Chapter 29(2)

After eating dinner, Jiang Mian touched her stomach feeling a little support to prop up herself—no, tomorrow she must let Xie Siyuan’s food portion to be less, this time she really feels she was getting fat.

As she was thinking about it, the personnel from the mobile phone endorsement accepted her friend request.

[Gao Huaqiang: I am Gao Huaqiang, send your current photo over. Full body and photo of your face.]

[Jiang Mian: ?]

[Gao Huaqiang: ? There’s a problem?]

Jiang Mian was a little upset about his tone, thinking that the other party was an arrogant uncle?

[Jiang Mian: not talking about the contract?]

[Gao Huaqiang: We have to see if your plain face photo is qualified. After our review, if it is qualified we can talk about the contract.]

[Jiang Mian:….]

[Gao Huaqiang: You don’t even dare to post photos without makeup, so forget it. But the opportunity is rare, as an unknown artist, you should take advantage of this.]

Jiang Mian: “…..”

Jiang Mian sent a generic smiley emoji over without saying anything.

[Gao Huaqiang: What do you mean by this?]

[Jiang Mian: smile.]

This time the other side replied late, after a full minute a reply was sent.

[Gao Huaqiang: If you continue with this attitude, that means you don’t want this endorsement anymore.]

[Gao Huaqiang: If you still want it, then send a photo over. As long as you get pass me, there will be no problem with the contract].

[Gao Huaqiang: full-body photos are best sexy and revealing].

If Gao Huaqiang’s previous words could be interpreted as work needs, which was normal but when the last sentence came out, Jiang Mian narrowed her eyes.

She exited the chat box and poked Director Zhang’s avatar:

[Director Zhang, is the person in charge of cell phone endorsement named Gao Huaqiang?]

Director Zhang returned quickly:

[It’s him, how’s the conversation about the contract?]

Jiang Mian smiled: [still talking.]

[Director Zhang: This endorsement opportunity is good, talk about it, it’s good for you to get it.]

After thinking about it, since Jiang Mian would be the golden master of ‘Green Onion Love Language’, he gave another advise.

[It is said that Gao Huaqiang is a little arrogant, what he asks you to answer, follow the process normally and follow him when necessary.]

After all, she was to take the endorsement personally.

If Jiang Mian had signed up with a company these things should be negotiated by her agent, but now she has not signed up with a company so naturally she has to come in person.

Jiang Mian tapped back into the chat box with Gao Huaqiang, and while she was talking to Director Zhang just now, the other party sent several more messages in a row.

Telling her that if she doesn’t send the photos, and because of her attitude, he won’t discuss the contract with her again.

The words were full of threats.

This was the first time Jiang Mian encountered someone who dared to take advantage of her in this way.

The other party takes advantage of his position to ask for private plain photos of the artist, she doesn’t know what he wants to do with the photos but it’s certainly not a good thing.

This kind of high-end endorsement was eagerly sought by the major artist in the circle, if they have the opportunity to get it, she was afraid that no matter what requirement Gao Huaquang puts forward they would agree.

And it seems that Gao Huaqiang knows this, so he dares to be so unscrupulous. Looking at his proficiency this was not the first time he did such thing.

What’s more, he only asked for sexy full body photos.

Artist appear in public, most of them were attending some activities or walking on the red carpet. In order to attract attention, they wear whatever clothes so there was nothing they couldn’t give so a sexy and exposed plain face body photo was nothing that can’t be given.

He probably also wanted to use this method to get a full body photo of Jiang Mian, for what purpose, unknown.

Unfortunately, this time he was destined to kick the bucket.

Jiang Mian searched Gao Huaqiang on the internet, there was a lot of news about him. She opened a photo of a middle-aged man in his forties, Mediterranean, hanging eyes and has obscene face.

[Jiangmian: I won’t take the endorsement (smile face)]

On the other end of the phone, Gao Huaqiang was waiting for Jiang Mian to send a photo over—not the first he’s done this.

Sitting in his position and taking advantage of his position to get some private photos of female stars will give him an unspeakable sense of achievement and satisfaction.

Those actress in order to get the endorsement, not to mention the photo of their face even if he asks for obscene photo they would certainly comply.

