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Chapter 22

Gu Xueyi’s ability to recover was very strong, she may not be able to adapt to such exciting playing methods at the beginning but she tends to be calmer later.

The next day she woke later than usual which was very rarely, but she was refreshed and looked quite good.

“Madam, your breakfast is ready.”

The maid said from the side.

Gu Xueyi turned her head to look at the person talking.

The maid was hiding in the corner of the staircase, Gu Xueyi remembered her. This was the first time this maid knocks on her door. Wang Yue, seems to be her name?

Gu Xueyi’s gaze swept past her, then walked straight to the dining room.

But Wang Yue was scared to death.

She could see now that their madam has changed. There were two or four children in the family, but they couldn’t even control the madam, they even sometimes the ones who were beaten. And about the banquet that was held ahead? Even Secretary Chen attended. If she don’t changes sides she would soon be left behind once the Yan’s changes hands.

Gu Xueyi on the other hand, does not mind, after all what good could she get from the servant who opened the door to Jiang Meng?

However, on Wang Yueyi’s eyes, every time she saw Gu Xueyi was just like a quail seeing an eagle.

And how did Wang Yue know she became a bad example for others?

Her fear was seen by the other servants of the Yan family, who wanted to become the second Wang Yue? So, when treating Gu Xueyi naturally they became more respectful and careful.

Gu Xueyi walked into the dining room.

Yan Wenshu was sitting at the dining table when she heard footsteps, she quickly put away her phone.

“Good morning.”

Gu Xueyi settled down in the main seat.

The corners of Yan Wenshu’s mouth twitched, that was where her big brother used to sit. Gu Xueyi really dares to sit there!

The maid quickly put down a glass of milk by Gu Xueyi’s hand.

“Now ……,”

Yan Wenshu hesitantly started.

Gu Xueyi held the milk cup in her hand and didn’t drink it. She raised her eyes to stare at Yan Wenshu making Yan Wenshu’s throat choked, she added.

“…… morning.”

Otherwise, Gu Xueyi would probably comment on her as uneducated and stupid again in a breezy tone.

It would look even dumber if she were to jump to her feet.

Yan Wenshu bit her lips, she was actually a little angry deep inside and at the same time, she aroused an impulse not to admit defeat… Gu Xueyi said she was stupid, then she would let Gu Xueyi see that she was not stupid!


Gu Xueyi bowed her head and took a sip of milk, then moved elegantly to pick up her chopsticks and clip away a small dumpling.

“What did you want to say earlier? Say it now.”

“It’s not a party anymore, so, what about that …… thing?”

Gu Xueyi’s hands kept moving,

“What do you think?”

Yan Wenshu became alert when she heard this sentence.

Is she testing me?

If I make any inappropriate suggestions, is she going to scold me again?

After getting away from the circle of celebrities who were chasing her and talking all day long about cosmetics, bags and clothes and where to travel, Yan Wenshu suddenly realized that her brain at this moment …… seemed really inadequate!!!

“I think ……,”

Said Yan Wenshu, who got stuck at the beginning and even had the illusion of going back to her high school days where she was standing on the stage to do a summary in a trance.

She began to think desperately hard.

“I should have observed her first immediately the first time she came to me ……”

“Regret for the past does not serve any purpose, what you need to think about now is what comes next.”

Gu Xueyi interrupted her.

Yan Wenshu felt hot on her face and felt as if she had made herself another fool just now.

“Next… I won’t let her show up at the Yan’s house or any place related to the Yan’s house. I’ll hire someone to take care of it and don’t let her bother you.”

Yan Wenshu paused and continued.

“I don’t like you, but you’re right. I’m not in charge of this round. My eldest brother didn’t come back, you’re the wife of the Yan family. You can’t just drill out a woman from anywhere and indulge her in the drama of forcing the palace.”

Yan Wenshu felt that she was quite rational.

She was tolerant and polite to Gu Xueyi!

Gu Xueyi however, sighed softly.

This made Yan Wenshu immediately tensed up, and her back broke a fine sweat.

Did she …… she say it wrong again?

Gu Xueyi looked at her, her gaze could not help but bring out a little pity.

This little girl because of lack in correct guidance since childhood it made her so naive.

“You believe whatever she says? Don’t you have any judgment of your own?”

Yan Wenshu was ashamed and angry. She wanted to say that there was an emergency at that time so she didn’t think so much. But on second thought, what was the emergency? Was it so urgent that the child in Jiang Meng’s stomach would slip if she was a little late? How could she fly home as soon as she heard her whining, was her brain toasted?

It was Jiang Meng who said how Gu Xueyi humiliated her and refused to see her. She turned around and held a banquet in the name of the Yan family… one thing she didn’t consider was that Jiang Meng knew she hated Gu Xueyi!

“I’m being used as a gun ……,”

Yan Wenshu stood up in a tentative manner.

