Chapter 30(1)

After ending the call with Qin Jingrun, Jiang Mian thought about it and sent a WeChat voice to her film emperor father.

“Dad don’t be angry, you also need to rest early, good night, your daughter loves you.”

Whether in her last life or the one before, Jiang Mian never said anything cringe, even if her master in the last life also loved her extremely.

But facing these dads, feeling their unreserved and purest love for their daughter, Jiang Mian was naturally able to show her feelings.

Jiang Mian doesn’t know. Qin Jingrun at the other end of his phone was preparing to call Chen Xu as anger surrounds his whole body.

However, when he received Jiang Mian voice message, and listened to what his baby daughter said, the man’s eyebrows were suddenly gentle, and the temperature around him warmed up in a flash.

He repeatedly listened to this voice more than ten times, and finally returned a voice message:

“Good night baby, daddy loves you too.”

Jiang Mian doesn’t know what her film emperor father would do but since she has the support of her film emperor father, she doesn’t care about it anymore. Putting away her phone, she continues to meditate and practice peacefully.

Although the aura was thin, but a mosquito’s leg was also a leg, it was better than nothing.

She’s been too busy recently. When she’s free after shooting this play, she’ll follow her Taoist father to do cleaning work, supplement spiritual power and improve cultivation~

At 12:30 a.m., there were countless night owl parties brushing their mobile phones. The first and second entries of weibo hot search were suddenly replaced by——

#Jiang Mian resolute and firm

# Gao Huaqiang (vomiting)

Most people were unfamiliar with these two names, but unfamiliarity doesn’t stop them from clicking in.

At first glance, it turned out that it was a female artist who exposed the news that the person in charge of a well-known mobile phone brand wanted hidden rules. The content on the screenshot was clear.

The netizens, of course, do not mind eating melons, righteous indignation and immediately ran to Gao Huaqiang’s weibo and started cursing furiously, and also went to Jiang Mian’s weibo for to give encouragement and comfort.

Then the major marketing numbers reprinted one after another, and the heat rose like a rocket.

[Shit, is Gao Huaqiang so disgusting? Thanks to the X mobile phone used by our family!]

[Miss Jiang Mian good job, such a scum should be exposed, so that everyone knows what kind of goods he is.]

[If Gao Huaqiang can be the person in charge, there must be a backer. Everyone quickly lift the heat up and don’t let him withdraw the heat search.]

[I’m a little worried. Will Jiang Mian be retaliated by Gao Huaqiang? She just came out to shoot. She has no backing.]

[This kind of dog x thing can also be in charge?!]


When the heat was rising, Gao Huaqiang was still fooling around in bed with a woman. He didn’t know that Jiang Mian exposed their dialogue on the Internet, let alone that the news spread so quickly, which aroused the public opinion of netizens.

So early the next morning, Gao Huaqiang was woken up by a phone call from his assistant. The other party’s tone was flustered.

“Mr. Gao bad news. You’re trending!”

Because Gao Huaqiang last night’s rowdy he went to bed late and could only have a few hours of sleep.

It’s not like he hasn’t been in the hot seat before, and now being woken up by his assistant because of a hot search thing made him furious. He roared at his phone.

“What’s all the fuss about being in the hot search, I think you don’t want to do this assistant job anymore!”

“No, it’s different this time.”

The assistant forced himself to bear the displeasure of being scolded and said carefully.

“You will know if you go to Weibo and take a look.”

As soon as Gao Huaqiang entered Weibo, he was surprised by the overwhelming curses.

Comments and private messages were full of all kinds of scolding sounds, how ugly he was.

Soon he understood what was going on. Gao Huaqiang sat up fiercely and looked at the screenshot of Jiang Mian, and made him dizzy.

He never thought that Jiang Mian would dare to expose the conversation between them.

“Find a way to pull down the hot search for me!”

He immediately called his assistant, Jiang Mian had the guts to do that, he would make her cry and kneel down in front of him and beg for mercy!

Yet the assistant’s words caused a wave of unease to rise in Gao Huaqiang’s heart.

The hot search ranking can be bought or piled up by pure heat, and the assistant said.

“Mr. Gao, I just contacted Weibo operations and got the news that your hot search cannot be withdrawn.”

It’s not that they wouldn’t withdraw, but they couldn’t.

Gao Huaqiang was livid and angry. He found Jiang Mian’s wechat and sent a message

[you’d better delete the weibo and come out to clarify, otherwise I have some ways to make you feel sorry!]

Jiang Mian was overjoyed when she received the wechat message as soon as she arrived on set.

Gao Huaqiang was afraid not afraid of anyone right now as he was already at the top so even after this was put on the Internet, he still dares to send a message to threaten her.

His brain filled with bean curd, right?

In order to avoid Gao Huaqiang’s sudden cleverness and withdraw the news, she quickly took a screenshot and showed the news to Tang Anan to share her happiness.

Tang Anan was angry and said gritting her teeth.

“This man is so disgusting, get rid of him!”

Jiang Mian took the screenshot and sent it to her weibo with an attachment:

[since I choose to expose it, I’m not afraid of threats, otherwise more little sisters will be bullied by him.]

The tone was so righteous that it instantly drew the comfort of many netizens and fans.

