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Chapter 30

As soon as the social public management class teacher walked in, he saw the famous fourth young master of their school who was pressing someone on the table and punching that person on the chin.

Someone shouted: “What is the fourth young man doing? We were just talking, aren’t we? You’re beating people to death!”

Just as the words fell, blood flows to his feet.

The teacher was surprised: “call the police! Call the police quickly!”

Gu Xueyi was reading “Currency Wars” today.

She had just reached page 57 when she received a call from the police department.

“Madam Yan, the fourth young man got into a fight with someone at school. Now the people involved are at the police station. The other party is willing to settle but the fourth young master refused to cooperate with the statement …… see if you can come to the police station?”

The little policewoman’s voice came out from the other end.

Facing Madam Yan who just cooperated with the police, the little policewoman’s respect and adoration were still there.

“Okay, I got it.” Gu Xueyi lightly responded, put down her book, got up, and went to change her clothes.

Gu Xueyi was not surprised.

At Yan Wenbo’s age, most of his temper and personality were still inflexible and couldn’t be changed in a short period of time.

It took almost twenty minutes or so for Gu Xueyi’s car to arrive at the police station.

When she got off the car, the little policewoman immediately led her inside.

“I remember you.” Gu Xueyi said.

The young policewoman couldn’t help but smile, “Madam has a good memory.”

Gu Xueyi also smiled and nodded at her and, before she pushed open the glass door in front of her and walked in.

Leaving the little policewoman in place who had a blank expression, then could not help but sympathize with Gu Xueyi after regaining her senses.

Such a gentle person ah ……

So rich people also had headaches about their children’s education!

As soon as Gu Xueyi stepped through the door, she was greeted by someone who said with surprise.

“Madam Yan? I didn’t expect to meet you here, it’s a bit of a surprise.”

The other party said and extended her hand towards Gu Xueyi.

The young policewoman outside the door vaguely heard the sound and thought that Madam Yan was sure very popular.

Inside the door, Gu Xueyi fixed her eyes on the person.

It’s Pei Zhikang.

Yan Wenbo, who was sitting in the corner, suddenly raised his head coldly and stared at the hand that Pei Zhikang had extended.

Gu Xueyi lifted her gaze and with a slightly arrogant gesture, she said.

“Hmm? Who are you?”

Yan Wenbo’s cold eyes stalled and suddenly softened.

Only the people next to him did not notice such a subtle change in him.

Pei Zhikang’s smiling face froze.

He was a little angry at first, but on second thought, beauty should be born with privileges that others do not have. Anyway, this was not the first time… he just needs to be patient.

The smile on Pei Zhikang’s face was a little warmer.

“Madam Yan is a noble person who forgets many things and doesn’t remember me. I’m Pei Zhikang, we only met yesterday.”

When the others heard Pei Zhikang’s voice, they raised their heads one after another.

Who else could make Pei Zhikang lower himself, and call her “Madam Yan”? That’s right! It was no other than Gu Xueyi, Yan Wenbo’s sister-in-law.

Their eyes fell on Gu Xueyi.

But when they saw her, the people who were busy chatting just now closed their mouths tightly.

There Madam Yan has this invisible aura around her… even her temperament was unique, so unique that people couldn’t instinctively feel blasphemy.

“Yan, Madam Yan.” Others greeted and followed suit, afraid of being slow. If this reaches their family’s ears at home, their parents would surely fix them up.

Gu Xueyi still didn’t bother to shake Pei Zhikang’s hand, she coldly swept past them and went towards where Yan Wenbo was.

“Yan Wenbo.”

Gu Xueyi stretched out her hand and turned the handle of the glass door from behind.

“Come with me.”

Yan Wenbo stared at her hand for a moment.

This time she didn’t carry the belt.

Yan Wenbo stood up in silence and followed Gu Xueyi.

Gu Xueyi pushed the door out and said to the little policewoman.

“Please help us prepare a place. I will talk with him and then take notes.”

The little policewoman hurriedly replied, “Okay, Okay.”

It would be great if Madam Yan could solve it!

Gu Xueyi quickly took Yan Wenbo to the next room.

She turned around and asked, “What happened?”

Yan Wenbo lowered his eyes again and glanced at her hand.

Her hand was empty, only her other hand was holding a handbag.

Yan Wenbo suddenly remembered that if she wanted to beat him, it seemed that she could do so without a whip

“Why don’t you give your statement?” Gu Xueyi asked again.

Only then did Yan Wenbo say in a muffled voice: “Nothing, don’t want to do it.”

