Chapter 198

After April 9, Fu Zhen resumed his previous work schedule and began to work, and this time Zeng Xingke’s progress in the crew was visible to the naked eye. His acting skills have improved and could be seen that he has a talent for acting but unfortunately, because of the director and some of his own reasons, it was only now that he found out. Fu Zhen even began to discuss with Wei Dechi whether to give him more scenes.

It has been a while since Zhang Zhenmeng send the photos and he still didn’t have any results he wanted. Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen still appeared in the paparazzi’s cameras as usual without any conflict between them.

Zhang Zhenmeng still didn’t give up on his dream, thinking that if Mrs. Jiang couldn’t do it then he should start from Jiang Hengshu. If he saw that Fu Zhen was close to other men, would he still be able to sit still? Up to now, Zhang Zhenmeng has completely forgotten his original intention and wants to find someone to accompany him with his bad luck.

It’s very easy to take photos of Fu Zhen with other men in the same frame. As a director, Fu Zhen often deals with actors. To tell the truth, the paparazzi were impatient with taking photos of Fu Zhen secretly. Every day, they take similar photos, and netizens read similar comments. Only those CP fans sincerely expect their revelations every day.

If it hadn’t been for the money Zhang Zhen dreamed of, they would have quit. However, although they were still working for the money, they were becoming more and more confused. The photos were not as ambiguous as before.

In the face of the online photos of Fu Zhen, Zhou Wenliang, Zeng Xingke, and Wei Dechi in the same frame, netizens smiled and didn’t take it seriously. It’s normal for men to hook their shoulders and carry their backs. Moreover, when they were in the same frame as Fu Zhen, netizens don’t find them good to look at. In other words, they don’t have that “spice” Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu had.

But Zeng Xingke’s fans were a little unhappy, feeling that their top flow star has been rubbed out of the heat, but when they think of their idol now working in Fu Zhen’s drama, to prevent their idol from being worn small shoes, the fans could only put this unhappiness all in their hearts.

Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen were still doing what they do, what they should do, and what they usually do, they simply did not notice these hidden voices online.

With all of these, Zhang Zhenmeng’s anger was imaginable, more so, since she had just quarreled with her new boyfriend adding fuel to the fire. And at this time, her agent called her and said.

“You have been frozen by the company for half a year. During this time, you can stay at home.”

Zhang Zhenmeng couldn’t accept it for a moment and immediately asked the agent.

“Frozen? Why froze me? Have I broken my contract?”

The agent said coldly on the other end of the phone.

“This is a decision made by the top, probably you have offended someone, think about it yourself.”

Zhang Zhenmeng has been careful in the circle over the years. There were only a handful of people who have made enemies with her, and those people simply don’t have a big thigh to let the company freeze her.

The only people she has offended recently were Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen. At that time, she thought she had climbed onto the big boss Jin Hao, so the whole person was a little elated and was stimulated by the netizens to lose her mind. Until now, when she heard the news that the company was going to freeze her, Zhang Zhenmeng reflected on how big a mistake she had made.

It seemed that Fu Zhen’s position in Jiang Hengshu’s heart was much more important than she thought.

She should still think about how to get herself out of this matter now. Zhang Zhenmeng Zhang said to her agent, “I understand,” and then the two hung up the phone.

On the set, Fu Zhen sat in front of the monitor with a walkie-talkie in his hand.

“All preparation is in place. The actors should find their own positions and get ready. The next scene will start shooting immediately.”

After waiting for a while the noise did not quiet down, Fu Zhen stood up, walked over, and asked.

“What’s going on here?”

The assistant director came over from the side and replied to Fu Zhen.

“Director Fu, a group actor was just saying that he wasn’t coming.”

Fu Zhen asked, “What’s going on?”

“He said he won eight million dollars buying a lottery ticket and wouldn’t come back.”

Fu Zhen: “….”

Wow, that’s a new level of lunch box he got there.

The place they were shooting now was desolate and it was almost impossible to find a group actor at this time, so Fu Zhen asked the crew if someone was willing to act the part.

They don’t need someone who has a superb skill in acting, as long as the corpse on the beam could open its eyes and stare at the camera for a while, would do.

The assistant director shook his head like a rattle after noticing Fu Zhen’s gaze on him.

“Don’t look at me, director, the posture is too difficult and I’m an old man with old arms and legs, I can’t do it, I really can’t do it.”

Fu Zhen’s gaze roamed around the set and finally stopped at Jiang Hengshu. Jiang Hengshu at this time was getting his water, he raised his head and met Fu Zhen’s eyes.

Fu Zhen coughed gently, walked over to Jiang Hengshu, and issued an invitation.

“Mr. Jiang, would you like to come to our film and television industry to develop and grow?”

Jiang Hengshu with a water bottle in his hand smiled helplessly at Fu Zhen and said.

“Actually, I’ve always had—”

Without waiting for Jiang Hengshu to finish, Fu Zhen beckoned the makeup artist not far away and pointed to Jiang Hengshu and said.

“Makeup artist put a makeup on him.”

