Chapter 59

She was not paying attention before, but since she had been hinted at by President. Fu, she could not make the same mistake again.

Jian Ruixi made up her mind secretly, and of course had no objection to President Fu’s current proposal.

And looking at Jayce, although what he wanted to say was interrupted by his father, she could still see that he was very willing to take a bath with his father.

His eyes glowing when he was carried away by his father, but also did forgot to wave his little hand happily.

“Bye mommy.”


Jian Rui Xi smiled, thinking secretly that President Fu should be a role that no one can replace in Jayce’s heart, and no amount of love and companionship could make up for the lack of a father.

So, she might as well leave time for father and son tonight and let them nurture their relationship.

With this thinking Jian Ruixi thinks she’s really great and has the style of a good wife and mother as the father and son next door do get along very happily.

The sound insulation at home was not so good that Jian Ruixi could hear the child splashing the water and his laughter. When the children were excited, their voice would turned piercing and sharp.

This was an instinct that a child, like Jayce couldn’t control. Jian Ruixi’s hand holding the makeup remover trembles, but obviously, it brews tragedy.

Then she went and closed the bedroom door and the bathroom door tightly, so that the magic sound would not penetrate her ears again.

After the shower, Jian Ruixi was already finished putting on the mask, doing a good job at her maintenance but President Fu has yet to returned.

She happily, relaxingly and comfortably leaning on the head of the bed as she brushed on the internet for a while using her phone. Soon it was her usual bedtime, Jian Ruixi yawned and turned off the lights to lie down, leaving only a dim bedside lamp next door.

Only when she closed his eyes, did Fu Shiyuan knocked on the door and came in. Jian Ruixi was too lazy to get up, so she lay on the bed and asked.

“Is Jayce asleep?”

Fu Shiyuan nodded, “He is a little excited today, it took long time coaxed him.”

“You go to bed so early too?”

“It’s good to go to bed early and get up early.”

Jian Ruixi smiled, but in her heart she ridiculed Fu Shiyuan this was not the first day he knows about her work and rest habits but pretended to have no comments. Really business people have a fair pair of acting skills.

Mr. Fu was obviously unaware that his wife was bellyaching about him, because he was still saying pleasantly.

“Is that so? I thought you might like the gift I prepared better than going to bed early.”

“Wow, you bring me a gift?”

Jian Ruixi sleepiness instantly vanished. It was a little unexpected, there was nothing important today but Fu Shiyuan prepared a gift for her, seeing him in a new light.

Fu Shiyuan raised his eyebrows haughtily.

“You don’t seem to be looking forward to it?”

“That’s because I’m so surprised.”

Jian Ruixi know Fu Shiyuan was not joking, she almost immediately sat up from the bed and as her heart view of Fu Shiyuan has evolved.

“You are so busy, even the first two hours when you came back and even had a company meeting, but you did not forget to prepare a gift for me, I really am too touched.”

Before seeing the gift, Jian Ruixi was already excited.

This also proves that women, whether poor or rich look forward to gifts like it was an instinct engraved in the body.

Besides, what’s the value of President Fu? Maybe he would give her a luxury car, a limited edition bag, or jewelry? Just don’t let her down.

Perhaps Fu Shiyuan was also pleased by her excited appearance and didn’t delay any more. He smiled and turned to take the gift from his bag.

Jian Ruixi couldn’t help stretching her neck and observed what he took, it seemed to be a jewelry box?

It is likely to be jewelry!

Jian Ruixi’s eyes shine.

President Fu will really pick gifts (╮▽≦)/

A few seconds later, Jian Ruixi opened her mouth wide looking at the pink diamonds in front of her, and suddenly no words could get out of her mouth.

It’s really a pink diamond ring as big as a pigeon’s egg!

Had it not been for Mr. Fu’s value, Jian Ruixi would have suspected that such a large pink diamond glittering under the bedroom light was synthetic.

Fu Shiyuan saw that her eyes had been completely attracted by the gift and joked

“How about it? Is it big enough?”

Obviously, he still remembers Jian Ruixi’s previous idea that the bigger the diamond, the more she loves it.

No one has ever given her such an expensive gift, Jane Ruixi was moved beyond words, and then looked at President Fu and felt that he was as radiant as the diamonds in her hands.

It was also because of inexperience that she does not know whether she should accept it immediately, or a little polite refusal, so she don’t look too impatient?

Then just as she hesitated, Fu Shiyuan had taken out the ring and held up her right hand.

Jian Ruixi: is there something wrong with this development? Their “old husband and wife” don’t have a proposal like this!

Jian Ruixi did not refuse such a beautiful diamond ring, so she was trapped by President Fu. It was quiet in the bedroom. She didn’t know when the time stopped.

When Jian Ruixi came back to her senses, her eyes were no longer on the beautiful pink diamond, but unconsciously looked at Fu Shiyuan for a long time. What he was doing made her suddenly feel that her heart was accidentally bumped.

In fact, Jian Ruixi also has many opportunities to wear a wedding ring. When filming, she has put on her wedding dress and walked into the marriage hall more than two or three times, and she has experienced all weddings at home and abroad.

Of course, it was filming and all of them were fake, but in reality, she was not never proposed. Among Jian Ruixi’s past relationship, two were separated before they were engaged. It was her who broke up first, Jian Ruixi felt that she was an emotionless killer.

But it may be because they were not as handsome and rich as President Fu, and were willing to give her rare pink diamonds.

Jian Ruixi was shamefully moved. If the relationship with President Fu goes further, would she have the opportunity to collect diamonds of seven colors?

Thinking about it, Jian Ruixi couldn’t help but blinked excitedly. She really don’t know whether to succumb or not, ah really troubling!

Obviously she forgot that President Fu looks like a gentleman again without cheating sex, it only looks like that, just imagine, how could a pretty boy be a vegetarian bunny?

The choice was never hers.

His wife looked completely stupid. Fu Shiyuan decided to get back his reward by himself. He bent down slightly, raised her chin and kissed it.

Jian Ruixi was not stupid. She was kissed by President Fu, unprepared. After a few minutes, she really turned stupid. She gasped and said,

“President Fu, President Fu…”

She hasn’t decided what to do yet. She couldn’t break the rules.

Fu Shiyuan was looking down and pulling the bathrobe belt, when he heard this he suddenly narrowed his eyes.

“What did you call me?” The lust in the bottom of his eyes has not dissipated, and then he shows such eyes.

At the moment, Fu Shiyuan gives people a sense of evil charm, as if he had been triggered by a transformation switch.

The very abashed Jian Ruixi subconsciously covered her mouth, a look of horror. She actually shouted out her inner “love name” to Mr. Fu, eat date pills ==



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