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Chapter 32

The man with the microphone jumped down from the stage. He smiled and said.

“Ms. 399, isn’t your request the same as saying to Alladin’s magic lamp, my first wish I to have three more wishes?”

As the man slowly approached Gu Xueyi, the rest of the people hurriedly parted ways.

The man stood in front of Gu Xueyi.

Gu Xueyi still sat steadily on her seat. She raised her head: “can’t you?”

The man laughed.

“OK.” 79 said.

79 looked around the entire hall: “Everyone who enters here has to abide by the rules here.”

The fat man not far from Gu Xueyi heard these words and shrank his neck first.

He looked like he was terrified.

79 walked out of the crowd circle, the people around him seemed to want to retain him, but they could only stretch out their hands but did not dare to touch him.

Soon, he walked in front of Gu Xueyi.

The woman was startled and took a breath before handing the microphone back to 79 and asked, “What did you draw?”

The attention of the people around, suddenly, was focused again.

The hall was once again quietened down.

79 flipped the piece of paper in his hand.

The woman read out the number on it, “……93.”

93 stood up, he was not far from where 79 just sat.

Gu Xueyi’s eyes flickered.

They should be together.

93 smiled and said, “What do you want? Feel free to mention it.”

79 moved his lips, pointed down at Gu Xueyi, and said faintly.

“Just the same as her.”

“You’ll be my servant for a few hours until 12 o’clock.”

93 also agreed painfully, nodded, and said, “Okay.”

It was the woman with the microphone, on the contrary, whose expression slowly cracked.

If they play like this…. won’t they end up with a string of people in? Wouldn’t that be the same as all of 399’s servants?

As the woman guessed, they announced the numbers they drew one by one down the line, each one repeating 399’s request in a thunderous manner.

The atmosphere in the hall became stranger and stranger.

The woman was on the verge of tears.

If she had known, she would not have suddenly handed the microphone to 399.

The woman turned around and glanced hastily at the man in charge of the event.

The man laughed and spoke up in time to cut off this ridiculous solitaire event, casually nodding to a man with a Mediterranean haircut and saying.

“Give him the microphone.”

The woman breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly handed over the microphone.

The event, which looked like it was about to collapse, continued to play.

The atmosphere at the scene quickly returned to a warm state, but their eyes could not help but frequently cast on Gu Xueyi.

Who would draw her number?

If someone draws her number, does that person dare to ask her? If… If they could gain control over her, they should be able to get a lot of things from her

They were also curious about her identity.

How could she be so calm? As she watched so many people come in one after another, didn’t she feel frightened? Was she really not afraid of offending people here?

Strictly speaking, there were no other rules here, but while everyone was crazy, they were also very knowledgeable and know how to grasp a proper bottom line.

If they really trample on the bottom line, they may die on the street when they go abroad to do business next month.

Gu Xueyi looked at the eyes around her as if there were nothing. She still sat there steadily and looked up at 79.

He also assumed his role, and immediately asked, “what do you need me to do?”

Gu Xueyi put the glass of wine in her hand and said, “Give me a glass of juice.”

All around them suddenly stared at their movements.

The people next to them who were shouting wildly because they had drawn the number couldn’t even attract their attention anymore.

79 nodded his head, turned around, and went to get the juice.

The waiter who served in the room acted faster and quickly handed him a glass of juice.

79 just brought it back to Gu Xueyi.

Just as Gu Xueyi reached out her hand, it was suddenly cold in the stadium. Then, the woman immediately followed her and shouted: “399!”

That’s Gu Xueyi’s number.

Now everyone looked toward the person who drew “399”.

It was a young man without a mask, in his early twenties.

His number was 147.

The young man nervously grasped the slip of paper, and within a few moments, he was sweating profusely ……

“I, my request ……”

Gu Xueyi turned her head to look at the people following beside her, starting from 79, followed by 93 and others, all staring at the young man. There was no malice in their eye but so was goodwill.

Gu Xueyi couldn’t help but let out a light sigh.

Her luck was too good, she drew an ace as soon as she arrived.

