Chapter 199

Jiang Hengshu hesitated a little before he nodded, got up, and went to the lounge, which was originally prepared for the actors’ lunch break, but now no one needs a lunch break in this situation.

“Isn’t it too tiring for Xiao Jiang to run here every day like this?”

The assistant director also asked at the side.

Fu Zhen sighed: “I am also afraid that it would be too tiring, so I persuaded him but he does not listen.”

The assistant director patted Fu Zhen’s shoulder with an “I-understand-I-understand” expression. Fu Zhen on the other hand does not know what the assistant director understands.

After a period of rest, he was ready to start shooting a scene when they heard Zeng Xingke’s screeching scream. The high tone made Fu Zhen think that he might also be very talented in singing tenor. All the members of the crew stopped their work and looked at him to know what was wrong with him.

 “Hands hands hands hands ……” Zeng Xingke called out frantically.

Fu Zhen and other staff members thought Zeng Xingke’s hand was injured and rushed over to see if it was necessary to rush him to the hospital.

Only when they got to Zeng Xingke’s side did they see the reason why he screamed. Right beside Zeng Xingke was a lifelike hand that was full of blood, it seems that a staff forgot it here when he moved the prop.

The whole crew got worried after hearing Zeng Xingke scream like a butchered chicken after seeing the bloody hand that made him scared shitless.

Wei Dechi took a look sighed, gaze at Zeng Xingke like he was a fool, and said to him somewhat helplessly.

“That’s a prop.”

Zeng Xingke swallowed a mouthful of saliva

“How…how could there be such a thing?”

Wei Dechi: “We are on a horror film set, having this kind of prop is very normal.”

Zeng Xingke exhaled, and his pale face was finally a little better.

“But why are the props too realistic? Don’t you know how scared I was seeing that? I had a cold sweat, I fucking thought someone in the crew killed someone and hide the body.”

Wei Dechi: “You ask director Fu, I heard that he personally made these props.”

Fu Zhen then coolly spoke from the side.

“Later, you will use these props so familiarize yourself with it, there is a sack of props over there.”

Zeng Xingke: “…”

With that, the staff carried the sack with great cooperation, opened it in front of Zeng Xingke, and let him look at the broken limbs and arms, this almost made Zeng Xingke faint.

Fu Zhen asked him, “are you ready? Are you familiar?”

Zeng Xingke felt that director Fu’s tone tonight was strange and thought that he might be replaced, he hurriedly nodded.

“Familiar with it.”

“You won’t call it out again when we’re filming?” Fu Zhen asked again.

“No more.”

Fu Zhen gave an affirmative sound and sat down in front of the monitor. Zeng Xing looked in Fu Zhen’s direction for a while and asked curiously.

“Why does director Fu look a little angry?”

The assistant director patted Zeng Xingke’s shoulder and said.

“You may not understand it, but Xiao Jiang just went to the lounge to rest and should be asleep by now but because of your scream Xiao Jiang must have been awakened. But don’t worry even if Director Fu is angry, he would soon forget about it, not even five minutes later and he will forget about it.”

Zeng Xingke let out an “ah”, feeling forced to eat another mouthful of dog food. He nodded and said.

“I will familiarize the props, I will familiarize them.”

If Fu Zhen hears these remarks from the assistant director, he would understand that the assistant director really did understand his dilemma and was not pretending.

Fu Zhen and his crew did not finish shooting until 1:30 a.m.

During shooting, Zheng Xingke himself did not know what he eats but his acting skills have improved by leaps and bounds making the shooting progress much faster.

Fu Zhen helped the staff to pack up the props together. He held the remaining foam boards in his hands and said to the prop’s director.

“You all go. I’ll do the rest.”

“Then, Director Fu, we’re leaving?”

Fu Zhen nodded and waited for the staff to leave, he then carried the foam board in his hand inside the warehouse and then went to the lounge.

A full moon was hanging in the air, pouring out silver lights giving a faint light to Fu Zhen who was standing outside the lounge and carefully pushed the door open, trying not to make any noise.

After entering the lounge, he took off his coat and walked quietly to the bedside. However, Jiang Hengshu still woke up, he opened his sleepy eyes and saw that Fu Zhen had come, he planned to get up thinking they should go home now.

Unexpectedly, Fu Zhen smiled directly, then climbed into bed, got into Jiang Hengshu’s quilt, and said to him.

“Don’t get up. Let’s sleep here tonight.”

It would take more than half an hour to drive home from the site, not to mention it’s not safe to drive late at night.

Jiang Hengshu asked him, “aren’t you afraid?”

The location of their site was remote, it was an abandoned station. A fire broke out a few years ago and was said that many people died. The surrounding area was desolate and uninhabited, and there were even rumors of haunting.

“I’m with you,” Fu Zhen leaned in Jiang Hengshu’s arms.

“I’m sleepy I’ll go to sleep.” he then pretended to yawn.

