Chapter 61

One was a thunderbolt, the other was a small farewell it was better than a new married couple. After they happily finish, Jian Ruixi wanted to light a cigarette after the deed to express her mood at the moment.

However, she would not smoke. Because of the pressure of acting in the circle, ten girls out of nine were smokers. But she was different now, she could actually touch this abs legally.

After being touched for ten minutes, the master said again.

“Are you so satisfied?”

Having driven each other, Jian Ruixi simply let herself go, glanced down, smiled vaguely and said.

“Are you satisfied? How can we know after doing it twice?”

Fu Shiyuan’s eyes grew darker, and he slowly lowered his head towards her.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think it through.”

In order to let Mrs. Fu come up with an answer as soon as possible, this night, Fu Shiyuan accompanied her to feel it more than twice.

The result, the next day he got up with a spring in his every step, while Mrs. Fu who looked strong outside was the one kneeling.

Not only did Jian Ruixi get up nearly two hours later than usual, even her voice was hoarse, and she had to face Jayce’s big questions.

With his innocent eyes while eating her breakfast and lunch downstairs, he asked.

“Is Mommy sick, do you want to go to the doctor?”

“Cough, cough, cough–“

Jian Ruixi coughed frantically, choking on the porridge when she eating. Scared by her child’s curiosity of whys’.

Jayce stood up helplessly, Susan and Aunt Lin in the distance also wanted to come over to help their madam, but they were no match to the long-armed and long-legged Mr. Fu.

The moment when Jian Ruixi was choking, he had come behind her and gently and considerately help her pat her back and to smooth the air, with his eyes like the wind swept over the perfect and cool pink diamonds on her right hand.

The corners of his mouth slightly hooked, before admonishing Jayce.

“You’re mommy is not feeling well, you behave today.”

Jian Ruixi who just eased up a little, when she heard this was once again coughing.

After another two minutes, she finally recovered. Jian Ruixi drank and continued to eat. Fu Shiyuan also sat down next to her.

“Mom called in the morning and I answered for you. She invited our family to lunch.”

Jian Ruixi nodded while wondering, was it bad for Madam Fu to call her son’s phone, and call her instead

After half a second she reacted.

“Is it my mother?”

Fu Shiyuan smiled faintly, “I promised for you.”

Jian Ruixi no longer cared to eat and looked at the time.

“It’s after ten o’clock and I’m not even wearing makeup, why didn’t you wake me up earlier?”

“I’m sorry, but since you look beautiful without makeup, I overlooked that.”

“That’s true, but I wouldn’t mind being a little more beautiful.”

Jian Ruixi no longer complained, but pushed back her chair with a smile on her face and went upstairs to put on her makeup.

Jayce looked at her father with wide eyes, his mommy said her father was very sweet, so it’s true!

Even if going back to her mother’s house doesn’t have to be as formal as going to her mother-in-law’s house, it’s not good to be late for too long.

Jian Ruixi hurriedly painted a light makeup and changed her clothes. She went downstairs in less than half an hour.

In order to match the sky high price pigeon egg like ring diamond given by her rich husband, she specially wore a newly bought pink skirt and white diamond sandals today.

She looked very beautiful when she stood in front of the mirror. When she went downstairs, she walked straight to the father and son and showed in a beautiful circle.

“Am I very different today?”

She doesn’t usually show off at ordinary times, but Fu Shiyuan always supports his empress. He speaks well and praises her without repetition.

There were only few people who genuinely praised Jian Ruixi so as soon as Fu Shiyuan came back, she became too excited.

And then there was Jayce who was wide-eyed at the scene in front of him, he watched how his dad made his mommy laugh, and then they held hands and left him, and walked outside the house.

 He looked at the situation that looked like they were not going to Grandma’s house for meal, but to a party instead.

The child looked at himself with a lonely face. Today, he obediently put on mommy’s favorite suspenders. However, Mommy didn’t praise him for being handsome.

He couldn’t help sighing and catching up with his parents with his short legs.

As he walked, he inevitably thought bitterly that when his father was not at home, Mommy liked to wear the same clothes as him, like T-shirts and jeans.

His mommy said they should be the most fashionable mother and child family in Hong Kong.

Now his mommy wears a dress and high heels looking good like his father who was in suit and tie. It looks like they have discussed it in advance.

Was it really like what the Internet says, “parents are true love and children are accidents”?

When Jayce caught up with his short legs, Jian Ruixi had already sat in the car and swiped her phone, she was not guilty of Internet addiction.

But a few seconds ago, President Fu told her in a breezy manner that they seemed to be on the news headlines.

Nani?1(TN: literally in Japanese meaning what)

Which media dare to ambush them at the risk of bankruptcy—— Jian Ruixi’s first reaction was disbelief.

When she turned on her phone, she found that the media was really not afraid of death and sent out her “small video” with President Fu.



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