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Chapter 33

93 found the waiter in charge of receiving and guiding the guests.

The waiter tried his best to recall… but the number of cards he gave out that day was too many, not to mention they were drawn at random. Only the guests themselves knew best what the number was.

The waiter said dully, “I …… I can’t remember.”

“Who were the female customers yesterday?” 93 asked in a different way.

“…… Ms. Ling? Ms. Wang? ……” The waiter enumerated a series of names and finally said lastly.

“Ah, yes! And Madam Yan!”

“Madam Yan?” 93 froze: “The wife of the Yan Chao?”


“Have you seen it incorrectly?” 93 smiled sarcastically.

“How can Yan Chao’s wife come here?”

“No I’m not mistaken….. that’s right, it was the fourth young master Yan who came first but did not go upstairs. A moment later, Madam Yan came in and went upstairs.”

The waiter then said to himself: How could he be wrong?

She has been hot search several times before!

93 turned his head to look at Feng Yu: “Why do you think she came here?”

“Pick up the child.” Feng Yu responded casually but his expression was still gloomy as if he owed 1.8 billion and only have 29 days to pay the 30 days debt.

“Dare to order me to be her servant, how can I let it finish just like that?” The corner of Feng Yu’s mouth drew a cold and sharp arc.

If this 399 happens to be really, Yan Chao’s wife it wouldn’t end that easily.



Yan Wenjia has been posting on Weibo for three consecutive days now.

Almost every day was a picture of him finishing his work at midnight. The first day was a selfie, the second day was the moon hanging alone in the sky, and the third day was the monitor in front of director Li. Playing on the monitor was a shot taken by Yan Wenjia.

[Yan Wenjia has been selling misery on Weibo for three consecutive days, what do you guys think happen?]

[It’s not selling misery… maybe it’s just that those people who are rarely dedicated to their work, for once wanted to brag that they are now doing their best.]

[isn’t it that after the Jiang Meng incident, seeing that the fans skyrocketed, so they began to sell misery and attract fans?]

[Speaking of which, how many years did Jiang Meng get?]

[JM seven years, Cao is life imprisonment.]

[Jian family 666.]

[Some gossip said that Cao also offended Jiang Er.]

[? Don’t go too far upstairs, Great Yan Wenjia is here.]

[Stop with the great, people really don’t care about these things. He has a lot of good resources, and no matter how unprofessional he is, his acting skills are no problem, his looks are amazing and he has a lot of fans. Talking about him selling misery is just too hilarious…]

[I just want to know why he suddenly became so desperate. Is it really because of lack of money?]

The agent was also asking Yan Wenjia the same thing: “Are you short of money?”

Yan Wenjia wantonly kicked the stone under her feet: “No.”

And soon realized that posting on Weibo was rather boring.

@Yan Wenjia: not short of money, don’t send red envelopes.

After sending the last Weibo post, he stopped updating again.

Leaving a group of fans crying.

They used to clamor that Yan Wenjia was selling misery to attract fans, but now that he doesn’t talk much, they were afraid that in a fit of anger he would come right outside their door.

Yan Wenjia went on slackening again visible to their naked eye.

Sitting in his sports car, he stared intently at the sea on both sides of the road.

Didn’t Gu Xueyi have Yan Wenbo report to her if his going out?

Aren’t I home late too?

Why hasn’t she called me back to the Yan’s house?…

Director Li squinted from the side, afraid that Yan Wenjia would jump into the sea again, and quickly and quietly sent a text message to Gu Xueyi.

Gu Xueyi was just going to sleep when she received the message.

She raised her hand to turn on the night lamp and check her phone.

… it’s almost time.

Children need encouragement and affirmation to move down the road more firmly.

Gu Xueyi edited a text message.

[Have you been working hard lately? Don’t overwork yourself, tomorrow I will ask the servant to deliver some food to you. Remember to distribute some to the staff around you. Good night.]

After the message was sent, Gu Xueyi put down her phone and did not check it again.

Yan Wenjia’s phone “ding”.

He looked down.

Food delivery?

The corners of Yan Wenjia’s lips pursed.

Finally, it’s not only Yan Wenbo who got the special treatment.

Yan Wenjia suddenly had a feeling of raising his eyebrows like never before.

He looked at the words “good night” over and over several times.

Someone to say good night to…

It’s totally different from saying good night to fans!

Yan Wenjia took a screenshot of the text message.

But he still feels a little bit—his feeling right now, he has nowhere to use it.

So he made another circle of friends.

Yan Wenjia’s friends on WeChat were all people in the entertainment industry.

He crop off Gu Xueyi’s name, put a screenshot of the text message content on it, and then matched it with a picture of the distant sea covered by night as the car speeds past.

