TMBAM 17.1

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Chapter 17(1)

Yan Weshu sat in the hotel room, her mind was still buzzing from the shock. She struggled to digest the message…..

She first thought that it was not surprising that Jian Changming and Chen Yujin would appear on this occasion.

But now…..when she thinks about it, it’s actually strange.

The banquet was organized by Gu Xueyi.

She originally thought that this was just Gu Xueyi taking advantage of her big brother’s absence and took the liberty to engage in an activity in the name of Yan’s but in fact she used to broaden her social circle.

How could Chen Yujin accompany the nonsense?

Surely Jian Changming would not attend! From the beginning to the end, he was just giving face to Yan Chao and the Yan family! Who was Gu Xueyi?

But now…not only Chen Yujin followed behind Gu Xueyi even Jian Changming also attended the banquet, there was even more incredible—Jiang Er also came!

Even if Yan Weshu was no longer perceptive to business matters, she still vaguely understands the difference of this banquet…

It must have some larger meaning


Gu Xueyi suddenly turned her head and asked.

“What time is it?”

Chen Yujin paused, not expecting her to ask such question. After all it’s been a long time since anyone has used him as an ordinary type of tool.

But Chen Yujin still looked down at his watch.

“It’s 8:41 madam.”

“Almost time.”


Gu Xeiyu turned around and walked in the direction of the elevator.

“I’m going upstairs so I’ll have to trouble Secretary Chen to keep an eye on things.”

She’s going to see Yan Weshu now?

Yan Weshu’s temper was always unpredictable and quite stubborn, no one could convince her. Chen Yujin thought that if she invited Yan Weshu to the room upstairs he would no longer be in charge.

Chen Yujin’s gaze flashed and he responded.

“It’s my duty.”

Only then Gu Xueyi lift the hem of her dress and enter the elevator.

For a time, he don’t know how many people were quietly looking at her direction who wanted to go up and help her with her dress.

If it weren’t for the words “Madam Yan” on Gu Xueyi’s head.

Gu Xueyi directly asked the staff to get the room card and swiped the door open.

Hearing a “creak”, Yan Wenshu inside the room instinctively froze.

“Secretary Chen?”

Is Chen Yujin here to teach her a lesson?

Chen Yujin was a hard face and selfless person, he was even a little indifferent. All his energy was devoted to Yan Chao, he would not even care for anyone or anything except for his official duties. Even if the Yan family does anything more outrageous.

So the person who came and only who could came was Chen Yujin…

He was the only one who has something to do with the Yan’s family head.

Yan Weshu was so nervous that her back was sweating, when she was thinking about how to face Chen Yujin she turned around and saw an overly beautiful face with exquisite makeup.

In a moment, Yan Weshu surprisingly had the illusion being ashamed.

“…Gu Xueyi.”

She gritted her teeth.

The feeling of being watched by the crowd in the hall just now, that hot feeling in the face was coming back.

Gu Xueyi sat down on the sofa opposite to her and looked at her faintly.

“Very angry?”

Of course!

Yan Weshu looked at her coldly and did not make a sound.

“I am also very angry.”

Yan Weshu sneered.

Who cares if you’re angry?

“I didn’t expect that you would be even more worse than Yan Wenbo.”

“I’m worse than Yen Wenbo? I will be more worse than him? I…..”

Gu Xueyi interrupted her.

“Have you not figure out after half an hour? If you haven’t figure it out, you’re worse than Wenbo, if you have figured it out and still asked such question then indeed you are even worse than Yan Wenbo.”

Yan Weshu choked.

How come I’m the one who’s stupid?

Am I stupid?

Yan Weshu doesn’t want to compare her IQ with Yan Wenbo at all, her brain gradually calm down….Yes! She grind her teeth harder, she had to admit that she was too impulsive to bring Jiang Meng to the party this time.


Yan Weshu opened her mouth and was about to argue for herself.

Gu Xueyi followed and said.

“Whether you really like your own home or just for the fame, wealth and status brought to you by the Yan family. Now know how to feel shame and regret for the family’s face, it’s time for payback and save that face.”

What do you mean, her own home?

Yan Weshu opened her mouth and felt that this sentence sounded strange.

Could it be that Gu Xueyi has now become self-conscious enough to finally divide herself from the Yan family?

“Haven’t you disgraced the Yan family yourself?”

Yan Weshu spoke up unconvincingly.

Gu Xueyi’s expression remained unchanged,

“If I do something wrong, others will only talk about the Gu family’s failure to teach me well. But if you do something wrong others will only talk about the Yan family not educating to you well.”

Yan Weshu: “….”

It was convincingly justified.

“But Jiang Meng’s matter cannot be left unresolved.”

Yan Weshu stated the most important purpose of her visit today which gave her some strength.

“How do you want to solve it?”

Gu Xueyi asked without haste, as if she was a good elder who was willing to listen.

Yan Weshu gave her somewhat surprised look.

Gu Xueyi did not even looked angry?

“She has my big brother’s child in her belly….if…..”

Yan Weshu bit her lip.

“If my big brother really died outside, then this child, my big brother’s only surviving child.”

Gu Xueyi made a slight recollection, picking up from the original owner’s memory.

“I didn’t see how you were brother and sister in the past, but now you’re babying his posthumous son?”

Yan Weshu’s face turned red and jumped up from the sofa.

“What do you know?”

Gu Xueyie said faintly.

“I am not very good at understanding.”

“Is this child the only one or not? Shouldn’t it be up to me to decide whether or not someone can enter the Yan family’s door?”

Even in the ancient times would mocked this era, they were typical backward of the ancient times. The ancient times that she really lived well in the past, there was absolutely no reason why a random woman holding a child in her belly could force her way in to her door.

Those who were like Yan Weshu who interfere the affairs of her brother and sister-in-law’s affairs would be punished and may even have a bad reputation.

“You don’t understand.”

Yan Weshu gritted her teeth and stubbornly said these three words.

“My big brother’s child, it’s important….I also hate Jiang Meng, more than hating you. I hate her but the child is important!”

“Then should I thank you?”

Gu Xueyi tilted her head slightly.

“Thanks, thanks for what?”

Yan Weshu looked at her suspiciously.

“Hating Jiang Meng even more.”

“I…you….what are you happy about? I didn’t mean to praise you.”

Yan Weshu tightly pursed her lower lip but stammered for a moment and didn’t dare to look at Gu Xueyi’s face.

The Gu Xueyi now looked so beautiful as if she was another person.

As long as she stares for a while longer she would unconsciously forget that the person opposite to her was Gu Xueyi.


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  2. Wenjia and Wenshu are correct tho, the ‘wen’ character matching among the siblings is a common tradition of Chinese families to have a the sons of one generation all have a matching character in their name


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