IRBB90’S 15


Chapter 15 (part 1)

Liang Minying learned from the villagers that Su Weiwei was bullied, and for a moment she couldn’t help feeling that the person her father married was a different person. Her stepmother was in charge of the family, and it seems that her Liang Fugui didn’t mind as he was also more closed and more like a father to Xie Zhenjiang and Xie Baoyun than his own children.

In the past, Liang Minying felt this discrimination. She was beautiful and smart but since her family background was not good, she was often subject to despise and was discredited. And in order to not work in the field, she wanted to marry someone from the city.

Fortunately, her current partner was good to her and the two were ready to get married.

Looking around her poor family, Liang Minying sighed and felt a little lucky. Fortunately, she was wise. It seems that her idea of marrying someone from the city was right.

So, getting her residence permit now was really important if she couldn’t get married, she would have to keep such a poor family and work in the fields every day. She has had enough of such days!

“Sister-in-law, you have suffered.”

Su Weiwei sneered inwardly; she knew that she had suffered but she didn’t do anything to help her—no help her family? She was only a sister-in-law for these people, but Liang Minying was their blood sister.

It doesn’t matter what the little ones in the family want, if Liang Minying really knows and understands the situation why couldn’t she help her younger siblings? Without a doubt, Liang Minying lived a more self-centered life, and to say it uglier she was selfish.

But Su Weiwei couldn’t say she was wrong, after all, she just wanted to have a better life and not be dragged down by her family. But under the current circumstances, her younger brothers and sister did not even have a bite to eat but Liang Minying wouldn’t even pull a hand. So, Su Weiwei wouldn’t be so stupid that the other party really understood her hard work.

Su Weiwei smiled, “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you come back, what’s going on this time?”

This was a little unnatural for Liang Minying, she really hasn’t come back for a long time. Sometimes she feels that she shouldn’t be so heartless, but the problem was that Jiang Donglai doesn’t like her coming home often, saying her family would only drag her down.

And that once she helps her family once, they would ask for more help in the future for big or small things, after all, her family was a bottomless pit. By then they would contact her just to get rid of their family troubles!

Still, Liang Minying was still reluctant, however, her mother-in-law was strict. Knowing that she was from the countryside she opposes for her son to marry Liang Minying. It was just recently that she agreed to their marriage but on the condition that Liang Minying would not help her family after marriage.

“Sister-in-law, I came back this time to tell you that I’m getting married to Jiang Donglai.”

“Oh?” Su Weiwei took a sip of water and blinked, “When?”

“On National Day.”

“National Day? This day is coming up, why are you so late in telling me?”

Liang Minying unnaturally bowed her head, her mother-in-law did not want her to interact with her family, her own mother died, and Liu Yumei was not useful, she also did not have a dowry so her mother-in-law has always looked down on her, and only inform her after they decided the date themselves.

After Su Weiwei listens to Liang Minying’s situation, she immediately threw the linen cloth in her hand, and her expression was ugly.

“Minying, I’m your sister-in-law but I treat you as my own sister, and as a sister, I’ll give a word of advice to you. You are not yet married but the man’s family has already been manipulating you what more when you get married, will you have a good life after you get married? And I know you respect your mother-in-law, but respect begets respect and the problem here is whether the other party is worth your respect, she lived so many years but does not know the rules of marriage? Don’t you know that the wedding day should be approved before the bride price, and the woman’s family should formally meet them? Of course, she is not stupid to do so but only to look down on you and not put you and our Liang family in her eyes. You have not yet married the man’s family was already like this, when you get married will you have a good life? Don’t be l silly.”

Liang Minying was embarrassed by what she said, “But I can’t help it, my mother-in-law said…”

“Don’t always ‘mother-in-law this, mother-in-law that’. You haven’t married yet, has she given a fee to call her that? You’re calling her mother-in-law now, no wonder she looked down on you because you sounded like you’re in such a hurry!”

Su Weiwei snorted; this woman was bad at seeing facts even if the Liangs were poor, the man’s family agreed to this union and Liang Minying was from this family.