Thinking about this, Yan Wenshu’s mind was opened up for a moment. Jiang Meng was not a up for good so why should she believe her words? Just on the basis of a scandal between her and Yan Chao a few months ago?

Yan Wenshu’s lungs exploded in anger.

Jiang Meng even took advantage of her!

And what she couldn’t stand was that she actually almost lost the face of the Yan family because of her likes and dislikes.

“I know.”

Yan Wenshu gritted her teeth.

“Now, I should first find out if she and my big brother are really having an affair. Whether the child in her belly is really my brother’s.”

Without waiting for Gu Xueyi to make a sound, or more accurately, she didn’t dare to meet Gu Xueyi’s eyes, Yan Wenshu ran out of the Yan family house.

Just because she was unable to hold her calm, after hearing a few words Yan Wenshu immediately believed it.

Compared with the children who once took care of the family and Sheng family, Yan Wenshu was still stupid. But it’s kind of cute

Gu Xueyi did not stop Yan Wenshu.

The little girl has to headbutt the south wall1 by herself, only then could she know that not everyone holds her respectfully and without a little calculation ……

(TN: 1– an idiom, refers to the dead truth, using this phenomenon to describe someone’s stubborn behavior and can’t listen to different opinions)

Gu Xueyi picked up her glass of milk again, took a sip, then went upstairs and started to continue learning how to use her laptop.

She also needs to integrate all the information that she saw in the warehouse the day before.

And secretary Chen.

Gu Xueyi took out her mobile phone, poke down a text message with unfamiliar Pinyin and sent it to Chen Yujin.

[It was hard for Secretary Chen yesterday, early morning in Pinggu is very cold, Secretary Chen should pay attention to rest. If you need, you can boil some ginger soup to strengthen your body and drive away the coldness.]

The moment Chen Yujin heard the text message alert sound, he instinctively felt that it might be from Gu Xueyi.

It so happened that the assistant was adjusting the PPT at this time.

Chen Yujin lowered his head and took out his phone.

…it was really Gu Xueyi.

Early morning in Pinggu is cold……

It’s cold.

Chen Yujin’s fingers clenched his phone tightly, when his throat itched. He couldn’t hold back and sneezed.

The people in the meeting room looked at Chen Yujin in unison, and countless concerns flew at him like shredded paper.

“Mr. Chen, is everything okay?”

“Does Mr. Chen need to go to the hospital?”

“Did Mr. Chen have insomnia last night? I think Mr. Chen’s eyes are swollen.”

“Mr. Chen is still holding on to the meeting like this. He is really a model for us…”


Of course, he won’t tell anyone that he went to Pinggu and was blow the cold wind for a few hours and did one of the most meaningless and ridiculous things in his life!

Chen Yujin smiled and didn’t respond to their concerns. He lowered his head and read that text message over again.

Ginger soup?

It wouldn’t make any changes.

But I’ll give it a try.

At this time, Yan Wenshu hurried out of the Yan’s house, and then took a car by herself. While driving out, she called Jiang Meng’s agent.

When Gu Xueyi came downstairs and entered the dining room, she was actually using her phone to brush Weibo.

The topics about Gu Xueyi and Jiang Meng were quite lively. She could see many people scolding Jiang Meng as soon as she entered the banquet. Although a small number of fans were still washing the ground for their idols, the existing content in the comment area alone was enough to open Yan Wenshu’s eyes.

The more she looks at it, the more furious she feel, and the more she feel weak.

Jiang Meng did such a thing!

She couldn’t believe she even brought her to the party!

Am I a pig brain?

If Gu Xueyi’s reaction was not fast enough at that time, what kind of a joke would it have turned out to be?

“Hey, Miss Yan!”

The phone was connected, and the agent’s eager voice came from the other end.

They have been unable to contact Yan Wenshu, and feared that they would lose this last chance.

They couldn’t back out now after getting Yan Wenshu back in the country but she hasn’t had made any contact with them after the incident in the banquet and there was no movement of Yan Wenshu in the Yan family.

“Miss Yan, I finally got in touch with you. Now the situation is very bad…”

The agent said, sounding like she was about to cry as she said.

“Jiang Meng, she can’t think of it… She’s trying to commit suicide.”

If it were before, Yan Wenshu must have been anxious.

But at this moment ……

“Oh yeah? Give me the address.”

The agent didn’t even notice that the tone of Yan Wenshu’s voice was calm and somewhat cold at this moment.

Yan Wenshu also didn’t find that she unconsciously imitated Gu Xueyi right now.

After Yan Wenshu got the address, she hung up the phone decisively.


Then she should really die to show her!

Playing a trick on her, crying, making trouble and hanging!

“Yan Wenshu is impulsive. As long as you take the child as a chip, she will protect you even if she doesn’t want to. In fact, it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t protect you. After such a toss, Jian Rui should have believed that you are the lover of Yan Chao.” Said the agent.

Jiang Meng’s face was blue and white, her hands and feet were cold. She couldn’t seem to calm down.

