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Chapter 23

Yan Wenjia who played with his life, shook the world but came quietly beaten up.

“There are thousands of ways for people to seek death. It’s a basic morality not to cause trouble to others. If you think life is boring and want to find the meaning of living, you shouldn’t find it like this… or you won’t find it all your life. Maybe one day, you will really die in a jungle, in a desert, under a cliff… Everyone just feels relieved. No one will remember you. Is this the result you want?”

“Some people die, they call it living. For some who just die, that just death. What are you when you peel off the Yan family’s coat?”

When Gu Xueyi’s unhurried voice fell, Yan Wenjia was staring at her back, his mind was thinking somewhere else, thinking that her body was obviously thin but how could it explode out so powerful when parachuting?

Yan Wenjia felt something blocking his chest.

He slowly digested Gu Xueyi’s words, and the more he repeatedly put them in his brain to digest them, the more there was a kind of dense stabbing pain that stuck in his body.

Is this the result I want?

What am I?

I regard ……

Without waiting for Yan Wenjia to break free from depression and find a clear answer.

Gu Xueyi suddenly turned around and pulled out a belt from the table.

“Now I’ll start by teaching you basic ethics.”

“Swoosh” sound could be heard like cutting in the wind.

Yan Wenjia ducked, but her technique was too canny. He grunted after he was smacked on the chin and bit his teeth and didn’t make another sound again. Then he fell down and knocked his face on the table.

If Gu Xueyi hadn’t lifted his collar from the back.

Yan Wenjia would really die in a wretch and ridiculous way, worse than a handful of feathers fluttering away.

Yan Wenjia, who was sitting upright in his chair, slowly moved his eyelashes and went over Gu Xueyi’s words in his head again.

If you want to find the meaning of living, you shouldn’t find it like this.

So how should I find it?

“Brother Yan, are you really not going to think about it anymore?”

The agent’s raucous voice chattered in his ears.

Yan Wenjia held down his thoughts and looked up at his agent,

“Don’t want to.”

He could bleed and be in pain, but it was impossible for him to admit defeat and show weakness with his mouth.

The agent’s voice was all pressed into his throat at once.

When he looked at Yan Wenjia’s gaze, he knew he was serious.

The excessively handsome young man in front of him seems to have changed somewhere, but it’s a little hard to say what has changed.

The agent raised his hand and wiped his face, thinking numbly that it was probably an illusion brought on by the swelling of his face ……

Gu Xueyi finished studying her laptop for the day.

She walked to the door.

“Prepare a set of brush, ink, paper and inkstone for me.”

She was not completely used to the way of writing using simplified characters with a water-based pen in this era.

The maid showed a hint of surprise, but quickly went downstairs to find it for Gu Xueyi.

She just couldn’t help but mutter in my heart: What does the madam need this thing for?

The paper, ink, brush and inkstone were soon delivered.

Gu Xueyi swept a glance.

Not bad, but not good either. It’s not that it doesn’t work.

Gu Xueyi pinched the ink bar, added water, and hung her wrist to grind it slowly in the inkstone.

Seeing this, the maid hurriedly spoke out.

“Madam, I’ll do it.”

Gu Xueyi was used to doing all such things herself.

“No need.”

This was also a way to train her wrist strength.

Gu Xueyi grasps the ink strip and grinds it slowly. She feels that the fit between the body and her was getting higher and higher day by day.

After grinding the ink, Gu Xueyi asked the maid to go out first, while she picked up her brush and slowly sorted out Baoxin’s information according to her memory.

This took her a full three hours.

By the time Gu Xueyi returned to her senses again, it was already evening. Now it’s obviously not the right time to go back to Chen Yujin.

Gu Xueyi folded a thick stack of paper and opened the small safe on the dresser.

The small safe was filled with all kinds of jewelry, Gu Xueyi did not look more than a glance, and just dumped it all into the drawer, turn the stack of paper into it, and lock it.

Half an hour later, Secretary Chen received today’s second text message.

[Is Secretary Chen free tomorrow? I’ll visit the company.]

