IRBB90’S 14

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Chapter 14

Liu Yumei sneaks a little closer and heard the woman’s moans over the grass pile, and as a woman who married twice, she was not ignorant about what was happening so naturally, she knows what this sounds mean.

But hearing these obscene sounds Liu Yumei only feels happiness, just by imagining what would happen when she exposes this immoral thing that Su Weiwei did. She would see how Su Weiwei could still stay in her house! She was not used to seeing this little whore Su Weiwei pretending to be thoughtful all day long, nor was she used to seeing Su Weiwei being so good to that woman’s child, her Liu Yumei’s children were not very successful so why would that dead woman’s children could go to school and get into college! See when this Su Weiwei was expelled from the Liang family, who would those five siblings have to rely on!

Hearing these voices once again, Su Weiwei’s ears turn red but unexpectedly she looked serious behind this debauchery happening.

It’s summer right now, it’s hot and the fields were full of vegetation. The place where she lies was close to the smelly ditch where mosquitoes and leeches were everywhere. Pustules appear on Liu Yumei’s legs as mosquitoes and leeches happily suck on her blood. In particular, a leech was lying on her legs with its stomach bulging from all the blood sucked on her.

Feeling the pain, Liu Yumei could only grit her teeth as she stretches out her hand to pull it, but she hasn’t completely pulled it down when she heard Su Weiwei suddenly asks.

“Did you hear anything?”

The man didn’t answer, but Su Weiwei continued to get up. Liu Yumei was so frightened that she covered her mouth and didn’t dare to take out the leech on her leg anymore. She just wanted Su Weiwei to finish quickly. Unexpectedly, it took Su Weiwei nearly half an hour to finish her infidelity, and thought that Su Weiwei must have taken some drug to last this long as she never knew that this matter could last so long. She almost fainted from the leech bite.

She heard Su Weiwei wearing her clothes and said.

“Tomorrow at dinner time we still come here? Okay, you do not talk. I talk you listen, be careful not to attract people if you get caught, let’s just act! Especially with your identity, I’m afraid to be dragged along…”

Liu Yumei waited for a long time, and when she feels that was no one on the grass pile she could finally shout out in pain. The leech was strong at this time of year, half of her legs were numb. She was numb with anger, taking a brick she viciously smashed it on her legs, but the leech twisted its body and didn’t die yet, she smashed it again several times until it dies. But even after its death, she was still numb to death.

Liu Yumei was so angry that she just wanted to catch Su Weiwei and beat her up. Su Weiwei made a fool of her and ruined her reputation, and right now because of her she was full of leech and mosquito bites. She must take her revenge! Tomorrow, right? It sounds like the adulterer was a person of status. But who cares who the adulterer was? She was a mother-in-law who discipline her daughter-in-law, no one go against her for this reason!

Liu Yumei angrily discussed this with Jiang Tao. Jiang Tao was thin-skinned and said.

“Can’t I go?”

“Why not? Not only do you need to go, but you also have to take others with you too. This Su Weiwei only gives us a stumbling block and I can’t stand her for a long time. Besides, if she can do this, she’s not afraid of being caught by others. Don’t soften your heart!”

Hearing this, Jiang Tao thought that this reason was true besides she really disliked Su Weiwei acting all high-profile. Does she think that by dressing Liang Xiaomei and Cheng Cheng like a young lady and young master, they would really become one? Dream on! They all dig on the same ground. Liang Heming has been dead for so long, and Su Weiwei was only a woman who tries to raise her son Cheng Cheng, but what good life could Cheng Cheng have following a widow!

If this matter was really exposed, she was sure that Su Weiwei won’t have any face to stay and it would be harder for her in the future. By then Cheng Cheng would never be well than Zhuang Zhuang.

Thinking of this Jiang Tao nodded her head and agreed.

In the evening, Xie Zhenjiang saw that she had something on her mind and asked her what was wrong, Jiang Tao thought about it and didn’t say anything.

“But where have you been fooling around lately? Your often not home for dinner, I have not seen you in person for days.”

“Where can I go?” Xie Zhenjiang smiled.

“I just love playing cards. Besides, which man do you think is not like this?”

Jiang Tao didn’t have the mood to argue with him and turned her back on him and said.

“You should not go out tomorrow, something may happen.”

“What is it? Look at you talking in mysterious ways.”

Jiang Tao guesses that Su Weiwei’s wild man must be Qi Yuanxin, and Xie Baoyun likes Qi Yuanxin. If Xie Zhenjiang tells Xie Baoyun about it, Xie Baoyun would certainly reveal it to Qi Yuanxin. At that time, great opportunities to catch adultery would be wasted, so Jiang Tao simply grits her teeth and doesn’t reveal a word.