Fu Zhen smiled with his white teeth showing at Jiang Hengshu, went over to pat his shoulder, and said to him.

“I’ll give you a red packet after the shooting.”

Jiang Hengshu: “Only red envelope?”

Fu Zhen thought about it and added, “Big red envelope.”

Less than half an hour later, Jiang Hengshu came out of the dressing room. His face was light gray with black carrion on his cheek. Seeing his face, Fu Zhen gave him a thumbs up.

“You are the most handsome corpse in the whole show!”

He was a little tall.

Fu Zhen silently swallowed the words before he glanced at the beam above the house and asked Jiang Hengshu.

“Is it okay for you to go up?”

Jiang Hengshu gave him an OK sign. Fu Zhen then said to him.

“When you see Zhou Wenliang pushing the door in and walking under you, just open your eyes.”

“Is all?” Asked Jiang Hengshu.

His tone seemed to ask if he could act more on the scene.

Fu Zhen said, “we can add special effects later.”


Jiang Hengshu responded and went up with a ladder along the side to the beam and posed.

Fu Zhen said “jiayou” to him silently, then went back to his monitor and sat down. He picked up the walkie-talkie once again.

“All departments are ready, the actors are in place, start.”

Jiang Hengshu’s performance was fairly good as he did what Fu Zhen instructed. Almost all his scenes were over.

After the scene was filmed, the midnight snack that Fu Zhen ordered for everyone was also delivered. Everyone took a rest for a while.

Zeng Xingke was in a daze while holding his lunch box when his phone rang. The agent asked him on the phone.

“Cocoa, have you eaten?”

Zeng Xingke sighed.

“What more should I eat? I’m full just eating dog food.”

Not far away, under the dim yellow light, Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu were glued together. Jiang Hengshu was picking out all the pepper and ginger slices in Fu Zhen’s lunch box and then took the meatballs in his lunch box and put it on Fu Zhen. These dog men didn’t pay attention to the occasion at all and simply didn’t care if anyone was watching.

“Why are you calling me?” Zeng Xingke can ask.

The agent said, “I heard that Ma Yuan is coming to your crew. Does director Fu want to change you again?”

“No way!”

Zeng Xingke denied it, he had performed so well in the past few days, how could director Fu be cruel enough to replace him? And Ma Yuan was a paid actor, they were a poor crew how could they hire new people.

The agent snorted and didn’t ask any more about this.

“Oh. By the way, there are some of your fans who want to come and visit the crew. You ask director Fu if it’s okay. “


Although just now Zeng Xingke denied the rumors that Ma Yuan might replace him on the phone just now, but as soon as the call ended his heart throbbed. And couldn’t help asking himself if Fu Zhen wasn’t really trying to replace him, after all, didn’t he act well these past two days?

This time, he really didn’t have the appetite to eat the midnight snack. Zeng Xingke hesitated for a moment before he ran to Fu Zhen.

“Director Fu, some of my fans want to visit the crew, is that okay?”

“Yes, they can, but we have been shooting night scenes recently. This place is also very remote. You should pay attention to your safety when they come here.”

“I am fully responsible for this.”

Zeng Xingke has a close interaction with his fans, except for the plane tickets, he could handle all other accommodations and chartered cars for the crew.

“That’s okay.”

Zeng Xingke didn’t leave even after hearing Fu Zhen’s answer and instead just lowered his head like a shy little girl. Fu Zhen had intended to whisper to Jiang Hengshu, but Zeng Xingke was stuck here like a headlamp bubble, unable to say anything.

Fu Zhen raised his eyebrows and then asked him.

“Is there anything else?”

“No, it’s okay.”

Zeng Xingke shook his head, he was afraid that once he said it, there was not even a chance to change Fu Zhen’s decision. That mustn’t happen! He was the one who invested five million in the crew, so how could he let himself be easily replaced.

Zeng Xingke turned around and walked to the corner with his lunchbox, squatting down and sulking.

Fu Zhen just whispered two words to Jiang Hengshu when Wei Dechi came over, he pointed to the mushroom Zeng Xingke in the corner and asked Fu Zhen.

“Director Fu, what happened to him?”

Fu Zhen shook his head, “I don’t know.”

After thinking about it, he added.

“Maybe because his fans are coming for a visit he got more nervous just like a marriage blues syndrome.”

“Is that so?” Wei Dechi stared at Zeng Xingke for a moment and said to Fu Zhen.

“I thought you were bullying him again.”

“Why am I bullying him if I have nothing to do?” Fu Zhen turned his head to Jiang Hengshu and smiled, “Right?”

Jiang Hengshu gave a hmmm and fell back in his chair and yawned.

Fu Zhen frowned and asked Jiang Hengshu.

“You follow me all day long and stay up all night, is your body okay?”

Although Fu Zhen also stays up late at night, he sleeps during the day and gets up later, but Jiang Hengshu has to go to work in the morning.

Fu Zhen was afraid that his body will not be able to stand it.

“You go to the lounge to sleep a while, when I finished shooting I’ll call you.”



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