Chapter 33

Lian Feng ignored his partner’s strange look, took his phone to the other side and after a few seconds of reprieve he redialed Jiang Mian’s number.

Jiang Mian was about to call her detective father again but unexpectedly, he called back. After connecting, her detective father’s first sentence was.

“The signal was bad just now, so the call got disconnected.”

Jiang Mian didn’t think much of it, she said.

“Dad, when did you come back?”

Lien Feng once again stunned hearing his daughter calling him “Dad” naturally, but in the end he was not an average person he was able to conceal his surprised as his voice sounded very calm, so calm that Jiang Mian completely did not feel the change of mind of her detective father after answering.

“Back for three days.”

Jiang Mian frowned, it’s reasonable to say that when her detective father came back from a task, he should contact her as soon as possible—this was a kind of intuition.

But her detective father didn’t contact her until after three days since he came back. Even if she hadn’t had interaction with her detective father before, maybe it was a special feeling between father and daughter. Jiang Mian asked.

“Dad, are you hurt?”

Lian Feng: “….”

Lian Feng actually spent little time with Jiang Mian. Before, Jiang Mian wanted to live independently, each father has three months to live with their daughter.

Every time she lived with Lian Feng, he was most of the time not at home. Since Lian Feng was busy with work and often have overtime for complicated cases.

Because of this he hired a nanny to take care of Jiang Mian at home.

In fact, the reason why the original owner was so rebellious in the later stage was related to the four fathers. The four dads really loved her and wanted to give her the best.

But when Jiang Mian was young, what he needed most was the company of her fathers.


The billionaire tyrant father manages a large company, and every day he has billions of dollars flowing in his hands so he works very busily and even if he tries his best to come back at night to spend time with his daughter the time spent with her was too little.

So he also hired nannies.

The same goes for the film emperor father, before Jiang Mian went into her rebellion phase Qin Jingrun was not yet at the top of the entertainment circle. His daily scheduled were full, leaving little time for his daughter.

So, he hired another nanny.

As a policeman, the detective father serves the people and arrests criminals hidden in the social crowd. Occasionally, he would also carry out some very dangerous tasks for the case, just to let ordinary people live in the sun at ease.

Once again, he hired a nanny.

They would only know Jiang Mian’s movement through the nanny’s report—which was one of the factors that the original owner lives her life alone and hated the four dads knowing her privacy and hates the nanny reporting her whereabouts to her dads.

As for the Taoist father, he was poor and could not afford a nanny, but had plenty of time to spend with Jiang Mian.

However, Jiang Mian, was already brainwashed by her billionaire tyrant father so she didn’t like him. When she often stays at school, she would always calculate the time so she doesn’t meet her Taoist Father, she hated it when her Taoist father picks her up in school.

Time passed, and her natural affection for her Taoist father was getting weaker.

In short, the original owner didn’t lack anything when she was a child but the only thing she lacked and she must need was the company of her fathers. So, when the rebellious period came, her temper became more and more unbridled.

The fathers feel indebted for spending less time with their daughter, so they showed their love on material things. Whatever she wanted they would give it to her, pampering her to no end.

But even with such pampering the original owner was at best act like a spoiled little princess who wants the world to revolve around her, where she would bully anyone who makes her angry.

However, she never had hidden secrets everything her attitude was out in the open—until she fell in love at first sight with the male lead Gu Qiwen who she immediately pursued even after knowing that he liked Guan Xin. But her attacks against Guan Xin were always “clear”.

If she really wanted Guan Xin to have a bad time, she would easily ask her billionaire tyrant father to deal with her.

As for the plot in the book about the original owner targeting the female lead, the original owner didn’t know that the female lead was not all that simple and white lotus. The two were actually quite similar.

When Jiang Mian crossed over, everything hadn’t happened yet.

In Jiang Mian’s opinion, before she crossed over the original owner’s actions, at most, were considered brutal and domineering, but had nothing to do with viciousness.

The indifference she showed to her four fathers was also due to the lack of companionship, and the youth’s rebellious phase arrived, resulting to her character becoming so temperamental.

After the original owner lived alone, most of them only contacted her once a month not to mention they only talked for a very short time as the original owner was already too impatient to talked to them.

Therefore, after Jiang Mian transmigrated her attitude towards her now fathers become better. In addition to being shocked and happy, her fathers would only become sensible as their daughter.

Because Jiang Mian was also once very considerate to her fathers’ when he was a child.

In particular, since her billionaire tyrant father knew that her daughter committed suicide by cutting her wrist because of that boy surnamed Gu. Her daughter broke through the gate of death once so it’s normal for her to become sensible, and even he felt regret.

He would rather have her daughter continue to be ignorant than to be hurt by that boy surnamed Gu.

Her Taoist father was proficient in metaphysics and has many doubts, so he suspects that there was something wrong with his baby daughter.

But after he used the exorcism charm to Jiang Mian, and found out there was no problem he was relieved.

As for the film emperor father, he was an actor and has made many plays. He knows that people’s character was changeable, including their emotions.

Even though his baby girl has grown up to be a big girl, she was still a three-year-old child for him.