Xie Zhenjiang snorted.

“You really hiding it from me? Forget it, what can you and mom do anyway? There is only one thing that could possibly happen in this family and I can guess it without asking, it’s about Su Weiwei again, right? Mom has always wanted to split up the family and kick her out, so tell me if this is what this is about.”

Jiang Tao was annoyed. After hearing this, she didn’t say anything and went to sleep.

The next evening, Liu Yumei let Zhuang Zhuang call Su Weiwei for dinner which was very rare. After Su Weiwei finished eating, she picks up the basket and went to work in the fields.

“Why don’t you eat more?” Liang Fugui glanced at his daughter-in-law.

“I’m full. The grass for the pigs hasn’t been cut yet. I’ll cut some to feed the pigs.”

Cheng Cheng raised his hand and wanted to follow and so was Liang Xiaomei but Su Weiwei nervously said.

“What are you two be doing there? Be obedient, have a good meal, and I’ll be back.”

Liu Yumei was about to put food in her mouth but wanted to laugh hard at the same time when she saw Su Weiwei trotting away. She couldn’t help hissing, Su Weiwei still wanted to hide it from her? Wasn’t she just going out to meet the adulterer? Of course, it’s impossible to take the children.

Liu Yumei was even angrier when she thought of Su Weiwei took half an hour to finish yesterday.

After dinner, Liu Yumei took several neighbors to chat. Those neighbors felt something amiss, Liu Yumei usually gives so many excuses and doesn’t socialize with them. But why did she take the initiative today to talk to them? However, since she was so proactive and they didn’t have something to do, they chatted for a while.

Suddenly, Jiang Tao came over red-faced and could not speak for a long time even after being asked what was going on.

“Jiang Tao, what’s wrong with you?” Hongmei asked.

“Yes, your face is so red, you’re not sick, are you?”

“Is it a fever?”

Jiang Tao lowered her head and stammered. Liu Yumei frowned.

“We are not outsiders, what you have to say, say it, why embarrassed?”

Jiang Tao was flustered.

“How can I say it? Just now I saw Weiwei go out, so I followed her for a few steps behind, but I saw a man push her on the pile of a haystack, you say..I… how can I say it?”

The crowd looked at each other, and Hongmei was first to react. Frowning she said.

“Weiwei is not that kind of person.”

“That’s right, honest people don’t do that kind of thing.”

“How is it impossible? Are you not afraid that the men in your family are hooked on her? This Su Weiwei recently made a fortune, looking at it, it must be from a wild man. She made a mess, I as a mother-in-law will lose my face, for the sake of our Liang family reputation, I must catch the adulterer out! “

Liu Yumei carried the hoe and left, seeing that she was not joking the villagers quickly followed her.

The group rushed to the field.

They were quiet, and when they got close enough, they heard obscene sounds that were not suitable for children. Hearing these moans, they obviously understand what was happening making their faces blush with shame.

“You see! I told you she’s not a decent person!”

Liu Yumei slapped down a hoe and said angrily.

“You shameless, your man has only been dead for a few years and you’re out stealing men? I told you this woman is not a saint at all. You eat and drink at our Liang house, but you such shameless things behind our back, do you still have a face? I’ll kill you, you dog!”

Saying that she threw a few slaps using the hoe and it seems that she had hit the wild man’s head, as he covered his head and cried out.

At that moment, the brigade leader Zhou Baoguo came over with a group of people.

Zhou Baoguo stood far away and frowned.

“Yumei, I heard people say you brought someone to catch adultery? What nonsense! Even if Weiwei was really at fault, you shouldn’t have brought so many people here to embarrass her.”

Liu Yumei sneered, she not only wants to make Su Weiwei embarrassed but also to make sure she couldn’t stay any longer in their village.

“Captain, what you sad is wrong. My daughter-in-law of the Liang family stole someone else’s man, can’t I discipline her?”

“It’s not that you can’t discipline her, but why are you making a big fuss about it? “

Zhou Baoguo patted his thigh directly. He just felt that it would be no good for anyone if it became big.

“I don’t care! I’ll kill this shameless one today!” She said as slap another hoe down again.

As they were talking, Su Weiwei, wearing a white shirt, walked up and looked at everyone in confusion.

“Aunties, why are you all here?”

Zhou Baoguo was stunned, “Weiwei, why are you here?”

Su Weiwei blinked and looked puzzled.

“Uncle Baoguo, you’re confusing me. I just had nothing to do after dinner, so I came to the field to cut grass for the pig, I just finished cutting a basket and is ready to go home, how come everyone is looking at me with such eyes? What is going on? By the way, who just called my name?”

