Chapter 194

The love and redemption in “White Castle” were very touching, but there were hard-hearted people who feel nothing after watching it, and there were even more resentful people who want to smash the screen after watching this movie, and Tang Wanwan belongs to the last one.

She had just finished watching the movie when she received another gossip notification on her phone, Qin Zhao and his sister-in-law had been secretly photographed by paparazzi going to the movies together again.

The two people in the photo were snuggled together, seeing these two affectionate people made Tang Wanwan dizzy. This was not the first time Tang Wanwan saw Qin Zhao and that little bitch dating.

But recently Qin and that woman become more and more brazen and treated her, Mrs. Qin as air.

At this moment, Tang Wanwan was pulling Qin Zhao’s clothes as she hysterically called him.

“Why? You clearly loved me so much at the beginning but now why are you being charmed by that vixen?”

“I never hit a woman.”

Qin Zhao was irritated by Tang Wanwan’s words, he turned his head to glare at Tang Bending fiercely and said to her.

“But I won’t allow you to talk about her like that.”

Tang Wanwan was intimidated by Qin Zhao’s hostility, but her anger made her completely forget her fear. She looked at Qin Zhao and said.

“I will say it! What can’t I say about the woman who seduced her brother-in-law!”

Qin Zhao took a long breath and clenched his hands into fists. He said to Tang Wanwan word by word.

“Tang Wanwan, I think I have been benevolent and righteous to you. If it wasn’t for my Qin family protecting you, do you think you can still live up to this day? Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting would have long gone have you killed!”

For the sake of Tang Wanwan, the Qin family has paid too much to the Fu family’s hostility.

After Qin Zhao finished saying this, he turned around and was about to leave. Tang Wanwan bent over to hug him and asked in a choked voice.

“Then you said before that you would love me forever?”

“Those words are not for you, so don’t make a fool of yourself.”

Old madam Qin was standing on the second floor watching the play at this time. She was very happy to see her son find another lover outside, after all, she didn’t really like this, Tang Wanwan.

Although the arrival of Tang Wanwan’s sister couldn’t particularly satisfy her, she was at least especially pleased with her existence. This was much better than Tang Wanwan.

“Let go.” Qin Zhao said.

Tang Wanwan didn’t seem to hear him and still hugged him tightly. Qin Zhao’s arm pushed Tang Wanwan to the ground with a little force, Qin Zhao then opened the door and was about to leave when Tang Wanwan who was now crouching down on the ground touched her stomach.

“Qin Zhao my stomach hurts.”

Qin Zhao said a particularly classic phrase at this point.

“You fell on your butt, your butt should be that’s hurting, don’t pretend.”

“Have you forgotten that I’m pregnant?”

Tang Wanwan stared at Qin Zhao with those big eyes, accusations written inside.

However, these words still had little effect on Qin Zhao, who gave an “ah”, slanted a glance at her, and turned to leave.

The scene ended here and made old madam Qin look very satisfied, she slowly walked down the stairs, walked up to Tang Wanwan, and looked at her in a condescending manner.

“If you have the sense, then hurry up and divorce our Zhao.”

Tang Wanwan was so angry that her nose crooked, but the angrier she was, the more painful her stomach became. There was no way for her to contradict old madam Qin like before.

Old Madam Qin originally didn’t like the child in Tang Wanwan’s belly, but at this time, she still had a trace of pity for her unborn grandson and said to the housekeeper who was also watching the play.

“Housekeeper, call an ambulance for her.”

In the hospital, Tang Wanwan was lying in the cold hospital bed all alone that she couldn’t hear any sound at all, and this made her wonder sometimes if she was lying in the morgue.

She has been in the hospital for so long, but no one has visited her so far and this made her think of those beautiful days and couldn’t help feeling a little uncomfortable.

The Fu father and son, and now Qin Zhao as well as many other people who were infatuated with her and love her and surrounded her with pampering were all gone.

And ever since she got pregnant, the system once again fell into a deep sleep, no matter how she called the system, it just wouldn’t appear and this made Tang Wanwan sleepless all night as she lay on the hospital bed.

At dawn the next day, a familiar ticking sound suddenly came to her mind, and she knew it was the system that had appeared.

Tang Wanwan immediately asked the system.

“Why is Qin Zhao acting like this?”

Obviously, he used to like her so much, so she never wanted to use the system to control him, so why would even he leave him now?

“It’s just a backlash.” The system’s voice was still cold, and formulaic.

“What backlash?” Tang Wanwan couldn’t understand what the system’s words meant.

“Simply put, you have used all the achievement value in exchange for the love of Fu Jianchen, Fu Ting, and the others and now that you have no more achievement value—in fact, you still owe me a sum, you have to use Qin Zhao love to make up for that.”

Tang Wanwan seemed to understand what the system said, she continued to ask.

“Then what makes that little bitch get it, does she have a system too?”

“I am unique.”

The system’s voice was still formulaic, but when listening carefully a hint of little pride inside could also be heard.

