ECM 84


Chapter 84

After the airing of “The Guest”, Chaohua Community[1] was very depressed for a while.

For an idol who may quit the circle at any time, fans have no choice but to be anxious. Some fans even posted in and asked:

[So is it still meaningful for us to vote now?]

But soon a big fan responded:

[what kind of confusing speech is this? From indifferently dwindling at the beginning to the present, he has gone all out to let us see the immortal’s stage. Isn’t this his response to us?]

[it has nothing to do with whether we work hard to vote, okay? If you don’t want to vote, just say so. There’s no need to shake the morale of the army.]

[he wants to leave because he doesn’t feel loved here, so try to love him and make him reluctant to leave us (come on emoji)]

[to be honest, I’ve been in the fan circle for so many years and climbed so many walls. I never thought that I would end up being abused here and become a diehard fan. I have to pay them back when I come out, Cen Feng is really miserable.]

[Cen Feng is really miserable. He has been abused continuously since he entered the pit, but the more he is abused, the more willing he is. I love him all my life]

A virtue of a fan in an idol fan circle was the weakest, it was easy for them to climb the wall and get rid of the idol to exchange for another idol, but in Cen Feng’s case, this problem seems to be easily solved.

This large group of diehards has been abused, and when their virtue got firmer, the fan circle gradually strengthened their resolve, to the point that there was no fan in the capital who could match the loyalty of these diehards’ loyalty like the kites.

The kites have no way of guessing what their idol have been through. In fact, there have been several interviews with the trainees in the “Teen Idol” footage in their ‘Dorm Life’, where others casually talked about their past, except for Cen Feng, who always kept his mouth shut.

There was a previous episode where the trainees called their parents and relatives, but that part didn’t have Cen Feng’s footage. Fans know very little about his past.

But they were willing to love his future.

They would walk with every step of the way in the future.

The love of the fans was always so passionate, selfless, and warm. It heals the idol while also healing themselves at the same time.

But in fact, in this day and age where media was rapidly growing in the development of network information, anyone could dig out any information if one really wanted to, unless that someone has lived in the mountains and forest for the past few decades.

As long as they have lived in this world, there would always be what they call evidence.

Just as the fans were actively voting and the trainees were working hard for training, a marketing account of a million fans on Weibo suddenly broke out a revelation about Cen Feng.

[junior student Cen Feng’s personality collapsed? Junior high school students revealed that he was ignorant and incompetent at school. He also entered the police station for stealing. In his first year of high school, he was ordered by the school to drop out of school for fighting and became a trainee. Does such a person really deserve to be called a young idol?]

The Weibo screenshots were the conversation between the anonymous whistleblower and the marketing account:

——Are you there? Do you have the materials for Cen Feng, the trainee?


——He and I were classmates in junior high school. He had poor academic performance and often mingled with bad teenagers. He smoked, fought, and stole things. At that time, the police directly came to the class to arrest him, and our classmates saw it. He was a very bad person, bullying the weak and fearing the strong, that’s why there were dozens of people in our class who did not like him. Later, when he was a freshman in high school, he was expelled to quit school because of fighting. I heard that he went to city B, as I never saw him again. Recently, I saw a variety show and learned that he is now a star. Funny, this kind of person also deserves to be a star? That’s disgusting.

There were two accompanying pictures on the post.

The first was a graduation photo of junior high school classmates, except for Cen Feng the other have been mosaic, the photo was not clear, but they could still see the teenager wearing a school uniform with a cold face standing in the last row of the most side.

The second one was an old newspaper photo with a yellowed surface. It reports that Cen Feng from a middle school was directly taken away from the school by the police for suspected theft.

Once the news broke, the comments below the marketing number instantly exploded:

[Will I witness the large-scale powder removal scene soon?]

[when someone goes high, he is cold and tired of the world. Finally, he dies]

[Right, how can such trash be called teen idols!]

[Crap? I don’t believe it. I watched “The Fight” a minute ago and the next minute I swipe into this?]

[we don’t know what the truth of the matter. Please be merciful and take Cen Feng away]

[just one anonymous piece of information and a mosaic photo and you want to believe this black material? Then I’ll also tell you that I was his classmate in junior high school, he was excellent in both character and study. This black material is just too funny.]

[open your mouth and come to nmsl, oh, a certain company’s voting is not good, but good at spreading rumors instead.]

[The brain-dead fans are coming to an empty bottle[2], withdraw quickly]

[can you eat melon on your own? Who is making rumors about the connotation of a certain family, don’t implicate the whole Teen Idol if the cooking is not clean at home]

[graduation photos and newspapers are all out, but fans are still blind?]

