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Chapter 31

Yan Wenbo walked into the door of the club but suddenly stopped in his tracks.

He knew he was stupid before, driving a yacht to hold a party at sea, accompanied by countless small models and stars to party, party all night as he coldly watched the rich second generation his peers hugging and playing with women. At that young age, he was no restraint.

But this clubhouse was different again.

It plays with something more …… advanced and unseen.

If it’s the past, Yan Wenbo could step in casually.

But now, he stopped.

In case Gu Xueyi knows…. the odds were that he would have to be beaten up.

Yan Wenbo turned his head and asked, “Do you have billiards here?”

The waiter was stunned, he had not seen anyone come here purely to play billiards.

But those who could enter here were not ordinary people so, of course, the waiter did not dare to offend him, and hastened to lead him to another floor.

“I’ll show you the way… there are not only billiards here but also archery, darts, bowling …… you can choose to play with. If you want to play with guns, we have also repaired an outdoor shooting range.”

Yan Wenbo nodded and casually picked up the pool cue: “You play with me.”

There were really no people on this floor.

Yan Wenbo saw a stand-up sign for the event downstairs and guessed that people were going to the club’s new event.

The waiter, of course, did not refuse and stayed by the side.

At this time, the bodyguard was still talking to Gu Xueyi.

Gu Xueyi sat on the sofa, slowly turning the pages of the book, while slowly digesting the information in the book while asking.

“Hasn’t it come out yet?”

“No, madam.”

The other end of the phone was quiet again for a while.

When Gu Xueyi almost flipped through twenty or so pages, the bodyguard suddenly voiced out.

“Madam …… I saw ……”

“Hmm? What did you say.”

The bodyguard at the other end seemed to be hesitant for a moment whether he should say anything as he was not in charge of this matter.

Finally, the bodyguard opened his mouth, “I saw Mr. Feng.”

Mr. Feng? Who?

“From Mr. Feng’s car, Mr. Pei’s came down.” The bodyguard went on to say at the other end.

“Pei Zhikang?” Gu Xueyi asked.


Didn’t Pei Zhikang just leave the Yan house not long ago?


Gu Xueyi remembered at once who this Mr. Feng was.

When Jian Changming mentioned the family that has no dealings with the Yans, and if she remembers it correctly, he mentioned the Feng family. And if that was the case, the Mr. Feng the bodyguard saw must be someone with high status otherwise the bodyguard wouldn’t have mentioned it specifically.

“Good, you work hard.” Gu Xueyi said, putting away the book and heading upstairs.

When the book was put away, Gu Xueyi changed her clothes, called her driver and bodyguard, and drove over to the clubhouse.

Was Pei Lixin preparing for two?

While she coaxes Gu Xueyi, at the same time she also wanted to establish a connection with Yan’s opponent?

Or was it that the Pei family has long had dealings with the Yan’s opponent? It’s just that Pei Lixin let her brother do all the approach…

Unfortunately, Pei Zhikang was a dumbass.

If this was really Pei Lixin’s intention, then she was doomed to miscalculate.

“Madam, did you say this is the place?” The driver asked.

Gu Xueyi adjusted down the car window and glanced outside.

The name of the club was “Anonymous”. It seems that the person who came up with the name couldn’t come up with a name.

Gu Xueyi walked down.

The security guard at the door immediately stopped her but seeing that she was well dressed and had a familiar face… This was… wasn’t this the wife of Yan Chao?

The security guard immediately bowed down and said.

“Madam Yan, you can go in, but the bodyguard behind you can’t go in.”

As if afraid that Gu Xueyi misunderstand him, he added.

“All the guests who came here don’t bring bodyguards. Our club is very safe, don’t worry.”

Gu Xueyi was still a little surprised.

The bodyguard said on the phone that this clubhouse was owned by the Feng family. The Feng family and the Yans were rivals, but the Fengs’ just let her in?

The bodyguard behind Gu Xueyi of course disagreed and immediately said in a cold voice.

“What others do, that’s their else’s business. The Yan family is certainly different from others.”

The security guard could only rub his hands, as a small person he couldn’t do anything about it.

He looked at Gu Xueyi awkwardly.

Gu Xueyi raised her hand and motioning to the bodyguard to stay put.

“When in Rome do what Romans. You guys wait outside.”

She wasn’t too scared.

Instead of worrying about herself, she should be worried about the fact that Yan Wenbo was at a disadvantage here.

But she felt that most of the time Yan Wenbo came in, he regretted it, and couldn’t tell where he was at the moment.

The bodyguards who were now following Gu Xueyi were the same four who followed Gu Xueyi to Jiang Meng’s house that day.

They have seen the power of Gu Xueyi, and although they were still not very relieved, but since Gu Xueyi has given the word, they could only obediently wait there.

“Lead the way.” Gu Xueyi lifted her chin.

The security guard rang the bell and immediately a waiter came out and led Gu Xueyi inside.

That waiter couldn’t figure out Gu Xueyi’s identity and couldn’t help but look at Gu Xueyi frequently.

“Are you a …… guest?”

Gu Xueyi asked rhetorically, “Otherwise?”

The waiter was stunned.

What kind of a beautiful guest comes to a place like this to have fun?

Beautiful girls coming here are all “goods”.

The waiter took her straight up to the third floor.

The third floor was the banquet hall.

Two luxurious doors were put together in one piece, with two animal heads carved on them, bringing an invisible pressure to everyone who stands under the doors.

Gu Xueyi only raised her head and swept a glance, then collected her gaze as if she had seen nothing.

“Please wait.” The waiter said, took out the key from his pocket, and bent down to open a cabinet on the side.

Then a mask was taken out of it.