Zhou Baoguo was directly speechless. Su Weiwei was well dressed and covered with sweat. However, the sweat was due to cutting grasses. After all, there was still green grass juice on her face there was also a basket of pig grass in her back basket. She couldn’t cut so much in less than half an hour.

If Su Weiwei was really cutting pig grass then who was the woman caught in adultery on the haystack?

Liu Yumei heard her beaten adulterer beg for mercy and recovered her mind.

Wait! Why is this way of begging for mercy a little familiar?

Jiang Tao was also stunned.

How does this sound like her husband?

The man turned his head and looked at the enlarged faces of his mother and wife.

The three looked at each other, the scene was frighteningly quiet. Hongmei thought for a long time before looking at the woman and muttered.

“Is not this Zhenjiang and Aiqin from the next village?”

Xie Zhenjiang was beaten bloody by her mother, his head was bruised everywhere, his back was also hurt badly, and he was grimacing in pain.

Liu Aiqin was so frightened that she quickly put on her clothes. Her husband died on the construction site the year before last. Xie Zhenjiang met her while playing cards some time ago and flirted with her. And by then, they started working underground.

Hongmei said again, “I don’t understand. Jiang Tao, didn’t you say it’s Weiwei? How come you the wife, came to catch your husband’s adultery?”

Jiang Tao’s face was ashen.

“And Yumei you, you called us to catch your son’s adultery, are being serious? This in the end is your family business, it’s really embarrassing for us to be here!”

Liu Yumei’s eyeballs went straight to her head.

While Jiang Tao’s tears come running down. Seeing his wife and mother’s reaction Xie Zhenjiang was scared and started begging for mercy.

“Wife don’t be angry ah, I can explain to you!”

Jiang Tao glared viciously at Liu Yumei again before she turned and ran away.

Liu Yumei’s face paled as her eyes stared blankly at her daughter-in-law, not understanding why Jiang Tao was angry at her.

It was not her fault, how would she know that the adulterer has become her son? And this woman, it was obviously Su Weiwei! Yesterday Su Weiwei said to meet here at dinner, the man also agreed to come, so how come it turned into Xie Zhenjiang and Liu Aiqin? What went wrong, how did it turn out this way!

So she made a fuss but it was her son who was caught committing adultery. Not only was she not able to cover up for her son but called all the people in the village instead, and not only that, she also beat up her son and made her daughter-in-law hate his son and her.

This, this, this

Liu Yumei passed out with missing two eyeballs.

Zhou Baoguo looked at Liu Yumei reproachfully, as if looking at the excrement stirring stick, but he didn’t help her.

“What a person! In the end, her son is a piece of shit! How dare you pretend to faint, we croppers plow the ground all day long, our bodies are as strong as cows, do you think you are Wei Wei who has a small body?”

How could Liu Yumei continue faking? Immediately she opened her eyes and sat up.

Su Weiwei blinked and wondered.

“Uncle Baoguo, what the hell is going on here? And why did my mother-in-law her? By the way, Mom, what are you doing here with the hoe? I told you, I will work in the field. And big brother, big brother, why are you shirtless? Don’t be too sure of the weather because it is summer, the temperature is different in the evening, it is easy to catch a cold…”

The crowd looked heartbroken as they watched Su Weiwei looking like a little white rabbit, even after being treated unfairly all this time she still cared about her villainous mother-in-law and big brother-in-law. Liu Yumei had slandered her with adultery and wanted to catch her in the act but she on the other hand still had a good heart and cared for them.

Hongmei sneered.

“Weiwei, your mother-in-law likes to carry a hoe, and your brother likes to be naked. Don’t worry about this and just come to this aunt’s house I’ll invite you to eat watermelon.”

“My family just bought a colored TV, you take Cheng Cheng to my house to watch, ignore them.”

At that moment, Qi Yuanxin, wearing a white shirt, came over, he didn’t even look at Su Weiwei, he only said.

“Captain, I heard that someone is catching adultery, what is going on?”

Zhou Baoguo sighed. Liu Yumei had always said that the adulterer was Qi Yuanxin and the latter has been working in the brigade department.

Ignoring the question, he didn’t speak and left as he throw his sleeve.

Liu Yumei closed her eyes and almost fainted again, she scolded Xie Zhenjiang with hatred.

“You indisputable sinful animal! Put on your clothes and come home with me!”

What the hell happened! Not only did she not catch an adulterer but she also has to drag a heavy hoe back.

The news about Xie Zhenjiang being caught in adultery instantly spread throughout the village, Jiang Tao was ashamed too ashamed to be seen by others and immediately packed up, taking Zhuang Zhuang back to her mother’s house making the village in an uproar.

“Saying that others are shameless, I think the most shameless is her Liu Yumei.”