The comments were torn to shreds, and the phrase #Cen Feng’s persona collapsed, delinquent boy #quietly made its way into the hot search.

His popularity was too high, and his momentum was already so fierce before his debut. It was conceivable what kind of bloody storm it would be after his debut so many people in the circle have long regarded him as a thorn in their side. Before they had never been able to catch any black spot about him but now when this news broke, they all pushed him secretly, wanting to hammer him to death with a stick.

Xu Zhaixing has always asked Chenxing’s public relations department to look out for any news about Cen Feng and once there was black material, it should be immediately suppressed. As soon as the news came out, the person in charge of the public relations department immediately called Xu Zhaixing.

She stayed up until the early hours of last night designing “Idol Fengfeng” clothing, and was still sleeping when she received the call, and instantly lost her sleep.

After hanging up the phone, she immediately opened Weibo to look at it. Hot search has climbed to forty-three, and the front page of the trumpet has exploded. No matter if the news was true or false, such news was a fatal blow to Cen Feng’s image.

The situation in Chaohua was not optimistic. Although the fans do not admit the news, the graduation photo and the newspaper could not be fake, this made the kites panicked and flustered. They could only control and comment while frantically sending messages to the official support Committee, asking them to contact the idol team to ask whether the revelations were true or false and to dispel the rumors in time.

Cen Feng’s official support club was facilitated by Xu Zhaixing, as well as the company team that connected with the planning department of Chenxing’s “Teen Idol”. The planning department called Xu Zhaixing after receiving the news, which meant that the program team wanted to call Cen Feng and ask him to disclose whether the rumors were true or false information, and then discuss how to conduct public relations according to the true and false information.

He was rejected by Xu Zhaixing.

“Don’t let him know, let the support club feel at ease and tell them to refute the rumors. All the revelations are slanders.”

She didn’t believe a word in the screenshot.

She knew better than anyone else what kind of person he was.

Looking at the graduation photos and old newspapers, the person who broke the news should indeed be Cen Feng’s classmate, there was no doubt about that but why would he slander him? As for the theft or what was the reason for the expulsion, these need to be investigated.

Xu Zhaixing thought she would be furious.

But she was surprisingly calm, after quitting Weibo she called the head of the public relations department first, explaining and told him to let a marketing account with a higher weight in his hand to contact the marketing account who just broke the news, no matter if it was coercion or bribery, to get the information of the whistleblower.

Xu Zhaixing knew from her last life which school Cen Feng was in.

She called You Tao and told her to put down everything in her hands now and with the staff of the Information Department to search the internet about Cen Feng’s classmates who attended the schools he was in.

The Internet was so developed that there were often schools with personal data of the graduate students, and clues could be found in the campus network post bar and other forums. She doesn’t believe any of the black material. Except for the person who broke out the news, she could find any other classmates.

Finally, she called Wei Ran, a reporter of the mainstream media who had a good relationship with Chenxing: “sister Xiao ran, I need to ask you to go and interview some teachers.”



After all this, Xu Zhaixing drove to the company.

The PR department has promptly brought the heat down, that hot search has disappeared from the list, and the marketing numbers in the hands of the company did not repost that blast but began to put other material to divert the heat.

It’s just that the posts of several news forums were emerging one after another, and they couldn’t be deleted cleanly. It seems that they were fishing for black fans in troubled waters.

Cen Feng’s official support group Weibo tossed out the following post.

——@CEN Feng’s national support association: believe in him, believe in yourself, and all malicious attempts to slander him will disappear under the truth.

The initial trepidation was finally calmed down a bit by Cen Feng’s strong PR.

Although fans were a little surprised to see the disappearance of the hot search, they were all guessing whether the “Teen Idol” program team spent money to avoid affecting the broadcast of the program, but it was always good to reduce the popularity of the program.

The kites have just experienced a wave of abusive powder as well as unification. It was this time that diehard fans show their loyalty, so after the support committee made a sound, they were immediately united.

However, some fans were still waiting for the so-called truth to be revealed. Before the rumor was completely refuted, their hearts were still wavering.

Not long after Xu Zhaixing arrived at the company, the PR department got the information of the person who broke the news from the marketing number.

He was using Weibo to send direct private messages, while the marketing account has a Weibo ID called playing with things and losing their minds”. Through his Weibo home page, they could see that he was about to graduate in his senior year and had just been guaranteed by a school.

The PR department found several accounts that looked like high school classmates from his Weibo mutual friends list. Xu Zhaixing asked the PR department to use the marketing number to contact these accounts and tell her as soon as they received a reply.

More than four hours have passed since the news broke.

Although it has not been on the hot search and the popularity has been controlled, it was still well known in the star chasing circle. If they don’t find out the truth and completely refute the rumor, it would become a black spot for Cen Feng forever.

