ECM 83


Chapter 83

The trainees would soon have their third public performance.

With the heated discussion of “Teen Idol” all over the internet, the tickets for the public performance were getting harder and harder to get, whether it was a lottery draw or buying scalpers, fans of each family were fighting to the death for a ticket.

After seeing Cen Feng’s beautiful solo stage, who doesn’t want to see the beautiful scene personally?

This time, Cen Feng’s group’s performance was purely vocal which would test their singing and emotional expression. But even without the dancing while singing, the stage was still esthetic and solemn.

When Xu Zhaixing matched his clothes, she chose a creamy white sweater. His eyebrows and eyes were dyed with a very soft light-colored eye shadow, making a good overall combination.

Mom powder attribute gradually stabilized.

She could understand what kind of powder she was depending on what idols wear today.

Very good.

Cen Feng saw through the mirror the weirdly doting motherly glow in the little girl’s eyes and had a bad feeling: “What are you thinking?”

I’m trying to get your head held up high.

Xu Zhaixing kept this sentence in her head as she blinked innocently at the mirror.

“I was thinking, brother, do you want to try different hair colors next time you perform?”

Ash color for hair will be popular in the future, and you will definitely look handsome.

Before Cen Feng could answer, Zhou Mingyu said excitedly beside him.

“Yes, yes, yes, I want to dye mine green! It would look cool!”

Xu Zhaixing: “?”

Are you being sarcastic.

But thinking about it, there was no saying at this time ‘if you want to live a good life, you have to have a little green on your head[1] ‘ Zhou Mingyu probably wants to get dyed. Xu Zhaixing feels this foolishness was hopeless, but she also wants to see it. A few years later, this green-haired image was one of the black history that he wanted to destroy the most.

So with a wicked smile, she said, “Yeah, I’ll dye it for you next time.”

The innocent Zhou Mingyu was very happy.

But Cen Feng said in a light voice: “Green is not good.”

Zhou Mingyu now must listen to his words, as soon as he said so, he immediately changed: “Then forget it, not green, how about I change to a… rainbow color?”

Xu Zhaixing could not bear it anymore and kicked him: “Are you thinking of burying your family[2] ah!”

Their group was drawn fifth to perform. Before going to the performance Xu Zhaixing followed behind Cen Feng to put lipstick on him to look at his thin lips more lustrous giving the people desire to kiss him.

Xu Zhaixing did not dare to look more than a glance, and just like a thief, she ran away with a guilty conscience.

This time, the performance was opened by Cen Feng playing the piano. When he sat in front of the white piano as the lift slowly rose to the stage, the spotlight just fell on him as artificial snowflakes float around him.

He lowered his eyes and played the piano with long slender fingers, when he suddenly raised his head up and smiled at the camera, becoming a beauty that many people would never forget in their lives.

Xu Zhaixing looked up at the teenager on the stage and remembered that snowy night.

Coincidentally, that day, he was also wearing a white sweater and playing the piano and when was about to take the step of death, he pulled her back into the world with such a warm smile.

And now, he could finally continue to play the piano he loves.

Never again would he have to experience the pain of having his fingers trampled off.

Xu Zhaixing, you did great!

After the public performance was over in a while, she would reward herself with a big chicken leg! With this thinking, she rubbed her eyes, raised her lighted sign, and continued to devote herself to the enthusiastic support.

Immortals were worthy of being immortals, they were all enchanting whether they were dancing or just standing still as they sing. Cen Feng’s singing skills still amaze the audience, this made him the highest number of votes in the audience.

After the performance ended and the audience left, the trainees were ushered in the familiar cruel moment.

Among the fifty members, the bottom twenty would be eliminated. And the former one hundred trainees now only have thirty remaining trainees.

Cen Feng took the lead with fault-like votes, maintaining the C position, and the subsequent ranking remained basically unchanged. Ying Xuze was the second, Fu Xingyan was the third, Bian Qi was the fourth, Jing Xiangbai was the fifth, and the other two members of the Chenxing were the sixth and seventh. He Sinian was the eighth and Shi Ran was the ninth.