“Yes, her son had an affair with a widow, and she brought people to catch the adultery, don’t you think it’s absurd?”

“All day long, she all talked about how bad Weiwei is in this and that but the truth is she, the mother-in-law can’t tolerate her. But Weiwei is still good, she’s upright and not afraid of being slandered in fact she even still cared about her.”

“Wei Wei is too poor, hey…”

“Why do you think there are such people?”

“Poor Heming his mother died early, Heming also did not escape, leaving this family of orphans and widows.”

Xie Zhenjiang’s reputation was all gone and was even slightly injured. Lying on his bed, he still needed Liu Yumei’s care.

Liu Yumei was already upset, especially at night when Xie Baoyun came back crying, saying that she also lost her reputation because of Xie Zhenjiang. She was an unengaged daughter, if people know that her brother was such a person, who would dare to want her?

Xie Baoyun was right. Instead of taking advantage of the situation, Liu Yumei instead lost her son’s reputation, had her daughter-in-law run away, and lost her daughter’s good marriage. She couldn’t swallow this damage. So she went to Zhou Baoguo, she took Zhang Guihua, she said.

“Aunt, you have to listen to me! I really have not wronged her at all. She, Su Weiwei has a lot of money recently, and even send Liang Weidong to the city to study, and buy clothes. Where do you think she gets this money from as a woman? I promise you, if I have wronged her, I will die from thunder!”

Zhang Guihua suddenly changed her expression and pushed her away angrily.

“Bah! Liu Yumei, you mean it. You only knew how to bully Su Weiwei just because she is a widow? She is your daughter-in-law and you can’t just trample her like this no matter what. She’s only in her twenties, even if there’s something she can’t do well, you should teach her for the sake of dead Heming. What’s the matter with you always slandering her!”

“I really did not slander, I saw with my own eyes Su Weiwei talking to that Qi Yuanxin, I…”

“Bah! What’s wrong with people talking? I talk to Xiaoqi every day, do you want to accuse me of having an affair with Xiaoqi?”

Zhang Guihua glared angrily.

How could Liu Yumei dare? She instead said.

“Then tell me, where did Su Weiwei get the money? If not some wild man giving it to her.”

Zhang Guihua took a deep breath, easing the fury in her chest but she was pained too much and could only fiercely puke spit, the people from the side gone over to help her.

“Everyone look, is this woman still talking in human language? Poor Weiwei her husband died early, and there is no one in charge of the family, so when this mother-in-law is in charge, she was only provoked and slandered all day. She also drove Weiwei and the children the other day saying they couldn’t eat since they can’t pay a penny. How can you do such a thing under the sky? A few days ago, Weidong needed a bag of rice for school, but Weiwei came to me with money to buy some. She, this Liu Yumei didn’t even help to pay for the tuition and couldn’t even give some rice! Where do you think Weiwei has the money to pay for Weidong’s tuition?”

When Su Weiwei blinked and came over, Zhang Guihua straight sighed and took Su Weiwei’s hand, and said.

“This Weiwei is also stupid, obviously she sold her own blood to pay for Weidong’s tuition fees, but because she is thin-skinned, she is embarrassed to say it. If not Weidong had not seen her sister-in-law getting out of the hospital where his sister-in-law actually sold her blood he wouldn’t know! Such a person but you Liu Yumei still have the nerve to slander her, say are you still a human?”

Liu Yumei’s face turned pale. Su Weiwei even sold blood to help Liang Weidong study? Was that possible? Could she sell blood for more than 100 yuan? How much blood could she sell?

“Weiwei ah, if your family is in trouble, just say so, how can you go and sell your blood?”

“Look at you, you’re already so thin. I wonder how come you can’t grow fat, it turns out that you have been selling blood.”

“But you are really too kind, having a wife like you is Heming’s luck.”

Su Weiwei was stunned, she never thought that this misunderstanding would become bigger and bigger, people looked at her strangely, it was full of admiration and praise and unknowingly, she became the spokesman of virtue in the eyes of the villagers? Could she get some endorsement fee?

Su Weiwei smiled dryly and didn’t know what to say so she didn’t dare to ask. Smiling, she just accepted their praises.

At that moment, a woman in a long white polka dot dress peeled through the crowd and came over.

“Sister-in-law? What are you doing here?”

It’s Liang Minying, the third child of the Liang family.

Liang Minying had a boyfriend. This boyfriend was from a city and had stable working parents. The man was also good-looking and has great foresight. Liang Minying was a rural registered resident and has always wanted to marry in the city. After all, if she marries in the city, she doesn’t have to work in the field. She spent a lot of time with this man. Now they have talked for some time and plan to get married. This time she come back to talk about it.




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