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Chapter 21

With a buzzing mind from the shocked, Yan Wenjia clutched the parachute rope tightly.

He was not happy.

He only had sorrow.

When the glide landed, Gu Xueyi also stepped on her foot.

“How could you jump down with me?”

Yan Wenjia’s voice squeezed out of his teeth.

“I told them to kick you and get you off the plane but they wouldn’t dare so I had to do it.”

Gu Xueyi’s tone had no emotional ups and downs, as if she were saying something unimportant.


“When did you get here?”

Yan Wenjia asked.

“Three hours ago.”

“Three hours ago, you were waiting for me in the plane?”

Yan Wenjia wrinkled his eyebrows.

At this time, the staff came up to untie his safety harness but Yan Wenjia pushed away the person, raised his hand against the buckle and stared at Gu Xueyi closely, before he took off the safety harness himself.

Gu Xueyi however, didn’t take hers off and asked instead.

“Aren’t you still playing?”

Still …… playing?

Yan Wenjia almost thought that Gu Xueyi was actually coming to play skydiving today herself and he was just a prop.

Yan Wenjia coolly pulled the corner of his mouth.


Who would admit defeat?

Anyway, Yan Wenjia does not admit defeat.

Gu Xueyi looked in the direction of Chen Yujin.

“It’s already early in the morning, Secretary Chen should go back to rest first.”

“Secretary Chen?”

Gu Xueyi looked at Chen Yujin in confusion.

“…… hmm.”

Chen Yujin’s thumping heart wasn’t slowing down.

And the usual smile on his face disappeared, leaving only numbness.

Chen Yujin was a kind of person who cherishes his life and would never do such reckless things.

Yan Wenjia’s desperate actions again and again seemed stupid to him.

But it was precisely because he has never seen him do the act in person, so when he really saw one at this moment, he was particularly shocked.

Gu Xueyi jumped too fast, her posture looked like it was practiced many times and could even be described as skilled, even beautiful.

As her figure approaches, he could hardly catch a glimpse of panic or nervousness from her face.

Her eyebrows and eyes were filled with pride and wariness, something he don’t normally see at all especially it’s hard to imagine them appearing on a girl’s face ……

When she opened her arms and fell at a speed of 200 + km / h.

Chen Yujin’s heart also seems to have fallen from a high cliff, and seems that all the stimulation of his life were consumed today.

In that instant, it was as if his brain and soul were split into two halves.

The soul feels the thrill of a gale blowing by, as if it has jumped down itself.

The brain was still calmly and clearly giving professional words——

Was it the suspension bridge effect?

“Aren’t you going back?”

Gu Xueyi’s voice rang out, violently pressing Chen Yujin’s thoughts.

“Not returning.”

That highly tense sense of danger was still hanging over Chen Yujin’s heart. If he couldn’t see Gu Xueyi get in the car and leave safely, even if he goes back, he would lose sleep because of anxiety.

Gu Xueyi didn’t ask more questions, and just turn her head and go up the slope again with Yan Wenjia.

Chen Yujin moved his throat and wanted to stop her.

But his mind quickly splintered and other thoughts popped up—

You were not related to her.

You have no right to take care of her, nor should you ……

Chen Yujin was so numb for a while, before he once again heard Yan Wenjia cursing in mid-air


He was kicked down again.

Gu Xueyi still flew down with him.

Yan Wenjia jumped, dived and went to the north pole to be a frozen mushroom for a few days

He never felt alone.

But he could not feel the meaning of life existence from it.

This was the first time someone has done something like this with him, chaining his life to the point of a knife.

The anger and coldness in Yan Wenjia’s chest gradually dissipated, and he turned his eyes to Pinggu in front of him.

Pinggu looks even more beautiful at night.

It was the most magnificent stretch of scenery he had ever seen.

A few minutes later, they successfully glided to the ground again.

“Still playing?”

Gu Xueyi asked again.

Yan Wenjia: “… No more.”

He suddenly suspected that Gu Xueyi was just trying to find an opportunity to kick him.

Gu Xueyi seriously suggested to him.

“Why don’t you play more? One time is enough? If it’s not exciting enough, you can also try jumping directly from the hillside of Pinggu…”

Yan Wenjia: “… I won’t play anymore.”


Gu Xueyi said lightly.

“Then go home.”

The staff who dared not go out at earlier hurriedly went up to untie their safety belts.

Chen Yujin on one side was also finally relieved.