[Mian Mian, you’re so good.”]

Jiang Mian also quickly garnered Chen Xueyi’s adoring gaze, her crystal like bright eyes looked at Jiang Mian

“I was worried that you would be angry and depressed and wanted to comfort you, but looking at you like this, I feel I should be worried about that scum. I am too relieved!”

Jiang Mian loses her smile.

Chen Xueyi sat down next to her, thought about it, and still felt a little uneasy.

“What if that Gao Huaqiang really retaliates against you.”

In Chen Xueyi’s eyes, although Gao Huaqiang was a shameless disgusting organism, his identity was still influencial. He must have a wide range of contacts in the circle.

Jiang Mian was a newcomer and a student. How could she fight against the dregs that have been crawling and rolling in the society for decades?

Although she couldn’t help, she didn’t want Jiang Mian to suffer.

Jiang Mian put the nuts in her hand and patted her shoulder.

“That depends on whether he still has this opportunity.”

By the afternoon, the hot search not only did not withdraw, but also kept hanging at the top of the list, and not only that, a new phrase appeared—

#Gao Huaqiang sexual assault#

A blogger who specializes in exposing great material in the circle received an anonymous submission from a girl who claimed to have in her hand evidence of Gao Huaqiang’s sexual assault on her and the reasons for the process.

The blogger coded the girl, and then sent out the girl’s confession, along with an audio clip.

Text content: [I thought for a long time, now things are big, a small newcomer have dared to come forward to expose Gao Huaqiang, I should also speak up for myself, to get a justice, as long as I can let Gao Huaqiang surrender to law, I do not care about anything.


This beast of a man, he drugged my drink and there was no way for me to escape. Afterwards, he threatened me that if I called the police, he would make me lose my reputation. He has money, power and background, I cannot resist, there is no choice but to compromise.

As far as I know, he will restrain a lot and make do with the face of female artists for fear of being accidentally exposed. But for girls like us who don’t have any backers, he can insult and bully at will. I don’t know how many girls have been violated by him like me, but I hope I can stand up and bring this beast to justice this time!

The audio I gave was the only thing I could do when I couldn’t resist at that time. It was for the sake of this audio could play a role one day in the future.]

In the audio, there was a girl crying and begging for mercy.

The girl called out Gao Huaqiang’s name in the audio so that it could be used as evidence in the future.

As the person in charge of x a mobile phone endorsement, Gao Huaqiang has been on many programs and received many interviews. They compare the video of his interview, and the sound of the audio was highly consistent.

This was no longer a case of “sexual harassment” or “subterfuge”, but a crime.

[Call the police! The police must be called!]

[My God, the girl’s voice in the audio is so desperate, I’m fucking crying listening to it, Gao Huaqiang is simply not human!]

[It is strongly recommended that Gao Huaqiang be castrated!]        



Jiang Mian forwarded this weibo post and then contacted her film emperor father.

“Dad, is that girl’s story true?”

Gao Huaqiang’s sexual assault was exposed so quickly that he had no power to turn over—this kind of operation must be operated by her film emperor father behind her back.

“I asked Lin Xi to check it out.”

The movie dad replied quickly.

As long as one check carefully, one could easily find some clues about this kind of thing.

Coincidentally, that the girl who spoke anonymously was one of Gao Huaqiang’s assistants. Gao Huaqiang has three assistants, if they want to check Gao Huaqiang, naturally start from the people around him.

Then this assistant took the initiative to speak up about it— she had been holding back, trying to find a way to avenge herself, sensing that the opportunity had come and seizing it along the way.

As long as she could bring down Gao Huaqiang.

“Baby, you can shoot at ease. Your father is here.”

Qin Jingrun doesn’t want his baby daughter to pay more attention to this matter to avoid dirtying her ears and eyes, he could handle everything.

Jiang Mian nodded obediently, but then she received a message from Lin Xi about Gao Huaqiang taken away by the police.

At the same time, X Mobile’s official weibo released a statement relieving Gao Huaqiang of his position and publicly apologizing to Jiang Mian.

Soon, Jiang Mian received a WeChat friend request, the other party stated that he was the new head of X cell phone endorsement, Jiang Mian thought about it and agreed to the other party’s friend request.

The new person in charge named Du Yi has a very warm attitude and a cautious tone throughout the whole process. And at the beginning, the first sentence said: Miss Jiang, don’t worry, I will never let you send any photos.

——The desire to survive was also very strong.

[Du Yi: This is the contract. Take a look first. If you think it’s appropriate, find your free time and I’ll send someone to pick you up and sign the contract face-to-face.]

“Mian Mian, you still want to take it?”

Tang Anan thought that Jiang Mian would not take it— because of this endorsement, was disgusting enough because of Gao Huaqiang.

“Why not take it.”

Jiang Mian said,

“If I shoot the commercial, it will not take too long for me to earn 10 million, and this also looks like I am generous, regardless of past suspicions, I can get a lot of praise from it.”

Tang Anan thought about it carefully and thought it was so reasonable, making her admired Jiang Mian even more.

She just feel that her boss, though young and still a student, was more powerful than the person who has rolled in the society.

Being her assistant was a blast!



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