Zhou Mingyu dropped one place to 15th place.

His ranking was a bit dangerous for the next performance if another twenty trainees would be eliminated.

But he was very open with the risk, also he never thought he could create a miracle of entering the upper circle and debut. He was already very happy at this point.

In fact, the program team has received many offers from agencies to sign Zhou Mingyu. But they were all politely rejected by the program team for the sake of the competition.

For one thing, they don’t want it to affect the trainee’s mentality. Second, Zhou Mingyu was a raw talent, would Chenxing let other companies sign him? No, they would sign Zhou Mingyu for themselves.

When one of the executives voices this out, Xu Zhaixing: “?”

Am I going to be the boss of the person whose first love is me?

But in all fairness, Zhou Mingyu does have commercial value. He also has a good popularity, despite the fact that he doesn’t know how to dance or sing. If they put him into variety shows, he would likely become the next variety show star.

Zhou Mingyu this person’s thinking was outside the box, and this made Xu Zaixing worried that the company might be directly rejected if they talk to him directly. After thinking about it, she decided to talk to him personally.

But before that, she has a more important IDEA to discuss with Xu Yan.

Xu · subway old man looking at the phone ·Yan: “App dress-up mini-game?”

Xu Zhaixing was beaming.

“Yes! Brother, look, everyone now has a smartphone, and 24 hours a day excluding sleeping time they spend ten hours playing on their mobile phones. The future market for mobile games is limitless. Of course, we won’t enter the game industry just like that, we can enter the industry by first investing tens of millions at a time by starting a very simple game to try the water. I calculated that the cost can be controlled at about 500, 000.”

Xu Yan glanced at her: “Half a million you can do it yourself, any company you want.”

“Crap, it’s really good to have a cool shade and a big tree to lean on.”

 Xu Zhaixing then explained.

“This game is mainly to be promoted to fans, and it still needs the company’s marketing channels and publicity efforts. We will start to do it now, and we can just launch it when the nine members of the Teen Idol debut.”

Xu Yan frowned: “I don’t object to you wanting to make games, but mainly for fans, isn’t the customer base too small?”

Xu Zhaixing: “then you don’t understand how fierce the star-chasing girl krypton idols are.”

It was only 500,000 and Xu Yan was too lazy to talk to her.

“Okay, do it if you want to, remember to let the HR department recruit a few programmers who specialize in mobile games.”

Xu Zhaixing nodded repeatedly, before Xu Yan leaves, he remembered to ask: “By the way, what will you call your game?”

Xu Zhaixing said seriously: “Idol Style Around the World.”

Xu Yan: “…”

He always feels like something was wrong.

Xu Zhaixing did what he said, and after sending a notice to the HR department, the recruitment started. In a company with the level of Chenxing, some bigwigs submitted their resumes, and the employees were recruited quickly. Xu Zhaixing immediately set up a ‘game department’ and explained her game concept and planning to everyone in detail.

In addition to herself, she also recruited two artists, one responsible for the scene and the other one for the character design while Xu Zhaixing was responsible for the costume design.

After a few meetings to determine the final policy, the entire department was put into a busy schedule.

While Xu Zaixing was busy with dress-up mini-games for her idol, the seventh episode of “Teen Idol” went online on time. After the broadcast of this episode ended, there were only fifty people left.

From the first episode that was broadcasted to the present, they were only half of the trainees remaining and the show was almost halfway done. The show started in spring, and it was now summer, this was the time the show grew in popularity.

Soon, not only star-chasing groups but also many middle-aged and elderly even social animals who do not chase stars learned that in the summer of this year, there was a large-scale trainee talent show called “Teen Idol” that was very popular on the internet.

The boys who participated in the competition became more and more popular for their handsome, versatility in singing and dancing, all in all, natural idols.

The third episode of the fourth season of “Come to My Home as a Guest” was broadcast on the provincial TV station on Friday night at 10:00 pm in prime time.

Most of the three guests do not know each other. In this episode, there were all young and handsome, appearing with three pairs of enviable long legs.

