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Chapter 24

The doorbell rang once again, but this time Jiang Meng and her agent were no longer afraid, but relieved.

Jiang Meng raised her hand to rub the corners of her eyes even redder before she walked over and opened the door, her voice soft and miserable.

“…… you’re here.”

Cao Jiaye, however, pushed Jiang Meng away and took a big step inside.

“Where is that person?” He asked with a sullen face.

Jiang Meng was pushed off guard, making expression on her face changed as she covered her belly with one hand. For a moment, she wished she was really the lover of the Yan Chao and had nothing to do with Cao Jiaye.

“She …… is inside.” Jiang Meng reluctantly revealed a smile.

Cao Jiaye walked through the entrance hall and met Yan Wenshu.

The agent was standing there, and when she saw him coming, she immediately stood up wanting to shout “Mr. Cao”, but dared not to do so.

Yan Wenshu, who was sitting on the chair, swept a glance and sneered.

 “What’s there that you don’t dare to call? Isn’t it Mr. Cao? Who doesn’t know Mr. Cao?”

The Jian family and the Yan family were close friends, and of course Yan Wenshu had an impressed with Jian Rui’s husband.

Cao Jiaye’s face changed, he didn’t expect that with his hat, mask and sunglasses on, he was still recognized.

Fortunately, after he left the villa, he deliberately drove his car on the roundabout highway and circled around several times, spending several hours of effort before finally circling back to where Jiang Meng was. Otherwise, he’s afraid Jian Rui would have known about it.

Cao Jiaye took off his mask and sunglasses and smiled faintly at Yan Wenshu.

“I received a call that someone was harassing our company’s artists here. So, I came to take a look. I didn’t expect it to be Miss Yan.”

Yan Wenshu wasn’t flattered by him but sneered instead.

“You’re Jiang Meng’s adulterous man?”

Cao Jiaye has been ridiculous under Jian Rui’s eyes for so many years, and his thick skin was not comparable to that of ordinary people. Instead, he was surprised and angrily asked.

“What does Miss Yan mean? You’re slandering! Oh, I see. If you don’t want to admit it, just…”

Jiang Meng on the other hand didn’t feel happy when he heard these words. Instead, she felt extremely oppressed.

How could Cao Jiaye be so cowardly?

He couldn’t even rebel against Jian Rui.

Now he has to talk about her and got other people involve….

Without waiting for Cao Jiaye to finish his sentence, Jiang Meng suddenly shrieked.


Yan Wenshu also picked up the porcelain ornaments near her hand and smashed it at Cao Jiaye. Cao Jiaye didn’t expect Yan Wenshu to be a girl with such an impulsive temper that she would smash if she said it… He couldn’t avoid it and only to lessen the impact.



There were two sounds in succession, the sound of smashing Cao Jiaye head and the sound of porcelain falling to the ground.

Cao Jiaye hissed in pain, and suddenly his eyes stared sinisterly at Yan Wenshhu.

“If Miss Yan, does it like this, I’m afraid the Jian family will ask your Yan family for an explanation.”

“You reminded me. Does Jian Rui know about this? She doesn’t know? I’ll tell her. Jian Rui will naturally find out what’s going on at that time. Don’t say she won’t let you go, Mr. Cao…”

Yan Wenshu turned to Jiang Meng.

 “You put this dirty pot on the head of our Yan family, and see how our Yan family treats you prostitute and adulterer!”

The more she said, the angrier she became.

“I should have thought that a person like my big brother would not be able to look at a person like you!”

The expression on Jiang Meng’s face was also tense.

“We can’t let her go! She’ll tell Jian Rui, and you’ll lose everything ……”

And… She couldn’t wait to tear Yan Wenshu’s mouth.

Yan Wenshu’s words suddenly made Jiang Meng recalled unpleasant memory.

Under that latest weibo post from Yan Wenshu, many netizens were ridiculing her.

[Right, √. Gu Xueyi is the one who is Mrs. Yan. Which one is Jiang Meng?]

[Is Ms. Yan disgusted by Jiang Meng? Suddenly sending such a post.]

[A junior should have the appearance of a junior].


Every word had poked her hard.

The more Jiang Meng remembers, the stronger the hatred in her eyes.

From the time she approached Gu Xueyi, it all went wrong. She yearned for the richness of the Yans, but the Yans treated her like a mole, insulting and trampling her……

Therefore, no matter what Cao Jiaye thinks, she would persuade him. She has been put on the fire and couldn’t retreat. If Cao Jiaye turns back, she would be the only one who would die!