Jiang Hengshu chuckled. He reached out and took Fu Zhen into his arms, patted him on the back, and soon the sound of Jiang Hengshu’s breathing became even.

It was very quiet, and occasionally there was a few insect sounds. The moonlight poured in through the small window on the wall. Fu Zhen narrowed his eyes and glanced at it, considering whether he should buy a bed curtain to hang from it tomorrow, he then stretched out his arms and legs, before the whole person climbed on Jiang Hengshu like a koala.

The next morning, the sun came in through the window without the bed curtain. Fu Zhen lazily opened his sleepy eyes and found that Jiang Hengshu had already woken up and was wearing headphones to watch a video.

Fu Zhen leaned over and put his arm on Jiang Hengshu’s belly and asked him

“What are you watching?”

“Your interview.”

“What is there to see.” Fu Zhen stretched his neck as he also wants to look.

Jiang Hengshu took off his earphone and played the sound on the speaker. The scene being shown happened to be where the host called Fu Zhen’s lover Mrs. Fu which made Fu Zhen flash a genuine and beautiful smile before he said.

“Is very beautiful.”

Jiang Hengshu glanced at him sideways and gently called out.

“Mrs. Jiang?”

“Mrs. Fu?”

Jiang Hengshu thought it was too childish to keep calling themselves that way, like two bickering schoolchildren, so he kept silent, while Fu Zhen climbed up the pole and expressed his opinion to Jiang Hengshu.

“I think Mrs. Fu is better.”


“Because Mrs. Fu sounded like a rich lady.”

Jiang Hengshu pursed his lips and smiled, he then reached out and rubbed Fu Zhen’s head.

“Put your clothes on, I’ll send you home.”

Zeng Xingke’s fans came to the production team that night. There were not many of them, together, there were less than 20 of them. They were all loyal fans who chased Zeng Xingke after his debut.

Zeng Xingke was naturally very patient with these little fans, but he didn’t expect that among them were also Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen CP fans. When they learned that Jiang Hengshu was also on the production team, they immediately informed their sisters in arms.

After the live broadcast, the little fans thought of a question. Since Jiang Hengshu comes to visit Fu Zhen, then Mrs. Jiang should also be here, right?

Up to now, they have not seen what Mrs. Jiang looks like. They only know that she and Jiang Hengshu met when they were working.

“Does Mrs. Jiang good-looking?” Someone from Zeng Xingke’s fans asked a question.

Then they saw the expression on Zeng Xingke’s face.

“He ……”

Zeng Xingke looked back at Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen who were sitting together and said with a sigh.

“You’ll know when you meet the person.”

They’ll know when they met the person?

Hearing this kind of response made the fans’ expectations plummet. Was Mrs. Jiang not good-looking, that’s why Zeng Xingke has that expression?

After thinking for a while, the fans stopped worrying about this matter. In the end, they were still Zeng Xingke’s fans. Driving their attention away, they next thought of Zeng Single’s scene and all the fans stand aside quietly as they watch Zeng Xingke on the set.

After seeing Zeng Xingke’s performance, all the fans who witnessed his changes firsthand had one thought and felt very relieved. To show their gratitude, a fan went and gave Fu Zhen a whitening mask.

Fu Zhen held the mask in his hand with a dumbfounded face and then heard the fan say.

“This is for your lover, hydrating and whitening.”

Director Fu’s wife had moved bricks on the construction site before. She must have suffered a lot of wind and rain that could have damaged her face. He should help his wife take good care and maintain his wife’s skin. With this thought, the fan praises her wit.

Fu Zhen thanked the fan and thought about how to get this thing on Jiang Hengshu’s face.

At the beginning of May, Ma Yuan really came to the crew. At this time, Zeng Xingke’s work was almost finished. But after hearing about this, he insisted on staying on the crew and learning from his predecessors.

But in fact, he just wanted to see if Ma Yuan really came over to replace himself, but it turned out that Ma Yuan really just came over for a cameo and did not ask for a fee.

Fu Zhen was as surprised as Zen Xingke. Ma Yuan suddenly contacted him and said that he wanted to play a guest role in his crew and that he doesn’t need a salary. Fu Zhen has no reason to refuse.

In addition, the chief screenwriter of their crew, Wei Dechi, was also a die-hard fan of Ma Yuan. After hearing Ma Yuan’s intention, Wei Dechi immediately added a beautiful and charming villain to the script at the very last minute.

Another person who felt strange about this was Ma Yuan himself. He had spent a good holiday abroad when suddenly, he received a call from Fu Ting asking for his help.

Ma Yuan owed Fu Ting a favor a few years ago, and now he could repay it by just playing a guest role. Ma Yuan naturally agreed, but Fu Ting also told him not to reveal his name in front of Fu Zhen.

Ma Yuan came to repay his debt from Fu Ting by helping Fu Zhen.

After he learned that Fu Zhen was going to make a horror film, he studied it. The box office of horror films has been stagnant in recent years, and by getting his help Fu Zhen’s film would sure to get a box office hit.



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