Chapter 34

Thinking of the picture of her Taoist Father and her billionaire tyrant father pinching each other she couldn’t help but worry about what would happen if her Taoist Father and detective father meet.

Jiang Mian silently put the phone back again.

“Anan, go back to the hotel room, there’s a box in the pocket of my suitcase, get it for me.”

Before, Jiang Mian bought four popular branded watches one for each father. After receiving them, her film emperor’s father and the billionaire tyrant father wore them on their wrist and didn’t take them off.

As for her Taoist father after receiving it he returned it to Jiang Mian and asked his daughter to keep it for him—otherwise, with his fortune of losing money, the watch would be either stolen or damaged one day.

So now only her detective father didn’t receive the watch, and since the watch didn’t occupy too much space, she packed it with her and put the watch in her luggage every time she had filming.

So, in case her detective father suddenly comes back she can take it with her and give it to her detective police father.

And right now, this comes in handy at the moment.

The set was not far from the hotel, so Tang Anan soon came back. She knows the brand of this watch was worth hundreds of thousands.

Only men wear these watches. Tang Anan was now familiar with Jiang Mian so when she handed the watch over, she couldn’t help but wonder.

“Mian Mian, who do you want to give it to?”

At the same time, she has a new understanding of Jiang Mian to some degree but thinking that Jiang Mian was the daughter of brother Qin, she thought it was just a small token.

Jiang Mian put the watch in her carry-on bag and said, “Secret.”

Tang Anan knows how to behave in a delicate situation and not to ask any more questions after receiving the answer.

After a while, Tang Anan heard Jiang Mian’s phone ring. She subconsciously looked over and saw a rare nervous expression on her little boss’s face.

Three question marks popped on Tang Anan’s head, her little boss even after facing the investors didn’t bow down but seeing her reaction right now, she didn’t answer the phone yet she was already nervous?

It’s not like someone was trying to bully Mian Mian again, was it?

Tang Anan suddenly also tensed up and listened with rapt attention when Jiang Mian answer the phone.

Of course, the phone call was from her detective police father.

After arriving, Lian Feng knew that there were several entrances to the film and television city, not to mention there was a lot of traffic. People on pedestrians wore all kinds of clothes, and the sound of blasting could be heard from a distance.

He rubbed his eyebrows and called Jiang Mian.

“Mian Mian, send me the location.”

As soon as Jiang Mian heard his tone, she knew that her detective police father had arrived.

“I’ll just come out to find you. I’m familiar with this place.”

Lian Feng thought about it and did not refuse.

He has never been to the film and television city and was not familiar with the terrain here. Even if he has a location and goes in to find his daughter, he would be not as fast as his daughter if she comes out and find him.

So, he sent his location to his daughter instead.

“I got it, you’re at the east gate, I’ll be right over.”

Hanging up the phone, Jiang Mian picked up her small bag and said to Tang Anan.

“I’m going out for a while, if director Zhang looks for me, just say I’m sleeping.”

The rest of her scene was in the evening, with two hours of free time in between it was enough time for her to meet with her detective police father.

Even though Tang Anan was confused about who Jiang Mian was going to meet, she didn’t ask much but only urged.

“Then you take care of your safety and call me if you need anything.”

Lian Feng sat in the car, three gifts placed on the passenger side. He looked at it and frowned: it seemed too obvious.

He put the gift into the car compartment and looked at the time, seven minutes had passed since the call with Jiang Mian.

He pushed open the door and got out of the car. He looked around sharply. As a professional policeman, whether he was working or not his professional habits had gone deep into his life.

Arriving at an unfamiliar place, as police the first thing was to observe the surrounding environment, as well as to pay attention to the surrounding area for any suspicious people.

Lian Feng leaned his body against the front of the car. The injury on his body was painful, but it was within his bearing range.

He subconsciously took a box of cigarettes out of his pocket—this cigarette was one he scavenges from Yuan Jinfei.

In the police industry, police often stay up late. Sometimes when they encounter difficult cases, it was common to stay up all night.

To ensure that the brain was clear and awake, things like cigarettes, coffee, and tea become essential to wake them up all night.

Lian Feng was naturally no exception.

Just as he was about to take out one to ignite, Lian Feng stopped his action—Jiang Mian didn’t like him smoking and didn’t want the smell of the cigarette.

Lian Feng slowly put the cigarette back.

From time to time, whenever people pass by they couldn’t help but turn their attention to him.

Among the four fathers, the career of her detective police father was the most ordinary and normal in terms of career.

