Chapter 195

Ceng Xingke was not yet twenty years old, so was this a late bloomer rebellion?

Fu Zhen made his expression really serious as he said to Ceng Xingke.

“Ceng Xingke, if I were you, I would never come here again today to ask for trouble. What you want to tell me now is that you still want to continue playing this role? But your performance yesterday told me otherwise.”

Fu Zhen paused and continued.

“Whether your uncle is Luo Shusheng or anyone else, these are meaningless to me. What I know now is that you are not suitable for my crew.”

Fu Zhen’s words were a little hurtful to Ceng Xingke, but he was still unwilling and asked Fu Zhen.

“Gao Tian’s acting skills are also very poor. You used her, why don’t you use me?”

From this, he could see that Ceng Xingke was still a rather competitive person, he doesn’t want to act but he wanted to let Fu Zhen think that the crew won’t be complete without him.

“Gao Tian’s acting skills are very poor, but she is very hardworking and determined to make herself better. Before she came to the set, she has already memorized her lines while Zhou Wenliang teaches her every action which she copied down by heart, and often contact Luo Pingping to ask her about the psychology of the character she plays. You, can you do these? “

Ceng Xingke stood still and did not respond.

“Go out, this crew is not for you.” Fu Zhen said.

Ceng Xing feels that the crew seems to be watching him as a joke, with this thought he decided not to stay, and when he returns he would let his uncle also make a horror film and make sure that this small production would feel the weight of opposing him.

Ceng Xingke and his assistant turned and left the crew. Fu Zhen shook his head, picked up the pile of things in front of the monitor, and prepared to have a rest.

Wei Dechi came over from the side with a lunch box and said to Fu Zhen.

“Doesn’t he look just like a villain with that furious look?”

Fu Zhen turned his head to look at Wei Dechi and asked him.

“Is there a villain in our movie?”

Wei Dechi chuckled.

“Villains are that kind of stuff, you know.”

Fu Zhen nodded: “I see.”

Not a while later, they heard clamor coming from not far away, and when he looked up, he found that Ceng Xingke, who had just left, had come back again, not knowing what he was thinking.

“Why are you back again?” Fu Zhen asked him.

“I can.”

Fu Zhen didn’t understand what he was saying. “What?”

Ceng Xingke said, “If Gao Tian can do it, I can do it too.”

“You mean, you still want to stay in this crew?”


Fu Zhen felt his head throbbing, yesterday Ceng Xingke’s performance was so bad that he couldn’t tell whether he has the talent for acting or not. If he couldn’t even imitate Gao Tian’s perseverance, he would probably delay the progress of the entire crew, which also means that a day’s delay would be a day burning money.

Fu Zhen hesitated a little and nodded after a long time.

“Then try again. I said the ugly words ahead, if you are still like last night, even if you invest 50 million, you have to leave the crew.”

“Got it.” Ceng Xingke answered.

The agent soon received another call from Ceng Xingke, who mumbled on the phone for a long time before saying to the agent.

“That, you come back.”

Agent: “Huh?”

Ceng Xingke shouted.

“I’ll let you come back! Double your salary.”

The agent laughed, to be honest, it was not the first time he was fired by Ceng Xingke, the salary he had saved from these years of work was close to being able to buy a suite in Pinghai City, only he was not particularly happy to receive this call now, he asked Ceng Xingke.

“Is your role yellow?”

Ceng Xingke also said quite proudly.

“Not yet, I said I’ll invest five million for their crew, and the director kept me.”

“Then you need to act well.” The agent instructed Ceng Xingke.

The agent felt that Ceng Xingke to was too proud and easily get panicked even though he was almost twenty and still acts like a child. He was easily influenced by his emotions, what’s worst he doesn’t know how to listen to the pros and cons. He didn’t know whether it was good or bad until he receive a whip.

After that day, Ceng Xingke did change, at least he showed up whether he has his scene that day or not, he would come to the set and was never late again.

He also began to memorize his lines like a regular actor, but when he read his script, he saw a major problem, and made him come running to ask Wei Dechi.

“Why are my lines missing again!”

Wei Dechi looked at Ceng Xingke and said to him.

“Make it easy for you to act.”

Ceng Xingke knows that Wei Dechi must have told Fu Zhen about his idea of adding his scene, if he had known this would happen he would not have gotten those ways.

Now hearing his reply, he lost his raging temper and could only fold his arms. He knew that his performance that night on the set was too poor so he did not dare to mention the matter of adding the scenes with Fu Zhen and could only hold the script and run to the corner to sulk.

Wei Dechi looked at Ceng Xingke’s back and smiled, the child’s temper was much better than that of the first two days.

“You really still want to use him, huh?” Wei Dechi asked Fu Zhen.

Fu Zhen lightly sighed, he doesn’t know how to explain his fatherly love activating whenever he saw this Ceng Xingke. He glances at Cen Xingke who was sitting on the pony bar as he listens to Zhou Wenliang and Jiang Ying’s advice on his acting. He said to Wei Dechi.

