ECM 82


Chapter 82

As a child, he never understood why his father didn’t like him no matter what he does.

He tries to be very obedient, doesn’t make noise, doesn’t cry, eats very little, doesn’t want snacks and toys, not even ask his father to carry him. He could take care of himself and grow up well.

He just doesn’t want his father to hate him.

He just wants to get a response whenever he called out to him “daddy”.

But no.

He was always greeted with punches, kicks, beatings, and verbal abuse. He called him a bastard born from a slutty bitch, a money-losing calamity star, and even tried to kill him when he was born.

Over the years, Cen Feng grew up and knew his origin from his father’s drunken rambling curses and neighbors in the neighborhood talking about him behind his back.

He was the child of an idle gangster and a hairdresser from outside the city, the mother whom he had never seen before, after conceiving him, was said to have wanted to marry his father and settle down properly.

The father, who had no job and was waiting to die, for the first time had the idea of living a good life and borrowed a large sum of money to get married, but his mother left him in the hospital the day he was born and fled back to her town at night.

Before leaving, she took the money that she was going to use for the wedding, there was not even a single penny left.

The man who played poker all night and didn’t even know his child was born came home with nothing.

All that was left behind was a baby who was crying.

At that time, he really planned to strangle the child. He couldn’t even support himself, and the money he borrowed was swept away by the woman. And the child in front of him was a burden he hated.

However, when he was about to do it, the nurse was able to stop him on time.

The nurse called the police and took the man to the police station to give a strict warning and education that if the child died, he was guilty of intentional homicide. Neighbors in his area as well as the neighborhood committee and the police supervised him not to discard and hurt the baby. So, he had to live with the money-grabbing child.

When Cen Feng started to think of his own, he always thought on that day, in the dark corridor why couldn’t his father move faster, or hide well and strangle him to death before the nurse could stop and call the police?

Why should he survive?

How nice it would have been to die at that time.

He has not yet opened his eyes to see the world, even if he dies, he wouldn’t have any memory of it nor feel any sadness.

He always felt that all his life, he came to this world to suffer.

At first, he was naively looking forward to his father’s love, but then he just hoped he wouldn’t be beaten because it really hurt too much. And then he thought, “I’ll be fine if I live.”

But in the end, he couldn’t even live.

No one knew that he had yearned for light.

It all ended that summer and left with a smile on his face.

Before closing his eyes, he wished to god that if there was an afterlife he would like to turn into a stone, or a wind, as long as he was not a human being, anything was good.

But when he opened his eyes again, he was still him, the same person he was ten years ago.

It’s ridiculous to the point of laughter.

He always felt that god was playing with him. He hid all the kindness and the bright side and silently resisted heaven’s play with cold thorns.

Even if he encountered a warm light, he would not believe that it would truly belong to him. The feeling of hope was dashed, again and again, so he does not want to experience it again.

But there was this light that has always been bright that whenever he turned back to look he could see that light.

He didn’t even know when a crack was knocked open in his hard, cold heart.

He used to read a saying that everything in this world has the ability to respond to a light source and once that light glows, other light would light afterward.

A little girl lit up the light in his heart, and so the other warm lights of the world shone in.

The car drove quietly through the streets at night.

Cen Feng looked at the red-eyed Ying Xuze and the sad face of Jing Xiangbai, he smiled as he lightly punched the shoulders of the two.

“It’s all in the past, I don’t care.”

Neither boy knows how to comfort.

Jing Xiangbai returned with a whack on his shoulder: ” Bro, jiayou.”

Ying Xuze choked and said.

“Brother Feng, I have nothing to give you, if you don’t mind, I’ll be your father in the future ……”

Without waiting to finish his sentence, he was beaten by Cen Feng.

The depressing atmosphere in the car was swept away, and there was a commotion again. Ying Xuze screamed for mercy.

“Brother Feng, I’m wrong, I’m really wrong! You’re my father, you’re my father!”

He doesn’t know how to comfort people, but seeing Cen Feng laughing and beating him, he felt less uncomfortable.

It was almost twelve o’clock before the car brought them back to the recording camp, and after saying goodbye to the crew who were shooting together today, the three of them headed to their dormitory.

When they passed by the training building, they saw that the lights were still on in several classrooms.

Ying Xuze said, “Zhou Mingyu that rookie must still be training upstairs, do you want to go see?”

So, the three of them U-turned to the training building. When they arrived at the practice room, they saw not only Zhou Mingyu but also most of the trainees. Everyone was laughing and sitting on the ground to rest. They were very excited to see the three of them coming back.

“Brother Feng, have you finished recording the program? Come on, say it quickly! Whose house did you go to?!”

“We all guess it’s teacher Jinjin! Isn’t it?”

“Wow, you guys smell like barbecue!!!”

“Crap, do you have a dog’s nose?”



After three days of training, the remaining fifty trainees once again ushered in the recording. This time there was no solo stage, the fifty people were still divided into ten groups, each group consisting of five people, or two PK.

The number of people in the group has plummeted, so each person’s part of the performance has increased accordingly, increasing the chances of being seen by the audience. In this public performance, the top three trainees with the highest number of votes would receive an exclusive personal single that would be jointly produced by the program team and the mentors.