For the first time, the word ‘trainee’ has entered the attention of national audiences on a large scale.

For most of the viewers of “The Guest”, it doesn’t matter if they don’t know each other, as long as they were handsome, and the interactive content was funny. In this episode, the relationship between the three unfamiliar big boys and the naughty child was very interesting to watch.

Especially when everyone as well as the crew of the show was waiting to see them being tortured by the child. Unexpectedly, the big boy named Cen Feng repaired the child’s transformer and forcibly interrupted the show crew’s trick.

Amateurs who were watching may think that it was a rare thing to see someone fix a robot but to an expert, he has a knack for this kind of thing

And later Wen Xing took three boys out to buy food, halfway car but broke down in the middle of the road. The part where Cen Feng checks the engine made the audience feel that this young man was really amazing, he could do everything, and moreover, he was handsome.

They heard he got first place in a competition, he was still young, and his future looks promising, surely his future would be terrifying.

The three names that were unfamiliar to people when the show first aired were now familiar by the end of the show.

In addition to TV ratings, the number of online viewers was also not low. Most of the people who would watch variety shows online were aware of the current hot search. Compared with their parents, aunts, and uncles, they were no strangers to the name Cen Feng.

After all, it’s been on the hot search so many times.

People who have watched “Teen Idol” would not have any malice against Cen Feng. They were all passers-by in a pink state, so naturally, they were very happy to see him in “The Guest”.

Those who haven’t watched “Teen Idol” may feel a little animosity toward him but this soon changed to being impressed when he repairs the transformer and the car.

Everyone thinks that he has a good character, quiet and not talkative, a little indifferent but very patient with children, and very polite to elders. Compared with those rookie stars who love to steal the limelight, his image was many times better.

After the program was broadcast, the topic for “The Guest” was selected, and passers-by had a high degree of discussion. The performance of the three trainees especially Cen Feng was praised.

Things were going well, according to a normal routine, this time the fans should rejoice and start to take advantage of the opportunity to make a profit.

But the atmosphere of Cen Feng’s forum was very low at this time.

It all started when he said in the program, “Maybe I’ll find a place where no one is, and open a mechanical repair store”.

At first, the kites were excited to see him fixing Transformers and cars, they all said that they had not only have singing and dancing male god, but also a mechanical giant.

But just like Jing Xiangbai’s question, why would an idol who has obviously been practicing for seven years at Zhongtian in preparation for debut, go and learn this?

Until the young man looked at the night sky in the distance, as if whispering that sentence.

The kites, who have always been concerned about his psychological and mental state could tell from their idol’s tone that he was not just talking.

He really had that intention.

He really wants to find a place where there was no one and open a machine repair shop, so he could learn machinery and understand everything.

Realizing this, the kites nearly collapsed and the whole forum started crying:

[No wonder he said he didn’t like the stage anymore (crying emoji), it turned out he wants to be a mechanic (crying emoji)]

[The way the baby looked at them when Ms. Wen was teasing Xiao Ke broke my heart]

[please don’t retreat from the circle, I finally found such a fairy idol (collapse)]

[sobbing sobbing sobbing: after I became a fan, I can’t look at other little brothers anymore. If he leaves, I will be a widow all my life]

[isn’t it good here? Why don’t you like it here? Why do you want to leave (crying emoji)]

[I feel that he must have experienced a lot of damage, oooh my heart hurts]

[I just became a wife powder, but now I’m turning back to the mother powder wowowo]

[switching back and forth between wife powder and mother powder, I’m tired]

[I compromise! I accept that my brother is not open for business as long as he is still here!]

[I used to just worry about him not being in business, I now have to worry about him dropping out of the circle, I’m too petty and low (tired smile emoji)]


if you want to live a good life, you have to have a little green on your head[1]– an internet slang which means that if you want to live a smoother life, you have to turn a blind eye, learn to tolerate and compromise and don’t care too much.

burying your family[2]- refers to people with exaggerated hairstyles, dressed in hideous and maverick who is against the trend of washing, cutting, and blowing


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