All the people were ready to attack her but dare not. If it were another guest, maybe they would try to do so, but the young man in front of him was not wearing a mask. He was a guest here but that was because they were responsible to accompany the guest here.

Where would he get the courage?

The young man took a deep breath and was about to open his mouth when a male voice suddenly sounded beside him.

“Oh, I can’t think of it. I’ll ask for it later. Anyway, it’s counted before 12 o’clock, right? Let’s go to the next one.”

The person who opened his mouth patted his round belly, like a good man who came out to help.

The young man’s courage, which he had so hard to muster, was punctured again.

“Next, next one.” The young man said.

The microphone quickly moved on to the next person.

“Aren’t you worried?” 79 asked.

Gu Xueyi smiled faintly as she lowered her head to take a sip of juice: “No worries.”

“Do you know why that fat guy interrupted him?”


“In a moment, someone will take the initiative to contact that young man and use the benefits to make an exchange with him, and he will come to you with that request. When the time comes, it will be an even more excessive request.” 79 said in a slow voice.

It seems that she intended to deepen Gu Xueyi’s fear.

Gu Xueyi: “Oh.”


It feels like he said it for nothing.

79 couldn’t help but look more closely at the woman in front of him.

This was completely a strange woman who has never been here before.

But she showed no surprise, no fear at all… was it the fearless of ignorance?

Soon all the ones who drew the note have been announced.

There was only the young man with the number 147 left who hadn’t made a request yet.

The young man reappeared in front of Gu Xueyi, and this time he seemed to have the strength, and there was no longer a look of panic on his face.

He flashed a malicious smile at Gu Xueyi and said, “I demand that whatever I ask of you, you ask of him again.”

He pointed to 79.

The crowd in the room drew their breath backward.

This request was equivalent to saying to Aladdin’s lamp, my first wish is that for every wish I make, I add another chance to make a wish ……

Was he really not afraid of getting his head screwed on!

“You can’t refuse.” Said the young man.

Gu Xueyi put away that little pity.

This guy was really stupid and poisonous.

Gu Xueyi responded, “Sure.”

The young man got excited all of a sudden and said.

“Give me ten million dollars first! Quick, you say it to him too.”

Gu Xueyi said, “No way.”

The young man got angry at once: “You don’t want to fulfill the rules?”

The young man paused, and then showed a little smile with malice: “Then change it, you sleep with me for an hour.”

Gu Xueyi turn her head and looked at 79.

Then everyone looked at 79.

“Do you want him to sleep with you for an hour?” Gu Xueyi raised her eyebrows.


He pinched his thumb and said, “Okay.”

The young man stepped back awkwardly: “he doesn’t need it. Just you…”

“He can, I can’t.” Gu Xueyi said.

“Everyone can only make one request. You have just made your request. You are no longer qualified to make any more requests now…”

“Impossible!” The young man pointed to 79 and said, “why do you order him?”

“Because he is my servant, I asked him to fetch tea and pour water. That’s what he should do. It’s not my new request.”

Gu Xueyi said lightly: “your logic seems not very good.”

The young man got anxious at once: “No, no, why can’t I mention it? You have just promised me a request ……”

“That request of yours is the same as saying to God that you can only make a wish if there is water, if so, you want to wish for a lot of gold but you don’t have water. And you can only make one wish. How can you then open your mouth and say, ‘Ask God to give me some water first?’”

The young man was already dizzy by this logic.

But the others were still clear-headed.

“That’s right.” The man in charge of hosting spoke up.

“She is right. You have lost the opportunity to make a request.”

The young man never thought that he would waste such an opportunity.

Had he known …… had he known he would have just asked the other person to pay him!

Or he should have followed her example and made her his servant, then he could have asked for as much as he wanted!

The young man looked back toward the crowd and revealed a hateful gaze.

“I’m going to change my mind now!” The young man said loudly, “You give me five million, five million will do!”

“If you break the rules again, we’ll just have to throw you out.” The host said in a cold voice.

The young man had a panicked expression, he flew to Gu Xueyi’s side and knelt down to touch the hem of Gu Xueyi’s skirt.