Chen Yujin looked at the kitchen where he was boiling dry pot, pressed the corner of his forehead, and coughed heavily.


He started to reply to a text message, and then recovered his strength, washed the pot, put it on the shelf again, and boiled ginger soup.

After Gu Xueyi got a definite reply, she went to wash.

Chen Yujin was staring at the pot. After waiting for a few minutes, he finally got a bowl of ginger soup.

He lowered his head and took a sip.

Hot and spicy, …… but very warm indeed.

Gu Xueyi came out of the bathroom and made a phone call to Yan Wenbai.

Yan Wenbai answered the phone, but he didn’t know what to say. He grimaced and there was a dead silence on the phone.

He has been home on time for the past few days.

He also did not have any fight with Jiang Jing again.

He was sleeping upstairs in his room so what was she calling him for?

Yan Wenbai pursed his lips.

“Do you have Yan Wenshu’s phone number?” Gu Xueyi asked.


Yan Wenbai hung up the phone.

After waiting for a few seconds, Yan Wenbai realized what he had done, and slowly remembered the taste of the belt.

Yan Wenbai immediately dialed back.

“…… You want Yan Wenshu’s number? I’ll send it to you.”

A little hint of imperceptible humiliation in his tone could be heard.

She called him just for Yan Wenshu’s cell phone number?

“Just now…”

Yan Wenbai uttered a lie.

“I accidentally hung it up.”

Gu Xueyi didn’t bother with him and whispered,

“Good night.”

She then went and check the mailbox for the phone number.

Yan Wenbai was stunned while looking at his phone for a few seconds, before he lay down again.

At this time Gu Xueyi called Yan Wenshu, but couldn’t get through.

So, she just send a text message over.

[Take care not to overdo it, don’t do anything stupid.]

It was 9:33 p.m.

Yan Wenshu was holding anger in her chest.

She coldly stared at Jiang Meng.

“After acting so much in front of me, what? Now you refuse to even go to the hospital for a maternity checkup?”

Jiang Meng’s hair was scattered, her appearance was haggard and she looked delicate and pitiful.

On the contrary, Yan Wenshu looked so aggressive.

The agent saw that she hadn’t brought anyone else, and was bold to take out her phone and quietly open the video function and point it at Jiang Meng.

Just edit it once… and they could change how the story.

Yan Wenshu turned her head, and found notice it.

She’s in the circle of celebrities and deals with the lens of foreign journalists and street photographers all day. She’s too sensitive to this thing.

Yan Wenshu immediately became angrier, she grabbed the phone and smashed it against the wall.

Seeing this, the agent’s eyes were red from glaring at Yan Wenshu.

Yan Wenshu’s temper was impulsive.

Too impulsive!

This Eldest Lady doesn’t care about anything.

How could they think of lifting a stone and smashing themselves in the foot?

Now that they force her to come here ……

Today’s affair would certainly not be good.

“Jiang Meng, you call that person.”

“Call who?” Yan Wenshu asked in a cold voice.

The room was quiet for a while.

10:00 pm.

Cao Jiaye put on his hat and mask, brought his bodyguard and drove out of the villa area in the middle of the night.

Jian Rui heard the commotion and came downstairs and asked.

“Where is your sir going?”

The maid said nervously.

“Sir said the company has some urgent matters.”

That night, Yan Wenshu never called back G Xueyi’s phone calls nor reply to text messages.

Gu Xueyi got up at eight o’clock the next morning, and after she had breakfast, she went to the Yan company while calling Yan Wenshu again.

Still no answer.

Gu Xueyi couldn’t help but frown.

In fact, from the beginning, she didn’t pay attention to the role of Jiang Meng.

Whether it was Jiang Meng’s acting or forcing her way to the Yan’s house nor inviting Yan Wenshu—it all just illustrate her anxiety, and her clumsy means.

Yan Wenshu couldn’t even take such a person?

Soon, the car arrived at the Yan company.

Gu Xueyi didn’t continue to dial the phone meaninglessly. She went straight upstairs. The staff in the building greeted her one after another.