Gu Xueyi didn’t get angry with him and instead pulled a chair and sat down, she unhurriedly said.

“You have lived in the Yan house for so many years, and the Yan’s have taught you to ignore social rules and now you’re going your own way?”

Even in ancient times, they did not rely on high-ranking families to illegally break the law and cause trouble, nor would they cooperate with government officials.

Maybe other families would, but Gu Xueyi would never allow something like this to happen to her family.

Abuse of power and disrespect for others would sooner or later send the whole family into the abyss of ruin.

Yan Wenbo clenched his teeth and said nothing.

The last time he fought with Jiang Jing and entered the police station, he saw how eloquent Gu Xueyi was. She didn’t show any anger, but she stabbed people with every word she spoke.

“What did you do last night? The manners you learned are teaching you to send a random message back and then stay up all night? ” Gu Xueyi asked faintly.

Yan Wenbo tightly pursed his lower lip, “Are you going to hit me again?”

Gu Xueyi paused and said faintly.

“Perhaps you think I’m very strict, but that is because in my eyes you’re still a child who hasn’t grown up. If you’re in an animal group, you still belong to the category of cubs. You don’t have a strong ability to protect yourself. If you have an accident outside one night and the Yan house doesn’t arrive in time, what will you say to the people who care for you?”

Yan Wenbo was startled.

Who cares about him?


In her eyes, he looked like a cub in need of care?

Yan Wenbo was a little uncomfortable at the bottom of his heart, but it was like tasting the sweetness of sugar for the first time, and a different mood followed.

“I won’t hit you this time.” Gu Xueyi said, “it shouldn’t be your fault for fighting with them.”

“How do you know?” Yan Wenbo blurted out.

“Pei Zhikang is among them.”

Gu Xueyi doesn’t like this person very much. How could those people outside be any good if they mix with someone like Pei Zhikang? The probability of them being good should be extremely low.

Yan Wenbo’s expression suddenly relaxed a lot. He said, “I went to Qingyang mountain yesterday.”


“To pay respects to my mother.” After finishing his sentence, Yan Wenbo wrinkled his eyebrows grumpily and looked away. He was a little uncomfortable with being in front of other people and exposing his own *** and thoughts in front of others.

“Okay, I see.” Gu Xueyi didn’t ask again.

The information she learned from that book was that Yan Wenbo was not Yan Chao’s full-blooded brother. It was conceivable that Yan Wenbo’s mother was either the step-sister of Yan Chao’s father or his concubine, no in this era, it was called mistress.

And judging from the fact that the Yan Chao and they were not close to each other, and the Yan family children were like breeding livestock, it should be the latter.

“Why did you fight today?” Gu Xueyi asked.

Hearing that she didn’t bring up the matter of Qingyang Mountain again, Yan Wenbo also breathed a sigh of relief.

It was not something honorable, and he grew up knowing what kind of status he had in the Yan family, so he was extraordinarily reluctant to bring that up.

And today…

Yan Wenbo moved his lips. How could he repeat those words to her?

Gu Xueyi took his reaction to the bottom of her eyes and immediately had a gist in her heart.

He even talked about him secretly paying a visit to pay respect to her mother, what else could he say to her?

“They talked about me?” Gu Xueyi asked.

Yan Wenbo didn’t answer, still pursing his lips.

Gu Xueyi stood up and said, “Give the statement. There’s nothing you can’t say. It won’t affect me at all.”

Yan Wenbo didn’t move.

Gu Xueyi looked at him and her tone softened a bit.

“But I’m grateful that you defended me.” She said softly, “The fourth master of the Yan has grown up a little more and become a little more responsible.”

A fired burst into Yan Wenbo’s heart.

It warmed his insides.

Yan Wenbo turned and walked out.

Yan Wenbo went to take his statement, but Gu Xueyi didn’t go back with him, but walked out of the police station first.

There was a small shop near the police station.

Gu Xueyi asked, “Is there any sweets?”

“Yes, yes. What brand do you want?”

There were so many different kinds of modern food, Gu Xueyi looked at the snacks with fascination reflected in her eyes, after she swept a glance over she said.

“Something that children love to eat.”

The other party gave her a bag of rainbow candy.

After Yan Wenbo quickly gives his statement, the man who was beaten by him had just come out of the other room.

The other party’s head was wrapped in gauze and looked pitiful. Seeing Yan Wenbo, he looked embarrassed and didn’t want to dare to say any nonsense at this time. One he was afraid of being beaten again, and second, he was afraid of the Yan family.