Children like you when they like you. They don’t like you when they don’t like you. They like you again after a period of time. This change was normal.

For them as fathers, no matter whether their daughter’s attitude towards them was good or bad, they were the treasure in their hands.

It’s just that there’s a reaction process in the middle. Several other dads have been used to their daughter’s intimacy in the past two months, unlike the detective father who had just come back.

Suddenly hearing his daughter calling out her long lost “dad” and realized that his daughter who he cares about was acting out of ordinary his professional habits as a detective officer came out. And his first reaction was doubt.

“There is no injury.”

Even though there were doubts in his heart, Lian Feng still would not inform his daughter about his injury.

The detective father’s tone was too calm, which made people not believe that he was lying. However, Jiang Mian feels amiss.

However, before she had time to express her doubts the detective father said again.

“Are you filming now?”

“How do you know?” Jiang Mian blurted out.

With the temperament of the detective father, it’s impossible for him to brush the entertainment news online—even her billionaire tyrant father still doesn’t know about her filming.

Lian Feng paused for two seconds and said,

“Gao Huaqiang is being held at the place where I work.”

Jiang Mian understood, and then was a little embarrassed.

Speaking of Gao Huaqiang, Lian Feng’s voice was a little cold.

“What else has he done to you? Has he met you in person?”


Jiang Mian keenly heard the murderous intent from the tone of the detective father so she hurriedly said.

“If this had not happened, it would not have been possible to uncover him, thanks to Daddy Qin, he was the one who allowed people to find evidence of Gao Huaqiang’s crime.”

Lian Feng frowned, Qin Jingrun’s fame in the entertainment industry was so great that even he, who does not follow the entertainment industry, knows about it.

And with Qin Jingrun’s position in the circle, if Jiang Mian was in his circle, he won’t let Jiang Mian suffer such anger.

“Where’s the address where you’re shooting?”

Worried that his tone was too forceful, he added.

“I’ll send the gift over.”

Jiang Mian only reported the address. Unlike other dads, the detective father was not so cringe when talking to his daughter. After getting the address, he hung up the phone calmly.

Jiang Mian: “…”

She looked at her phone, she got used to the cringeness of the other three fathers. The seriousness of the criminal police father made her feel a little nervous.

Would this father notice the change in his daughter? Would he be suspicious of her?

She had a vague impression of the detective police father, and thought that since the other dads naturally accept their daughter to be sensible, she also thought that the detective police father should be the same.

But now, after briefly communicating with the detective father over the phone, it gave her a few moments of uneasiness.

Though she was not afraid.

In fact, she crossed over and could have continued to ignore the four dads like the original owner did, continuing the original owner’s character.

But the four dads were so good, how could she cruel to give them cold face.

“Mian? Mian?” The successive calls brought Jiang Mian back to her senses.

Tang Anan looked at her worriedly.

“What’s wrong with you? Are you uncomfortable somewhere?”

She just called a lot of times but Jiang Mian was just looking at the phone blankly her and when she reacted, she was startled.

“I’m okay.”

Jiang Mian gave her the phone and picked up the script again, preparing for the next scene.

“What? Are you going to the film and Television City in the western suburbs?”

After hearing Lian Feng’s decision, Yuan Jinfei looked at him with “you want to die”. He pulled off Lian Feng’s coat and pointed to his chest.

“Do you really think of yourself as an iron man?”

“What you should be doing right now is not going to see your baby girl, but be a good boy and go back to the hospital, lie in a hospital bed and let the doctor re-examine your wounds.”

He persuaded.

“By the way, let the doctor scold at you. They treated your wound properly yet you were tossing around, and now you want someone to treat it again.”

Lian Feng was unmoved. He has been in danger all year round and was used to being injured that pain could make his brain more sober instead, but there was no need to tell Yuan Jinfei.

“Lend me your car for a minute.”

Yuan Jinfei: “…”

“Must I go?”

Lian Feng looked at him.

Yuan Jinfei had no choice and compromised.

“Okay, I’ll send you there.”

“You stay.”

Lian Feng’s voice dropped a little

“Go and check the case of Yuhuajiang three years ago.”

Yuan Jinfei didn’t expect his topic to jump so fast. He couldn’t keep up with him and was at a loss.

Lian Feng: “Isn’t that case remain unsolved? I now suspect that the murderer of the Yuhua River case is Zhong Wuli.”

Yuan Jinfei: “!!!”

He dumped his car keys to Lian Feng, and at the latter was still unsure.

“How about sending someone to accompany you?”

Lian Feng slapped him on the shoulder and whirled away with the key in his hand.

Yuan Jinfei moved his shoulder, which was hurt by the slap, and didn’t care anymore.

When the police officers along the way saw Lian Feng, they subconsciously and respectfully shouted “Comrade Lian”.

This comrade was a legend in the Bureau. Everyone treats him as a God.


The crowd looked at Lian Feng walking with his long legs, and wandered.

“Isn’t comrade Lian seriously injured? It doesn’t look like it.”

“You’re new here, aren’t you? It’s all too common, comrade Lian often work with injuries.”