The good thing was Liang Minying didn’t hide this fact from her, she wants to get married but she was reluctant so who should show her facts about what was happening to her right now?

Anyway, Su Weiwei was unable to bear her anger after knowing the truth.

Liang Minying also sobered up a bit by what she said.

“Sister-in-law, what should I do then? Their family has set a date and told me to come back and tell you.”

“Tell me about it? Then I’ll ask you, will your mother-in-law escort you to your wedding from your home for the ritual?”


Logically, it was necessary for her family to accompany her on the wedding procession, but her mother-in-law didn’t mention it. It seems that Jiang Donglai doesn’t want to be involved with people here.

Liang Minying lowered her head and did not answer, Su Weiwei of course guessed what was going on. Smiling, she tapped her fingers on the table.

“Minying, you are not my sister, but your brother is dead, and you have no mother. If I don’t say this, no one will. I have told you the truth. A woman must a lot of knowledge before she gets married. If you want to have a good life in the future, don’t hurry up. I don’t know what your man is like and what your life will be like in that man’s house in the future, but I can probably deduce something from the man’s attitude. If you want to have a good life you must hold this man in your hands and know what he was thinking. Listen to my advice, now go back and tell Jiang Donglai that before you get married, we must hire a matchmaker to calculate the auspicious day and the man’s family must visit the bride so that both sides can discuss the date of your wedding.”


“If the other party does not agree, you take the opportunity to see clearly the character of this person.”

Liang Minying thought, “What if he doesn’t want me, I…”

Su Weiwei glanced at her, Liang Minying’s looks were not bad. She could see that the seven siblings of the Liang family were outstanding, and Liang Minying has the same look as her mother when she was young that one that she sees in the online parents’ photos of later generations—a beautiful woman with a black curly hair in between modern and retro style.

Su Weiwei could see that tis Jiang Donglai was not stupid, Liang Minying was no mother and her father does not care about her, the next family head which was her elder brother was already dead, making the whole family a burden.

In these times, city people despise people from the countryside as they also rarely drifted in the city.

So why would Jiang Donglai want to marry Liang Minying? Was he stupid? Was he infatuated with Liang Minying? Having said that, this girl was so pretty but she was afraid that no one would marry her?

Su Weiwei snickered: “You listen to me if he does not agree with you turn around and leave, rest assured, he will definitely run back to you!”

Liang Minying was skeptical but still nodded.

“There is one more thing I have to explain to you.”

Liang Minying looked at her suspiciously.

Su Weiwei smiled: “Don’t get pregnant before you get married. If you get pregnant, don’t blame the man for not taking you seriously. We are being held by others now. No one can help you if you are stupid.”

Liang Minying’s face flushed as she nods silently.

Liang Xiaomei has not seen her big sister for a long time, seeing her she immediately got excited and hug her, Liang Minying hugged Liang Xiaomei back a little dumbfounded.

Liang Xiaomei’s dark and thin body was gone, and these changes were very evident. She was now well dressed up, her long hair was now short and she even had a beautiful hairpin revealing her facial features and there was this kind of unspeakable temperament.

“Sister almost didn’t recognize you.”

Liang Xiaomei hummed smugly, “It was my sister-in-law who dressed me up, and she bought me new clothes and sandals, beautiful, right?”

Liang Minying then realized that not only Liang Xiaomei, but Cheng Cheng also changed and so was the home furnishings. She couldn’t help but feel ashamed she was obviously the elder sister and should be the one taking care of her younger sibling but she only care about herself.

Liang Minying came and went out in a hurry. When she left, Liu Yumei suddenly closed the door and began to sulk. She heard from the corner that Liang Minying had come back to discuss the marriage. What does Liang Minying mean?

She simply doesn’t pay attention to her stepmother, shouldn’t Liang Minying come and ask her for advice at this time? What does Su Weiwei know!

“I’m so angry. It must have been Su Weiwei’s instigation. If it weren’t for her, how dare Liang Minyinbg not take me seriously!”

