Chapter 179

Fu Zhen turned his head and looked away from Fu Jianchen, his eyes fell on the branches of cedar covered with snow.

His voice was not loud but it was enough for Fu Jianchen to hear clearly.

“I don’t need your apology, apology has no meaning for me.”

Fu Zhen asked softly.

“I just want to know why all this?”


Even Fu Jianchen himself did not understand why, he loved his child so much so how could he do such a cruel thing to him at that time?

Fu Jianchen did not answer Fu Zhen, even though he knew that at that time he was influenced by Tang Wanwan but that was not enough reason he could hurt Fu Zhen. He still has no way to forgive himself.

Fu Zhen took a step forward and looked straight at Fu Jianchen forcing him to answer.

“Since you have already chosen Tang Wanwan, why would you come back to me now?”

Fu Jianchen moved his lips, how should he make it clear to Fu Zhen? He never wanted to cut him or drive him away.

What he had done was never his original wish.

Fu Jianchen couldn’t give Fu Zhen a suitable reason, he came back to Fu Zhen just because he was a father and loved his children deeply.

Fu Zhen never heard his response from Fu Jianchen so he looked down and what Luo Xi said that evening was still ringing in his ears, making him unable to say anything more.

“How are doing now?”

Fu Jianchen asked him softly.

Fu Zhen nodded.

Fu Jianchen took a step towards him, Fu Zhen originally wanted to step back but at the moment he looked up he saw many gray hair of Fu Jianchen’s head.

His movement were a little astringent.

Fu Jianchen raised his hand gently brushed away the dead leaves that landed on Fu Zhen’s shoulder, then took half step back and returned to his original position as he smiled faintly as Fu Zhen and said.

“That’s good.”

Fu Zhen pursed his lips, suddenly somewhat wanting to cry. His father came back but he came back too late.

They couldn’t go back to the past.


“The Lady” in which Tang Wanwan was starring was about to be released in early January.

And in order to make a comeback after the release of this movie Tang Wanwan has made full preparations and started to do publicity even if the “The Lady” has not been officially released.

So the water army was all over the internet like locusts attacking and announcing to all netizens how outstanding Tang Wanwan’s performance in this movie was.

<<The director of “The Lady” has plans to shoot the part two with Tang Wanwan as the heroine>>

<<Male Lead of The Lady confessed to Tang Wanwan but was rejected by Tang Wanwan>>

<<What’s more when other foreign directors visited the crew they also expressed the hope that Tang Wanwan would join their crew>>

But this time no matter how much Tang Wanwan preached or head turner the headline of the news was, the netizens never paid attention to her and their perception of “The Lady” was even worse.

The director even wanted Tang Wanwan as the heroine for the part two, then they could already imagine how bad the director was.

But surprisingly when the netizens went into the cinema, the found that this “The Lady” was okay, the plot was smooth, the actors were in place and the special effect were explosive.

So the reputation of “The Woman” began to reverse, and more and more people entered the cinema.

However in this film, Tang Wanwan did not occupy a lot of screen time just like what her water army has said.

In fact there were few scenes of Tang Wanwan in “The Lady”, netizens deliberately counted and added her scenes together for no more than two minutes.

It turned out that the two minute screen time she has the weight of importance the director put on Tang Wanwan. It seems that the director was a little stingy.

Soon, an interview of the director of “The Lady” gradually spreads on the internet.

At the press conference, the host took the card and asked the director of “The Lady”,

“What impressed you when you were shooting this film?”

The director who was nearly half a century old, instantly had a somewhat playful smile on his face as he replied to the host.

“I think Tang Wanwan was one of those oriental girls who could do magic.”

At first this sounded like a compliment to Tang Wanwan, and that was the host thought so. She continued to ask the director.

“Why did you say that?”

“To be honest, her performance in the crew was very poor. She hardly had any acting skills, se took more than a dozen shots and could hardly be used when editing.”

“But everyone in our crew thought she was great at that time, Peres also told me that if Tang Wanwan was single he would pursue her.”

“Does Peres think so now?”

The host asked with a smile.

The director hurriedly shook his head.

“No, no, no of course not. Peres now regrets a million times that he had said such a thing to me that day.”

The audience on stage laughed along.

At first, netizens were laughing at Tang Wanwan but soon after someone came out with a collection of netizens’s face including all kinds of rainbow farts they had sent to Tang Wanwan on the internet.

Netizens began to reflect on themselves at this time.

Tang Wanwan’s performance was never like this, except that she was really lucky after all she was not in the top of this circle. Then why were they madly infatuate with her in the past?

Looking at her what on the screen they thought her acting was the light of the whole entertainment circle. And her beauty was unparalleled, and if she was not the film queen then the judges were blind.

But looking back at the movies and TV dramas with extreme high ratings that Tang Wanwan once starred in, it’s really not worth watching.

Tang Wanwan actually has some talent for acting but she never had any training. She completely depends on her own system and her mind was not in acting.

As a result this talent was more an more honed in her later performance, and finally die out in the public.



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