This was equivalent to having personal work before debuting. And who was going to produce this show? It’s no other than Chenxing. And what about the mentors? They were no other than multi-talented singers and composers, Ning Sile the top singer and dancer, Yao Sheng the iron-lung singer and Chu Xinyang the top rapper.

These people wrote customized songs for the top three trainees together, and finally, Chen Xing promoted and distributed them. With just these facts, they know how powerful they were.

The rules this time were that the top ten ranked trainees would have their own group, and the remaining trainees would choose which of those top ten they wanted to join. If the number of the group exceeds five, the leader would then choose his members.

Ying Xuze immediately wailed.

“Ah, ah, why! Why, can’t I be in a group with the person I admired as someone who ranked second!!! What’s the use of getting second place?!”

Fu Xingyan cast a disgusting glance at him.

“Don’t give it to me.”

This time, except for Zhou Mingyu, all the occupants of dorm room 302 were in the top ten and this made Zhou Mingyu very excited. With Ying Xuze, he has four choices at once!

It’s okay to pick anyone!

But when it was his turn, except for Cen Feng, the other three shouted.

“Zhou Mingyu do not come over! Don’t look for me, go to them!”

Zhou Mingyu: “?”

Now I’m pissed, I won’t join your team either, you fools!

Zhou Mingyu ran behind Cen Feng angrily, holding the corner of Cen Feng’s clothes and making faces at the other three.

But he’s not the only one who wants to be in the same group as the god.

Especially the trainees at the end of this ranking, in fact, they all know that this public performance may be their last stage in “Teen Idol”.

This was their last chance to touch the light of a god and compete on a super explosive stage with a god! So that they won’t have any regrets on this trip.

With this thought, more than a dozen of trainees line up with Cen Feng.

Shi Ran and He Sinian who ranked ninth and tenth, they already have trainees standing behind them, but the trainees rank second to sixth their backs were still empty.

Cen Feng was different from other gods, being on the same stage as Cen Feng feels like they don’t need to worry about things such as votes.

But this was a different case with the other rank trainees, whose popularity were high. If they perform on the same stage with them, they knew and was very well aware that their votes would be affected.

Because many trainees wanted to join his team, Cen Feng has to select his members. And Zhou Mingyu was afraid that he would not want him to be in his team so he quickly said.

“Brother Feng, if you don’t choose me, you have to learn my group of dances again and teach me again at that time. What a waste of time!”

Cen Feng: “….”

In the end, together with Zhou Mingyu, three more people were chosen and formed a team.

Next was rehearsal.

Just as the trainees were training for their third public performance, the sixth episode of “Teen Idol” went online on time. This episode this time was the solo stage. The kites have long heard from their little sisters who went to the scene how amazing the solo stage was this time, and before this episode went online, the hashtag #CenFeng stunning solo stage was on the list.

As the show aired, the phrase made it to the top along with the hot search. After the episode went online, ten direct shots of the solo stage were also released. The official blog of “Teen Idol” also released a special video of Cen Feng’s direct shot, which was quickly popularized by kites.

In less than half an hour of the sixth episode, #CenFeng stunning solo stage# topped the first hot search.

The teenager stunned the whole network.

Even professional music critics, who have never been kind to idols’ music, have expressed their opinions on “TheFight”, saying that the song was bound to break the prejudice of musicians towards idols and become a milestone music work.

Overnight, the total number of votes for Cen Feng showed a break seemingly leading, more than twice as much as the second-ranked Ying Xuze.

His light was finally seen by the world.

And when all the netizens’ passers-by were talking about the amazing strength displayed by Cen Feng, the kites who were previously most worried about the strength of their idol didn’t know that he turned out to be a Buddha.

Hehe, looking at these mortals, they were incomparable to their god!

On the contrary, wasn’t the costume style of their idol’s solo stage more worthy of careful consideration?

Look at this nearly transparent white shirt, the half-exposed corner, look at the neckline with two buttons undone, look at this expensive and cold tassel coat, and look at these black pants wrapped with long legs.

Look at this eye makeup again! This lip color! This handsome hairstyle that shows his forehead!

What kind of fairy was this stylist? How could he show their idol’s beauty so incisively and vividly?!

What should be revealed, what should be received, and what should be vaguely visible would never be exposed. It was both sexy and abstinent at the same time. Heavens, did the stylist go into the fans’ heads and peek at their thoughts?

Who was the stylist of the solo stage!!! Come out and be praised!!!

Xu Zhaixing, who followed the stream calmly forwarded: come out to be praised!

More importantly, what she needs to do now was to collect more artistic ideas from kites on their Super talk.

Overalls with big, black-rimmed glasses, and two dull hair curled up? Aw, this is just so cute!

Just thinking about it, made Xu Zhaixing overflow with maternal love! She needs to try it!

Black suit with bow tie, a meticulously dressed. This one is also available!

Hooded sweatshirt sweatpants, sneakers laces messily tied, looking a campus god ahhhhhh…this is what first love looks like!

Long silk pajamas, the belt is half untied, and the chest opens with V, looking lazy and sexy. Ah how you guys think more like designers than me! I need to hold my head, hold my head, I’ll have a nosebleed again!

Hey hey hey let’s look at the next one …… eh?

Not wearing anything?

This is not allowed!!! Cross it out!



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