Xie Zhenjiang was badly hurt. And since it was summer now his body was more sticky making his wound itch.

“Mom, stop talking. I’m suffering.”

“You deserved it! Who told you to do such a thing! If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be hiding at home, afraid to go out!”

Xie Zhenjiang lying on the bed grunted: “Who asked you to find something to catch adultery? If you hadn’t caught the adultery, how could Jiang Tao have taken Zhuang Zhuang back to her mother’s house? If it weren’t for you, no one would have known about it!”

“You’re still blaming me? It’s obviously you who’s being an asshole! Okay, I don’t care about you, when you are well, you go to Jiang Tao’s house and bring her back immediately.”

Xie Zhenjiang sighed. It was really his fault. Jiang Tao has a big temper and always loves her reputation, he’s afraid it would be difficult to persuade her to come back this time.

Liu Yumei on the other hand was really curious about Liang Minying’s marriage. As far as she knows Liang Minying’s boyfriend has good family conditions, his parents were powerful, and his family background was only a little good than Qi Yuanxin.

The reason why Xie Zhenjiang got involved with that widow was because he has nothing to do at home, but if Xie Zhenjiang could climb up higher in the society with the help of Jiang Donglai, he would certainly make great achievements after all he was her son how could he be failed?

She told Xie Zhenjiang what she thought, and Xie Zhenjiang thought that she was right, but the most urgent task was to coax his wife back first.

The wound on his head was not yet healed but Xie Zhenjiang dared not delay for fear that his wife would run away with a man. Wearing a hat, he bought some apples and went to his father-in-law’s house. When he arrived there, he could not help being scolded by his father-in-law.

However, regardless of whether life in the countryside was good or bad, divorce was a big matter. Besides Zhuang Zhuang and Hong Hong were not old enough, what would happen to them if they really get divorced? The old couple still tried to make peace and allowed Xie Zhenjiang into the house to coax Jiang Tao.

Jiang Tao was full of anger when she saw him and began crying. She was arrogant before she got married, thinking that since Xie Zhenjiang had coaxed her to marry, she was someone special.

Even though Xie Zhenjiang used to have sex with widows from other villages, all she could do was endure at least her close friends doesn’t know this. But now everyone knows and even witnesses her husband’s infidelity, and made these people talk behind her back and would inevitably ridicule her.

She has always been proud, and now being laughed at like this she couldn’t just endure it any longer.

Besides, she really couldn’t figure out how the widow Liu Aijin was better than her. It’s just that she’s a little more flirtatious, wasn’t it? She Jiang Tao was a beautiful girl before she had children, Xie Zhenjiang used to take her so seriously, but now that he was doing this kind of thing, she really couldn’t figure it out what happened.

She could not swallow this anger, and naturally refused to go back, but at least she let Xie Zhenjiang take Zhuang Zhuang back.

Early in the morning, Su Weiwei rode a bicycle to the morning market with Liang Xiaomei and Cheng Cheng. The market today was very busy.

There were many people who set up stalls. Liang Xiaomei looked at this and that, everything was new to her. Suddenly she picked up a hairpin, it was in the shape of a butterfly. It would bounce on her head when worn. Su Weiwei also wore it when she was a child.

She also wants to buy it for her Liang Xiaomei however, she is short of money. Recently, she has spent almost all the money, and she has to save some money for a business.

Liang Xiaomei was unresigned and put the butterfly hairpin on her head, squinted her eyes and asked.

“Sister-in-law, look, I look good in this hairpin, right? It’s so beautiful! The pink color, the shiny diamonds, the moving wings…it’s tailor-made for me, sister-in-law, buy it for me! I really like it so much!”

Beside her, Cheng Cheng rolled his eyes expressionlessly.

Could Liang Xiaomei be any more stupid? How come he didn’t realize that this Liang Xiaomei was a drama queen, in order to attract Su Weiwei’s attention she always loves to yell, and now in order to make Su Weiwei spend money, she even acted.

