Chapter 58

Jian Ruixi returned home and really saw Fu Shiyuan’s luggage which was neatly arrange in her bedroom.

This makes her want to gnash her teeth and praise the aunt at home, really they were so enthusiastic and diligent but also too willing to “share the worries” of their master.

But then again if the rich husband came to live and she won’t allow the people to bring his luggage to her room then did she want him to live in the guest room?

Not to mention the villa itself was under the name of President Fu, Madam Fu has lived in it since marriage. Even if it was a real estate under Madam Fu’s name, Jian Ruixi couldn’t stop President Fu from living in the master bedroom.

She could only comfort herself, when she was in Beijing President Fu’s people were so warm and hospitable to her. In the evening they even divided the bed half for her, so now she needed to return politeness for politeness.

Thinking this way, Jian Ruixi found her niche and showed a warm and thoughtful smile.

“After running around all day, are you very tired, do you want to take a bath to relax and unwind?”

If President Fu was willing, she could also help him make an appointment with a familiar masseur to take care of his grand health or they could go to spa. In short they must make the rich husband feel comfortable and relaxed.

However, Fu Shiyuan was used to being busy. He once set a record of flying three or four cities a day. Today he only used trifle amount of his strength so she couldn’t see any fatigue on his face.

He said brightly.

“There are still some documents, I’ll deal with them in the study. You can play with Jayce.”

Like Fu Shiyuan, Jayce has few opportunities to reunite with his parents.

Sometimes his parents have time and only stay with him for two nights at his grandparents, it seems lively but in fact they do their own things.

But at least Jayce doesn’t think there was much difference between his parents being around not.

Now there were only three of them, Jayce looks forward to it more because when he comes back to live with his mommy he was different from his grandparents.

He was always happy with mommy and has a lot of interesting things to do, would it be more interesting if his father joins them today?

Simple little children held such expectation, looking cute Jayce tilted his head.

“Can we drink to the study daddy?”

Before Fu Shiyuan could say anything Jian Ruixi subconsciously spat.

“You silly ah, dad is in the study room, what can you do after you go to read book?”

Jayce also enjoys reading books so he nodded with an unfazed face.


Staying with mommy and daddy while reading books should also be fun.

Jian Ruixi helpless patted the little landlord’s silly son on the head.

“You really don’t count in your heart, you had so many things arranged for a good summer vacation. Don’t you hurry up and have a good time?”


Fu Shiyuan was also very helpless. Other parents would only worry that their children were not motivated enough.

But his wife instead was worried that her son loves learning too much and even encourages his children to play?

“I’m telling Jayce to combine work and rest in learning, is there a problem?”

Jian Ruixi considers herself a fashionable and hot mother, of course she would not focus on the little one’s study but also to be able to educate the child and also get along and play like.

After all she was also a good parent in the new era, she thinks there was nothing wrong with it.

Even Fu Shiyuan made a compromise in front of her.

“I thinks it’s no problem…right.”

At least the combination of work and rest was the right wat to think.

With Jian Ruixi as the winner, there was only one choice to meet her ideas and Jayce’s wishes at the same time—

Ten minutes later, the family of three gathered in study only Fu Shiyuan was very miserable in the room.

While his wife and son were comfortable as if they were paralyze in the sofa, one was holding a phone and the other was holding a tablet.

His wife sent a signal for help from time to time.

“Jayce, mommy us dying again!!!”

Fu Shiyuan:”…”

There was no doubt that Jayce learned from his mommy how to play games. High IQ means he has an advantage.

The little guy plays with style and Jian Ruixi were more and more like to team up with him. The actual fact was that she could find a lot of people who were not interested in the game.

However now, for the first time Fu Shiyuan feels regret even if he was then addicted to overtime his wife and child were in front of him playing games, he would be more or less mentally unbalance.

Fu Shiyuan had to speed up his work, an hour later he finished work. Jian Ruixi also put away her phone and patted the little guy.

“I’m almost going to wash and sleep.”

Jayce nodded in good spirits, he didn’t have much infatuation with the game. Instead he enjoyed time with his parents.

Therefore, he walked out of the study and still followed his parents into their bedroom. Jian Ruixi looked back and saw this little tail.

It was a little novel, she joked.

“Does Jayce want to sleep with his parents today?”

After sleeping with his mommy a few times, although Jayce was a little awkward intellectually and felt that he was like a young child but emotionally he did not reject this feeling.

Today was a special situation, he thoughts carefully and almost nodded.

Fu Shiyuan obviously does not like his son bother his parents as crookedly as a little girl but he would not say so explicitly.

He turns around and as if remembering something he bends down and picks up Jayce who was half a person tall and smiled.

“Haven’t we taken a bath together for a long time? Just to see if you’ve become strong recently.”

It should be a scene that every family performs when a father takes his son to take a bath, so Jian Ruixi was not surprised.

She just feels that Fu Shiyuan’s topic was a little abrupt and seems to deliberately interrupt them. Doesn’t Fu Shiyuan always want to spoil Jayce too much?

Jian Ruixi was not able to understand, Jayce was also the successor of Fu Group and the successor of President Fu.

President Fu doesn’t want his son to be weak and normal.



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