When Xu Zhaixing came out of the office, she felt a little stuffy.

In fact, Xu Zhaixing was not surprised by this kind of unwarranted black material. Cen Feng who once helped his teammates take the blame was much blacker than this. At that time, apart from fans, there was not even a team to help him talk and do things.

It’s much better now. She could always find out the truth.

With this in mind, she fished out her phone and called Bei Feifei.

Bei Feifei has been transferred to the imperial study by her since she entered Chenxing as an intern, and this time she also followed the project Teen Idol, which was more than the time she spent in the recording camp.

When the call was answered, she asked Bei Feifei, “What are the trainees doing?”

Bai Feifei said, “what else can they do but practice.”

“They weren’t playing with their phones and watching the news or anything, were they?”

“Where can they get those? The electronic equipment was confiscated the day they first arrived, what’s wrong?”

“Not much.” Xu Zhaixing leaned against the wall of the corridor and said with a cheerful smile.

“Feifei, you inform the program team to give the trainees extra meals in the afternoon, I will order milk tea and cupcakes to be sent there.”

Bai Feifei smiled and said, “the director told them to control their diet and lose weight and yet here you are, adding this high-calorie meal.”

Xu Zhaixing also smiled, “Just this once, let them have some sweet treats and be happy.”

After hanging up the phone, Xu Zhaixing called and ordered thirty high-class desserts to be delivered to the recording camp. The trainees were training when suddenly there was afternoon tea delivered, milk tea, and dessert, seeing all of these made them all overjoyed, they were so happy that they thanked the program team one after another and gathered around to eat happily.

Cen Feng also got his share.

Took a sip of iced milk tea and found it to be caramel pudding with red bean flavor.

It was especially sweet.

Xu Zhaixing stayed quietly in the corridor for a while, and not long afterward, an employee came out and called out to her.

“Miss, there’s a reply!”

She hurried over.

There were several replies to their accounts, some of them doesn’t want to cause trouble, their attitude was cold, and doesn’t want to say anything, some were still more human, telling them that most of the revelation about this morning was fabricated lies.

Although Cen Feng was relatively withdrawn back then, he never mixed with delinquents, and his academic performance was very good. As for the theft, they didn’t know the real story, but Cen Feng was released the next day after being caught, which should be a misunderstanding.

Xu Zhaixing asked the public relations department to organize the evidence first, and then discuss together how to release it more appropriately when there was progress from You Tao’s side.

This head was still carefully collecting evidence, preparing to crush the rumors in one fell swoop and completely refute it, and didn’t expect that plan to keep up with the changes. Just after dinner, the marketing account that broke the news of Cen Feng’s black material this morning posted in the Weibo again:

The Cen Feng incident reversed? This afternoon, we received another anonymous tip about Cen Breeze, and this morning the content of the tip was completely opposite. Uncle also does not know whether it is true or not, issued to everyone to judge for themselves.

The first one continues to be a screenshot of the conversation.

[Cen Feng incident reversed? In the afternoon, I received another anonymous revelation about Cen Feng, which was completely opposite to the revelation this morning. Uncle does not if it’s true or not. Let everyone judge for themselves.]

The first was still a screenshot of the conversation:

——Can you tell the truth here?


——Who said the news about Cen Feng that you broke this morning? I’m also Cen Feng’s classmate. We were in the same class in junior high school. He’s rather solitary and doesn’t interact with other people, but he never mixes with delinquents, okay? Moreover, his grades are very good. Every time he takes the exam, he is in the top ten of the grade, after all, how can he get into Yanbei high school with poor grades?

——What about the theft?

——I was not in the same school as him in high school, and I only heard about this. It is said that his adoptive parents lost their gold and silver jewelry when they were on a business trip. The son of his adoptive parents told the police that he stole it, and the police went to the school to catch the person. But the next day when his adoptive parents came back, they went to the police station to pick him up. It must have been a misunderstanding. The son of his adoptive parents, XX is a junior high school student. XX has always hated Cen Feng. From the beginning of junior high school, he was bullied by the boys in the class. I saw them put Cen Feng in the urinal of the men’s toilet and urinated on him. It was really disgusting.

——Foster parents?

——Yes, Cen Feng is an orphan and was adopted by the XX family. Your news this morning was actually sent to you by XX, right? I just can’t stand that fool. Cen Feng was not cruel enough to bully people in those days. Now that he sees Cen Feng was getting popular, he reverses black and white and fabricates facts. A few days ago, I saw him in the junior high school group asking who had the news newspaper that Cen Feng stole. Isn’t it the one that sent you?