Su Weiwei sighed; it was time to use her acting skills again. She put on an embarrassed expression and thought about it for a long time before touching her head.

“Xiaomei, you are wrong. How can this hairpin be beautiful, it was obviously you who is beautiful! So you don’t need this hairpin to be beautiful.”


Liang Xiaomei was confused, she felt that there seems to be something wrong but her sister-in-law’s reason convince her.

Cheng Cheng, who could not speak, hummed. Fortunately, she was only clever if his mother was also stupid that she could fool Liang Xiaomei, wouldn’t she be more stupid than Liang Xiaomei?

Cheng Cheng nodded contentedly.

On the other hand, Liang Minying mentioned to Jiang Donglai what Su Weiwei had told her. Jiang Donglai came down from the scooter and said impatiently.

“Why are there so many things happening in your family? There are so many things happening in the countryside. Didn’t I tell you? My mother finally agreed to let us be together. You can’t get married without taking advantage of this opportunity. If my mother reneges from this again, you can’t get married even if you want to.”

Liang Minying has always been meek, in front of him because her family conditions were not good and Jiang Donglai never hides that he despises her family background and that was also because Liang Minying was very obedient before. But who knows what happened this time she opposes him.

“Then okay, I will not marry.”


He couldn’t react for a while.

“What the hell do you mean, Liang Minying? You’re still putting on a face on me?”

Liang Minying gritted her teeth and stood up.

“It’s up to you. Since you don’t like my family’s conditions, then you just don’t like me as a person. My sister-in-law said that your family is insincere and doesn’t do things like this. If you don’t want to, then let’s break up!”

She took her handbag and left, Jiang Donglai was dumbfounded for a moment, but immediately chased after her on his scooter and blocked Liang Minying’s road.

“Okay, okay, okay! I promise you, can’t I? But you also have to promise me, let me sleep with you tonight.”

Liang Minying blushed, they have had intimate contact before, but she has always kept the bottom line, now remembering Su Weiwei’s words, Liang Minying shook her head.

“Wait until we get married and then sleep!”

“What? What difference does it make? We’re getting married soon and you can’t let me exercise my power early?”

“No! I won’t let you touch me until you marry me!”

Jiang Donglai does not know what was wrong with her, but the Liang Minying he once know was meek although beautiful there was something that seems to be missing about her. But right now, with her temper like a small pepper, he felt an itch and wanted to sleep with her all the more.

When he went home that day, he told his family about what Liang Minying had told him. Hearing what her son, Zhao Xiangyu sneered.

“She is just a village girl but she dares to put air on me? You wanted to marry her because her old Liang family burned some high incense but so now she wants me to carry her into the door with a sedan chair? Don’t even think about it!”

Jiang Jianzhong flipped through the newspaper, took off his glasses, and said.

“What the girl said is right, you’re not doing this right.”

“What’s wrong? I asked your son to marry someone from the city but he doesn’t want any of them because they were ugly. I don’t understand, she is from a good family and her father is your boss but with such an opportunity, your son doesn’t want to marry but instead, he wants to marry this hick. I agree and have already given in, but she even wants to climb all over!”

Zhao Xiangyu was very angry and dissatisfied, even with ten thousand daughters-in-law like her.

Jiang Donglai rubbed his nose and said embarrassingly.

“Mom, you just go there, set the date, and send the betrothal gift, and then you’re done.”

“Why should I? Doesn’t she want to marry you in the first place!”

“Mom… I just like Minying. Have mercy on your son!”

Jiang Jianzhong replied.

“Our son is right. Now that you have agreed, you must take care of the marriage of your child. And when Donglai will have children later, the two families will certainly have to deal with each other, you’re just making the situation so difficult for your future grandson.”

“My future grandson will be a pure breed city person, what does it have to do with them?”

She refused to give in, so when Liang Minying went home to discuss with Su Weiwei again, the latter refused to give in also saying that as long as Liang Minying wanted to marry from home, she must let the man’s family do things according to the rules. So now the two sides were deadlocked.

