Chapter 181

However, the Mrs. Jiang they wanted to see never appeared in front of the camera. Netizens could only sigh that Jiang Hengshu has protected Mrs. Jiang so well that there was no leakage.

Although Fu Zhen’s own popularity gradually increased with his sentence “I don’t value box office” the image of <<White Castle>> in the eyes of the public hasn’t changed.

Not to mention that the film doesn’t even have an official blog and there was a bad rumor everywhere. It was several grades lower than the Last Night’s West Wind Withered Green Trees.

The last day of filming for Last Night’s West Wind Withered Green Trees was a few days later than Fu Zhen’s but they finished all the special effect of the shot while shooting so it was really uncertain which would be released first.

After the Last Night’s West Wind Withered Green Trees was finished, it began a wide range of publicity and claimed that the special effects alone cost 600 million and the costumes and props were better than the next door production team.

When interviewed the actors also said that this it would bring surprise to the audience.

Some netizens were disgusted with the shameless behavior of the producer and the crew, knowing that the Last Night’s West Wind Withered Green Teas was plagiarized.

But when they saw the popularity of others, they rushed to buy it back and now they have the nerve to step on White Castle to promote it, could they have a little bottom line.

However, the fans of the actors and some book powder that followed the fish in trouble waters1 help whitewash. (T/N: to take advantage of a crisis for personal gain)

Now it was Fu Zhen and his film who were rubbing the popularity of Last Night’s West Wind Withered Green Teas, and although the said novel was copied from White Castle the copyright was bought before they started the lawsuit.

And the filming started before the lawsuit was over, and the director also said that he would remove the copied plots.

The crew and actors were innocent, they couldn’t ley many people’s efforts be wasted in order to resist a plagiarized work.

However someone who couldn’t stand this, published an article on Weino called “Originality is Dead”, focusing on criticizing the shameless behavior of the producers of Last Night’s West Wind Withered Green Teas.

And the ending the article with an accusation against the fans.

It’s because they always make excuses for these people that they let plagiarists run wild!

The amount of repost and comments on this article were quite high but the effects was not every satisfactory.

The fans do not care whether the original film was plagiarist, they could say what the like. If they wanted to whitewash the film they could continue to do so.

Who was Luo Pingping anyway? Does it have anything to with them? Could they share money she makes?

No it couldn’t be, so why would they care if her work was copied or not.

Even some fans think that the author received money from White Castle so they write such article to rub heat. Even if they don’t watch the plagiarized film, they wouldn’t watch the rotten film, White Castle.

Netizens have been passionately discussing online for most of the month, and the White Castke finally slowly opened their official blog.

The attitude and tone were completely different from the official blog that opened two years ago, it was like a cold personality.

After the official blog sent out its first weibo, the netizens flocked in but were not interested in the film, they all their curiosity to Fu Zhen.

–I don’t care about the box office.

–1.6 billion is just a number.

–i.6 billion, it’s not bad.


Anyway the attention given to White Castle by netizens was really pathetic. A small number of netizens went to Douban to have a look at the introduction of White Castle.

With tags: love, fantasy, suspense and adventure.

Netizens sighed, all sort of elements piled up together and Gao Tian was part of it, how bad the film could be!

Films like Chun Huashan were really rare. In those years it was impossible for Fu Zhen to make such excellent film and because he was instructed by an expert.

It does mean that Fu Zhen’s teacher was a leading figure in the directing industry, now that his teacher had died no one would guide him anymore so this White Cast;e was probably his real level.

The Spring Festival was coming, and the producers of major films spare no efforts to start publicity before they were released.

White Castle was not prominent in these films, only some fans of Shazou Chronicles saw they would support Director Fu Zhen.

While the “The Lady” was still showing, but the heat has dropped compared with the days when it was just released.

It was estimated that it would be released in February, but Tang Wanwa has no benefits in this film.

At this time, Tang Wanwan found that she had not had menstruation until now. She bought a pregnancy test stick and found that she was pregnant.

She froze for a while after learning the news, because she knew she had take protective measures every time she was with Qin Zhao.

So why would she still be pregnant now?

Knowing that she had never been with anyone else, Tang Wanwan took the pregnancy test in her hand and considered it for a while before finally finding Qin Zhao and questioned him.

“What’s going on?”

“I did.”

Qin Zhai didn’t hide anything at all and answered her directly.

“Why did you do this? Do know that if I got pregnant I would not be able to shoot or participate in activities for a long time? Do you want to ruin my career?”

Qin Zhao on the other hand, said at this time to appease Tang Wanwan.

“No one has invited you now either, you haven’t had any announcements recently.”



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  2. and here I thought QZ is decent guy, just a bit blinded by love (and plot created by Author God lol). no matter how messy his marriage is, impregnate his own wife without her approval is 1000% jerk move. it’s not like he is the one who will bear months in many inconvenience of pregnancy and the hell pain of childbirth. if that’s how he tried to make TWW ‘grounded’ to stay low profile and a housewife, no bruh, thats not how it works.

    Qin Zhao, I’m heavily disappointed in you 😦 even if TWW is villain and deserves some face slapping to the brain, I feel sorry for here just about this as a fellow woman

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