Chapter 196

Zhang Zhenmeng originally wanted to send these photos to Mrs. Jiang and let her have a good look at how Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen have been unscrupulous outside.

As a normal woman and a normal wife, Mrs. Jiang couldn’t be angry when she sees her husband and other men flirting with each other behind her back. And even if she couldn’t complain about these grievances in front of others for some reason, she probably has to make a fuss in front of Jiang Hengshu, so Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen would be a little cautious outside.

However, she didn’t expect that the legendary Mrs. Jiang didn’t understand what she was trying to say by sending these photos.

“This one didn’t hit the light right, if you hit a beam of light from this angle, it would have been perfect.”

Fu Zhen shook his head as he evaluated the photos in his hand, then picked out a few from the rest of the pile with a good shooting angle and intended to make a photo album.

Jiang Hengshu smiled gently at Fu Zhen, who was picky about the photos. Fu Zhen didn’t care where the photos came from but thought it was necessary to find out who sent the photos and why.

The rest of the scenes of “Escape” needs to be shot at night so Fu Zhen could only play with Cocoa at home in the morning, goes to the company to find Jiang Hengshu, or modifies the emotional drama in the script with Luo Pingping, then sleeps all afternoon, goes to the crew in the evening and starts shooting.

Jiang Hengshu went directly to their set after work, accompanying Fu Zhen almost every night to shoot until the early hours of the morning.

Ceng Xingke wanted to use all his strength to ask Fu Zhen to add back all the scenes that were deleted before, so he has to study harder in the crew during this period.

In the camera, Ceng Xingke stood in front of the elevator door and calculated how long it would take him to reach the ground floor here when he heard a “thud”. The elevator came down and the door opened on both sides.

Ceng Xingke raised his head. A little girl in a black dress stood in the center of the elevator and looked at him directly. The girl, who looked exactly like his dead daughter, looked calm and relaxed. Ceng Xingke, who had been able to handle things with ease, showed a broken expression at this moment.

The girl stood in the dim elevator, tilting her head, her face pale as she made a weak sound.

“Daddy, go out with me, huh?”

Ceng Xingke’s lips trembled. He squatted down and looked at the girl, not because of fear, but because of his deep love for his daughter. He said to the girl.

“Baby, I… I miss you very much.”

The little girl didn’t seem to hear what Ceng Xingke said, she was still looking straight at Ceng Xingke, her expression looked a little weird, she said to Ceng Xingke.

“Daddy, I don’t like this dress on my body.”

Ceng Xingke painfully closed his eyes. When she died, he changed the dress on the girl with her mother. He had watched the girl’s body pushed into the incinerator and finally turned into ashes. Now the girl appeared in front of him again, just like how he dreamed of. But his heart clearly understood that his daughter would never come back, and all this in front of him was unreal.



Fu Zhen shouted a card and played back the footage just now. It was indeed obvious that Ceng Xingke had improved over this period of time, but he was still so far from what Fu Zhen wanted. Rubbing his chin, he tried to figure out where this difference in feeling was.

During this time, Ceng Xingke also gradually found pleasure in acting, which he used to treat only as a job.

Looking at Fu Zhen’s anxious face, he walked over and asked Fu Zhen.

“Director Fu, didn’t I perform well just now?”

“Not bad.” Fu Zhen said.

“Not bad?” Zeng Xingke was not quite satisfied with this evaluation, he thought his acting skills were already perfect, and at his peak, didn’t he deserve a very moving compliment?

“Have you seen a real president?” When Fu Zhen finished, he quickly added.

“It’s not that overbearing.”

Ceng Xingke thought about it and asked Fu Zhen.

“Does my uncle count?”

Fu Zhen recalled the image of Luo Shusheng that he saw on TV, and then looked at Ceng Xingke’s looks and thought it wasn’t quite right.

Suddenly Fu Zhen thought of something, he pointed to Jiang Hengshu and said to Ceng Xingke.

“Look at your brother Jiang, like him.”

Jiang Hengshu: “…..”

Ceng Xingke didn’t think his words counted and waved his hand.

“I’ll discuss it with Zhou again.”

Fu Zhen looked at Ceng Xingke’s figure and asked Jiang Hengshu.

“Why do I think he is a little biased against you?”

Jiang Hengshu thought about it and replied to Fu Zhen.

“Maybe he has never seen a president like me.”

Fu Zhen burst out laughing, took Jiang Hengshu’s arm, and said to him.

“If you’re sleepy, go to the lounge and sleep for a while.”

“Not sleepy yet.”

Ceng Xingke still put Fu Zhen’s words on his heart, sitting behind the crowd secretly sizing up Jiang Hengshu. However, no matter how he looked he couldn’t see how Jiang Hengshu looked like the president that he wanted to portray.