But he was very cautious, afraid of accidental turnover so he restrained himself and usually ask for sexy full body photos.

From the first moment he saw Jiang Mian’s photo, he had his heart set on it – it was too beautiful.

People like Jiang Mian, who hasn’t signed a company yet and doesn’t have any backer, were better to hold than the previous actresses.

Therefore, his tone was not good at the beginning. He wanted to shock Jiang Mian with this attitude and let her send photos obediently.

Unexpectedly Jiang Mian didn’t comply.

He sent several messages in a row in anger, and received no further reply.

In anger, Gao Huaqiang found director Zhang:

[director Zhang, this Jiang Mian is so outrageous. With her character, do you still want to take our endorsement?]

Director Zhang: “???”

He intuited that something bad was happening.

Originally Jiang Mian’s mood was good but was now spoiled by Gao Huaqiang.

She took screenshots of what Gao Huaqiang said to her, including a few threatening words from Gao Huaqiang at the end, and posted on her weibo.

[Justice is in the heart of the people.]

A few minutes later, the comments broke to 100.

[Crap! What’s going on here? Subterfuge?]

[I wanted to say how diligent and there was more weibo in a row today….but was Gao Huaqiang this disgusting?]

[Who is Gao Huaqiang?]

[Isn’t this Gao Huaqiang the head of X cell phone endorsement in China? It’s so disgusting!]

[No contract if you don’t send sexy plain face photo? No, what contract can be signed only after sending the photos. There’s a problem with Gao Huaqiang!]

After sending the weibo, Jiang Mian was casually reading the comments and immediately quit, she then went to meditating and cultivating.

When other actress encounters this thing, they dare not say it for various reasons, even if they know there was a problem, they would bear it.

But since he met, and dared to ‘molest’ her, he needs to be prepared to roll over.

Qin Jingrun was on the treadmill—he had a habit of exercising every night before going to bed which would ensure quality sleep.

As he ran, the phone on the stand next to him rang and it was Lin Xin who was calling.

“Brother Qin, Mian Mian posted on her weibo, did you see it?”

Qing Jingrun: “Huh?”

The reason why Lin Xi called because Qin Jingrun was probably exercising at this time and didn’t look at his phone.

When he saw the news, and since he knew the position of Jiang Mian in Qin Jingrun’s heart he dared not delay and contacted Qin Jingrun right away.

Qin Jingrun hung up the phone, took out his phone and clicked into Jiang Mian’s weibo after reading it, his face immediately sank.

Someone was trying to ‘sneak up’ on his baby girl.

He got off the treadmill and immediately called Jiang Mian.

Jiang Mian knows that after the weibo was sent, her film emperor father would contact her when he sees it. However, her film emperor father was busy and estimated that she would go to him tomorrow when her film emperor father finds out.

So, she didn’t expect the phone call from her film emperor father to come in just under half an hour.


From the speaker came the angry voice of the film emperor father.

“What do you want to do with Gao Huaqiang, tell your father.”

Jiang Mian was shocked by the domineering words of her film emperor father. The tone of his voices sounded like a villain, she smiled and said.

“Dad, let’s see if Gao Huaqiang has committed a crime, if he has sent him to prison.

Qin Jingrun thought to himself that it was too cheap to send him to prison.

“It’s all dad’s fault.”

His tone was full of heartache and remorse.

If it were not for him, his baby girl would not have had to encounter this incident.

This mobile phone endorsement was his secret connection, he thinks it’s very high end and the salary was good not to mention the reputation was also good. It’s very suitable for his baby daughter.

Now Jiang Mian was being bullied by the man surnamed Gao, this makes the film emperor father feel guilty about pushing his daughter into the fire pit.

“Dad how can I blame you for this, nothing happened to me.”

Jiang Mian hurriedly comforted her own father.

“It’s Gao Huaqiang who’s at fault, it’s bad for him to provoke me. With dad protecting me, can he have good consequences?”

The film emperor father was comforted, thought about it and said softly as he coaxed.

“Then be good and sleep, leave everything to daddy.”

Dare to bully his daughter, he wants Gao Huaqiang to know why the flowers were red.



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