Chapter 200

Ma Yuan has gradually faded out of the entertainment industry in the past few years and filmed almost only one film a year, last year his figure simply did not appear on the big screen and this made his fans look forward to him even more, so with the addition of Ma Yuan, it should be impossible for them to lose money in this film.

Ma Yuan had read the script before he came here and praised Wei Dechi for his screenwriting ability.

“Your script is good. It was really scary.”

When Fu Zhen came to the set the next night, he saw the dark circle under Ma Yuan’s eyes. He asked with concern.

“Mr. Ma didn’t have a good rest yesterday?”

Ma Yuan sighed and said to Fu Zhen.

“Don’t mention it. I didn’t think much about the script after reading it during the day yesterday. I just thought Wei Dechi’s idea was very good. But, when I came home at night, I remembered about my mother who appeared later in the script, I didn’t even dare to turn off the light. I’m not going to sleep well these two days.”

Wei Dechi took this as a compliment from Ma Yuan and immediately came up to Ma Yuan.

“Teacher Ma, look at the lines to see if there is anything that needs to be changed?”

Ma Yuan read the original script so he knew that Wei Dechi didn’t complete his character design and story until today. Ma Yuan took the new script in his hand and read a few pages. Alas, he said.

“There are still a lot of lines?”

Wei Dechi doggedly said to Ma Yuan.

“Teacher Ma, if you think there are too many lines, I …… myself can add some money to give you some extra pay.”

Fu Zhen: “….”

It was clear that Wei Dechi was indeed a die-hard fan of Ma Yuan.

“That’s not necessary. I said I don’t want any payment for the film.”

Ma Yuan then smiled at Wei Dechi and said, “I really like this role.”

Ma Yuan officially joined the crew, and after the news was known by the paparazzi who were lurking around the crew day and night, it was immediately posted to the Internet. Netizens knew that Fu Zhen didn’t invest much in the film, so it was very strange how he would have invited Ma Yuan to play.

After a period of discussion, they guessed that Ma Yuan might just show up in the film and won’t have too many parts.

Ma Yuan’s fans were a little unhappy when they learned that he was going to join Fu Zhen’s horror film. Ma Yuan made a guest appearance in this film this year and may not participate in other films.

They had hoped that Ma Yuan could cooperate with the major directors of literary and artistic films to win international awards but ended up in Fu Zhen’s small and poor crew.

It’s not that Fu Zhen was bad, but the difference between this film and what they hope was too big. After all, there were too few horror films that could win awards and Ma Yuan was not the leading actor in this film. Fans were thinking that this was not worth it for Ma Yuan.

However, only the party concerned could judge whether it was worth it or not. When Ma Yuan received the task from Fu Ting, he thought he was going to guest star in a bad film, but after he got the script, he completely gave up his previous idea.

Then he saw two previous films made by Fu Zhen and learned about Fu Zhen’s level, so he was curious why Fu Ting had to guest star himself, even without him there was no problem for Fu Zhen to make some money in this film. After all, he has only invested a total of 10million yuan.

On the other hand, Ma Yuan deserves to be the one who has won a full set of movie stars. It’s perfect and exciting to cooperate with Zhou Wenliang.

After knowing that Ma Yuan was not coming to replace him, Zeng Xingke still chooses to stay on the crew. In the evening, he sits on a pony under the light and stares at the two people who were acting. A wonderful feeling was quietly growing in his heart. He also hopes that he could be like these two one day, be able to portray any character.

The acting between these people was enjoyable to watch, and this also made Fu Zhen happy directing the scene.

At this time, Fu Zhen received a call from Gao Tian asking if he was short with actors and that she was free to come by to help him.

Fu Zhen asked Gao Tian with a smile.

“If you’re so free come to my small crew.”

Gao Tian replied on the phone.

“I want to be more beautiful.”

Fu Zhen hmmm, said to Gao Tian

“You can be beautiful, I can guarantee you are the most beautiful of its kind, but you won’t be paid for this time.”

Gao Tian agreed: “I don’t want to be paid for the film, just make me look good.”

Fu Zhen glanced at Zhou Wenliang who was under the light with a smile on the corners of his lips and said to Gao Tian.

“I’ve been shooting night scenes lately, so if you want to come for a cameo, you’ll have to come at night.”

“I know.”

Gao Tian came to the set the next night, but the character he got was a ghost bride that was supposed to be acted by one of the performer’s groups.

After Gao Tian finished her makeup in the dressing room she immediately came out and went toward Fu Zhen and menacingly asked him.

“Why do I feel like I’m on a pirate ship? How am I beautiful?”

Fu Zhen gave Gao Tian a thumbs up.

“The most beautiful female ghost in history.”

Gao Tian: “….”

She suddenly remembered that Fu Zhen told her on the phone to ensure that she was the most beautiful of her kind, so this is what he meant, Gao Tian immediately waved her fist at Fu Zhen.