“Let’s see first, if not, we can change him, but for now we can at least save for unnecessary expenses, and he was willing to invest ah. “

Wei Dechi gave a tsk: “Really, I’ll split my salary with you.”

“How embarrassing is that.”

Fu Zhen moved a little closer in the direction of Wei Dechi and asked him in a whisper.

“How much can I get?”

“Get lost, you have earned so much from the previous film, and you still want to split the money from me!”

Fu Zhen smiled and picked up the walkie-talkie.

“Actors in place. All departments ready to take a shot immediately.”

Zhou Wenliang seemed to return to his youth in an instant. At that time, his mother was not yet dead.

Her face was painted with exquisite makeup and wore a cheongsam of various styles and colors every day. She took him through this small town that always seemed to be shrouded in misty rain. He pushed open the door in front of him. The dead mother really appeared in front of him and affectionately called his name.

The luggage in his hand led him back home.



All the bed curtains in the room were pulled tightly, not a single ray of light came through. Zhou Wenliang felt a pair of cold hands stroking his face, he opened his eyes and found his mother standing beside his bed, and at that moment a rustling sound was heard under his bed, vaguely he seemed to hear someone under the bed calling his nickname, it was his mother’s voice, telling him to leave this place.

This person standing by the bed now, was this really his mother?



The next scene should be Ceng Xingke on the stage, Ceng Xingke himself brought several teachers to teach and talk about the scene all day, though the result was still not very good, at the very least it got him a passing take.

“Isn’t your brain working well? Why didn’t you memorize your lines before?” Fu Zhen asked him in confusion.

Ceng Xingke answered as a matter of fact.

“That’s how I do it on my previous crew. Anyway, there is dubbing in the later stage.”

“You have such a good voice. Don’t you feel bad about using dubbing?” Fu Zhen asked him.

Hearing Fu Zhen giving him a compliment which rarely happens made Ceng Xingke’s face blush.

In the next shot, Ceng Xingke’s lines were delivered with more force and emotion.

After a shot, Fu Zhen took the script over and reviewed it. Looking up he saw Jiang Hengshu walking toward him.

Fu Zhen looked around, pointed to a chair, and told Jiang Hengshu to sit down, then asked him.

“Why did you come over?”

“I got off work early today and came to see you.”

Fu Zhen took a look at the sky, almost all the daytime scenes were already shot but he was afraid they would still need to work from day to night.

“I’m going to shoot some night scenes today. I’m afraid I can’t go home until later.”

“It’s okay, I’ll stay with you.” Jiang Hengshu said with a smile.

“By the way, where’s Cocoa?”

Ceng Xingke wanted to come over to ask Fu Zhen’s opinion on his acting skills after filming the scene just now. And as soon as he came over, he heard Fu Zhen calling him.

Although it was strange why Fu Zhen called himself so intimately, he still answered.

“I’m here.”

Fu Zhen gave him an oblique glance: “Go recite your lines.”

Jiang Hengshu couldn’t help but let out a light laugh and said to Fu Zhen, “Send her home.”

Ceng Xingke gave an oh and was a little disappointed and went back to the side of the pony to sit down.

What kind of person are you ah? Just now you called intimately, Cocoa~ but then you just want me to go and read the script.

Ceng Xingke was also considered a qualified gossip boy, though he did not put too much attention to the internet, but he at least knew about the ambiguous relationship between Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu, he knows that both had lovers.

But at the moment Ceng Xingke saw something different in it.

Under the yellow light, Fu Zhen’s head leaned towards Jiang Hengshu. The two seemed to be whispering. Truth be told, Ceng Xing didn’t think that these two human beings had pure brotherhood no matter how he looked at it.

Wei Dechi came over and patted Ceng Xingke on the shoulder.

“Hey, your script is upside down.”

Zeng Xing was startled and almost fall off the mazza.

After shooting the evening scene, Jiang Hengshu took Fu Zhen home. Ceng Xingke looked at their backs as they left together and felt that Schrodinger’s straight love might be the real conclusion.

Fu Zhen took out a thick envelope in the delivery cabinet when he went home.

“What is it?” Jiang Hengshu asked him.

Fu Zhen shook his head: “I don’t know.”

He tore open the envelope in his hand and took out all the things inside. He found that there was a stack of photos inside, all of which were with him and Jiang Hengshu. They went to attend Lao Chen’s golden wedding banquet, eat in the hot pot restaurant and take a walk in the botanical garden

Jiang Hengshu’s eyes skimmed over the photos one by one and asked.

“What’s the point of sending this over?”

These photos were not very private, many of which have been posted online by paparazzi.

Fu Zhen thought about it and said to Jiang Hengshu.

“Maybe it’s left for us as a souvenir?”

If Zhang Zhenmeng knew that the photos she had painstakingly picked out of Fu Zhen’s ambiguous relationship with Jiang Hengshu were going to be kept by Fu Zhen as a souvenir album she was afraid she would die of depression.



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