At this time, Pei Zhikang also pushed open the glass door of the other room and came out, asking, “Fourth young master, where is Madam Yan?”

Yan Wenbo stared at him coldly, “None of your business.”

Pei Zhikang choked and said with a smile, “Fourth young master, I’m not like you. I am very polite and when things are over, I always have to greet Madam Yan before I leave.”

Just as Pei Zhikang’s words fell, Gu Xueyi walked in on her high heels.

“Madam Yan……” Pei Zhikang only had time to open his mouth.

Gu Xueyi walked up to Yan Wenbo and asked, “Is it done?”

A policeman on the side smiled and said, “It’s all taken care of.”

Gu Xueyi nodded, “You work hard.”

“As it should be, as it should be ……”

Gu Xueyi flung the rainbow candy in her hand into Yan Wenbo’s hand.

“Then let’s go.”

Yan Wenbo received it conditionally.

He was stunned and asked, “what is this…?”

“Reward.” Gu Xueyi said.

Yan Wenbo’s fingers clenched the bag tightly, producing a crackling sound.

He never eats sweet things in front of so many people.

Yan Wenbo looked back and caught a glimpse of Pei Zhikang looking at Gu Xueyi, looking regretful and yearning.

Yan Wenbo lowered his head, grabbed the plastic bag with his slender fingers, pulled it out quickly, and threw a colorful sugar bean into his mouth.

Then he held the candy and walked behind Gu Xueyi, not moving forward to block Pei Zhikang’s view, and said vaguely with the candy in his mouth.

“En …… delicious. Let’s go ……”

Pei Zhikang clenched his fist in the back.

Gu Xueyi and Yan Wenbo quickly walked out of the police station and got into the car.

Inside the police station, Pei Zhikang suddenly turned around and asked.

“Pretty, isn’t she?”

Everyone didn’t dare to answer for a while.

Pei Zhikang laughed lightly, and no longer asked them, but asked about the man who was beaten.

“Does it still hurt? If not, let’s go, I’ll pay for all the expenses today. At least I am also a relative of the Yan family, if the young master of the Yan does not give you compensation, I will give the compensation instead.”

The man immediately showed a smile: “Master Pei is so impressive.”

The people next to him immediately followed with a few more compliments.

There were a few people who were clear-headed and couldn’t help muttering, they couldn’t help but say a few words before but seeing the person face to face they didn’t dare to think about it. After all, who was she? She’s the wife of Yan Chao. Why did Pei Shao say such a thing now?

If this continues something would bound to happen…right?

When she got into the car, Gu Xueyi asked, “Did you hurt your hand?”

“No.” Yan Wenbo’s hand shrank back.

“Take it out and let me see.”

Yan Wenbo hesitated before he took out his hands.

The skin on his finger was rubbed off showing the bone on his knuckles, revealing a bit of pink flesh and clogged blood on it.

Gu Xueyi bent down and fetched a medical kit for him. She paused and said.

“Last time when you fought with Jiang Jing, I wanted to ask it…why did you fail to beat him?”

Yan Wenbo froze.

And was a little shameful.

He won’t fight with anyone next time, wouldn’t he?

“Have you ever thought of hiring a teacher?” Gu Xueyi asked.

Yan Wenbo was startled.

…… So she didn’t mean to look down on him, but was seriously and objectively discussing the issue with him?

Yan Wenbo’s throat moved, and the sweetness of the sugar was still swirling in his mouth.

“Well…I have asked. But… It’s different. I have invited a taekwondo and sanda teacher. Jiang Jing he… he learned from his uncle. His uncle has served in the army and team, and his martial arts are based on real experience…”

Gu Xueyi suddenly realized.

So that’s it.

Soldiers from the Gu family’s army were often more powerful than the sons and brothers who have hired famous teachers.

Because the things learned in the military were much harsher and it was the ability to save lives.

“Then do you want to learn?” Gu Xueyi asked.


“Learn, the next time someone provokes you, you can do one move to defeat the enemy. Instead of relying on repeated blows in order to deter the opponent…… this is to cause death.”

Yan Wenbo sat there, a little shocked for a moment.

He never thought that one day, it would be Gu Xueyi who would teach him how to fight.

Without waiting for another word from Yan Wenbo, Gu Xueyi clapped her hands, “Let’s start with Fu Hu Quan.”

Yan Wenbo: “?”

Did he hear her right?