“What do you mean?”

Yan Wenshu gave Jiang Meng a sidelong glance.

“Do you still want to keep me here?”

“Get lost!”

Yan Wenshu’s voice was stern.

Jiang Meng had already made up her mind and was now calm in turn.

“Ms. Yan’s cell phone is gone, how is Ms. Yan going to contact Ms. Jian Rui?”

After Yan Wenshu smashed the agent’s mobile phone, the agent reacted immediately and kicked Yan Wenshu with her back foot letting Jiang Meng robbed Yan Wenshu’s phone and smashed it by dropping from upstairs to ensure that it was completely broken.

That’s when they were really anxious.

If they didn’t do that, they couldn’t keep Yan Wenshu. As long as Yan Wenshu walks out of the door, they would all be finished.

Cao Jiaye, who had been silent for a long time, finally opened his mouth again.

Maybe because after hearing the words, Yan Wenshu has no phone.

Cao Jiaye raised his head and no longer hid the malice in his eyes,

“Well then let’s keep Miss Yan as our guest here.”

“And you guys want to kill me? Ha.”

Yan Wenshu laughed out.

“What’s waiting for you is not only your ruin, but your corpse.”

Cao Jiaye slowly said,

“In the past, in Hong Kong City, in order to control the disobedient actresses. Do you know what was done?”

When Jiang Meng heard these words, the skin on her body tightened. But soon, she felt a hint of pleasure again.

It’s time for Yan Wenshu to be taught a lesson as well.

“They will take nude pictures of the actress and inject drugs into her body. In this way, the other party will not die, but will become an obedient dog. She will have to shoot if she is told to shoot sexy videos, and she will have to accompany the boss if she is told to accompany him.”

Cao Jiaye said these with a bit of pleasure surfaced under his eyes.

He took all the anger he had suffered all these years with Jian Rui and even the entire Jian family and vented it all today.

Yan Wenshu was the daughter of the Yan family, and her status was much higher than him just like the Jians.

But at this moment he could trample such person under his feet and humiliate her.

Cao Jiaye finally feels a little proud.

Yan Wenshu’s expression cracked a little.

She has seen too many people who couldn’t quit drugs abroad, so she was more afraid of becoming like that.

“How dare you!”

Yan Wenshu clenched her lips and instinctively stepped back.

She still refused to back down on the surface, but a heart had already sunk.

By this time, when she thought about it, it seemed that nothing would come to her rescue.

Yan Chao was missing, Chen Yujin, the Secretary of Yan Chao, never cared about the Yan family private matters. Jian Changming never paid attention to the Yan family either, and she wasn’t close with Gu Xueyi. Even her relationship with Yan Wenjia and others was alienated and indifferent.

Her friends were also far away from home

The rich and powerful people in China who usually make friends with her don’t know she’s here at all. Even if they know, she’s afraid they couldn’t mobilize people to save her so quickly.

A cold feeling of fear flooded the bottom of Yan Wenshu’s heart.

Am I …… so bad that no one can come to my rescue?

Gu Xueyi finally took away the four bodyguards from the Yan company, and took the two bodyguards from Jane Changming also.

Although there were only two, Jian Changming seriously said.

“They all study in foreign mercenary schools, with extraordinary skills and a strong sense of alertness.”

Of course, Jian Changming couldn’t and wouldn’t lend all his bodyguards to her. With his status, it was too dangerous not to keep enough bodyguards around.

Gu Xueyi nodded her head.

“Thank you, Mr. Jian.”

She reared her hand and closed the door to the small conference room, then left with a big stride.

Jian Changming glanced at the closed door.

“She went to find Yan Wenshu?”

Chen Yujin: “I think so.”

The younger siblings of the Yan Chao were hard to control.

So, they were not surprised if she suddenly disappeared[RT1] .

When Gu Xueyi was downstairs, Jian Changming’s secretary and Chen Yujin’s assistant handed each bodyguard to Gu Xueyi.

There were six bodyguards in total, plus her, in two separate cars.

“Madam, where are we going?” The driver asked.

Yan Wenshu was definitely at Jiang Meng’s place.

Gu Xueyi raised her hand and adjusted down the car window.

Chen Yujin was sitting in the small conference room when his phone suddenly rang.

He looked down and picked up. Surprised, “Madam?”

Jian Changming who was flipping through the paper paused and looked at Chen Yujin.

