Chapter 30(2)

City Public Security Bureau

Gao Huaqiang was held in a detention cell and all communication devices were confiscated.

He sat in his chair and hasn’t calmed down yet. Why did he change from a high president to a rapist in a short time and get caught in the police station?!

He has a wide range of contacts in his circle and more influence, using his position and relations, to ask for what he wants, and if he wanted to someone would be willing to take his current “position” for a fair trade.

The more he thought, the angrier he felt. He just threatened Jiang Mian to ask for a photo, and he didn’t even get any photo from her. But even if that was the case he didn’t make any other moves, but instead he was turned over and entered the police station?

Once the criminal responsibility was charge to him, it would be no longer a simple detention, but a prison, sitting in jail!

His expression changed again and again, and finally he stood up and slammed the door, screaming angrily.

“Let me out, I haven’t committed any crime, you have no right to lock me up! If you don’t let me go, I’ll have my lawyer sue you!”

When Xiao Li in the monitoring room saw it, he dialed an internal number.

“Team leader, the rapist has been howling. What should I do?”

“Leave it alone.”


The team leader put down the phone, rubbed his brow, looked down and continued to read the documents in his hands, the phone dinged again.

“Team leader, the comrade is back!”

“What? Where!”

 Yuan Jinfei abruptly stood up from his seat,

“The comrade was injured and is now in the hospital. Do you want to come?”

“I’ll be right over.”

Yuan Jinfei pulled his coat and hurried to the hospital.

Only when he arrived at the hospital did he find that not only the city director was there, but also the provincial bureau director, he hurriedly say hello.

The two directors were cheerfully whispering at the door of the ward, the provincial bureau director was full of smiles.

“Lian Feng took great credit, if not for him, how could this drug chain be broken, it was because of him that they could be caught in a net.”

The Municipal Bureau Director sighed.

“That’s right ah, he’s been undercover for two months. It’s hard for him.”

After sighing, the two directors said to Yuan Jinfei.

“Lian Feng was injured. We just finished talking him. He slept. Keep your voice down when you go in and don’t wake him up.”

After the two directors left, Yuan Jinfei asked a police officer next to him.

“How is comrade’s injured?”

“It’s all superficial injuries.”

The policeman hesitated.

“Just a lot thinner.”

Yuan Jinfei nodded, opened the door of the ward and walked in with light hands and feet.

As soon as he walked in, he met a pair of sharp eyes, but this made Yuan Jinfei delighted.

“Bureau Director said you were asleep, is that how you sleep?”

The man on the bed was in his thirties, with a deep gaze and his naked upper body wrapped in bandages that oozed a frightening crimson in some places.

Even so, there was no adjective related to “weakness” in this man.

He lay there quietly, did not speak with expressionless face. It was like a knife with a cold light, sharp and cold.

Just like his name— Lian Feng.

Jiang Mian was waiting for her scene. The next scene was her slapping Guan Xin—about Shen Shiqing withdrawal of funds, only a few senior members of the crew know and the staff was not aware of it.

Because of this everyone was very confused. Obviously, it should Guan Xin slapping Jiang Mian so why did it was reverse to Jiang Mian slapping Guan Xin just after a few days later.

But no matter what the situation was, what they do was watch the show anyway.

Some within the crew in particular, who do not like Guan Xin, were happy to see this happen.

Zheng Xiaoyu kept talking to Guan Xin, but her eyes were full of gloating.

Ever since she knew that the play was changed to Jiang Mian slapping Guan Xin, Zheng Xiaoyu had a feeling of unspeakable excitement in her heart.

Although she hates Jiang Mian, but Jiang Mian was not her love rival. On the other hand, she has to take care of Guan Xin, regularly report Guan Xin’s situation to Shen Shiqing, and on hand, she couldn’t wait for Guan Xin to suffer at the hands of Jiang Mian.

“Guan Guan, why don’t you call president Shen?”