Su Weiwei flipped through the calendar. It was not long before the national day.

It was the first time she had encountered such ridiculous parents. Although she never married in her previous life, he best friends married one after another so she knew that before getting married women must not lower their attitude before marriage let alone be moved by others.

Have illusions, thinking that men would be better after marriage. That was simply impossible.

Truth be told, she doesn’t have that much impression of Liang Minying. In the original book, the heroine seemed to mention that Liang Heming’s eldest sister once worked as an apprentice in a garment factory. After she went to the city with Liang Heming, she became a designer.

She caught up with the good times and became a leader in this industry. It was she who overcame difficulties and led China’s garment design industry to the world. She was friends with many designers of famous brands in this circle. She has also created her own luxury brand, which was the most famous clothing brand in China. Later, her company went to the market and held shows in famous cities. She often appears on the cover of fashion magazines and was a real boss.

With this knowledge, Su Weiwei knew that most likely Liang Minying and this Jiang Donglai did get married and even if they do, they should have gotten a divorce in the end. Otherwise, Liang Minying would not go to the big city with Liang Heming, though Su Weiwei knows nothing about what happened in the process.

After the farce of catching adultery, there was a lot of talk in the village, and no matter where Liu Yumei went, the village people looked at her with a strange look.

The eyes have contempt, disdain, ridicule, and gloating … In short, recently she did not dare to go out at all, fearing that others poke her backbone.

Although she was a remarried widow, she was able to manage her man and live a decent life so she did not expect that at her age right now she could hate anyone like how she hated Su Wei Wei.

But for the sake of Xie Zhenjiang, she must act like a good mother-in-law or at least she couldn’t be too stiff, otherwise, if Liang Minying was unhappy Xie Zhenjiang’s future would be jeopardized.

To Su Weiwei’s surprise, Liu Yumei asked her to take her children over to dinner for the next few days. And even the food she cooked was both meat and vegetable, and it was delicious.

Su Weiwei poked the rice for fear that there might poison it or put a dead bug in it.

After making sure there was nothing unusual in the rice, she took a bite and lifted her gaze to look at Liu Yumei.

Liu Yumei sneered, but since she couldn’t hide her sneer, she pulled Liang Fugui’s clothes. Liang Fugui immediately said.

“Weiwei, what’s the matter with Minying’s marriage?”

“It’s probably going to happen.”


Liu Yumei jumped up and gasped.

“Not going to happen? How could it be? I say Su Weiwei, do you really know what Jiang Donglai’s family is like? He has power and influence, and you didn’t teach Liang Minying to hold on to a man with such good conditions? How dare you let this marriage go badly!”

Su Weiwei sneered, she knew it was because of this that Liu Yumei was doing this, but people like Jiang Donglai who could look down on their poor relatives would also look down on Liu Yumei, but this stepmother still intends to associate with kind of people?

“The man’s family does not do things properly.”

“So what if they don’t do things properly? It’s understandable that people who are well-off look down on us country people. If Liang Minying doesn’t know how to behave, you as a sister-in-law also don’t know how to behave? No! I’m going to Jiang’s house to make it clear, I…”

Su Weiwei slapped the chopsticks, she stood up and sneered.

“I will not spare you if you rush there!”

“You you you…”

Liu Yumei was so angry that she almost fainted with two black eyes.

“Old Liang, look at your daughter-in-law, how does she talk!”

Su Weiwei rolled his eyes.

“I say Liu Yumei, you are already so old, but you still use your man to complain! Look at your old face, you have grown into this kind face but still have the nerve to learn from young people to pamper yourself. It’s not like this really came from me, but your lucky father-in-law was not a picky eater but if others heard you acting like this, they might vomit everything they eat.”

Liang Fugui coughed, unnaturally averted his eyes. Liu Yumei’s old face was red due to anger, her breath was almost gasped.

She was spoiled? Liang Fugui likes her like this! This Su Weiwei was two-faced, in front of outsiders she was respectful to her, but behind the scenes her horn was showing!

“You’re shameless!”



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