IRBB90’S 13

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Chapter 13

As soon as they went out, they saw a small round table placed in the doorway next door, with several plates of cooked dishes on it, they could see pork head, cooked beef, pig’s trotters…and Cheng Chen sitting on the side with a bowl of noodles in his hand, blowing the hot air of the noodles from time to time.

Tonight, Liu Yumei didn’t cook anything delicious, she just rolled some rice cakes with shrimp and porridge that doesn’t look appetizing at all, not to mention her cooking was bad that Jiang Tao don’t feel full at all.

Although she used to have a hard time at home, every time her husband made some money, she would improve the food served at home. Who knew after getting remarried Liu Yumei would be so stingy, for example, if there was marinated bacon at home Liu Yumei was reluctant to eat it. She only makes people stare at it every day, saying that they would eat it at Mid-Autumn Festival, so they haven’t eaten meat dishes for almost a month.

At present, Liang Weidong, Liang Xiaodi, Liang Xiaomei, and Cheng Cheng were all around the small round table, either eating pig meat or trotters. And the smell of food was drilling into people’s noses from time to time. Jiang Tao took a mouthful of saliva as the pout on her lips was so evident. She looked like this, then what’s more for Zhuang Zhuang and Hong Hong

Zhuang Zhuang walked up.

“Cheng Cheng, what are you eating?”

Cheng Cheng blinked his large eyes as he gnawed on the pig trotters, his mouth was lustrous due to the oil. He pointed at the shiny pig trotters and wanted to say it was delicious but his mouth at the moment was busy gnawing the unchewable meat.

Seeing this, Su Weiwei took the pig trotters and cut them into small pieces with clean scissors.


Cheng Cheng’s eyebrows relaxed, smiling as he stuffs the fatty pork trotter’s meat into his mouth, and raised his eyebrows as he deliberately opened his mouth to chew, just like how Zhuang Zhuang deliberately spat him in the past.

Zhuang Zhuang gulped, “I want to eat pig trotters too.”

You wanted to eat too!?

Cheng Cheng frowned as he heard this, he used to ask Zhuang Zhuang for something to eat before but the latter did not give him even once.

Su Weiwei did not want to bother with children, and just took a piece of pig trotter and handed it to him, Zhuang Zhuang was just about to take it when Cheng Cheng snatched the pig trotter back and throw it in his mouth.

“Cheng Cheng?” Su Weiwei was surprised.

Cheng Cheng puffed out his mouth, rolled his eyes at Zhuang Zhuang, and deliberately pointed to his mouth that was full of meat, which made Zhuang Zhuang cry with anger.

Hong Hong also came running, “Sister-in-law, I want to eat too.”

Su Weiwei took another piece for her, just as she handed it out, a hand suddenly snatched the pig trotter in her hand.

Liang Xiaomei grabbed the meat and threw it into her mouth, chewing it as she raised her eyebrows and deliberately made Hong Hong envious, which she successfully made the latter cry.

Liang Xiaomei and Cheng Cheng high-fived.

Not far away, Jiang Tao witnessed these scenes from beginning to end and was so angry that she gritted her teeth as she instantly rushed over to curse and swear.

“You dare to eat anything, be careful of being poisoned! Go go go! Let’s all go back!”

She pulled Zhuang Zhuang’s hand with one hand and twisted his already red ears with the other, causing the two children to cry more.

Liu Yumei coldly shouted.

“I don’t know from which wild man she gets that money but if I were her I’d run her head and die!”

Liang Fugui glanced at her, as his mouth opened and closed and sighed at the end.

“Don’t speak so harshly. What does it look like when others heard it!”

“What’s wrong with what I said? Am I not telling the truth? She is a young woman, where did she get so much money if not from men? I don’t even know how many men she had slept with!”

Liang Fugui frowned, “Don’t say it like that, maybe it’s from her mother.”

“Her mother? Just that mother of hers? Bah! Think I’m a fool?”