Then Yan Wenjia started to refresh frequently and read the comments.

[Brother Yan is working so late again? You’re really dedicated.]

[Brother Yan works hard.]

[The night on this road is particularly beautiful…]



None of them was what Yan Wenjia wants to see.

The agent found that Yan Wenjia spent more time refreshing his phone.

In the past, this young master ran out every day and no one could stop him… Okay, think about it this way, he always thinks that it’s good for him to stay at home and brush his phone there! If he wants to provoke a scandal, this was no place to provoke it, so give the team more peace of mind.

Director Li also breathed a sigh of relief.

Madam Yan is really resourceful!

Blessing the crew for the filming to go well!

Director Li even came up with the idea of putting a picture of Madam Yan on the crew

Gu Xueyi said that she would arrange for someone to send food to Yan Wenjia, and of course, she kept this promise.

The kitchen spent several hours of work preparing a variety of dishes, including dim sum, fruit platters, cooked food, and some seafood …… all packed in insulated boxes. All the food was put in the trunk and brought there by the Yan family’s bodyguards.

After another scene, Yan Wenjia’s gaze swept outside the set.

Two cars came to a stop one after another.

A bodyguard who doesn’t often appear in front of the public, but was familiar with Yan Wenjia, pushes the door open and walks down.

The others followed, opening the trunk one after another and taking things outside.

“This is why Brother Yan invited everyone…”

“It’s made by our own chef, don’t laugh at it.”

The food was quickly distributed.

The staff looked at the two luxury cars and the bodyguards from the luxury cars in shock.

Outlandish branding!

Brother Yan was really not short of money!

The actors and actresses in the crew gathered together to eat. When the lid of the box was opened, they were shocked gasps again.

“What kind of cook is this? Is it a Michelin five-star standard?”

“A professional chef hired by the Yan family?”

“For crying out loud, I happen to want to eat this!”

They ate and sighed.

They were afraid that these could not only be done by just money alone. Brother Yan won’t be successful, would he?

The agent could not help sighing but for a different reason.

In Brother Yan’s dictionary, there was never a matter of having a good relationship with the crew. He came and went in a hurry, unlike other stars who would do some superficial work and have a good and approachable image.

He doesn’t know how long it has passed before Brother Yan knew how to invite everyone to eat.

He doesn’t even know how many times the people next door have invited the crew to drink milk tea.

“The preparation is all so meticulous.”

The second female took the initiative to come over and strike up a conversation with Yan Wenjia.

“Hmm.” Yan Wenjia replied with a lack of interest.

“Was it prepared by the Yan family?”

Yan Wenjia just glanced at her and said, “um…”

Female 2: “Oh.”

Yan Wenjia waited for a while, but she didn’t wait for the second girl to speak further.

Yan Wenjia frowned.

The second female just sighed out: “Brother Yan’s family is really good to brother Yan ah… specially sent so much food to us, but also distributed to us. These things …… are very expensive, right?”

Yan Wemjia: “Yeah.”

The second female was a little embarrassed and had to scramble to find a topic: “Did Mother Yan prepare these?”

“No.” Yan Wenjia paused and looked for the first time looked the face of the second female lead, and said.

“My older brother’s wife, sister-in-law prepared it.”

The second female paused in surprise.

Brother Yan has a brother and older brother at that?

And she has a sister-in-law?

No one thought about Gu Xueyi, who came to the crew last time. After all, no one would have thought that Yan Wenjia who entered the entertainment circle would be Yan Chao’s younger brother.

Yan Wenjia turned around and no longer looked at the second female lead’s face.

And went to pick food comfortably.

The news of Yan Wenjia distributing food on the set was quickly shared on various gossip forums, and a number of people began to speculate about his family history.

There were also fans who were crying and moved, thinking that Yan Wenjia does not know what kind of stimulation he was getting. After all, they all knew that playing with his peers brought him closer to the crew…

On the other hand, Pei Zhikang was still worried about not getting an accurate reply from Gu Xueyi.

“She wouldn’t go to the charity dinner?” Pei Lixin said in surprise.

“She didn’t say she would nor refuse me.”

“Then I’m not going.” Pei Lixin’s face sank.

“Hasn’t she always wanted to break into the upper-class society? This charity dinner will be attended by many upper-class people.”

Pei Zhikang said a little irritably.

“Elder sister, have you forgotten the Silica banquet? At that dinner, she has already entered the upper-class circle. She doesn’t need this thing at all!”

Pei Lixin gritted her teeth: “I asked you to let her steal the sea of the Yan Chao. Ha! Now that Yan Chao is missing and she has a lot of money in her hands, inviting her to a charity dinner will not please her, this Gu Xueyi is…really…”.

Pei Zhikang interrupted her: “elder sister, don’t you think… You gave too little to impress her?”