“Fu Zhen I’ll kill you.”

Fu Zhen smiled: “Still filming or not? Mr. Zhou, Gao Tian is coming over, you can tell her about her next scene!”

Zhou Wenliang answered and waved at Gao Tian, who instantly turned into a little lady and walked over to Zhou Wenliang.

Just like when they were filming White Castle, Zhou Wenliang taught Gao Tian one movement at a time and then had to take care of her expressions and eyes.

Zeng Xingke looked at the two people on the set and came to a realization, he exclaimed.

“So that’s how Gao Tian shot her scene.”

After saying this, he felt a little wrong. They were both bad actors but how could there be such a big difference in treatment! He has been on the cast for so long, but no one has taught him like that.

Fu Zhen glanced at him and immediately guessed what Zeng Xingke was thinking. He said to him.

“If you have the ability, you can let teacher Zhou teach you so.”

Zeng Xingke smirked and frankly admitted.

“I don’t have the ability.”

Gao Tian didn’t have many scenes and soon finished shooting. When she left, she specially came to Fu Zhen and said to him.

“If you want me to play such a role in the future, don’t come to me.”

“What if Mr. Zhou is there?” Fu Zhen said with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

Gao Tian coughed gently, turned around, and secretly glanced at Zhou Wenliang, who was playing with Zeng Xingke. Without answering the question, she waved to Fu Zhen.

“Director Fu, I’m leaving.”

Fu Zhen hummed as he watched Gao Tian leave the set, and then redirected his eyes to the monitor’s screen in front of him to prepare for the next scene.

In May, Fu Jianchen often visits the crew during the night and would stand in the crowd for a long time. He had done this many times, but every time Fu Zhen did not notice his figure until the assistant director told Fu Zhen about it.

Only then would Fu Zhen search for Fu Jianchen’s figure in the crowd every day before he starts filming.

He also instructed the staff to give Fu Jianchen a stool to sit on in case they saw him. From then, Fu Jianchen would sit not far behind Fu Zhen, quietly, as if he were the same as the rest of the crew. However, when all the people put their eyes on the actors performing, his eyes have been following Fu Zhen gently and firmly.

Ma Yuan’s scene shot very smoothly, and soon after his character was killed, several other people in the crew discussed, ready to give Ma Yuan a farewell dinner party.

The time for the farewell dinner party was this evening.

Fu Zhen thought about it and before the crew finished their work, he shouted to Fu Jianchen and said to him.

“Stay and have dinner later.”

Fu Jianchen was stunned for a moment and looked up at Fu Zhen. It seemed that it took him a long time to realize what Fu Zhen had said to him. A smile slowly came out of the corner of his mouth and nodded at Fu Zhen.

Fu Zhen felt his eyes were sour, he immediately looked away and looked at the mountains in the distance. The mountains looked like it was getting further and further as the dark silhouette slowly envelops its body.

All the voices in the night were amplified, including the sound of the hard wall slowly cracking at the bottom of his heart.

Fu Jianchen’s phone rang, usually at this time he should have arrived home, but today he was still not home and this made Fu Ting worry about him, so he called to ask.

After hanging up, Fu Jianchen hesitated and said to Fu Zhen.

“Fu Ting also wants to come over.”

Fu Zhen nodded, there were already so many people here so it doesn’t really matter if he added one more.

Jiang Hengshu also came to their party after finishing his work. Most of the people in the crew knew the relationship between Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu.

As long as they had seen the connection between Fu Zhen and Mrs. Jiang, that might be one person, they could easily find out the truth by comparing them.

At the dinner table, except for the three men surnamed Fu, all the others drank some wine. Ma Yuan’s cheeks were flushed, and he was afraid that he couldn’t tell the difference between east and west.

It has been a long time since Ma Yuan had been in the capital, so he didn’t know that Fu Zhen and the Fu family were at odds. He patted Fu Ting’s shoulder as he sighed and said.

“It turns out that director Fu is your brother, you could have told me to come and do your brother a favor. And not mysteriously called me out here, I even thought you were secretly in love with Director Fu.”

With that, Ma Yuan laughed, then his head fell down and fell asleep on the table.

Fu Zhen raised his head to look at Fu Ting, who was sitting across from him, and only then did he realize that Ma Yuan was called over by Fu Ting.

He held the glass that was full of juice, and after a long time, he spoke softly and said to Fu Ting.

“Thank you.”

Fu Ting did not need this thank you from Fu Zhen, he just wanted to do what he could for Fu Zhen, so he shook his head.

“It’s nothing.”

The dinner didn’t end until late at night. Ma Yuan and Zeng Xingke were both brought back by their agents. Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting had a drink so Fu Zhen called the Fu family’s housekeeper and asked to send someone to pick them up. Then he drove Jiang Hengshu home.



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