The billionaire tyrant would always pick and send Jiang Mian with luxurious cars. He goes in and out of high-end places that ordinary people couldn’t enter in their whole life. He would also always be accompanied by two bodyguards.

While the film emperor’s father was a superstar and has thousands of fans. Wherever he goes, there was a spotlight. He must disguise himself whenever he goes out otherwise if he doesn’t pay attention, he could easily cause a stampede.

Although the Taoist father was poor, his career was the most bizarre. Ordinary people couldn’t think of imagining what he does in life and just thought that he belongs in another layer of space.

And his standard style while walking on the street attracts mostly strange eyes—in the eyes of others, this kind of fashion dress was just too unique not to mention the beard covering his whole face.

Compared to the other three fathers, the detective police father was much more normal.

Traveling outside without luxury cars, no bodyguards, and no disguise, a police officer among the masses.

However, his cold and sharp temperament also vaguely distinguishes him from ordinary people, making some people subconsciously turn their eyes to him when passing by.

At this time, two young girls were muttering in the distance, and after a while, they came over. The short-haired girl summoned up her courage and asked.

“Handsome brother, are you an actor?”

The two girls came to the film and television city to see if they could meet some stars here, and then take a photo and autographs.

They have long noticed this man. They couldn’t be sure about his specific age but the more they looked at him there was only one adjective they could think that best describes him, handsome. They just feel that he was too handsome and has a unique aura around him making him easy to separate from the crowd in an instant.

There were three kinds of people who come to the Film City, tourists, staff and actors.

The man looked like an actor, but they weren’t sure, so they cheered each other on and took the initiative to come over and ask.

Lian Feng turned his head towards them, and as soon as the short-haired girl met his gaze, she blurted out while terrified at the same time.

“So cool.”

“You’re an actor, right?” The long-haired girl was a little bit excited.

The two girls excitedly took out their phones.

“Handsome brother, can you sign an autograph for us? What TV series did you do? You tell us, we’ll go back and search for it.”

The short-haired girl couldn’t stop nodding: “You’ll be on fire for sure!”

Lian Feng: “…”

He slowly surveyed the two girls in front of him, they were very young most likely in their twenties and they looked energetic, with carefree shining eyes.

He didn’t take the girl’s phone and was silent for two seconds before he said.

“I’m not an actor.”

The two girls’ faces flashed with disappointment that such a handsome how could not be an actor.

“Also, you should call me uncle.” Lian Feng said.

Two girls: “???”

Lian Feng didn’t care about their confused eyes. He looked down and fell on the bag on the short-haired girl’s waist and said.

“Zip up the bag. There are many people here, so you need to pay attention and put the bag in front of you to prevent theft.”

He then turns to the long-haired girl; the latter’s phone was hanging casually.

“Do not take the phone if you’re not using it, put it in the bag. There are many people, if you meet robbery and yank your phone, your fingers will break easily.”

Two girls: “….”

The long-haired girl silently took her phone and put it in her bag while the short-haired girl also dutifully zipped up her bag.

The two of them wonder why they must be so obedient like school children being reprimanded by their teacher as they did what he told them to do.

After a long silence, the short-haired girl cautiously asked.

“Handsome …… uncle, what do you do?”

Lian Feng said in a light voice: “Police.”

The two girls subconsciously straightened their backs, and after a few seconds waved at Lian Feng.

“Goodbye, Uncle.” Then hand in hand they run away.

Lian Feng retracted his gaze and then out of the corner of his eyes swept a figure as he slowly raised his head.

Jiang Mian’s set was not far from the east gate of the film city, walking less than ten minutes she arrived at the east gate.

She usually takes the special bus of the crew. She doesn’t feel that there were many people but now that she walked out for the first time she finds out that there were indeed many people coming and going, most of them were group performers mixed in major troupes.

She looked around and looked for her detective police father—through the original owner’s memory of the four fathers, the detective police father was a big man and should be very strong.

Jiang Mian followed the flow of people, when she took a few more steps forward someone in her right suddenly leaned over, and then a hand grabbed her.

Jiang Mian was just looking for her dad when suddenly a hand appeared and started attacking her, she did not think back and immediately reacted as she clasped the backhand and twist the wrist stopping the person from tackling her.

But what she didn’t expect was that the other party’s reaction was faster than she thought and counterattacked her in the blink of an eye. Jiang Mian didn’t even look up, as the two already exchanged a few moves with their hands.

Who is this person unable to differentiate good from bad!

Jiang Mian was a little angry about being attacked out of nowhere.