“As for why Qin Zhao likes her, then I’m not sure, perhaps she is lucky, like how Fu Zhen particularly belongs to unluckiness because he was only picked by you. “

Tang Wanwan was so angry hearing this that her face turned green, but there was nothing she could do, she asked the system.

“What do I have to do to make everything go back to the original.”

“Now, I can’t collect any achievement value on you anymore, if you want to go back to the old days, you can only generate more achievement value than before in order to exchange for what you want. I calculated the possibility of this, and it is infinitely close to zero. And even if you succeed, those who were once affected by the system may no longer be affected this time, didn’t you already feel it last time you went to the Fu family?”

“Then there’s no other way?” Tang Wanwan asked eagerly.

“There is.”

Hearing the system’s affirmative answer, Tang Wanwan’s inner heart was instantly filled with hope, yet immediately after she heard the system say.

“I need to collect your misery value, as long as the misery value reaches a certain number, I can let Qin Zhao return to your side.”

“What is the miserable value?” Tang Wanwan asked.

“It’s when you suffer, the more you suffer, the heavier it is, the faster the accumulation of misery value.”

The system did not tell Tang Wanwan that if she relied on collecting misery value to gain success, with the debt she owed him, she would more than likely have to become disabled to do so.

Even though the system didn’t say so, Tang Wanwan still flatly refused.

“I don’t agree.”

She didn’t want to suffer, not at all.

The system chuckled lightly, “Okay then”, and disappeared from Tang Wanwan’s mind.

However, the system did not abandon her. When Tang Wanwan promised to exchange her achievement value for a better life, it was equivalent to signing a contract with him. Now as long as he wants something, Tang Wanwan couldn’t refuse it.

There has never been an absolute good in the world. Since he wants to get benefits, she has to pay a price.

Tang Wanwan’s sister has a bad kidney, he thinks it won’t be long before Qin Zhao would put his mind on Tang Wanwan’s kidney. At that time, he can reap a lot of miserable value, after all, he also hopes to avoid those who come after him.



Without Ceng Xingke, the filming went very smoothly. Fu Zhen asked Wei Dechi to delete the second male part again and planned to spend a lot of money to invite an old overseas actor to play a guest role.

Ceng Xingke, who originally thought he would not come again today, came late when they were almost finished shooting in the morning. He went to Fu Zhen and shouted.

“Director Fu.”

Fu Zhen answered casually, and his eyes were still firmly fixed on the monitor screen in front of him. Zeng Xing asked Fu Zhen deceptively.

“Director Fu, do I have a scene today?”

Fu Zhen glanced at him and said.

“Didn’t your agent tell you? Our contract has been terminated. You don’t have to come to our crew in the future.”

Ceng Xingke smiled.

“Really? That’s too unfortunate. My agent was just fired by me yesterday.”

Fu Zhen: “It doesn’t matter. Now you know, it’s the same.”

“Director Fu—”

Before Ceng Xingke could finish his words, Fu Zhen stopped him and said.

“Keep your voice down, we’re filming.”

Ceng Xingke lowered his voice: “look at me—”

His words were once again interrupted by Fu Zhen, “Let’s talk later.”

Ceng Xingke had no choice but to calm down but the anger and aggression in his heart were building up, and when it reached its peak, it would let out a big avalanche that would scare everyone.

After Zhou Wenliang and Jiang Ying’s performance, Fu Zhen shouted a cut.

“Everyone take a break, we’ll shoot again in the afternoon.”

Then he turned to Ceng Xingke and asked.

“Well, what can I do for you?”

Zeng Xing asked Fu Zhen without any self-awareness.

“Director Fu, why do you think I am not doing well enough? I don’t even get my salary and I followed your instructions so many times last night, but I never showed I was getting tired, even once.”

Fu Zhen stared at Ceng Xingke for a while, making sure that he was not joking with him and that he was genuinely feeling aggrieved before he asked this question.

Fu Zhen also did not give him a face and said directly.

“First, we do not want an actor who cannot even recite a line and can only count tree one, two, three, four.”

“Second, you also don’t seem to have the determination to want to play the role well; you don’t like the character, much less empathize with it.”

“So you don’t need me?”

Ceng Xingke glared at Fu Zhen in exasperation and asked.

“Do you know who my uncle is?”

Fu Zhen shook his head, what’s happening with this circle now just because he wanted to hire an actor he also needs to investigate their relatives?

“My uncle is Luo Shusheng!”

Fu Zhen hmmed until now he still didn’t hear where Ceng Xingke ‘s focus was so he picked up the intercom and said.

“All departments prepare, shoot the next shot immediately.”

“Director, didn’t you just say you were taking a break?”

The assistant director on the side asked.

Fu Zhen quickly apologized: “Sorry, I got confused.”

“Do you know who Luo Shusheng is?” Ceng Xingke asked Fu Zhen.

Fu Zhen shook his head, not waiting for Ceng Xingke to speak, he asked first.

“But so what? Your uncle is Luo Shusheng, does it have anything to do with the current you?”

“My uncle is the boss of Tianxi Entertainment!”

Fu Zhen let out an unsurprising oh and said.

“Take your time and I won’t see you off.”

“I don’t want to leave!” Ceng Xingke shouted.



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