“Jiang Meng’s address? Yes, of course it’s no problem, you wait a moment.”

Chen Yujin said and hung up the phone, got up and left the conference room.

Jiang Meng as a female celebrity, of course had her address kept from the public. But for Chen Yujin, it was too easy to get this information.

Within two minutes, the address was sent to Gu Xueyi’s mobile phone.

Gu Xueyi showed the address to the driver, “Drive.”


The bodyguards who were listening from the side was a bit annoyed.

The two of them, one was dispatched by Secretary Chen and the other was dispatched by Mr. Jian. They thought that they were going to protect Gu Xueyi and send this Madam Yan home, or they were going to do something more important.

But who was mentioned on the phone just now?

Jiang Meng?

Wasn’t that the so-called lover of Mr. Yan, the actress Jiang Meng, who was making a lot of noise some time ago?

So, they would spend their time accompanying Mrs. Yan to tear up with the mistress ah?

At this time Chen Yujin returned to the small conference room.

Jian Changming had put down what he was holding.

“Want Jiang Meng’s address?”

Jian Changming was a bit old-school in character and doesn’t like to watch dramas or anything like that. If Jian Rui hadn’t mentioned it to him last time, he wouldn’t have even known who Jiang Meng was.

But now, he knows that this woman was the one who has been dragged into the Yans by the media.

Chen Yujin’s brows flew up in a frown, “Yes.”

He also just reacted.

What does Gu Xueyi need her address for? She’s not going to find Yan Wenshu, but Jiang Meng?

“It shouldn’t be the case.”

Jian Changming then said three short words1. (1– characters used for this was three characters, 不应该)

Gu Xueyi was much smarter than before. She won’t fail to see Jiang Meng’s tricks

After driving in the crowded traffic for half an hour, the two cars arrived at Jiang Meng’s residential area.

Gu Xueyi pushed open the car door and walked down in stride.

The security guards of the residential area immediately stopped them.

“No access for those who are not owners.”

Gu Xueyi half raised her head and glanced at the sign on the community gate, which looked a bit familiar.

She made some recollections.

Ever Fortune Real Estate, it seems to be a subsidiary of the YanFamily, if she remembered it correctly?

Gu Xueyi said straightforwardly.

“Go call the person in charge of your place and say that Gu Xueyi is here.”

The security guard looked at the several bodyguards following behind Gu Xueyi, and only then he half-heartedly went to make a phone call. In less than three minutes, a middle-aged man came running out of the property center, panting.

“Yan, Mrs. Yan?” The middle-aged man arrived in front of her and looked up at Gu Xueyi.

Is this really her?

This face, his only seen it in the news!

The face was beautiful and moving. He would never mistaken it for somebody else! Her face alone was the legit authentication!

The middle-aged man hurriedly welcomed the person inside and accompanied her as he asked attentively.

“Is there something you want to do here? Do you see anything I can help you with?”

“Give me the access card for the third building and the elevator card.”

“Yes, yes.” The middle-aged man immediately beckoned to the staff and handed over the two items.

“You’re going to the third building, aren’t you? Let me accompany you there.”

Gu Xueyi gave him a cold, sidelong glance.

“No, I’ll go over by myself.”

The middle-aged man was nailed there by this glance, and surprisingly had a feeling of not being able to pull his legs out.

When he looked back again, Gu Xueyi had already walked away.

The middle-aged man breathed out slowly.

He had the honor to meet Mr. Yan in the past. He was obviously a polite and gentleman like the figure of a big benevolent boss… But he was also like this, he may not seen angry but he was full of indifference.

Mrs. Yan and Mr. Yan… Were quite husband and wife? Both were calamity.

By this time, Gu Xueyi had already entered the elevator.

Jiang Meng lives on the 13th floor.

She raised her hand and pressed “13”.

The elevator door soon made a “ding” sound.

They arrived.

Several bodyguards still feel baffled, what do they have to be responsible for later? Were they responsible for pulling the fight?

When thinking about it, Gu Xueyi suddenly turned back.

“You stay outside, hide in the fire escape. Do not follow me in, but when you hear a loud noise, you can all come in.”

The bodyguards were even more baffled.

But they always listened to their employers, so they nodded and stood consciously against the wall.

Gu Xueyi stood in front of the door and rang the doorbell.

Inside the door.

Cao Jiaye and Jiang Meng looked at each other, both of them had bloodshot eyes and alert gazes.

“Who could it be?” Jiang Meng asked.