Ceng Xingke observed Jiang Hengshu for a long time and didn’t find anything useful. Instead, he and Fu Zhen fed him a mouthful of dog food. But when he remembered that Jiang Hengshu had a wife at home, the taste of dog food was unspeakable.

Finally, Ceng Xingke had to go to Zhou Wenliang and ask him to tell himself what was wrong with his scene earlier. Zhou Wenliang was worthy of being a doctor of Chinese Southern Power. At a glance, he already saw the problem in Ceng Xingke’s performance. After giving him a few instructions, Ceng Xingke’s later performance was much better.

“Why didn’t Xiao Jiang come tonight?” The assistant director looked around Fu Zhen and asked him.

“He has an interview today and won’t be able to come over until after it’s over.”

The interview was held in a club, and many reporters from the financial media came to ask Jiang Hengshu questions one after another about the Jiang family’s next plans, and the interview went on for about half an hour before the topic got a bit sidetracked.

“Mr. Jiang, we heard that you have a good relationship with director Fu Zhen,”

A reporter stood up and asked Jiang Hengshu.

“So is there any project cooperation between the Jiang family and the Fu family next?”

Jiang Hengshu: “Not yet.”

The reporter continued to ask: “So your relationship with director Fu Zhen will always be maintained like this?”

Jiang Hengshu’s expression instantly softened a lot as he revealed a smile, covered his right hand over his left, nodded, and responded.

“Of course.”

“We heard that director Fu Zhen’s studio is under Hexi Entertainment, and in the last year changed the name of Fu Zhen’s studio to Jian Min’s studio, do you know what this has to say?”

The smile in Jiang Hengshu’s eyes almost overflowed. With a little indulgence, he answered the reporter’s question.

“You can ask him when interviewing Director Fu in the future”.

After that, the smile in his eyes deepened.

Looking at Jiang Hengshu’s expression, the reporters always felt that Jian Min’s name might be hiding some secret.

If this were a variety show, reporters would now be asking Jiang Hengshu questions about who he would choose to save if Fu Zhen and Mrs. Jiang fell into the water at the same time, and he could only save one.

But they were engaged in financial news, such a question if they were asked at this moment, their careers would be over.

Being stirred up by the reporter just now, the topic of the interview gradually tended to be private. Another reporter stood up and asked Jiang Hengshu.

“Mr. Jiang, we all know you are married, but why can’t we see you attending the event with Mrs. Jiang?”

Jiang Hengshu subconsciously touched the ring on his left ring finger, showed a gentle smile, and said to the reporters.

“I often bring him out.”

The reporters were curious, but they couldn’t ask Jiang Hengshu in front of him, “Why do you often take him out, but we can’t secretly film it?

They could only assume that Jiang Hengshu really attaches great importance to his wife and protects her too closely and thoroughly, which was why there was still only a blurry video of Mrs. Jiang.

During the interview, a silver light flashed across Jiang Hengshu’s neck, but no one paid attention.

After the interview, Jiang Hengshu drove to the set and stayed with Fu Zhen until late at night before leaving the set.

Jiang Hengshu’s interview video was soon spread to major financial websites. Netizens were not interested in new articles on finance and economics. However, Jiang Hengshu was handsome and his love for Mrs. Jiang was very moving.

In addition, he and Fu Zhen were often secretly photographed by paparazzi, so netizens were very familiar with him. The number of hits of this video is quite high.

However, Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen’s CP fans were not very satisfied with this video. The first half of the video seems to be giving out sugar. After all, Jiang Hengshu has personally admitted that his relationship with Fu Zhen would continue, but he mentioned Mrs. Jiang in the second half, making the sugar that was given out earlier not so delicious and has changed its taste.

But it’s not good for married men like them to eat CP too much. Still, with little editing, this video could become a treasure in their CP circle.

After Jiang Hengshu’s interview, some employees of the company posted a post on the forum to prove that Jiang Hengshu was really good to his wife. The post said that in July and August last year, Mrs. Jiang came to the company to deliver lunch to Jiang Hengshu, and the two stayed in the office for most of the day.

Jiang Hengshu, who had never left early before, not only left early that afternoon but also carried Mrs. Jiang from his office to the parking lot.

What was this? This was love!

The following comments first lamented the immortal love and then began to ask gossip questions such as whether Mrs. Jiang was good-looking and whether she was worthy of Jiang Hengshu.

The original poster replied: wearing a mask and hat, I didn’t see what it looked like. It should be a big beauty. It’s a little tall and has a big skeleton, but it still matches Jiang Hengshu.

Gossip netizens were satisfied. Among the CP fans of Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen, there were also wives who wrote a story plot based on this office incident.

Only Ceng Xingke could look at the post in the forum and feel unhappy. He thinks Jiang Hengshu was an invincible scum man in the universe.



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