Liang Fugui thought about it and didn’t say anything.

Only after they left did Liang Weidong look up at Su Weiwei and frown.

“Sister-in-law, why aren’t you moving your chopsticks?”

Su Weiwei was startled and laughed dryly with difficulty.

“You guys can eat, I’m not hungry.”

“How can you not be hungry? You haven’t eaten anything all day, are you trying to save it for us again?”

Liang Weidong said and forcibly tried to give Su Weiwei a dish, which was blocked by Su Weiwei.

She quickly waved her hand and refused.

“Weidong, sister-in-law is not hungry, you guys can eat! You take them to eat more, and I’ll go cut some grass to feed the pigs in the morning before it gets too dark.”

Su Weiwei covered her stomach and bent her back. Obviously, she was a young woman, but the way she bends her back was as if she was carrying a heavy load of a basket. And seeing her covering her stomach due to hunger she even looks more miserable.

Their sister-in-law was always like this. In order to save food for them, she didn’t want to eat a mouthful. Liang Weidong inexplicably felt that today’s meal had no taste at all. Seeing him like this, his little brother and sister looked at each other. Liang Xiaomei sobbed.

“Sister-in-law wants us to eat and be full while she cuts grass for pigs and was obviously avoids eating.”

Liang Xiaodi: “Sister-in-law is so hungry that she can’t even straighten her back.”

“You must remember how good your sister-in-law has been to you, and make sure to repay her kindness when you grow up in the future.” Liang Weidong seriously instructed.

The people at the table all seriously nodded.

Su Weiwei on the other hand covered her stomach and sighed. Earlier when she bought vegetables, she couldn’t help eating two chicken legs and pickled pig trotters. But don’t blame her greediness, how many days has she not eaten even a little meat dish? Besides, this marinated meat stall where she bought the food was really cooked deliciously but her stomach couldn’t obviously stand such meaty dishes as she started to have indigestion. So she had to move a little and decided to cut grass for the pig’s food.

The setting sun dyed the field red. Su Weiwei walked to the field with the basket on her back. After the busy farming season and dinner time, the chimneys of every family in the village were smoking. Naturally, there was no one in the field. Su Weiwei walked for a while and sat down beside the haystack to rest. Unexpectedly, two people suddenly approached.

“No, you bastard be careful of being seen.”

“Gently, I said what if you are seen.”

After that no one spoke again, the woman’s words were converted into tone words like “umm ah ah ah,” Su Weiwei could not help but scream bitterly, she did not want to listen to people doing it live it’s making her ears bleed.

About ten minutes later, the two exhibitionists finished their business, the man said.

“And you say, you don’t want to? I’ll come to you tomorrow at the usual time.”

The woman squirmed and said, “Okay, but you have to be careful, do not be seen, or we both do not end well!”

“Got it, got it! Do you really need to remind me all the time?”

When they left, Su Weiwei stood up.

Terrible! What’s wrong with men these days? It only took ten minutes to finish? Applaud for love ah.

When Su Weiwei returned, it was already dark. The older children had already washed her clothes at home while Liang Weidong cleaned up her rice bowl. Su Weiwei took Liang Xiaomei to take a bath together. Liang Xiaomei looked at Su Weiwei’s smooth skin and her dark body and couldn’t help sighing. When could she be as beautiful as her sister-in-law?

As soon as Liang Xiaomei took a bath, she ran into the house naked. She didn’t treat Liang Weidong and Liang Xiaodi as men at all.

Su Weiwei held her forehead, wrapped her in sheets, carried her back to the bathroom, and seriously said.

“You can’t run around without clothes in the future.”

“Why?” Liang Xiao Mei was puzzled, she usually ran around like this.

“You are a girl. You should be gender-conscious.”

That said, the book mentioned that the books written by Liang Xiaomei have a lot of content about children being violated. The book hit the market and caused many readers to resonate, saying that being violated at an early age was really how a protagonist started her early life in a book not giving too much meaning to why the writer wrote this, but not until they found out how the writer suffered in her childhood. 

