TMBAM 29.2

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Chapter 29 (part2)

The mental growth of the children of the Yan family was slower than that of the children of the Gu Family and the Sheng Family in the past.

In particular, Yan Wenbo used to be away from home for three to five days, and when he was outside, he either fought with people or played illegal race cars… he strictly controls his daily activities.

She doesn’t know how long had passed and just heard Chen Yujin’s voice resounding inside the car.

“Here we are.”

Gu Xueyi opened her eyes.

Chen Yujin walked out of the car, went around to her side, and pulled the door open for her.

At the same time, he whispered.

“What else did Pei Lixin promise madam today?”

“It’s not her promise, it’s my order.” Gu Xueyi said.

“Order?” Chen Yujin froze.

“I told her that I like the various colors of gemstones and put it together as a set, and I like Hetian jade as well as jadeite ……”

Chen Yujin couldn’t help but lose his smile: “Madam is a bit ruthless. Pei Lixin is going to have a heartache.”

This time he was genuinely smiling, not a facade of pretense.

Gu Xueyi shook her head, “What’s all this?”

If she recited a few of the gift lists that were sent to her on her birthday every year when she was in the past, she would be able to make Pei Lixin empty out her private money.

Chen Yujin paused.

Walked Gu Xueyi in the door.

What’s all this?

It was hard to imagine that these words would come from Gu Xueyi’s mouth.

But her tone was indeed cloudy, even dismissive. Those things, it seems, were not in her eyes at all.

Chen Yujin not only thought once again, could the Gu family really raise such a daughter?

Gu Xueyi entered the door.

Yan Wenshu sat on the sofa and had been trying to paint for a while now, but she was a bit restless and couldn’t get into it. When she heard footsteps, she immediately put down the drawing board in her hand. When she saw that it was Gu Xueyi who had returned, she hurriedly picked up the drawing board again.

“I …… heard from a psychiatrist that you can soothe restlessness like this.” Yan Wenshu said awkwardly.

“Well.” Gu Xueyi stepped forward.

Yan Wenshu was a little afraid of her, but also a little like her, and still wants to be her.

Yan Wenshu started and said, “Yan Wenbo didn’t come back today…”

“En, I already know.” Gu Xueyi said, handing out the gift box she was carrying in her hand.

“Here you go.”

Yan Wenshu was flattered as she take it over, and her hand clenched the strap tightly.

When she came back to her senses, Gu Xueyi had already gone upstairs.

This was the first time Yan Wenshu received a gift from her “family”.

Sort of a …… family, right?

She was the wife of the elder brother.

She was her sister-in-law.

Yan Wenshu opened the lid and saw the pigeon blood red gem inside.

Yan Wenshu’s breath lagged.

She has seen many precious stones, but none as beautiful as this one…..

Was Gu Xueyi rewarding her?

Yan Wenshu closed the lid and cradled the gift box in her arms.

Yan Wenbo certainly did not.

Yan Wenjia certainly didn’t either.

Yan Wenshu held the box and couldn’t help but let out a sound: “Hee hee.” Then she fiercely covered her mouth again and looked around to make sure no one heard her disorderly laughter before she went upstairs.

In the crew, Yan Wenjia, who was brought to by cue, had his hair scattered, his neckline ripped open, and her buttons scattered.

That melancholy and icy smell enveloped his body even deeper.

He especially stayed up all night to shoot the following scene again.

Director Li sat behind the monitor and was moved to tears.

Heaven’s he’s hired a treasure!

In this circle, there was no one more fucking dedicated than Yan Wenjia!

“Cut!” Director Li shouted with the loudspeaker, “Take one pass!”

After securing the footage, director Li hurriedly let Yan Wenjia rest.

Yan Wenjia still did not immediately leave, but sat outside the field, holding a phone, typing a few words, typed and deleted……

Yan Wenjia looked at the pressed dialog box, and finally picked up his phone and took a selfie of his haggard appearance.


@Jia: three in the morning. [picture]

After posting the Weibo, he manually refreshed it again and watched as the comments section quickly flooded with fans.

[Why did you shoot so late? Ahhhhh, heartache]

[Withered, is my brother out of money to spend? Suddenly being dedicated. I’ll give Brother Jia spending money ah!]

[3:00 AM? Surprise! Brother Jia, go to sleep! Your face is so haggard! But you still look great! What beautiful skin!]



Yan Wenjia read the comments, all kinds of distressed, and lamented how dedicated he was.

Only after seeing was he satisfied, and only then did he put away his phone: “Go.”

The agent followed.

Who’s heart was uneasy.

He was getting more and more confused about what Brother Jia thoughts……

Yan Wenbo did not return to the Yan family that night.

He slept at the hotel for one night and then went to school.

When they arrived at school, the others came over and tried to put their arms around his neck, but glancing at the cold expression on his face, they had the good sense to restrain themselves.

But their mouth did not stop: “I’ll just say it, why did fourth Young Master Yan suddenly change? No, in fact, the fourth young man still hasn’t changed!”

These rich second-generation people were not people who follow the rules.

Certainly, they don’t want the people in their circle to suddenly turn into a good child and become a good son who listens to their parent’s words.

Otherwise, wouldn’t their reckless and licentious actions look silly?

Yan Wenbo ignored the other party, went straight to the corner and sat down, put the book on the shelf, and started to sleep on his stomach.

Seeing that they couldn’t get him to talk, they curled their lips and didn’t go away. Instead, they sat together, two rows in front of Yan Wenbo.

Yan Wenbo just narrowed his eyes.

There seemed to be a few more people sitting down in front of them, and one of them said, “I saw Yan Wenbo’s sister-in-law yesterday.”

“Ah, so what happened?”

“Fuck, it’s so fucking beautiful. So beautiful that something will go, you simply can’t hold that kind of ……”

“Haha, really?”

“I’ve seen pictures before, and she’s really good-looking.”

“The real person is a hundred fucking times more beautiful than the photo!”

“Shh, don’t say it too loud, don’t let the fourth young master ast hear it.”

“He’s here, isn’t he? What are you afraid of?”

“Sleeping back there.”

“Oh, that doesn’t matter, aren’t we complimenting his sister-in-law? Still not allowed to praise?”

Yan Wenbo slowly opened his eyes.

“Is that a compliment? You’re just being greedy for a beautiful family.”

“Stupid. I don’t think it’s a big deal if you hear about it, but how many lives do you have if it gets into the ears of the Yans?”

“Is Yan Chao not coming back?” The man paused and said, “Yan Wenbo’s sister-in-law is really good-looking that you will be delighted just by watching her eat, right Young Master Pei?”

A long leg crossed the table in front of him and, amidst the shouts of the other students, he grabbed the man by the collar and flung him hard onto the table.

Followed closely by a punch to the jaw.


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