The second photo was still a junior high school graduation photo, but it could be clearly seen that it was different from the one in the morning, and it was updated after being glued.

The third one was not very clear, but when you zoom in, you could still see that it was Cen Feng, a young man with his school bag. He was curled up in the urinal, and the feet of four or five boys around him are stepping on him.

The anonymous informant on the screenshot said that this picture was taken with the digital camera issued by the school newspaper office when he was a young reporter at the school newspaper club.

Kites have been monitoring this marketing number, fearing that it could explode black material and could control and comment in time. After seeing that he sent another microblog related to their idol, they all rushed to fight fiercely, but as soon as they saw the content and looked at the photo of the boy in the men’s toilet, the whole forum exploded directly.

Xu Zhaixing sat in front of the computer and looked at the magnified photo. Looking at the little boy’s struggling face with pursed lips, her mind exploded and was ready for slaughter.

She had known that his childhood was unhappy.

But she didn’t think there was such darkness.

She could not wait to rush into the photo and cut off all the feet that had stepped on him. After the anger, her heart was broken.

Those years…

How did he live in those years?

If this was the news she received, she would definitely not publish it so carelessly as she hated this fact, this was suffocating but that photo spread so fast that it was uncontrollable.

Sensing her mood swings, the deputy head of the PR department hesitantly called out, “Miss?”

Xu Zhaixing did not look up and just said with a little trembling voice.

“Do not wait for You Tao, let the marketing number in our hands to send out the collated evidence.”

The deputy team leader hurriedly responded.

Soon, the truth of the matter was spread through various channels.

This time, Chenxing didn’t press the heat again. The truth, together with the slander this morning, went on a hot search. With the spread of the heat, many insiders revealed one by one:

——His grades were very good. He was admitted to Yanbei high school which was the third best in the city

——At that time, all the boys in the class who were good with XX bullied him. Whoever spoke to Cen Feng, XX will threaten them, so I didn’t dare speak to Cen Feng.

——XX said that Cen Feng was the son of a murderer, so he hated him. However, everyone didn’t believe him. He probably made it up.

——When he was in junior high school, I XX heard say that Cen Feng was brought back from the orphanage by his parents. It seems that he went to his home when he was eight or nine years old. XX felt that Cen Feng had separated his parents’ love for him, so he always rejected Cen Feng and wanted to drive him out. He always secretly targeted Cen Feng behind his parent’s backs. It was also very miserable.

——Cen Feng deliberately went to fight with those delinquents. After being caught by the school, he still refused to admit his mistake. His attitude was very bad, so he was ordered to leave school. After he left school, he immediately went to city B. It seems that he wanted to find a reason to stay away from XX.

——I have been secretly in love with Cen Feng for three years, but I was cowardly. I watched him being subjected to campus violence and dare not do anything. Now I think I hate myself and don’t deserve to like him. Now that he is getting better and better, I am very happy for him and will try to vote for him. XX, I know that you sent those fake news. If you dare to slander Cen Feng again, I will expose your information and let all netizens see your true face!



The kites prayed for the truth but didn’t think the truth would hurt them so much.

How did he get through the past that just made people shudder?

How could he be so gentle and kind after so many injuries?

Brother, we understand.

We all understand.

Understand the indifference in your eyes, understand your rejection at the beginning, and understand your helplessness and fear when surrounded by love.

But don’t be afraid, brother. It doesn’t matter if you have no family. We’ll be your family. From now on, we would fight for you with guns and knives. We serve as armor and shield to shield you from all malice.

We don’t want you to be a big star. We just want you to be safe and healthy in the future and do everything you want.

If there were kites who were not sure about their loyalty and love to Cen Feng before this definitely changed and gave all their love without reservation.

In addition to doubling their love for him, they couldn’t think of any other way to make up for the damage that has happened.

#PleaseThisWorldLoveCenFeng# has occupied the hot search for two whole days, and the whole network was distressed.

A long time later, when the support club counted the composition of fans and wanted to count whether the kites were dance fans, music fans, beauty fans, or other fans, the “distressed fans” occupied half of the fan circle with the momentum of not recognizing one’s family[3].

Cen Feng who was in the recording camp was not informed about all that happened online.

He doesn’t need to know.

The orange light has long erected a protective shield of swords and spears for him.


Chaohua Community[1]- is an online function created to gather super topics and community functions. It is the same with Twitter in China, fans can use it to support and organize fans activities for their idol

empty bottle[2]- accusation. For example fans make remarks in the comment are of an idol in a Weibo, the general content is either accuse of praise the idol and then let other fans like their comment like crazy and try their best to get their comment hot and be seen by more people

not recognizing one’s family[3]- self-centered, and not making allowances for the needs of one’s relatives


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