That mask was painted with colors, and it was large enough to cover the whole face so that only the eyes and mouth could be seen. Confidentiality was quite well done.

Gu Xueyi’s face was small, and when she wears the mask, it looks like a big-headed doll that doesn’t match well.

She looked in the mirror but wasn’t fussy.

The painting on the mask was a little ugly as the mask worn by witches when they danced in ancient times when offering sacrifices to heaven.

The waiter put another hand tag on her wrist.

The hand number was 399.

The waiter said, “That’s your name for tonight, and that’s what everyone uses to refer to each other.”

Gu Xueyi nodded her head before reaching out and pushing open the door.

Inside the door was quite lively, with dim colored lights projected from the ceiling. The fragrance of perfume mixed with alcohol could be smelled from the clothes and the body itself producing a sultry atmosphere.

Gu Xueyi walked in, in her high heels.

She wore a white dress that was knee-length in the front, but an ankle-length skirt in the back. As she walked, the skirt gently clasped her heel, as if it were a huge white tail falling behind.

The person closest to her, who had just turned around, saw her just in time.

The other party paused abruptly and instinctively extended her hand towards Gu Xueyi.

Gu Xueyi gave him a cold look.

The man immediately pinned in place, which then smiled sarcastically and said.

“Oh, so you’re a guest here too.”

The man took a step forward and asked, “What’s your name?”

Although he knew it was impossible, he still held a little hope. Some of the first-time guests here, always forget the rules, so it was inevitable that this time she would expose herself and reveal her true identity.

Gu Xueyi shook her wrist.

The man fixed his eyes and said regretfully, “Oh, 399 ah.”

Gu Xueyi looked around and found it a bit troublesome.

Everyone’s head was wrapped …… up tightly and it was hard to tell who was who.

No…suddenly paused Gu Xueyi.

It’s not that hard.

For example, this man who talked to her was short and fat, not more than one meter seventy-five.

They could block their faces, but they couldn’t block their bodies.

She could immediately distinguish them at a glance: tall, short, fat, and thin.

Gu Xueyi could even roughly project their age from their body shape, plus their walking posture.

Under the mask, Gu Xueyi gently raised her eyebrows, and at once did not feel trouble.

…. this was more of a challenge.

Gu Xueyi picked a glass of wine from the waiter’s hand.

She wore black leather gloves, which contrasted with the glass body loaded with golden liquor, and the white dress she was wearing.

Gu Xueyi went straight through the crowd and walked over to the more central set of sofas.

Originally everyone was immersed in their own happiness but at this time they were more or less distracted as they looked at Gu Xueyi several times…

At this time, a man wearing a green-faced beast mask came on stage.

The original somewhat noisy environment quietened down a lot.

The man tapped the microphone in his hand, and only after confirming that there was a sound did he open his mouth and say.

“The theme of today’s event at the clubhouse is you are not allowed to say “No”. There are already a lot of familiar customers here, and I believe you all understand that this rule is set in stone, so no changes are allowed. The event ends at 12 o’clock before the rules are invalidated.”

At this time, a few models came down with raffle boxes in their arms.

The man said, “It holds the numbers of everyone present.”

“Now, you make an arbitrary lottery …… The person who draws can ask the person drawn to do any one thing, and the person drawn cannot refuse.”

An absurd and rather bold rule.

Gu Xueyi thought to herself, turning her head and sweeping the people around her.

There were others who were so excited that they tremble slightly, and there seem to be those who were worried that they were not lucky enough for their name to be called.

It’s too late for Gu Xueyi to leave at this time.

Then… as soon as it comes, it was safe.

Looking at this club, what else could she do.

“Now …… begins!” The man shouted.

The rest of the group swarmed and drew away the numbers in rapid succession.

Gu Xueyi sat in her seat without moving.

The raffle box was quickly handed to Gu Xueyi.

The woman holding the raffle box was a little nervous: “After you.”

Gu Xueyi reached out her hand and grabbed it at random.

As a result, because she was wearing leather gloves, her fingertips weren’t too sensitive, so Gu Xueyi grabbed two sheets in one grab, and she casually flicked one away.

“…… all right.”

The woman gave her a startled look before walking away.

Gu Xueyi turned the paper over.

The number written was 97.

Next, starting from the middle, each person who drew stood up and read out the number he or she drew.

A woman without a mask stood up and whispered the number: “112.”

Then a masked man stood up helplessly.

The woman’s face immediately followed by the color of ecstasy, immediately opened her mouth and said, “I have thought of my demand, I want you to give me a million!”

The man nodded, “You write the card number on the paper.”

The woman happily agreed.

Gu Xueyi was surprised.

Was this also okay?

No wonder some people were excited just now, while others were worried. Was it because they were afraid that the other side would make demands that they cannot carry out?

“Next!” The man on the stage shouts.

The microphone was just handed to Gu Xueyi: “May I ask what you have drawn?”

Gu Xueyi pointed the note at everyone.

The woman with the microphone leaned down and read out, “Ninety-seven ……”

Also sitting in the middle of the hall where a group of people crowded together, a man slowly stood up. The man was wearing a black suit, tall with an equally ugly mask on his face.

There was an eerie silence all around.

The woman nervously handed the microphone back to Gu Xueyi and stammered, “What do you …… you want, you can say it now……”

It’s quieter all around.

Clutching the slip of paper, Gu Xueyi slowly stood up and walked a little closer to that side.

There were many people sitting around the man… Gu Xueyi swept them one by one and then her gaze paused. There in the middle was Pei Zhikang, he didn’t even change his clothes.

Gu Xueyi raised her eyebrows and asked, “It ends at 12 o’clock, right?”


Gu Xueyi said in a relaxed tone.

“Then let him be my servant for a few hours until 12 o’clock.”


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