This body, in the end, was relatively weak and don’t have much power while the other party seems to be a capable fighter. And if she relied on pure strength she wouldn’t win.

Jiang Mian was ready to bring her spiritual power when the other party suddenly withdrew his hand, and then a familiar voice rang out over her head.

“Not bad, the grappling technique I taught to you was not forgotten.”

Jiang Mian: “….”

She took two steps back and slowly looked up.

Indeed, a big guy!

The detective police father was not only big but a tall man!

The blurred impression of the detective police father in her mind was erased and the blurred layers of memories were instantly cleared up.

Sure enough, it takes a face-to-face meeting to unlock the memory of the detective police father.

Then Jiang Mian was surprised.

In the original owner’s memory about her detective father was very little. It was less than her Taoist father or could even match—so, was the original owner not closed with her detective police father?

Jiang Mian temporarily pressed the thoughts in her head and looked at her detective police father.

Before among the three fathers she met, she thought the film emperor father was the tallest and did not expect that the detective police father was even taller than the film emperor father. Her height was only level on her father’s shoulder.

However, in the memory of the original owner the detective police father was not so thin. It seems that the father and daughter didn’t meet for six months.

Lian Feng furrowed his eyebrows imperceptibly—he instantly feels the strangeness in his daughter’s eyes.

But this was normal, he has not met with Jiang Mian for six months.

The next second, the pretty little girl in front of him raised a sweet smile at him.


Lian Feng was stunned, Jiang Mian took the initiative to take the arm of the detective police father.

“Did you drive here, or take a taxi?”

——Jiang Mian decided to take the initiative. Anyway, it’s no harm to be active and clever.

She could see that the detective police father was an introverted and serious person. If she doesn’t take the initiative, the atmosphere between father and daughter would be too embarrassing.

Lian Feng’s body slightly stiffened, his gaze fell to Jiang Mian’s small hand that was hooked on his arms, clutching the clothes he was in trance for a moment.

After a few seconds of reprieve, he said calmly.

“Drove here.”

“Where’s the car?”

Lian Feng took her in the direction of the car. After two steps, Jiang Mian suddenly stopped and so was Lian Feng, lowering his eyes he looked at her in confusion.

Jiang Mian frowned. Since she came close to her detective police father and took his arm, she smelled a trace of blood.

——after breaking through the first layer of gas refining, not only were her ears and eyes were better than before, but also the smell.

Thinking of what her detective father said to her that he had been back for three days and the smell of blood right now, Jiang Mian was 100% sure that her detective police dad was injured.

But she was a little hesitant to ask or confirm—since her detective father hid it from her and even came to see her with injuries, it was clear that he didn’t want her to know about this.

So, should she expose him?

Noticing that his daughter was lost in thought, Lian Feng frowned and asked in a low voice.

“What’s wrong?”

After thinking about it, Jiang Mian decided not to expose him and let her detective father think that she didn’t know anything. She smiled, shook her head, and said.

“It’s just that I suddenly remembered that I didn’t say hello to the director when I left.”

Lian Feng said, “Then pick out the gift and get back to work.”

Jiang Mian: “…..”

This was the first time she met a father that didn’t want to stay with his daughter longer.

She winked, “There’s no rush, if something comes up they’ll call me.”

“Let me see what gift my father brought me.”

Pretending not to see the frown of the detective police father, Jiang Mian quickly sat on the co-pilot so Lian Feng could only quickly get on the car and took out three gifts from the compartment.

“Wow, so many.” Jiang Mian said.

Seeing her smile happily, even though his doubts deepen, Lian Feng’s face couldn’t help but soften.

“Open it, see if you like it.”

Jiang Mian opened each of the three gifts, Lian Feng on the other hand straightened his back and looked at her unwrapped the gifts intensely as if he was looking at some important case file.

Jiang Mian didn’t pay attention to the intense eyes of her detective police father, while opening the three gifts her eyes immediately got attracted to the plastic necklace—mainly among the three gifts this was the most eye-catching.

If he could buy earrings and bracelets that were suitable for young girls, then why did he buy a plastic necklace?

An idea flashed through Jiang Mian: I’m afraid that this plastic necklace is carefully selected by the detective police father, and the earrings and bracelets are introduced by the seller.

“I love it, thanks, Dad.”

Jiang Mian took off her makeup when she came out. After all, she would be meeting her father and if she came out with a face in her thirties her father would surely be surprised seeing her beautiful daughter suddenly becomes old and ugly.

She was still wearing a costume, a plain long skirt, her hair was hanging in two twisted braids but with this attire, her ethereal brightness still could not be hidden as it was emanating from the inside out. She looked more beautiful and delicate like a flower-bone child.