Gu Xueyi took away her leg and said to 79: “Beat him up.”

The young man did not expect that his trick would not work and instead met a “hard-hearted” female customer.

He scrambled to his feet and tried to back up.

Under the mask, 79 hooked his lips and took a step with his long legs, a hand then grabbed the young man’s collar, throwing him to the side of the wine table. The glass shattered and pierced into his skin, the young man shouted in pain and shouted at a fat man, “help me”.

The fat man ducked to the side.

Gu Xueyi nodded in his direction, “79, beat him up.”

Whether it’s fat or young, the idea of getting close to 79 was none of her business.

But to step on her as a bridge, that does not work.

79 flexibly instructed his servant 93 to and pressed the young man and continue beating.

He himself turned to the fat man.

The fat man backed up: “You listen to me, this has nothing to do with me, it’s that duck, just him, he, he identified randomly. What kind of professional ethics can a duck have, right?”

Seeing that there was no retreat, the fat man pulled his legs to run.

79 grabbed him by the collar and while the other hand grabbed a glass and smashed it in his face. The glass shattered, and the fat man let out “ah” as 79 grabbed the broken glass shards, next to his eye socket.

The fat man’s mouth now let out a wolf-like howl: “No, no, Feng ……”

79 put his hand around his neck.

The fat man rolled his eyes and waved his hand in a hurry.

Only then did 79 gently let go of his hand.

The fat man gasped, and only then did he remember who was in charge today.

The one standing at the top of the food chain in this arena today was actually….. actually that woman.

The fat man looked at Gu Xueyi and said.

“The request was really made by him, not by me. It’s really not… I just want to get a contract seal. Really. You, you tell this, Mr. 79 to stop…”

This kind of villain.

At such times, they could be bold enough to encourage the young man.

Would he not bear grudges?

Gu Xueyi smiled and said lightly: “Everyone can only make one request, sir.”

The fat man wailed and fell down.

He put the glass in his hand on him, and then stood up: “take him away, don’t get dirty here.”

Immediately a bodyguard came and took the man away.

The wails of the fat man and young man gradually disappeared from the hall.

Everyone inhaled lightly, and when they looked at Gu Xueyi again, they no longer saw her as simply a newcomer who had gotten lucky. Instead, there was awe in their eyes.

Even if she was a woman.

Here, as long as they get the main card, they could stand at the top of the food chain, regardless of gender.

They began to change ways to contact Gu Xueyi, carefully testing her identity, and talking with her about the various enterprises in Beijing, and how well she could converse finance, and real estate…. they seemed to treat her as a person with an identity, status, and deep background of a businesswoman.

Most of the things they said were actually unfamiliar to Gu Xueyi.

But she drew on the information without moving, not opening her mouth when she could but the others didn’t feel anything wrong at all.

She still has 79 in her hand, so what if she wanted to act a little arrogant?

Soon, Gu Xueyi heard a familiar thing from their mouths.

The charity dinner on the 7th.

Pei Zhikang mentioned it to her.

Although their words were interspersed with many unfamiliar words, Gu Xueyi maintained a high level of concentration and roughly sorted out the information…..

This charity dinner…. was used for money laundering.

These people chatted for a long time and saw that Gu Xueyi was always unmoved, so they regrettably backed away.

Gu Xueyi turned her head and continued to use 79.

Bringing drinks, food, and even a deck of cards to play with her… she held 79 unceremoniously. And the more she used 79 as her slave, the more people feared her.

A few of the small rich generation that followed the Yan Wenbo came, standing in the corner, not even daring to move at will.

They opened their eyes wide and looked at it all in amazement… to them who thought they were rich; it was like another world. Another world filled with a lot of money and power.

And that woman, 399.

It looks like she’s here for the first time, right? But why was she not afraid at all?

She’s really amazing

Unfortunately, the theme of this club often changes. Next time they come again, they may not catch up with such a theme. Otherwise, they could follow the example of 399.

Pei Zhikang ran another leg.

After 79 turned 93 his own servant a series of master-slave relationships were strung behind him. Pei Zhikang was one of them.