“Yes, I remember when comrade Lian saved a woman in an anti triad operation last year but it turned out that the woman and those people were in cahoots and took advantage of the moment of confusion to stab comrade Lian.”

The police officer who was retelling about this matter was angry.

“There were many people, so the comrade wasn’t able to dodge it all and once he dodges other colleagues will have to suffer so he had to take the hit.”

“Shit!” Someone exploded.

“And then what happened.”

The police officer had a looked of admiration on his face.

“Although comrade Lian suffered a knife wound but he avoided the vitals. Two days later there was a serial murder case, the murderer picked on young girls, and when comrade Lian knew about it, they were immediately discharged from the hospital, ignoring their injuries, and took a week to catch the murderer.”

“That’s awesome.”

“There’s something even better about our comrade Lian, let me tell you about it.”


Yuan Jinfei’s car was an ordinary car. After Lian Feng opened the door and sat in, he didn’t start the car immediately. Instead, he put his hand on his forehead and looked up again after a while.

He drove back to his place first.

Lian Feng lives in an ordinary community with three bedrooms and one living room. With his monthly salary which was more than 10000, he saved money to buy it. In addition to housing loans and basic living expenses, the rest of the money was credited to Jiang Mian’s card.

He certainly knew that Jiang Mian was not short of money, but that didn’t stop him from making this move.

He hasn’t been back for two months. The room was very deserted and there were only two pairs of slippers, a pair of black and a pair of pink rabbits on the shoe rack at the door—this was Jiang Mian’s. Even if Jiang Mian wasn’t always home, everything that should be prepared was ready.

Lian Feng gaze fell on top of the pink bunny and his eyes obviously softened a lot.

When they do this kind of work, they always have a medicine box at home. Lian Feng takes the medicine box to the bathroom and takes off his coat and shirt.

In the mirror, the bandages wrapped around the upper part of the man’s body had multiple spills of bright red blood.

A few moments later, Lian Feng used scissors to cut the bandage and treated the wound. There were several taut open that’s reflecting the blood and looks frightening.

Lian Feng moves skillfully as he re-dressed the wound, during which he did not even frown.

After handling it, he changed into a clean dress and looked in the mirror. In addition to his pale face, he confirmed that there was nothing out of ordinary to see. He then he picked up the key and rushed to the film and television city where Jiang Mian was located.

On the way, when waiting for the green light, Lian Feng took out the cartoon necklace and frowned at it.

It seems to be a bit childish.

At the moment he was just next to a shopping mall, Lian Feng thought for a while before parking his car in the mall. He entered the interior of the mall, chose a jewelry store and walked in.

“Sir, how can I help you?”

When he saw Lian Feng come in, the shopkeeper’s eyes lit up.

What a handsome man!

She subconsciously wanted to say a few more words, but when the man’s gaze came over, she was inexplicably a bit frightened and did not dare to speak freely.

Lian Feng looked around the store’s merchandise and gave up his choice, he asked.

“Which one is more appropriate for an eighteen-year-old girl?”

The guide gave him a cautious look,

“May I ask what is the relationship between this little girl and you?”

Lian Feng: “My daughter.”

Shopkeeper: “…”

Lian Feng: “Is there a problem?”

Knowing that her eyes were too strange, the shopkeeper quickly apologized.

“I’m sorry, sir. I just didn’t expect you to be so young and handsome with a daughter. I’m a little surprised.”

And the daughter was still eighteen years old.

If the other party didn’t look too calm, she would think the other party was joking or lying.

Lian Feng did express his opinion.

The shopkeeper didn’t dare to say anything else, and quickly led Lian Feng to the merchandise counter.

“What type of jewelry does your daughter usually like?”

Liang Feng: “…”

He looked at the shopkeeper and didn’t say anything.

The shopkeeper understood and thoughtfully didn’t ask any other questions.

Then on her recommendation, Lian Feng bought a pair of diamond earrings with stars, it was elegant without losing the playfulness, suitable for young girls.

“Sir, this bracelet is also good, many girls like this, wearing it will make the skin whiter.”

So Lian Feng bought another bracelet.

After checking out and returning to his car, he put the three gifts together for comparison.

Finally, his eyes fell on the cartoon necklace. He still thought the cartoon necklace was more beautiful.

Probably because of the thought of the detective father coming, Jiang Mian was a little distracted, which led to her and Yu Ran’s scene NG several times in a row.

“Jiang Mian what’s wrong with you?!”

Director Zhang yelled rather nonchalantly.

Jiang Mian touched her nose and had to refocused her concentration on the play. Finally, after that, director Zhang wanted to educate her and ask her where she had lost her soul.

But before he could open his mouth, Jiang Mian had already leaped far away.

Director Zhang: “….”

Forget it, the golden thigh cannot afford to mess with.

“Anan, is there a call coming in on my phone?”

“No.” Tang Anan shook her head and handed her the phone.

Jiang Mian looked at the address book and hesitated calling the detective father again.

She was a little nervous when she suddenly saw the number of her Taoist father.

A bright idea flashed through—if her detective father arrives later, was it good to bring her Taoist father over?



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