Because it was needed in the play, Jiang Mian’s ears also don’t have any jewelry. To show her love for the gift from the detective police father, she immediately put on the earrings and bracelets.

“So beautiful.”

When Jiang Mian was about to reach for the plastic necklace, Lian Feng’s eyes sank, and suddenly grabbed her left wrist.

Jiang Mian screamed inwardly—the character of Li Wanjing in the play didn’t wear any jewelry so the bracelet she usually wore on her wrist to cover her scar was naturally removed.

She previously mixed some scar removal with flower ointment and applied it every day, gradually the scar on her wrist was getting a little lighter every day. Now there was only a very shallow trace, so long as they do not look closely, no one would notice that there was a scar at all.

Jiang Mian didn’t expect that the swallow and faint scar were noticed by her detective father—he was worthy of being a detective police officer. He has good eyesight and doesn’t let go of any clues.

Seeing that her detective police father did not speak, only holding her wrist to scrutinize it, she estimated that his mind was trying to restore the image of the incident through the shape, Jiang Mian only had to say.

“If I said it was accidentally cut, would you believe it?”

The detected police father looked at her and revealed her lie without hesitation. He said in a deep voice.

“What kind of carelessness will cause a wound up to three centimeters?”

Jiang Mian thought to herself, does she need to explain the previous explanation she provided with her film emperor father to her detective police father and explain it all over and let that dirtbag take the blame again?

But she felt that this reason could be acceptable from the film emperor father but not from the detective police father.

At the critical moment, Jiang Mian decided to play rascal. She drew back her hand, pursed her lips, and made an unhappy face.

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

Then she looked up with her head again and said to her detective father.

“Dad, can you also guarantee that you have nothing to hide from me? Like an accidental injury or something like that?”

Lian Feng: “….”

Lian Feng looked deeper into her eyes—his daughter’s attitude towards him suddenly improved. Was it related to the injury on her wrist?

Such wounds—excluding accidents, there were intentional.

If it was intentional, who did it? Kidnapping?

What happened to Jiang Mian during the two months he was away?

Lian Feng’s thoughts flashed. He knew Jiang Mian’s character well since she didn’t want to talk about it if he asked again it would make her unhappy.

Jiang Mian changed the subject and put the plastic necklace around her neck, touching the little plastic princess pendant.

“Daddy, I like this the most.”

Since it was handpicked by her detective police dad, even though Jiang Mian thought the necklace was childish, she didn’t begrudge her compliments.

Sometimes it’s good to lie with good intentions.

Then Jiang Mian also took out the box from her bag:

“This is my gift to you.”

The box alone could be seen to be valuable making Lian Feng hesitate.

Every year on the four dad’s birthday, Jiang Mian will send a gift, but not personally. She would just buy something and send it over.

Every father gets different gifts.

—According to the ranking of her four dads.

The original owner likes the billionaire tyrant father best, the second she liked was the film emperor father, the third was the detective police father, and the fourth was the Taoist Master father.

What Lian Feng used to receive every year on his birthday was a belt prepared by Jiang Mian.

Now that Jiang Mian was giving him, he don’t know whether he should take it or not for a while.

Jiang Mian: “….”

Father, you should say something.

But before Lian Feng could make a choice, a scream suddenly erupted from the crowd outside.

“My bag! Robbery! Someone’s robbing!”

“You stay in the car.”

The next second, even if Jiang Mian did not react Lian Feng has pushed open the car door and jumped down, and quickly rushed to the incident. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared into the crowd.

Jiang Mian was confused for a few seconds and hurriedly chased out after putting the box.

She didn’t know the extent of her detective father’s injuries, but she knew he was injured and worried.

But by the time she squeezed into the crowd, the robber had been pinned to the ground by detective Dad, and a loud cheer erupted around her.

Although she did not see how her detective dad subdued the criminal but looking at the reaction of the people, she knew the scene must be very beautifully done.

A touch of pride was born in Jiang Mian’s heart.

However, at this time, a man suddenly rushed out of the crowd. He should be an accomplice, holding a stick in his hand and smashing it at the detective police father.

Jiang Mian’s eyes were cold, hitting her father in front of her?!

However, she had no tools in her hand. In a hurry, she took off her shoes and threw them over.

Lian Feng heard the sound of alarm behind him and knew that something had happened. He turned around to see a sandal flying over, snapping at the head of the stick-wielding man, who fell with the sound.

Lian Feng: “…”



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