When 399 calls 79, they were called one by one.

In the end, they were a bunch of people running all over the place, all to run errands for 399.

Pei Zhikang spits out a breath of air.

Had he known …… he would not have come.

After he returned home, he talked to Pei Lixin about Jian Rui’s visits, and how the gift sent by Jian Rui was so expensive, but Pei Lixin actually refused to add money ……

And also blamed him for not getting things done.

If not, he would not have taken the initiative to come here and deal with Mr. Feng’s job.

Dealing with Mr. Feng was really not a human thing to do…

Gu Xueyi did not wait until 12 o’clock.

When the atmosphere in the hall gradually became ambiguous, the lights were further dimmed, and the air was still filled with the smell of unknown perfume and incense ……

Gu Xueyi got up and walked in the direction of the door.

79 asked, “Do you still need me to do anything?”

Gu Xueyi casually pointed to a place: “Sit there, don’t move.”

After saying that, Gu Xueyi pushed open the door and walked out without any hesitation.

She waited until she was out of the club before she took off the mask on her face and got into the car.

“Well, did you find the fourth young master?”


Gu Xueyi took out her phone and dialed Yan Wenbo’s number.

“Dudu” sounded twice, and the other end quickly picked up: “… I, I told you in advance that I was outside with my classmates.”

“En, I know. Come out. I’m downstairs.”

There came a series of clanging sounds from the other end.

Yan Wenbo quickly threw the dart in his hand and ran downstairs

The waiter was left in a cold sweat behind.

You almost stabbed me, master!

Yan Wenbo ran out of the clubhouse and saw that the Yan’s car was parked there.

Yan Wenbo was a little guilty. He opened the door and quickly sat in.

“I went to play billiards… Really, I didn’t do anything else. I just promised my friends that I would come here with them. So this time it is to fulfill the agreement.”

“En, I know.”

“You know?”

“En, I went to the third floor and didn’t see you.”

Yan Wenbo: “…”

Three seconds later, Yan Wenbo sprang up from his seat, and then his head hit the roof with a loud bang.

Yan Wenbo: “…”

Yan Wenbo covered his head and sat back with difficulty. Gritting his teeth, he said, “I can’t go, and neither can you.”

What the hell is that!

How can she go?

“En.” Gu Xueyi answered: “drive.”

The bodyguard was still confused.

Wasn’t the madam here to look for fourth young master? Madam already knew that the four young master didn’t go in?

The club on the third floor.

79 sat on the couch for half an hour.

The door was closed tightly, and 399 did not return.

79 looked up at the wall clock, 10:03.

It was still very early.

She was gone?

79 snorted lightly and moved his position.

 “No more games.” 79 said as he strides towards the door, 93 immediately followed, with Pei Zhikang in tow.

They entered the small box on the third floor.

Only then did he take off the mask on his head, which left a slight indentation on his face. Under the indentation was a handsome but gloomy face.

“Who is that today?” 93 I said doubtfully.

“Who knows?”

“You’ve been a servant to a sudden guest for several hours. It’s really eye-popping to tell.” Someone beside me smiled helplessly.

Pei Zhikang said stupidly: “Everyone didn’t know… Don’t you know? And wearing a mask, who knows who is who?”

He glanced at him and put away his contempt.

He said: “standing on this field, how can anyone not know Mr. Feng?”

“So everyone knows that Mr. Feng has always been 79?” Pei Zhikang was surprised.


“Only the newcomers don’t know.” 93 said.

“Like 399.”

Calling Feng Yu to run around.

Even they were affected.

“With her doing this, we won’t be able to play this theme anymore.” 93 clicked his tongue.

“What about monitoring?” Feng Yu asked.

“Wait, I’ll adjust it for you.”

After a while, there was a monitor in front of Feng Yu.

There was no monitoring on the way from the entrance of the club to the third floor to protect privacy. The surveillance video all started after the door of the banquet hall was opened

Feng Yu moved the mouse and cut out the figure wearing the mask.

“Who are you?”

“It’s still an hour and fifty-seven minutes off.”

“…… what?”


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