Chapter 32(2)

Monitoring room.

A few minutes later, Yuan Jinfei patted Xiao Li’s shoulder: “All right, turn it on.”

Xiao Li reopened the monitor, the scene that caught his eye made his eyelids jump—Gao Huaqiang lying on the table and looks like he fell asleep.

Yuan Jinfei: “You know what to do, right?”

Xiao Li understood it immediately—the squadron leader wanted him to fill in the missing three minutes in the monitoring room. Fortunately, he knows how to do it, he could just intercept the previous surveillance footage to fill in the line.

“Guaranteed that this task is completed.” Xiao Li said confidently.

Yuan Jinfei said, “Next time, I’ll treat you to milk tea.”

Yuan Jinfei went out of the monitoring room to find the old father who was angry and wanted to beat people for his daughter regardless of his identity as police.

After finding him, he saw his partner holding the phone and there was a hint of doubt in his stony face.

Yuan Jinfei was startled—it’s rare to see such an expression with great emotional fluctuation on Lian Feng’s face. It’s not that he fought too hard, should he sent him back to the hospital?

In that case it was not good to hide it from the top.

“What’s wrong?”

He stepped forward.

“Hitting too hard? I thought you said you had a sense of proportion!”

Lian Feng gathered all his demeanor and his voice changed a bit.

“Mian Mian just called me.”

“That’s a good thing.”

Yuan Jinfei said inexplicably.

“Aren’t you happy your baby daughter called you?”

Lian Feng’s eyes were dazed.

“Mian Mian called me, Dad.”

Yuan Jinfei: “?”

Shouldn’t you be call dad?

An hour ago, the set of the film.

Jiang Mian followed Chen Xueyi to the back of the hospital—the afternoon scenes were carried out in the hospital. The setting of the hospital was built in an outmoded with a very strong sense of the old times.

In the backyard, there were all the materials left after setting up the scene. They were all stacked here and would not be taken away until the shooting was finished so usually there would be no people sticking around the area.

“Huh? Where’s the guy?”

Chen Xueyi looked left and right.

“He was just here!”

“Mian Mian when we find him later. You must help me scold him how can he curse me like that.”

Chen Xueyi was very upset. She was already planning for her future by working hard to earn money and make herself live a normal and beautiful life.

However, she met this divine fortune teller and told her that she would not have a good result and end up in a bad end, how could she not be angry.

She was grateful to Jiang Mian and thought that Jiang Mian wanted to support and help her scold this fraud fortune teller.

While she was angry at what the Taoist said to her, she was also happy at the same time that Jiang Mian was kind to her—

Jiang Mian was indeed a friend.

She was beautiful, has a good family background and was gentle and considerate. If she was a man, she would surely pursue her!

Jiang Mian on the other hand did not know that Chen Xueyi, the story’s villainous cannon fodder has regarded her highly. She was busy looking around for a curly hair, had a beard and wearing yellow Taoist robe, which was obviously the standard appearance of her Taoist Father that’s why she came along to see.

When the corner of her eyes swept a yellow-colored robe, Jiang Mian cast her eyes on it. There were several unnecessary boards staggered together, leaving a part in the middle which could barely fill a person.

With a clear understanding, Jiang Mian said.

“Probably gone.”

Chen Xueyi was frustrated, seeing this Jiang Mian knew that she really seemed to take what her Taoist father said to her. She patted her shoulder and reassured her.

“You have said that he seems to be a fraud, which means that his words cannot be trusted, and who knows what the future holds.”

According to the book, Chen Xueyi’s ending was just like what her Taoist father said.

But now Chen Xueyi did not go against Guan Xin and the plot has changed. Also in the future, as long as she stay away from Guan Xin there should be no accident.

In addition, she was around to remind her in the future.

Jiang Mian likes Chen Xueyi so she would naturally help her in the future.

Chen Xueyi thought about it and felt that Jiang Mian was right, nodded her head and said with relief.

“Forget about him, let’s go back then.”

Jiang Mian: “You go back first, I have something else to do.”