At that time the complaints about parental inaction became a thorn and made everyone guess that Liang Xiaomei had suffered something similar in her early childhood.

Although Su Weiwei was not sure but educating girls in this aspect was better if taught earlier than later. Liang Xiaomei was already old enough but she was still running back and forth naked, she must correct such a bad habit or it would be too hard to correct it later on.

However, Liang Xiaomei did not think so.

“Sister-in-law, it’s cool to be naked. It’s really hot to wear clothes just after taking a bath.”

Su Weiwei frowned.

“Girls must have gender awareness. There are many perverts, and those perverts will lure you with sugar and pocket money hoping that you can show them your body, but you must remember that the place blocked by clothes can’t be seen, let alone touched. No matter who the other party is, no matter what the other party lures you, you must protect yourself, you know?”

Seeing her serious expression, Liang Xiaomei could only nod her head.

Similarly, Su Weiwei taught Cheng Cheng when she gave him a bath.

“You are a big boy now, in the future if your brothers are home, let them give you a bath and take you to the toilet, okay?”

Cheng Cheng nodded his head half-understanding what his mother said.

The next morning, Liang Xiaomei began to recite ancient poems again while Cheng Cheng secretly followed her reciting poems. He found that he could speak several words, but he couldn’t connect them into sentences.

These poems were really simple that after listening to them once or twice, he could already remember them. And last night, Su Weiwei recited “love lotus” and “Mulan Ci” but Liang Xiaomei couldn’t remember a word. How could she not? Was she being serious or just stupid? If so how stupid could she be that she couldn’t even remember after listening to it many times?

Cheng Cheng stared at Liang Xiaomei and seemed to regard her as a stupid freak. He wanted to study the difference between Liang Xiaomei’s brain structure and his. She was a few years older than him, but she was so stupid.

She only recited two ancient poems after reciting them all morning so, Su Weiwei asked her to read the text again but Liang Xiaomei shook her head as she didn’t remember a word. Cheng Cheng looked at Liang Xiaomei as he shook his head and held his chin helplessly as he couldn’t help thinking that if he stayed longer with an idiot would it make him stupid also? If this was the case, it seems that he needed to make his distance from her in the future so as to not get infected with foolishness.

As he was thinking, a chubby woman walked in and smiled kindly at them.

“Aiyo, our Liang Xiaomei is reading a book? What about Cheng Cheng, what are you thinking about?”

“Aunt Guihua.”

Cheng Cheng also sat up and stared at her.

Zhang Guihua smiled: “Liang Xiaomei, where are your sister-in-law and your brother?”

Liang Xiaomei pointed to the room, Zhang Guihua walked in with clothes in her arms and a smile.

Liang Weidong was packing his things and getting ready as he would be leaving for school this afternoon. Although he doesn’t want to leave home, but he knows that getting into school was the only way he could change their situation at home. He put away some rice, this was his three-month ration, and then stuffed the money given to him by his sister-in-law at the bottom of his bag.

When Zhang Guihua’s voice came.

“Weidong, you haven’t left yet? That’s just in time!”

Liang Weidong was stunned, “Aunt Guihua, you’re looking for me for something?”

Zhang Guihua opened the wrapped clothes she was holding and took out a white shirt, black trousers, a brown coat, and a blue cotton-padded jacket. Although they were all handmade clothes, the style was fashionable, and the texture was good.

Seeing this, Liang Weidong was a little confused.

“Aunt Guihua, whose clothes are these? They were bought for your son?”

Zhang Guihua’s son’s name was Dazhuang. He gets along well with Liang Weidong and usually, Dazhuang’s clothes would be given to Liang Weidong.

Zhang Guihua smiled.