Secretary Chen, who has never felt fluctuation whenever the stock market shifts from online or offline, almost had a heart attack as his heart went up and down seeing the two’s extreme actions.

“I’ll wait for you in the car.”

Gu Xueyi said and paused.

“If I don’t see you in person later, then I will think you are still attached to this place. Then we’ll continue to play and have fun until tomorrow.”

Meanwhile poor Director Li was afraid of accident happening so he didn’t dare to sleep all night. When he came over with Yan Wenjia’s agent, he heard the news which scared the crap out of him.

And hearing that everything was once again peaceful, he felt his head had gone bald some more.


Yan Wenjia: “I know.”

Gu Xueyi went back to the car.

When Chen Yujin wanted to say something, Gu Xueyi suddenly adjusted down the car window and asked the staff outside.

“Is there hot water?”

“Yes, there is, please wait a minute.”

The staff hurriedly went to get a cup of hot water and handed it in from outside the car.

Gu Xueyi held the paper cup in her hand and took a small sip with her head down.

Chen Yujin looked at her and suddenly noticed that Gu Xueyi’s skin was too pale, and it seemed that the blood had receded.

Chen Yujin suddenly wanted to laugh a little, but then also felt a little heartache.

Why does she have to be like this?

“So, madam is also afraid?”

Chen Yujin uttered.

“Hmm?” Gu Xueyi raised her eyes to look at him.

“Madam’s face is pale.”

“Oh, that’s what you said.”

Gu Xueyi again lowered her head and took a sip of hot water:

“I’m wearing too little, it’s quite cold jumping down especially with the wind coming up to meet me, freezing my face.”


“You just said you were afraid too?”

Gu Xueyi slightly stretched her neck, and under the dim light inside the car, her appearance looked like a young girl full of curiosity.

“So, Secretary Chen is afraid of parachute jumping?”

Chen Yujin, who didn’t pay attention to putting himself in this embarrassing scenario: “…”

Just pretend he didn’t say it.

The other end.

Yan Wenjia finished watching a video, then stood up with a blue face.

The agent saw that his expression did not look right and quickly asked.

“What’s wrong Brother Yan?”

“I’m leaving first.”

Yan Wenjia said, striding towards Gu Xueyi’s car.

“You go back to the set and wait for me, I’ll go back to the set tomorrow, or the day after.”

Hearing Yan Wenjia’s words, the agent’s heart fell to the ground, so he followed the director to pack up and go back to the hotel where the crew was.

Yan Wenjia opened the door and sat in before he saw Chen Yujin.

“Mr. Chen is also here?”

Chen Yuji: “….”

Chen Yujin: “Yes, Second Young Master, I’m always here.”

Yan Wenjia frowned and chose to shut up.

Chen Yujin knew he had something he wanted to say to Gu Xueyi.

But Chen Yujin did not yet slow down the speed of the car, he was already very sleepy, even if he was used to overtime, he was never this low in energy at this point not to mention his emotions were low.

Then suffocate him.

Chen Yujin said in his heart.

Chen Yujin sent them back to the Yan house before he left.

When he got out of the car, Yan Wenjia, however, did not immediately enter the door.

Gu Xueyi looked back at him.

“What? Still want to go back?”

Yan Wenjia asked in a deep voice.

“You arrived more than three hours ago, you went to training first? You jumped many times? Why?”

Most of the skydiving scenic spots would provide video and photo services. Here was the same, the video seen by Yan Wenjia was the process of Gu Xueyi repeatedly learning and adapting to skydiving in the past three hours or so.

“Because I don’t have experience.” Gu Xueyi said.

She certainly doesn’t have any experience in this so-called skydiving.

In ancient times, where would such a thing exist?

Yan Wenjia fell into anxiety. He said in a hurry.

“You know, that’s not what I asked. Why did you come to Pinggu to find me? Why did you jump so many times?”

“To evaluate what you play, of course, you should experience it first before you are qualified to evaluate.”

Yan Wenjia’s breath lagged.

He stood there, as if he heard his empty internal organs, slowly flowing through viscera.

“And then what?”

Yan Wenjia pulled the corners of his mouth, revealing a stiff smile.

“How do you evaluate it now?”

Gu Xueyi: “I think I am now very qualified to call you stupid, and beat you up again.”

The fresh blood that filled the five internal organs of the Yan Wenjia, flowed backwards in a second.

Yan Wenjia: “…”


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The author has something to say: Feast Wenjia was very touched and then beaten up.


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