Looking for a reason to send Chen Xueyi back, Jiang Mian waited in place for a few seconds, then took out her cell phone and dialed the number of Taoist father.

She could hear a sound behind the board followed by a shaking and made the board fall down, Jiang Mian jumped and rushed over.


Zuo Xingping came out with a disheveled face. His curly hair was messy, and his Taoist robe was tattered in several places. In order not to be found by his baby daughter, he got into the board and hide.

“Mian Mian.”

He scratched his head and was too guilty to look at his daughter’s face.

Jiang Mian don’t know whether to laugh or cry as she patted the dust on her Taoist father’s robe.

“Dad, why are you here?”

It was actually a coincidence that Zuo Xingping received a request in the area, which happened to be where the filming site was. He didn’t care about these filming, let alone any celebrities, anyway, as long as he had money to earn. But these past several days he had no money and had been hungry for two days.

Coincidentally when came to the crew next door, although he didn’t finish the work and didn’t get the money, the crew provided lunch boxed.

The Taoist Master so happy that he eats two portions of each meal!

It was until recently that he found out his baby daughter was working in here, the reason why he didn’t come to find Jiang Mian after finding out was because he thought his baby daughter was busy working.

Also, there were so many people around her, and if he comes to her he was afraid of delaying his daughter’s work and humiliating her.

So Zuo Xingping suppressed himself from seeing his daughter and just sneakily ran over if he had time, secretly watching Jiang Mian.

Then he found that Jiang Mian had a good relationship with Chen Xueyi and thought that since Chen Xueyi was a friend of her baby daughter he could helped her after seeing that Chen Xueyi’s future didn’t look very good, so he found an opportunity to meet Chen Xueyi and forced Chen Xueyi to hear her fortune.

Just after the results were calculated, before he could say how to solve it, Chen Xueyi ran away.

He thought that maybe later Chen Xueyi would return—he often encountered this situation, so he did not rush to leave, and he waited here.

Unexpectedly she came back with his baby daughter, fearing that Jiang Mian saw him and would get angry he hurriedly hid near the board.

And the result—

A flash of melancholy in Zuo Xingping’s eyes, he felt that he was not only poor but also always unlucky.

After listening to her Taoist Father Celestial Master, Jiang Mian’s eyes lit up.

“Dad, how long have you been here?”

Seeing that his baby daughter was not angry, Zuo Xingping was relieved and quickly became happy.

“Three days.”

Her Taoist Father didn’t finish his work for three days, which shows that the request this time was a little troublesome.

So, Jiang Mian took her Taoist father’s arm and said hastily.

“Dad, what cleanup you’re doing this time? I’ll accompany you.”

“No no.”

Zuo Xingping shook his head, this time the request was a bit bizarre, he himself has not yet figured out how to dispel it.

However, when he saw his daughter’s pretty face flashing with loss, he quickly changed his tone without taking a stand.

“Wait until I’m sure, and then I’ll bring you along, okay?”

With these words, Jiang Mian nodded.

“Dad, where do you live?”

Zuo Xingping said the name of a hotel, which was prepared for him by the crew next door.

Jiang Mian frowned, there was a flash of displeasure in his eyes—the crew next door was too stingy. How could they ask her father for help but could not booked a proper hotel for him?

“Dad, will you come to the hotel where I’m staying?”

In the face of his baby daughter’s request, Zuo Xingping could not bear to refuse and nodded repeatedly. The father and daughter spoke for a while before Zuo Xingping continued to check the set. The father and daughter were temporarily separated.

Jiang Mian returned in a happy mood, it was certainly a pleasure to meet his own father in the place where she was filming.

Thinking of his father, Jiang Mian thought of her detective father. They were all his father and she shouldn’t show favoritism from either of them.

So, Jiang Mian called her detective father. The phone rang several times before it was connected. Of course she did not know that while she was dialing her father’s number, her detective father was giving a life lesson on Guan Huaqiang for her.


When the call was connected, she heard a beeping muffled tone.

Jiang Mian: “??”

Jiang Mian looked at the phone with confusion.



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