The name sounds very much like made-up martial art……

Gu Xueyi, however, had already mentally developed a complete training schedule for him.

It also prevents him from following others aimlessly and muddling through again.

“You have a good base, it won’t take long.” Gu Xueyi thought about it and said, “Half a month, half a month later Jiang Jing will have to be beaten passively.”


If this was really possible

Then he has the ability to protect himself as she says?

Could he …… protect her too?

After returning to the Yan home, Gu Xueyi quickly mimeographed a few things, one was the common boxing method used in the Gu family army, and the rest was also the way the army trained.

She gave them all to Yan Wenbo.

When she looked up, she found Yan Wenshu standing at the stairway looking at her.

“What’s wrong?” Gu Xueyi asked out loud.

“What did you give to Yan Wenbo?” anxiety could be seen at the bottom of Yan Wenshu’s eyes.

The little dreadlocks on her head had long been removed, and her slightly curled long hair was close to her cheek, looking a lot cleverer.


“I want it too.” Yan Wenshu blurted out. Then she realized what Gu Xueyi had said.


Gu Xueyi said book?

Yan Wenshu went abroad to study in high school. She was actually smart but after entering university she lost her motivation. She hadn’t touched these things like books for a long time.

The university tried to drop her out of school several times but finally gave up because of the Yan family.

“What book do you want?” Gu Xueyi asked.

“Anything…is good.”

Anyway, once she thought that Gu Xueyi only gave it to Yan Wenbo and not to her, she couldn’t help but suspect that Gu Xueyi didn’t like her.

Gu Xueyi turned around and went upstairs.

Her large bookshelf was filled with books, of all kinds, that she had bought in order to understand the world.

Gu Xueyi casually drew out a book that hadn’t been opened and gave it to Yan Wenshu.

Yan Wenshu took a look at it.

Advance Mathematics.

Yan Wenshu rolled her eyes and almost fainted on the spot.

But Gu Xueyi was right in front of her. Yan Wenshu firmly clasped the edge of the book and stammered.

“Well… I will… Have a good look.”

“Hmm.” Gu Xueyi then showed a little light smile and went upstairs.

I can, I can definitely…

Yan Wenshu grabbed the book and took a deep breath.

Wasn’t it just a matter of studying well and getting better every day from today?

I must be better than Yan Wenbo!

Pei Zhikang went on a trip to Jiangcheng and came back with several gift boxes in his trolley case.

He went straight to Baoxin.

Pei Lixin opened the door of her office and let him in.

“Got it?”

“Well, I did.”

Pei Lixin stretched out her hand: “Okay, give me that card first. For your pocket money this month, sister will call you separately.”

Pei Zhikang was surprised, “There’s no money left on that card, why are you asking it for?”

This time it was Pei Lixin who was surprised, her mind was buzzing, and was stunned for a while.

“What did you say?”

Pei Lixin hurriedly reached out to flip through his pocket.

“Have you run out of money?”

“Hmm. There are quite a few good things on display at this auction ……”

“How much did you take?” Pei Lixin asked eagerly.

“It’s not much. Just a turquoise necklace, a jade bracelet, a gold beaten collar, and a 23-carat diamond ……”

“It’s all spent?”

“No, there’s still more than 70,000 left, I swiped it when I went to stay in a hotel in Jiangcheng.”

Pei Lixin’s eyes darkened.

“Why did you buy much?”

Pei Zhikang smiled: “if she doesn’t like it, it’s better to have a few other things. We’re not broke. We should be generous, shouldn’t we?”

Pei Lixin took two hard breaths to stabilize.

She didn’t expect that she had paid such a high price to coax Gu Xueyi.

But Pei Lixin could not care less about the pain anymore.

“You send them over to her …… let her find a way to get Yan Chao’s seal.”

Pei Zhikang didn’t stop, dragging the trolley case, and left.

And he went directly to the Yan house.

At this time, Jian Rui just came to apologize. Pei Zhikang was blocked outside the gate of the Yan house for a long time before he was able to enter.

Originally, Pei Zhikang still has some resentment at the bottom of his heart.

These underlings of the Yans’ family were so dog-eyed that they couldn’t recognize him as Pei Lixin’s brother! By all accounts, he was a relative of the Yans’ family, so of course, he was also considered their master!

When the maid guided him into the door, with a quick glance Pei Zhikang saw Jian Rui sitting on the sofa and this made Pei Zhikang’s resentment subside.

That’s the Jian family.

No wonder the people of the Yan family told him to wait a little longer.