Zheng Xiaoyu frowned hypocritically and worriedly.

“Jiang Mian doesn’t like you. She will definitely bully you through this scene, which is a very common thing in the circle. If she has a bad intentions, she would surely always NG, and then hit you, and since the director likes her, he would let her. You will suffer too much at that time.”

However deep inside she wanted and expecting Jiang Mian to slap Guan Xin a few more times.

Guan Xin looked at her, and hung her head, hand clenching the corner of her coat, how could she not see the malice in Zheng Xiaoyu’s eyes?

But Zheng Xiaoyu was right, if Jiang Mian uses this scene to keep slapping her, what should she do?

However, after thinking about it, there was no other way but to accept it.

After receiving what Shen Shiqing told her about changing the scene, Guan Xin was in a very confused state—Shen Shiqing had always been very kind to her. If someone bullied her, he would help her get revenge.

For example, adding the scene where she was allowed to slap up Jiang Mian, she knows that it was Shen Shiqing who asked director Zhang to add it in order to let her vent her anger.

But now she was told that the scene had been changed, changed to Jiang Mian slapping her, without saying any reason to her, just a notice.

She used to be afraid of Shen Shiqing and vaguely hoped that Shen Shiqing would be cold to herself, but now that the other party was really cold to her, she was starting to panic again.

Even a grievance arose in her heart. How could he let Jiang Mian beat her!


“Jiang Mian, Guan Xin come here.”

Director Zhang called the two and began to speak on this scene.

After talking, Jiang Mian with the corner of her eyes looked at Guan Xin who had a pale face. Before shooting, she showed a look as if she had been beaten by wind and rain.

If that’s the case, then she should respond back.

Jiang Mian suddenly said,

“Director Zhang, is this scene going to be a real fight?”

“Of course.”

Director Zhang glanced at her and frowned.

Did this girl have a soft heart?

“I never fake my plays.”

Immediately he looked at Guan Xin again, and dislike flashed under his eyes.

If it were not for Shen Shiqing, he would never have used Guan Xin.

Jiang Mian hesitantly said,

“But I see that Ms. Guan …… seems to mind a bit oh.”

Guan Xin: “…”

She raised her head sharply, looked at Jiang Mian and immediately gritted her teeth and said to Director Zhang.

“Director Zhang, I was just thinking about Li Wanrong’s inner psychological feelings, who was unwilling.”

“So, that was the case. I just saw Ms. Guan’s face is not good so I thought she is not willing to ……”

Jiang Mian sighed,

“I did not expect Ms. Guan to be so dedicated, so she has been thinking about the scene.”

Guan Xin pulled the corner of her mouth, did not speak.

Jiang Mian sighed worriedly.

“Director Zhang, Ms. Guan and Mr. Shen are good friends, if I beat her for the scene, will I not offend Mr. Shen, or should we use a body double? I can be a little transparent, I really cannot afford to offend Mr. Shen.”

Director Zhang: “….”

How did he not realize before that this girl was a drama queen?

Before he could speak, Guan Xin had already spoken out indignantly.

“Miss Jiang, I hope you can put all your focus on the scene and shoot it how it should be shot!”

“I’m relieved by this concern words Ms. Guan.”

Jiang Mian nodded sincerely.

Director Zhang pretended not to see the tit-for-tat between them.

“Okay, I’ll give you three more minutes. Let’s start after three minutes, go through it first and see the effect.”


Jiang Mian playfully winked at Director Zhang.

Director Zhang: “…”

“Mian Mian, there’s a phone call for you.”

Tang Anan handed the phone over, Jiang Mian was still thinking about the scene and how much force she needs to use later.

Hitting hard seems she was bullying too much.

It doesn’t seem very good to play it lightly.

Thinking about this, so she didn’t look at the phone screen and picked it up directly when a low, strong voice came to her ear.

“Mian Mian, where are you?”



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