Hot search was still scolding her.

This was the biggest ridicule and abuse she has experienced since she joined the circle

“Let’s hope so.”

Jiang Meng said in a trembling voice.

The agent took away her phone.

“Don’t look at it, I’ll keep an eye on the news.”

Jiang Meng: “Hmm.”

The agent sat down and brushed the hot search.

When a name soon caught her eye.

#Forwarded by Yan Wenshu#

It was just five words, but it gained a spot on the hot search.

The agent refreshed several times in confusion, and each time she did, the heat was going up.

Yan Wenshu was quite famous in foreign countries and was also a little famous on Weibo. It’s the same with her group of celebrity sisters.

So, it’s not surprising that when she posted a weibo it would surely gain a spot on the hot search.

But the heat has strangely gone up rapidly.

With this unusual phenomenon, the agent clicked in link.

“Jiang Meng! It’s not good!”

The agent’s expression change in an instant.

She just saw that post actually tag—

@yanwenshu: There was no progress in her acting skills seen in the dramas, but the acting skills in real life have progressed at a great speed. /@Today’s Gossip: It is suspected that #Celica dinner #JiangMeng’s persona collapsed, two fan stations have announced their dissolution. Countless fans loudly accuse Jiang Meng of cheating fans’ feelings, what do you think ……

The comment section has exploded.

[Crap? Yan Wenshu? Is it really Yan Wenshu? The third young lady of the Yan family?]

[this is in the connotation of Jiang Meng’s reality, isn’t it?]

[correction for the friend upstairs. It’s not connotation, it’s explicit.]

[wait, didn’t Jiang Meng’s studio send a notice to refute the rumor yesterday? It also sent a picture of the agent meeting the young lady Yan at the airport. It said that the two were friends. Jiang Meng went to the dinner party and was also invited by the third young lady Yan… It turns out? Slapped in the face?]

[This shows that Jiang Meng is really a lot of drama, ah I’m so drunk, I’m heartbroken for her fans. Several dissolutions in succession.]

[… It’s really de powdered. It’s burning Jiang Meng live. Ha ha. I even liked her for three years, NIMA fed the dog.]



Reading the comments Jiang Meng gritted his teeth.

“… Yan Wenshu’s character is really impulsive.”

Impulsive to the point that even she did not know where she had provoked this young lady. As soon as she turned her head, she put her on the weibo.

The agent’s cold sweat also came down.

Wasn’t this making Jiang Meng besieged on all sides?

She shivered and refreshed once more, she almost fainted with her two black eyes missing and her eyes wide open.

Not only did Yan Wenshu not delete that weibo, but she also posted several new weibo.

The eldest lady think it wasn’t enough to relieve her anger.

@Yanwenshu: Look closely, this is Mrs. Yan. [Photo]

Clicking in was the photo of Gu Xueyi that the media put out that day.

The agent’s breath caught in her throat and lost her voice as she shouted,

“Isn’t she not on good terms with Gu Xueyi?”

Jiang Meng on the other hand momentarily suffered too many blows, making her brain buzzed black.

“I …… how do I know? At the banquet that day, she did get into a fight with Gu Xueyi …… The atmosphere at the scene was tense ……”

And at that moment, the doorbell suddenly rang.

The agent suddenly remembered something, she was full of cold sweat and said.

“I just gave your address to Yan Wenshu …… Is she, does she already know something?”

At the Spy crew.

Director Li looked at his phone with a mournful face.

How could this Jiang Meng make so much trouble?

The bigger this scandal gets, the more she gets, even Miss Yan has come out to step on her ……his movie was bound to be affected. How annoying. How could we get this woman out?

Director Li was so angry that he dropped his phone, and when he looked up, he saw the figure of Yan Wenjia.

This ancestor came quite on time today.

He came before dawn.

It made director Li tremble inwardly. He thought that the ancestor was mad last night and his nerves were abnormal today. But when he said a few words this ancestor did not retaliate and acted normal though his voice was a pitch higher, which may be because he caught a cold.

Looking at him, he don’t know why his face was so swollen but that’s not important right now, it should be covered with lots of foundation.

Director Li was relieved and happy at the same time.

It would be better if there was no Jiang Meng dragging his feet.

Director Li frowned.

He don’t know which idiot nor know which stupid boss funded such a woman?

At this time, Yan Wenjia was sitting upright.

Many staff members in the crew could not help but quietly gaze at his appearance ……

As always, handsome to the point of overkill.


The agent scratched his head in a crash.

“It’s not a matter of a few edges, the problem is that your face is swollen. Don’t you notice it? Do you really want to go to the event like this in the evening? Countless HD cameras are facing you at the same time, brother Yan!”

Yan Wenjia touched his face, and made elegant efforts to maintain the dignity that was threatened by Gu Xueyi:

“… Wo doesn’t hurt, wo doesn’t die, wo is very good.”


Brother Yan, you can’t even talk well, wake up!


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