
Jiang Mian: “…”
She should be happy, it was a great thing to be able to be reborn one more time.

It took her a few seconds to sort out some of the large amount of information she got in her mind. She didn’t transmigrate as the heroine but a supporting female character. And to add to the shock, this supporting character did not have just one but four fathers, each one of them as remarkable as the other.
But because she had been spoiled rotten by her four fathers, the original Jiang Mian had developed a domineering and unruly personality and thought the world revolved around her.

She fell in love at first sight with the poor handsome male lead, but because the male lead already had his beloved female lead, Jiang Mian kept harassing the female lead and had her tyrant father force the male lead to marry her.
The original Jiang Mian was so hateful towards the leads, the author probably decided to get rid of the four fathers as fast as possible.
Without the protection of her fathers, the original Jiang Mian was finally disabled. She was thrown in a nursing home by the male lead and fled after being tortured. After seeing the leads happily married on TV, the original Jiang Mian died of hatred.
Jiang Mian: “…”
The male and female protagonists really were the author’s babies.

As for the pain on the wrist, according to the plot of the book, the original Jiang Mian had already fallen in love with the male lead, Gu Qiwen. She wanted to make Gu Qiwen her boyfriend, but was rejected. When she learned that he liked the heroine Guan Xin, she went to bully her and was seen by Gu Qiwen.
The original Jiang Mian then tried to force him to leave Guan Xin and called her tyrant father to help. She was planning on using Han Xu’s power, the head of Han group, to make Gu Qiwen bow to her.
Han Xu would have done anything for his daughter but as Gu Qiwen was just a poor young man, he refused. In anger, the original Jiang Man tried to threaten her tyrant father with cutting her wrist and accidentally did it.
Afterwards, her father had to compromise and used his power to force Gu Qiwen to get engaged to his daughter, which led to the tragic ending of the original Jiang Mian, the vicious supporting character, and the beginning of her fathers’s deaths, one after the other.
Jiang Mian: “…”
She wanted to scold the original Jiang Mian, but as she had already transmigrated into her, it would not have been worth it.

Seeing Jiang Miam stare straight at him, Han Xu’s eyes darkened and yelled at the driver: “Are we at the hospital yet?”
“We will be there soon!” The driver’s forehead was drenched with sweat.
“I’m okay.” Jiang Mian finally squeezed out a voice from her throat, seeing the man in front of her was full of worry and love for his daughter.

Jiang Mian had been a carp spirit and kept in a fish tank never able to transform in her first life. In her second life, she had been a genius cultivator and had been able to reach the Celestial realm after only fifty years of cultivation. But in front of Han Xu’s worries and anxiety, Jiang Mian could only apologize awkwardly.

Although the original Jiang Mian had been very selfish, the four fathers loved her. And now her soul had been replaced with hers.
That was…
“I’m sorry.”
Jiang Mian raised her uninjured hand and grabbed the corner of Han Xu’s suit with difficulty. She wanted to tell Han Xu that she hadn’t deliberately replaced his daughter, but this body was really too weak. Just after apologizing, her eyes went dark and she lost consciousness.


[ Toc ➡️]


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