Chapter 60

Fu Shiyuan was surprised and more concerned. This woman always shouted “Ethan” in front of him and called her father when she peeled up.

Unexpectedly, he became president Fu as soon as he turned around. Was this a sign that she was not familiar with him, or does she regard herself as his subordinate?

Whatever the case, he didn’t find it pleasant and inevitably picked her chin somewhat insistently and asked once more,

“Did I hear you wrong?”

Yes you did!  QAQ

Jian Ruixi’s brain was running wildly at this moment, and finally made her think of a universal beauty trick.

“You heard wrong.”

Jian Ruixi showed her brightest and sweetest smile.

“I called you honey.”

However, because Fu Shiyuan was always a detective who always got his answer if given a chance to muddle through so Jian Ruixi didn’t wait for him to react. She quickly hugged president Fu and kissed him back.

She was carried and put down underneath her favorite super-sized bed, and President Fu unceremoniously pressed her into the bed to do whatever he wanted.

Their pajamas had long been torn apart in their ‘friendly’ physical movements. President Fu who lost his cover finally showed his good figure—there was no beer belly, but eight abdominal muscles instead!

The feel of the skin was also very good, delicate and elastic. It’s really surprising. Jian Ruixi secretly pinched her hand because she couldn’t resist the temptation.

She was glad that Fu Shiyuan was always abstinent and sultry. He always wore a suit and shoes when he went out. Even at home, he had to wear neat clothes.

Therefore, she didn’t know that President Fu was in such a good shape, he was also soft and lean. It was clearly the standard configuration of men.

If she found this when she was in Beijing, she might have had changed of mind, and just right now thinking like a thief of which was a better option for contraception.

That was close.

In fact, Jane Ruixi was not without a sense of obligation, unless she does not want to be Mrs. Fu, or at least when President Fu needs it, she would cooperate occasionally a few times.

But the situation in the capital those days was special, 99.9 percent would do the probability of her getting pregnant, so even if the knife was on her neck, Jian Ruixi would not agree to sleep with President Fu.

The good thing was that President Fu was always a decent person, even between husband and wife he also pays attention to fun, like today, even first sent a diamond ring worth up to eight or nine figures, tsk, tsk, so cool, even without the knife she would gladly accept him.

But Fu Shiyuan always do things unexpectedly. According to Jian Ruixi’s own plan, she wanted to first have a good friendship with President Fu.

It’s best to reach a common understanding of “good friends in bed and good friends under bed”, so that there was no pressure when they sleep.

But now, Jian Ruixi could only comfort herself. At least she managed to delay a few more months, the heroine wouldl give birth in another month, the chances of them winning the lottery1 now should be very, very low. (TN 1– meaning Jian Ruixi getting pregnant)

Thinking of winning the lottery, Jian Ruixi suddenly had a jolt and sat up in shock from being limp after realizing they hadn’t prepared a little raincoat!

This was not a drill, President Fu has not returned for a long time, even if there was previously stocked2, it should have expired long ago and was sent to the garbage. (TN:2– condoms)

Hearing her say so, Fu Shiyuan first taste his meal, and then buried himself in her chest when he heard a smothered laughter making her body vibrate.

“Very funny?”

Jane Ruixi was inwardly not calm, if not for a fact that he was her rich husband she would have kicked him out of bed.

Fu Shiyuan finally raised his head, held her face and kissed her again. This time, it was no longer the kiss that children used to see when they saw their parents greeting each other with a smack on the lips. It was more than just rubbing on her lips.

Jian Ruixi wanted to stretch out her tongue, afraid that he was too hungry and be dissatisfied if she just stays still. When she to follow Fu Shiyuan’s lead, Fu Shiyuan sighed and whispered to her.

“You are so cute.”

This tone reminded Jian Ruixi of her praising Jayce for no reason, and then she went crazy. When the atmosphere was right, it suddenly reminded her of what her son wanted to do! Not afraid of Yang Wei!

But before she compare the ridicule, she should push away President Fu and to let him first calm down, after all, they were not set at home, they could not enter the last step and play like hooligans!

Jian Ruixi finally found her senses, but she only made a milking effort. Above her Fu Shiyuan was not move, but instead went on full compassionate kisses a few times.

Before saying unhurriedly.

“Do not worry, they should be ready?”

“Who is?”

Fu Shiyuan sealed her lips again, of course, at an angle that Jian Ruixi could not see, his right hand was groping in the nightstand drawer, pulling open the second drawer.

And indeed, found the home travel essential, the small raincoat. He handed her something, and kissed her ear and then smiled softly.

“At ease?”

Jian Ruixi has been moved to speechless, her aunt was really going to heaven, ah, this thing could also be prepared without her knowing in her own house?

But since there was no need of worries, let the fight begin.



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