Jian Rui turned her head to look at Pei Zhikang and said in surprise, “Madam Yan still has guests here?”

“It’s nothing important.” Gu Xueyi bowed her head and sipped her tea, saying.

Jian Rui stood up: “that’s not good. Sorry to bother you again. Thank you, madam, for the other day. Take these things first. If you don’t like anything, if you like anything especially, please tell me in time. I’ll go back first.”

Gu Xueyi answered.

Pei Zhikang heard Jian Rui’s words and instinctively looked at the tea table in front of Gu Xueyi.

He saw a row of boxes spread out there.

The boxes were decorated with rare gems, and the diamond in the first box alone was the famous Exarchus diamond that he had seen before ……

Jian’s family certainly would not send fake goods to the door.

Pei Zhikang’s eyelids twitched, and he felt a little regret inwardly as he blames Pei Lixin a little more.

The money that Pei Lixin gave was too little to buy anything more expensive.

Now the gift box he’s holding in his hand, in front of these things, it just doesn’t start to compare….

Pei Ji Kang felt that it became harder for him to get a smile from her.

“What’s the matter with Master Pei?” Gu Xueyi looked up at him.

Pei Zhikang was usually quite high profile outside, has Baoxin at his back and he bears the name of being related to the Yan family so most people outside regard him highly.

But at this moment, standing in front of Gu Xueyi, Pei Zhikang felt little and unable to open his mouth.

“No… nothing, just brought a little something for the madam.”

Pei Zhikang took out the things inside one by one and didn’t let Gu Xueyi pick them out, so they were all piled up there.

He was even more reluctant to mention Pei Lixin’s request.

Jian Rui sent so many things that she didn’t ask anything from Gu Xueyi. Wouldn’t it seem that the Pei family were petty if they asked for something!

Pei Zhikang thought for a moment and said.

“If madam can appreciate the honor, there will be a charity dinner on the 7th…”

“I’ll think about it.” Gu Xueyi said.

Pei Zhikang was not angry but felt that he was too incompetent, so he nodded and hurried away, so as not to see the pile of things sent by Jian Rui again. The more he looked, the more he felt uncomfortable.

After sending Pei Zhikang away, the maid came over and asked in a whisper, “Madam, these things ……”

“Well, put it all away and put it in my room.” Gu Xueyi didn’t act very interested.

Wang Yue in the corner, however, was knotted up and shocked.

Pei Zhikang she met, that Pei Lixin’s brother was usually acting like he was bigger than the young master of the Yan family.

But today?

Today, not only Jian Rui of the Jian family came to the door to deliver things, but also Pei Zhikang was respectful in front of Gu Xueyi

This world… was too magical.

At this time, Gu Xueyi opened the unfinished book “currency war”.

This time she had just reached page 91 when the phone rang again.

Gu Xueyi wrung her eyebrows. Was someone deliberately trying to keep her from finishing reading this book?

She picked up the phone and a bodyguard’s voice came from the other end.

The bodyguard was responsible for keeping an eye on Yan Wenbo, lest he messes around or be used to threaten the Yan family at such a juncture.

This was also today, Gu Xueyi only just got the contact information of the bodyguard from Chen Yujin.

Gu Xueyi told him to report if any trouble befell Yan Wenbo.

“Madam, the fourth young master has entered a clubhouse…” the bodyguard said on the other end, in a slightly odd tone.

Gu Xueyi heard the oddity in his tone and asked, “Well, what does the clubhouse do?”

“This clubhouse is owned by the Feng family, just a place where the rich generation gathers.”

The bodyguard said awkwardly, “That is. It’s just a high-class, light, and green place to have fun. Often hold some activities ……”

Gu Xueyi almost got it: “Are you sure that Yan Wenbo went in?”

The bodyguard was stunned.



The club held a new activity today.

The theme of the event was that was is not allowed to say “NO”.

A group of people entered the world carefully.

“I’ve heard there are still some big boys out here from time to time ……”

“Yan Wenbo refused to come in… Gee, but his face is enough. Let’s just come in.”



“Your last number * * * * card, 11:11 on October 28, quick payment expenditure (tiantianle snack Department) 2.00 yuan…”

The young man read the text message back and forth twice.

Now she even went to the roadside shop?

He remembered that the Yan family was not bankrupt.

The door opened with a squeak at this time.

The young man looked up as a young college-looking girl timidly walked in, “I, I was sent by Mr. Tata to treat your wound.”


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The author has something to say: Yan Chao, the morning sunrise. Another brother is coming out.


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