“Mrs. Yan.”

After that party held at the Celica Hotel, who could still not take this Mrs. Yan to heart now?

On the floor where Chen Yujin was located, there was a little secretary waiting there early in the morning.

The little secretary immediately took Gu Xueyi to the small conference room.

The man inside the conference room raised his head.

“Mr. Jian.” Gu Xueyi greeted.

“Mrs. Yan.”

Jian Changming’s throat moved up and down as he pushed down his glasses and greeted back.

This scene was distinctly similar to the last time they met at the Yan company.

But the mood was completely different.

Jian Changming has been able to become more objectively aware of the changes in Gu Xueyi and how good she has become after the changes.

Gu Xueyi took her seat, and a few minutes later, Chen Yujin also arrived.

“Does the Yan family have GPS installed on the cell phones of various family members?” Gu Xueyi asked.

Chen Yujin’s cold has mostly healed, and once he saw Gu Xueyi, he remembered the slightly hot, slightly spicy feeling on the tip of his tongue.

“There are, but it depends on who you are looking for. After all, there are always some people who are not so willing to cooperate, and they will choose to dismantle the GPS themselves.”

Chen Yujin finished, and then asked a follow-up question.

“What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

Hearing these words, Jian Changming couldn’t help but look up at Chen Yujin one more time.

Secretary Chen’s words seemed to have become a little more naturally concern.

“Please ask Secretary Chen to have someone check the location of Yan Wenshu.”

Chen Yujin also stopped asking why and immediately answered.


He turned around and went out to give some orders before returning to the small conference room.

Gu Xueyi took out the stack of paper and lied without blinking.

“I wrote it like this so it look like my practice work for my calligraphy.”

Indeed, no one could associate this thing with Baoxin.

Chen Yujin took it with both hands and slowly unfolded it.

Jane Changming’s gaze also followed.

The font was dignified and beautiful.

Only the cross hook shows a little momentum of iron painting and silver hook.

This handwriting… was quite beautiful.

It’s as if she’s written it a million times, but the next thing that was even more amazing was that they discovered that she also had a pretty good memory.

Or rather, she was quite skillful at memorizing. The line-by-line integration was also all logical and clear.

How much more was there in her that people have never seen before?

Was the Gu family who taught her like this?

As Chen Yujin and Jian Changming stared at the stack of papers, and couldn’t take their eyes off it.

Gu Xueyi’s phone received a news push from a browser.

[Yan Wenshu’s weibo is suspected of ridiculing Jiang Meng. What do you think? Click in to see -]

Gu Xueyi saw the news and was immediately wary.

She clicked in to take a look.

On her way there, Yan Wenshu posted a weibo directly mocking Jiang Meng.

The comment section was full of sarcastic comments about Jiang Meng.

For Jiang Meng who needs to rely on popularity to maintain her position …… this was like directly cutting off her lifeline.

How reckless.

At least two more bodyguards should be around before she go and denouncing someone.

Gu Xueyi’s finger slid a little.

And saw another post.

@Yanwenshu: Look closely, this is Mrs. Yan. [Photo]

Gu Xueyi raised her eyebrows slightly.

Sure enough, her way of thinking was still like a child ……

…… reckless but also cute.

She stood up.

“Mr. Jisn and Secretary Chen look at first, I have to leave for a while ……”

“Where is the madam going”

Chen Yujin swallowed the remaining words to his mouth.

These was none of his business.

Gu Xueyi gave them a slight nod, her manners still impeccable, she then opened the door and walked out quickly.

She came with only one bodyguard on her way here.

This was certainly not less.

What’s more, she once followed her father and brother to the battlefield, compared to ordinary women, she was strong ……

But Gu Xueyi would not wantonly put herself in danger, she paused her steps, turned her head and pushed the door open again, asking.

“Secretary Chen has a bodyguard I can borrow?”

Jian Changming first answered faster.

“I can lend mine to Mrs. Yan.”

Chen Yujin, who opened his mouth slowly: “….”


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