“It’s probably the one with the camera coming.” Cao Jiaye said.

Jiang Meng breathed a sigh of relief and even showed a relaxed smile.

Yan Wenshu has been tied up, and was glaring at them but her body couldn’t help trembling non-stop from extreme fear.

Next to her squatted a young man with a miserable face, the youth had the medicine all ready. He waved the syringe in his hand and said with a smile.

“You’ll like this stuff.”

“I’ll go open the door.” Cao Jiaye said and walked to the door.

Through the spyhole.

He caught a glimpse of the young woman at the door.

Cao Jiaye’s pupils shrank as he tightly clasped the door handle.

It’s Gu Xueyi!

How could she be her?

She knew that Yan Wenshu had come to see Jiang Meng?

Sweat seeped out of Cao Jiaye’s forehead.

Her being here means that there was one more risk? One more person to deal with?

Cao Jiaye quickly calmed down and stared at Gu Xue Yi’s back for a closer look.

There was no one.

She didn’t bring anyone with her.

Cao Jiaye showed a contemptuous smile, women were really stupid.

It’s all going to be dealt with anyway.

Cao Jiaye pressed the door handle and opened the door.

At the same time, Gu Xueyi raised her eyes to look at him.

“Mr. Cao.”

Her voice was so beautiful that Cao Jiaye immediately associated it with the image of her stunning appearance at the Celica Hotel.

In fact, he thinks those netizens were not wrong, in front of Gu Xueyi, Jiang Meng’s style was not worth mentioning. Gu Xueyi’s graceful, dignified, beautiful and unknown ice beauty could be regarded as a peerless beauty.

Unfortunately, he didn’t even notice it before.

A certain thought flashed in Cao Jiaye’s mind.

He smiled and said.

“What is Madam Yan doing here?”

At the same time, he walked around Gu Xueyi with one hand and went to close the door.

Gu Xueyi reached down with her hand behind her.

Cao Jiaye’s eyes were all on her, and doesn’t realize that the door was not closed tightly. In his eyes, a woman really couldn’t make waves. Especially a stupid woman like Gu Xueyi.

The bodyguards watched the door close, and had their hearts thumping fast.

They wonder what would happen when these two women fight? Would some die? Do they really have to wait for a loud bang before rushing in?

Also, how would the madam of Yan family make that loud noise?

They swallowed their saliva and came out of the fire escape, they then stood out of sight of the spyhole and stared at the door.

Inside the door.

“Where’s Yan Wenshu?” Gu Xueyi asked.

Cao Jiaye made an invitating gesture.

“Inside, she was a guest here in Jiang Meng. It seemed that there was a dispute so as a boss, I came to see what was going on.”

They walk through the foyer.

“Tak, tak, tak”

Yan Wenshu vaguely heard the sound of high heels, and her eyes widened.

Gu Xueyi ……

How could it be her?

Yan Wenshu was frozen in place, her mind buzzing.

Jiang Meng turned her head and saw the person who came in, her expression suddenly changed.

“Why did you let her in?”

As expected, having followed Cao Jiaye for so long Jiang Meng saw through Cao Jiaye’s mind at a glance.

Cao Jiaye however, ignored her. But turned his head and smiled at Gu Xueyi, pointing at Yan Wen Shu and said.

“Look, there she is.”

Gu Xueyi coldly lifted her eyelids.

The coldness at that glance was mixed with amorous feelings, it was a sight to behold.

Cao Jiaye was also stunned for a second.

Just for a second.


Gu Xueyi suddenly a lift leg and diagonal kick Cao Jiaye in the head with her high heels. The whole person was caught off guard and fell to the side, hit the wall, followed closely by the vase next to the ground. He could only heared buzzing sound on his head.


The bodyguards who were waiting for that one, no, two loud bangs immediately broke down the door and entered.

The agent shrieked in terror: “Aaaahhh!”

“Gu Xueyi!” Jiang Meng also hissed out.

At the same moment, Gu Xueyi took three steps, and stepped on the coffee table, crossed over, grabbed the youth holding the syringe and pushed him away.

Then backhandedly took off the jacket on her body and wrapped it around Yan Wenshu.

Yan Wenshu’s mind buzzed with numbness.

She couldn’t open her mouth, nor could she break the rope.

She felt ashamed and sad, and at the same time felt that as if she was reborn and the corners of her eyes became hot and tears slowly fell down.

I am very stupid.

Yan Wenshu thought.


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