Frowning, he added, “She is Yan Chao’s wife.”

Pei Lixin almost couldn’t catch her breathing hearing this.

After stabilizing herself for a while, she said.

“It’s all right if she doesn’t go to charity. You can take my card and accompany her to buy things, but we must get a hold of Yan Chao’s seal. And even if she can’t get the seal to us, then she has to pretend that Yan Chao died, and look grief-stricken.”

Pei Zhikang was inwardly happy but did not reveal it on his face as he responded, “Oh.”

When the bodyguard and Gu Xueyi report the situation of the crew, Yan Wenshu suddenly pokes her head down the stairs.

Gu Xueyi asked the bodyguard to stop temporarily and looked up at Yan Wenshu: “Have you finished reading the book?”

Yan Wenshu felt guilty when she heard this.

“No… not yet.” She paused and said, “but there’s something else.”

“What’s the matter? Just say it.”

Yan Wenshu pursed her lips, “I want to go out for two days temporarily.”

“Hmm?” A soft sound came out of Gu Xueyi’s mouth.

Yan Wenshu unconsciously stood up straight as she whispered, “Yan Wenhong is coming back.”

Yan Wenhong?

Gu Xueyi raked through her memory.

In the book, he was hardly mentioned.

But in the original owner’s memory, this person seems to have been enrolled in a boarding school.

Was he in senior year, or a sophomore this year?

Gu Xueyi pressed the memory.

“Hmm.. when?”

“I don’t like him much, I don’t want to see him.” Yan Wenshu said.

“Really. I’ll go out for two days. He only comes back just once every two months, just for two days and then he leaves. When he’s gone, I’ll come back.”

Yan Wenshu’s temper has changed too much.

She has said so, and Gu Xueyi also does not want to make things difficult for her.

What Gu Xueyi wants to correct was only what was bad in them, not to harden their natures to break them into a mold.

“Well, go.” Gu Xueyi answered.

Yan Wenshu pursed her lips and smiled.

She finally realized the happiness that a little sister would feel when they finally got approval from their parents after a fight.

Yan Wenshu ran down and hugged Gu Xueyi. Then she turned around and went upstairs to pack her bags.

She also didn’t forget to bring that advanced math book with her.

Half an hour later, Yan Wenshu left the villa.

And another half hour passed, Gu Xueyi came down from upstairs when she heard the maid downstairs shouting.

“The young master is back!”

Gu Xueyi slowed down and walked slowly to the first floor.

A teenager carrying a black school bag slowly walked into the hall.

The teenager was wearing a black and white school uniform with wide sleeves and wide pants, but it didn’t look too loose on his body, but rather set him off in a lean and upright way.

He looks a bit the Yan Chao.

But there was more softness and shyness in him.

He carefully removed the school bag and handed it to the maid on the side.

Then he raised his head and ran into Gu Xueyi.

He was at a loss for a moment. He looked like a clever young bird that had lost its way.

“Sister-in-law?” He uttered in a confused voice.

He was the first one among the Yan family to be so polite.


He hadn’t slept well for three days and simply replaced his walking tools with a wheelchair to save energy.

Several dark-skinned men were pushing the wheelchair and chatting at the same time. The topics were varied and the ideas were also very strange. The topic span seemed to cross the Yangtze River and the Yellow River.

“It seems a little strange for the boss to be like this.”

“Hey, saving energy doesn’t work?”

“The food here is f*cking terrible…”

“I want to eat hot pot!”

“Did the madam swipe her card today?”

“Gotta ask the boss.”

“Madam is quite good at swiping, I think we might as well rob the Tata.”


“… who is that?”

“Ohhhh, the little nurse is here.”

Several people said and rushed to get out of the way.

The medical resources in this shabby area were too scarce. This little nurse was a girl student who came here to support Tata.

Seeing that they were both Chinese, of course, they have to take more care of her.

The little nurse was hoping that when they left, they could take her away with them. So when she treated the boss his wounds, she took extra care.

The young nurse was startled to see the young man in a wheelchair.

She hurriedly said in a trembling voice, “Are you getting worse?”

“We still have to go to the hospital to take an x-ray.”

The young man squinted slightly against the sunlight and did not make a sound.

The nurse thought he was suffering from pain and depression, so she spoke up to cheer him up.

“Do you see the green leaves on the wall?”


The young nurse ignored his silence and continued.

“This is a desert environment, and green leaves are hard to see but they tenaciously climb up the wall ……”

A few of the big men couldn’t help but mutter, “What’s she ranting about?”

“Didn’t she see that the boss was asleep?”

The young man suddenly opened his eyes, “It’s so noisy.”

The little nurse who has prepared a stomach full of chicken soup: “……”


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