“Of course not! Dazhuang is only 175, how can he be so tall? You silly child, you can’t see the size of these clothes? I just made it with a tailor, this shirt is for summer, the coat and trousers are autumns, and the cotton-padded jacket is for winter.”

Liang Weidong was tall, and the clothes in Aunt Guihua’s hand were almost the same size as his. He couldn’t believe it for a moment.

“It’s hard to believe but are these all for me?”

“Silly boy! It’s for you! Quickly, try it on to see if it fits, if it doesn’t I’ll get a tailor to change it.”

Liang Weidong put on the clothes. All the clothes fit well, while the cotton-padded jacket was slightly larger so that he could put on several clothes in winter. Although the clothes were made by a tailor, the cloth was excellent and the style was fashionable, but he still doesn’t understand why Aunt Guihua wants to make clothes for him.

“Aunt Guihua, how can I ask you to make clothes for me?”

Zhang Guihua was also stunned, “What? Your sister-in-law didn’t tell you?”

“My sister-in-law?”

“I guess your sister-in-law is afraid you’ll refuse so she did not tell you, it’s like this, your sister-in-law is afraid that you start school without clothes. But she herself a young, widowed woman and is not good to be seen buying clothes for men so she entrusted me to make you a few new clothes for autumn and winter clothes, so you can at least survive a year.”

Liang Weidong looked at the clothes in disbelief. He didn’t wear any new clothes since he was a child. After Liu Yumei came, his life was even worse. The clothes he wore were not wanted by others in the village. He went to his master as an apprentice, but his master also just gave him some old clothes and survive the weather wearing these old and used clothes.

Now that it’s really difficult at home that his sister-in-law sells blood to raise money for him to go to school, and now she buys so many new clothes for him, he really doesn’t know how to repay his sister-in-law’s kindness.

Liang Weidong’s eyes were hot, seeing this Zhang Guihua was stunned and asks what was wrong with him. Liang Weidong tells Aunt Guihua about Su Weiwei selling her blood, and it was now Zhang Guihua’s eyes turn red.

Su Weiwei, a woman, who didn’t have the money was able to let her brother-in-law study and also bought clothes for him, it turned out that she raised money by selling blood. Such a good woman owes Liu Yumei, but she still has the audacity to slander this good woman for stealing. Liu Yumei’s heart was covered by lard!

When Su Weiwei came back, Zhang Guihua looked at her with tears and made the former confused.

Liang Xiaodi also came in and looked enviously at his brother’s new clothes, Su Weiwei smiled seeing the expression on his face.

“When sister-in-law has money, I will also buy it for you.”

A word made Liang Xiaodi blush and turned then ran away.

After seeing Liang Weidong off, Su Weiwei now had less worry. Now she should worry about Liang Xiaomei’s schooling.

The next evening, Su Weiwei went down to the field with a basket on her back. Liu Yumei looked secretly from the crack of the door and gnashed her teeth with hate.

“Did you see? Where did she get the money to buy new clothes for Liang Weidong?”

“That’s right. Recently, Zhang Guihua praised Su Weiwei, saying that she is a model of women, that she is beautiful and sweet, and that Lao Liang’s family has been burning Gaoxiang for several lifetimes before looking forward to such a daughter-in-law. Bah!”

She was also the daughter-in-law of Lao Liang’s family but no one has ever praised her and this made Jiang Tao really unhappy. Looking at Su Weiwei, who was clearly dressed in rustic clothes, wears a goose yellow short-sleeved shirt all day, and her trousers were high waist and rustic. So, which way do these village people see beauty?

“This little hoof must have gone out to meet men again, I’m going to follow her and see her true color for everyone to know.”

Liu Yumei followed from a distance and saw Su Weiwei walking in front. She had been walking in the direction of the grass pile below the dam when she suddenly looked around like a thief and acted as a ghost. Seeing this, Liu Yumei sneered telling herself no wonder Su Weiwei became too diligent in cutting grass for grass.

As expected! Yes! She’s got her!




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