Chapter 180

The crowd stopped laughing at Tang Wanwan and started to reflect on themselves but this was not a cause for Tang Wanwan to celebrate. Because she now gets less attention than before, those netizens were not even willing to scold her anymore.

Recently Fu Zhen has nothing to do and was relatively idle when received an invitation to a program, it was the same program where Lian Chunchao was interviewed.

The host on the show curiously asked Fu Zhen.

“Why did you choose Gao Tian?”

Fu Zhen replied honestly.

“Gao Tian is beautiful and fits the role well.”

“That character must have been a great beauty.”

The host said with a laugh.

Fu Zhen nodded.


“Then we all know that Chun Huashan you directed took a box office hit of 1.6 billion last year and if not for the accident the hit should have been even higher.”

The host paused slightly before asking Fu Zhen.

“So do you have any expectation for White Castle’s box office hit?”

Fu Zhen thought about it, shook his head at the host and said.

“There’s nothing to expect, I don’t care about the box office. What’s more important to me is how satisfied I am with the movie.”

The host asked.

“So are you satisfied with the film?”

Fu Zhen nodded.

“Of course.”

“You filmed Chun Huashan for your father, so did you shoot this white castle for someone?”

When the host said the first half of the question, Fu Zhen’s face changed slightly but immediately returned to normal as he gave a soft hmm.


This was a big news, the host learned that <<White Castle>> has love elements so Fu Zhen probably shot the film for his lover.

She hurriedly asked.

“Can you disclose who?”

Fu Zhen shook his head.

The host then didn’t press the issue any further.

Fu Zhen didn’t see many people in this interview but one day later, a fire suddenly broke out. And it was Fu Zhen’s words on it.

A certain netizen put him in the same video with several other dads, with the music “Calories”. It was about three successful people pretended to be forced to appear one after another.

The three biggest pretentious quotes of the year were out! It’s out! Please note this was not a drill! Not a drill!– was the caption the netizen titled.

And the song goes,

“….better set a small goal, I first earn it 100 million.

I am not interested in money, I really regret building Ali

Magic mirror magic mirror look at me, where is my money

Gold coins, I want gold coins, I want to become a money printing machine

Sixteen billion is a number, the box office does not make sense to me

Filming is just a dream for me, I want to satisfy myself…”

The number of hits of this video on the internet exceeded 200 million in a single day and continued to rise in the next few days.

Netizens brushed it twice or even five times.

Fu Zhen knew it quite early, Gao Tian sent it to him. After seeing it, he smiled for a long time and shared it with Jiang Hengshu.

Fu Zhen created a big fire on the internet, this was the hottest time except the period when his contradiction with Tang Wanwan became fierce last year.

Later, this video was matched with the spring breeze of reform and the little pepper version.

The paparazzi rediscovered their passion and continued their business of snapping pictures.

This time they actually shot Jiang Hengshu took Fu Zhen into the women’s clothes store together.

Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu came out today to buy two small dress of Jiang Fu, as a result Fu Zhen was distracted.

Somehow he walked into the adults women’s clothes store, after Fu Zhen reacted he stared at Jiang Hengshu for a while.

Jiang Hengshu stood up and said innocently.

“You came in by yourself.”

Fu Zhen did not believe him, and glared at Jiang Hengshu but the latter just patted his shoulder.

“Come here, look at this.”


Fu Zhen hesitated, glanced at the types of clothing in the women’s clothing store and said to Jiang Hengshu.

“Then pick two pieces of clothing for mom.”

“Listen to you.”

The paparazzi quickly pressed the shutter and shifted positions before Jiang Hengshu noticed them, and posted the photos online.

But the netizen who viewed them straight completely turned around.

When they saw this photo, the first thought was Director Fu’s aesthetics must be good so he must be helping Jiang Hengshu pick clothes for Mrs. Jiang.

What a touching brotherhood ah!

While in the dark the Jiang Hengshu and Fu Zhen CP powder was quietly growing and with today’s material someone wrote a story.

Although it was a little inhuman to use a married couple in a CP, but it was just for fan fiction. Moreover, they still secretly use it in private which has no impact on the two men.

Some people also analyze the heat. The main reason why Fu Zheng and Jiang Hengshu have more and more CP powder was that Mrs. Jiang’s sense of existence was weak.

One day, Jiang Hengshu and Mrs. Jiang appear in the same frame to ensure that these CP powder would collapse and fall apart immediately.



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